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Knit With Hannah: Smartphone Case

Hannah Gilly, Knit With Hannah

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10 Videos (51m)
    • Knit With Hannah: Smartphone case introduction

    • Choosing Your Materials

    • Calculating Your Stitches

    • Casting On

    • Garter Stitch

    • Purl Stitch

    • Buttonholes

    • Casting off

    • Sewing up and finishing

    • Bonus Class: Do I knit or do I purl now?


About This Class

This class will build on the skills learned in the first video series, Knit With Hannah: Beginner's First Scarf, and will give you a brilliant handmade smartphone case once you've finished.

Knit along with Hannah to create a custom-made case for your smartphone or iPod. Hannah will take you through the steps for this knitting project, from choosing the yarn, deciding which needles to knit with, to finishing with a case to be proud of.

All the methods are carefully introduced with step-by-step instructions including how to hold the needles and yarn and how to put stitches on the needle so you can start knitting. All the questions you wanted to ask are answered right here.

We will learn how to make button holes and the purl stitch so you can create a finished item with contrasting and interesting textures on the fabric.

Step one...Choose your yarn and needles with the help of video 2. Show us your choices once you've rummaged through your craft supplies or been to the local wool store.

Step two...Cast on with the help of video 3. I'll guide you through putting stitches on the needle so that you can start your project. Show your success with everyone in the project gallery

Step three...Continue to create stitches in rows to make the garter stitch texture and then and follow along with me in video 4 to make stocking stitch texture. As you make progress let us see how you're getting along and ask me any questions here as you go. (check out the bonus class, Do I Knit Or Do I Purl Now? if you are confused as to which stitch comes next).

Step four...Follow along with the video as we make buttonholes and then finish the border with garter stitch.

Step five...Remove the stitches from the needles with the Casting Off video, then complete your project by sewing in the loose ends of yarn and adding your buttons.

You've finished! Show us your finished smartphone case with photos in the project gallery.

Music used on intro: Far Behind by Silent Partner






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Hannah Gilly

Knit With Hannah

Hannah has been avidly knitting since she was five-years-old. While teaching herself various techniques and styles of knitting she realised how sometimes the written patterns didn't quite suit her needs, so Hannah began writing her own fashion accessories patterns in 2008. She sold the items and gave them as gifts and now sells the patterns on her website

Always being the one who her friends turn to in times of knitting crisis and having taught a few peopl...

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