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Kitchen Tips and Tricks

teacher avatar Kosha Merchant

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Kitchen Tips and Trick

    • 2. Tomato paste

    • 3. Cilantro

    • 4. Green Chili

    • 5. Mint

    • 6. Garlic

    • 7. Ginger

    • 8. Avocado

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About This Class

Hello, my name is Kosha Merchant. I am going to share some of my favorite kitchen tips with you. In this class, I will show you 7 different tips that will help you save and maximize your food usage so it can be useful again and there will be no waste. This will also save you money!

Meet Your Teacher


I enjoy Cooking Indian food.Teaching cooking  Is my passion and brings

me great joy. I have more then 25 years of experience cooking Indian food. 
I have my YouTube channel Cooking with Kosha.

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1. Kitchen Tips and Trick : Hello Today I'm going to give you kitchen tips and tricks. With this, you can save time and it is easy. It can be used again without going bad. So, are you ready for this glass? I hope the steps are useful. Let's begin. 2. Tomato paste : So did everyone. Make sure you have. You can save tomato paste. I like to use tomato pace in my cooking, but after one or two tablespoon UK and you put in the refrigerator full gold, it will be dry or it can go back. So to them would be show you how you can save this tomato pace. For that, we need one can of tomato paste. Meaning a special A in Ah, a bag, a Ziploc bag. The bag going to open this and I can take put it in a ziplock bag, empty the whole thing so you know, makes those nice. I'm lead. So once you freeze this, you can pig a clean one, and then you can make Oh, so that's going to be so when you freeze this, you can just take 11 pieces, one cubes and I'll show you once be freeze. This so committed pace is frozen, so all you can do is just take it and can break it. Just break very easily like that, and you can use one piece at a time 3. Cilantro : someone to show you how you can save the cilantro and keep it for a longer time. I use my Solyndra. It last me almost a week. So for their makes, make sure the salon for when you buy from the store is nice and dry. And but then you take the end and then you can just chopping up. I'm going to chop this up, okay? And then just go ahead and lay everything. Now if there is little if it's going bad, you can just remove it some of this, but make sure it's nice and dry. I got paper napkin going to lay down the people of them. Yeah, like if it's if it's going bad, just remove it or it will make everything go back so bad. Saddam Always nice. And you go on a rapid. No, for dating up bank, make sure it's nice and tight. Now this salon, true will well last for almost a week without going back 4. Green Chili : So chilies are very popular in Indian cooking. And today I'm going to show you how we can now save this chili peppers for a long time. So I'm going to go in and remove all the steps. Okay, so make sure you wash it. I've already washed this badge, and to that, I'm going to put couple of drops off oil in that way. The color stays the same, and you can use it up to six months to a year. So this is our chili. And once it's frozen, you can take as much as you like anything. Just use it as if it's fresh. So this is our green chili. It's frozen. 5. Mint : cement is another herbs. You can use it for cooking in your cooking, or you can make any drinks. But then in summer time you can get as much as you like. But if you want to save it for winter time on some of the time, you can always save it. So I'm going to remove the leaves off the mint. It smells so bad. Then you can give a quick rinse. Make sure it's nice. Then we did go to the blood bag a little bit off oil just one or two ago. Then you can freeze it for him up till six months to a year. And once it's frozen, you can take. You leave and look at the color. The color doesn't change. That's what I like when you put a drop off oil and you can use it any time you like. It's armed 6. Garlic: so I like fresh garlic and a lot of times when you're in a rush you don't have time to peel the garlic or mash the garlic. So this is an easy matter. This is a garlic masher. There you can put the whole P whole garlic in there. Take the garlic, you just mash it and see how the whole girl like you can match it. Remove. But this is a lovely just meshed and the skin is very there. So you don't even have to worry about Oh, peeling the garlic. I can show you one more time. You take the garlic. I have not killed the girl, if you take it massive. Yeah, he was right here. So this is one of the very easy way off smashing the government. That's our mashed garlic, especially when you I'm rushed. This is a very simple truth. This is a garlic mash. So this is another way off my peeling a garlic. So you just go ahead and cut from the top and anything just clicked bit on the bar and the whole skin will come off very easily. I feel I'll show you one more time. Just so this is very easy. Veil killing garlic 7. Ginger : Another ingredient we use is ginger, and the best way to peel a ginger is with the spoon you take us for you just scrape it. You won't waste any ginger, but at the same time this kin will just pew bites Health likeness young, the others. If you use the potato pillar, your base lot off ginger so we don't want to do that. It's beautiful the future. 8. Avocado : somebody show you another drink. But I am a Cairo of when you cut it. And you wish that you can keep it for long because before it gets all dark. So I'm going to show you a trick. I've cut one avocado, mash it. Then you can put onions, tomatoes, Latinos, whatever you like in there. So do this. I'm going to put some Linenger's and that some salt together. And then the CTV guy put it back in there and leave it. When the sea When you return to the sea it will stay like this. It won't on Brown. So I hope this helps you. You can enjoy avocado.