Knife Skills: How to French trim chicken at home like a pro | Tobi Youtube | Skillshare

Knife Skills: How to French trim chicken at home like a pro

Tobi Youtube

Knife Skills: How to French trim chicken at home like a pro

Tobi Youtube

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7 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Into

    • 2. Cutting chicken part 1

    • 3. Cutting Chicken part 2

    • 4. Chicken Breast

    • 5. Chicken thigh

    • 6. Chicken Drumb

    • 7. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

This is a video teaching the classical French trim cut of chicken, made simple and easy to understand this a must-watch for any home cook or budding chef, the skills you learn while cutting the chicken are the skills that can be easily translated into cutting, meats, and even fish. If you are trying to save money this video will be of help as cutting your own chicken could save you, Hundreds a year. so why not watch this video you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Tobi Youtube


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1. Into: Hey, guys. Welcome, Teoh. Number one of my videos. Hopefully you've seen my video before this about nationals. So what we're doing now is a compression from that while sitting next, my stools Diesel More challenging things than the original Voyager is still right. Easy still, funding was the first to do so. You know, you get the basics down, you have accident. Yeah, so we'll be doing is we're gonna cut some chicken. So you got to cut the chicken. It's a French trim, which is a classic French starved and find this study funds. 2. Cutting chicken part 1: strings. One thing I want to talk about is Washington chicken. So this is a hot topic. I'm a business from Nigeria. So in Nigeria they watched the chicken because obviously the chickens more organic, it's running around more So they lost the chicken there because it makes it clean. Me like I understand why you did that after in the UK the certain regulations you have toe go by it might be gets western chicken. But you have the problem of cross contamination. Which means when you wants that chicken water splashes on, it could touch clean, place yourself inside. So I usually don't wish my chicken. I know lots of people operates by best, but in many professional kitchens that was chickens. They need Teoh Unless it for 12 country and you know then yes. But I was so called the strings. What we're gonna do it is there's a little whispering here. If you look is with their long hair, here's I'm gonna put a knife in scraped along, decides makes me get my sights on as I speak, I'm removing the flesh from the bone so I could see it. Think about it now. I am with the whisper When she don't have to get perfect, this is removed of this broke and it's still being intact. That means that you know this if I achieve it because even I sometimes So what you do is get your life behind the bird, as you could see here, you cut down. Yes. So what you do is you get the life behind the birth like this. You're not really trying to cut deep. You just get your life be handed on. Then if you followed the burn down, you feel a little bit off cartilage. Let's say you just cut free there. When you do the same with the other side, you get your head, you put your hand in there. I followed the burn up now towards way the bone would let's say connect and I start. Extend is my best. Described it on what you wanted. Dio Trist. Make sure you've got the burn it down some fully pieces for cough with city person point because if you don't do best, a lot of the flesh ends up staying in the whisper and you have problems. Give twist were not clean whisper. That's what you trying to answer get It's OK if you don't get perfectly on if you break it . But, you know, double the game You break the wish for the best of the biggest piece gets the with no way out with pieces. Thes piece is amazing and stuff okay, This little big with persons nice isn't very nice and stocks on that. So now what I'm doing is stripped enough the skin. So that way, when I do cut the meat, every piece has even amount of skinny that have been based nurse thing. Because one of my favorite parts of the chicken is the skin like it's delicious. So you can start with the best with the legs. I like to stop the next part down here like this on. Then you cover ground. What you do here is that the bird is very easy to snow. We just push it back. There's not very easily quite found, gentlemen. And then what's here? This is called the Eskom, and the whole chicken is very cheap thing about the whole chicken costs 3 15 This place is that so to rest for free probability, so you might buy the whole chicken yourself. You know, save yourself so much way. Just how I am is to cut this color, make it as clean as possible. So you just have to find a burn off. This gun may be cut down your big If you feel that you feel it's like a little no cave. Let's say you get the knife under there. You just gently put on. You could use your hand to feel was wrong with the bonus. So, you know, sometimes you could even just use they had to put away. Your aim is to get a nice steam. A scandal says you can see this colic. It's beautiful. Just cut down like this. I know you've got that big burn that you snapped back. You could see there's a number of senior holding it together. Just cook through there and trying quite as close as you can to burn. At this point, as much as the meat in a sauce possible, you keep in scraped to see with burning yourself way. Just repeat the same of the office lights. I'm gonna do this quicker because, yeah, I've seen the first. I think you put it down. You see the burn. Just gotten alongside for your front three and then he Sometimes you don't even need to cut . You just need Teoh. Just push a little bit of the night. And it was this Stocks up come off itself. I want this guy just quite tasty. Waste any of chicken now released This little burning here. Just back up close straight. Makes you stay. Chris, That burn hurt the second piece of chicken. 3. Cutting Chicken part 2: Okay, so now this is what they put the crown. If you caught this big head is before the trump and you see the minute this is with this last piece, many of the press in the wings. So what we're gonna do here is visible God's kind of help. See what you call me getting sick. You just feel it. You feel it. They just cut down Chrissy, and they kind of you know, your life towards the birth. So when you cut you're cutting towards the birth, you want to get as much of that less off. So you want your knife as much as possible to escape in the long deployment up, putting the boat escaping with this bit this bit is more like you. You can just speak. Describe if you need to turn any turning. You just frank it just like this close. If you can't put it back to the subject of a partisan yes, that you just keep cutting down from your display. This is here for you If you keep running it. This is a bit off carnage there with two phones. Connect on. What you want to do is just now now, Once you've got through that, you release the window of my car every there. Now you tell your brakes played down on. Now there's a second that you want to be long on his this'll open here. Just just want a poor little car for stripping that person. Be clean dispersal. Now you've cut down you just they as little money as possible is left there. We caught this little thing called Get a nice rest there. You got no chimneys, but do translator same on the other side. It's a bit hard. And I would you once you cut 1/2 bus, okay? You just same thing towards the burn until you reach despondently off the bone. We have tens ever. What I say is you you pull back, you see what you've got, You pull back back. Tony is easier. Just back. That's what you keep on doing. You feel the drilling off the plane and you cut down through there. Then what you do next? So you turned on this side. You've sprained toe. Feel that burn there. And then you just caught you pull. I'm full literally it. You want that burn to be clean If there's me on this burn, you part of my friends, you go keep no piece of breast. Look at that. 4. Chicken Breast: now with breast with breasts way still got with taps but keeping on because within a friend's treatment thistles for the pets. So Philip, actual press me itself a new going. Usually you get lots of fat around the side of it. We're not too much sometimes. So you just want to change the arc, but makes you still skin on the other side. Because people make that mistake of criminals decided that is my skin or the actual press. They just come out. So it's nice. And then you just around here you're not kind off the, you know, kind of like drying in between my bed, you know, just kind of above that you just like what you do is once you've got a brother, starts thes two buses Just now you dio is you tried angle. It was happen is naturally Don't This spirit is more challenge about don't get too high because it's pointless to look you started by I say just about here A Portis. The body looks on. What you do is get very human. The bird late on, you put in so force you have last year and that's your faster makes you get with these bits off this road because this is a fact here with the fighting pits. I wouldn't advise printing your stuff because it makes your very murky and fun. There's your friends, true. 5. Chicken thigh: Okay, so now the the fire, the fighting he is easier because you could just take it out with your hands. But you just caught under here like you get behind you. Just come up with what's up for your fingers. Makes you life to fit back in place. Because that happens. You know, actually, what's that for? Everything. Actually lost an idea that I was even cutting me. It was just opening a packet like the fish box on while his didn't come up. Anyway, she's Ireland lost the ice and the usual bluster. But stuff like that happening in kitchens always be careful with your knife. Like my stools Chef was told If you look after your night looks off until so you just picked around the bird here, try You could cut down a bit. What's up for you thinkers? This river commend the first business. See, you have to be careful of your fingers. Cut down a bit more, then cut wood way down that you still want some attacks to the front. Now do First size of the knuckle is French is so cross didn't even like to look at the Not when you're in the chicken is tonight of I remember trying to get into cause Look, son, the rule of for me to go to boxing is you just want to be in the luckily bettor you want to be before the bone actually burned. It says usually around there, then same power Put some four speaks, Be careful, but slipped my mind slipped of the day it happened industriously okay. Same on the other side between the not going actually burn that, say and bigger. Yeah, be careful the fact and that's the fine piece right there. That's where you want the fight to be like So now I'm going to say you I think this one is just pictures. It's like a little price that you've achieved wisdom. Pulling this one is good because I, you know, in a nice space Where do you think of slim? Maybe even set like you move them separate kind of. They can see the different shapes 6. Chicken Drumb: back in between the drinks hair take a feel is like a So with the first dreams right now you can get the feel of it. Maybe it takes a more time on what you want to do is win the cup on. If you've guessed this perfectly, you can write. But I have to go now. I could see the to those with a drink. What you want to do is just get between two breaths now was you got between troopers? There'll be a gap just cute. And I say separate fight And some chefs they're just so good. I think of this because if you don't quite fruit, probably you start trying to so free burn. It is very difficult now. What you do is you call around here like the press Just cover. You have excess skin here. Just okay, keep stripping down. Just wait. Like I said last time. Not too far up, because it's putting this nutty for down save around. Cares like Goldie Looks like last time. The hell like smooth Try and make sure your knife is sharp. Kicked off a bit more, but I think at this point, if I tried Teoh my struggle and stuff I can so you could stop. There is nothing wrong with time. But if you want to go the extra mile, then what you can do is around the top. Here, get above the knuckle bit, trying not to cut the rest off. Completely trying is your scraping motion I've shown you because sometimes with me, either we need to cut. You just need to fish tomato there away from the booth. You just just something said you get your knife under wait so places good extra extra mouths say even take nice trip. This time I suggest you go a bit further down. I think this is a this much because it's quite Notts more fine dining. But his records were nice girls and gives your field of the meat is well, way. 7. Final Thoughts: way have completed chicken meter on. Now you know how toe a chicken in the classical French trim stable on. And yes, this is not to cover. I recommend what over a few times practicing that Trying to really get down because I'm first is quite intricate. But once you get the hang of it is very easy. And, you know, taking more than 10 minutes toe so called chicken. Andi? Yes, it's quiet School to learn. Be careful with your fingers, though. Are most I like that is You are like the toe Put yourself issued Pushes on always toe along the bird If you cut along the burning your risk record along the way Your voice That must mean if there was something you didn't like in the vigil something even with Faison with just any way I could improve the Voyagers so you could take the most off the vigils I make . Then please let me know in the comments on for more vigils like this, I'm giving a follow. So I know you guys are like me and I should keep on good. So thank you very much and have amazing