Kiss Insomnia Goodnight: Leverage Biohacking to Master Your Sleep

AJ Burt, Learning is Living Better

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9 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Take Control of Your Sleep and Kick Insomnia for Good!

    • 2. How the Class Works

    • 3. The Single Trick That Improved My Sleep the Most

    • 4. Biohacking 101: Leverage Data Tracking to Optimize Your Life!

    • 5. The Perfect Sleep Environment

    • 6. Insomnia "Experts" Always Get This Wrong

    • 7. Face It, No One Wants to Ditch Their Morning Coffee

    • 8. Never "Count Sheep", Do This Instead!

    • 9. Putting It All Together

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87 of 88 students recommend this class
Diann Wingert


This is a good overview of specific actions you can take to improve your sleep. The best advice in the class is to try 3 of the recommended bio hacks, track them and evaluate. When you are desperate to conquer insomnia, you tend to try too much and give up in a couple of days when you don't experience the magic cure. The spreadsheet he offers eliminates the difficulty in getting started. You've got nothing to lose but your sleepless nights.
Cristy De La Cruz

Principal Researcher

Very helpful tips. Thanks!
AJ seems very earnest and honest. I like his approach, although I don't suffer from chronic insomnia, I will implement some of the techniques he discusses. I appreciate that he speaks from personal experience and has such a positive outlook! Thanks, AJ!