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6 Videos (24m)
    • Introduction and project

    • Steel types

    • Abrasives

    • What makes for a sharp edge

    • Knife sharpening

    • Final thoughts


About This Class

A dull knife doesn't cut well.  It requires more force and is more dangerous.  While there are gadgets that can put some sort of edge on a knife, better results can be obtained by hand sharpening.

This class will go into the different grinds and what each is best suited for, and will demonstrate how to take a knife to razor sharpness with just a few tools.

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A nice, sufficiently deep tutorial on knife sharpening. Just what I was looking for to get started. I appreciate the overview of the blade types!
Great class! Now I'm off to sharpen some knives.





Ron Payne

Blacksmith, woodworker, all-around crafter

I am driven by a need to create. This has lead me down some interesting roads.

I know a bit about woodwork, metal work, leather, casting, and several other disciplines. I also enjoy passing along what I know to others.

Life is a continual path of improvement.


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