Kiss Insomnia Goodnight: Leverage Biohacking to Master Your Sleep

AJ Burt, Learning is Living Better

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9 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Take Control of Your Sleep and Kick Insomnia for Good!

    • 2. How the Class Works

    • 3. The Single Trick That Improved My Sleep the Most

    • 4. Biohacking 101: Leverage Data Tracking to Optimize Your Life!

    • 5. The Perfect Sleep Environment

    • 6. Insomnia "Experts" Always Get This Wrong

    • 7. Face It, No One Wants to Ditch Their Morning Coffee

    • 8. Never "Count Sheep", Do This Instead!

    • 9. Putting It All Together


Project Description

Master Your Sleep

Let's get started building you sleep hacking system!

  • Go ahead and pick three tips from this class as your variables for the month. Go with your gut here, and try to pick from a variety of categories.
  • Start a new class project and post which tips you're going to focus on.
  • Download a copy of my Sleep Tracker (you'll need a Google account). You can see a preview of what it looks like here.
  • Follow the instructions inside, and keep track of your variables for a month. (Need help remembering? I use the free tool Ask Me Every)
  • Rinse and repeat! Keep tracking new variables. Once you've overcome insomnia, focus on increasing your sleep efficiency. That's how I got down to 6 hours of sleep a night!
  • Don't forget to share your results with the class! You don't need to share the whole sheet if you don't want to, but let's help each other master our sleep and kick insomnia for good!

Student Projects

AJ Burt
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