Knit A Sweater: DIY with We Are Knitters Kit Part 3- Sleeves, Increases and Cuff | Alison Abbey | Skillshare

Knit A Sweater: DIY with We Are Knitters Kit Part 3- Sleeves, Increases and Cuff

Alison Abbey, Maker, Knitter & DIY Enthusiast

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10 Videos (16m)
    • Intro

    • Casting On & Sleeve Cuff

    • Sleeve Shape Broken Down

    • Sleeve Body & Garter Stitch

    • Knitting the Body of your sleeve

    • Invisible Increasing

    • Increases Continued

    • Increasing & Pattern Details

    • Tips & Tricks

    • Thank you!


About This Class

See how easy it is to jump into the world of handmade garments as Alison and the whole Our Maker life team break down the process of knitting a sweater one stitch at a time. Learn all steps you need to knit your very own We Are Knitters 1760 sweater, a beginner friendly pattern. Some of the skills you'll pick up in this class are rib knitting, knitting in garter, how to make invisible increases in your work, shortcuts to knitting two sleeves at once and how to care for your new garment. This is a great introduction class to the being able to knit your own sweater, and is made for a beginner knitter looking to expand their skill set.

Once you master these skills you'll be able to apply them to any of your own projects and knit things like mittens, fingerless gloves, socks, and so on. 






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Alison Abbey

Maker, Knitter & DIY Enthusiast

Hi! I'm Alison, the founder and knitter behind La Reserve Design. I have always loved making things with my own two hands, working part time as a textile designer in Montreal, and part-time on my own knitwear business. I grew up spending summers north of the city at a family cabin, where I learned all the important stuff: how to swim, how to ski and how to knit. This special part of the world and the nature reserves within it are the inspiration for my shop: La Reserve Design.

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