Knit A Sweater: DIY with We Are Knitters Kit Part 1 - Introduction and Casting On

Jewell Washington, Northknits Owner & OML Founder

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4 Lessons (9m)
    • 1. My Story: Making A WAK Sweater

    • 2. 1760 Sweater Materials

    • 3. Casting On: Long-Tail

    • 4. More Cast On Practice


Project Description

Choosing your WAK wool and casting on

Things to keep in mind

  • Making a sweater is not as scary as you may think!
  • We are Knitters wool is soft, chunky and super beginner-friendly
  • There are many cast-on techniques and I consider the long-tail cast-on a great method for sweaters

To make your We Are Knitters 1760 sweater you'll need:

  • WAK The Knitting Needles size 15mm, US 19
  • Approximately 5 balls of WAK The Wool bulky yarn
  • Threading needle
  • We are knitters sweater tag

To cast-on using the long tail method

Step 1: Take a length of yarn from your ball of yarn.
Tip –  The length of your tail should correlate with how many stitches your pattern calls for. This pattern calls for 36 stitches. 
Step 2: Make a slip knot and insert the needle into the loop. Tighten slip knot onto needle.
Step 3: With your bottom three fingers grab both pieces of yarn and hold them in your palm.
Step 4: Take your index finger and thumb and push them through the two pieces of yarn.
Step 5: Shift your thumb and forefinger backwards to pull the yarn tight.
Step 6: Take the tip of your needle and scoop up the bottom piece of yarn closest to your body.
Step 7: Swing the needle around and under the yarn wrapped around your index finger.
Step 8: Pull the needle through the loop of yarn on your thumb.
Step 9: Release the yarn around the thumb.
Step 10: Pull the yarn closest to your body tight on the needle.
Repeat steps 3-10 until you have reached the desired amount of stitches on your needle.

Happy Making!


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