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Kinetic Typography in Powerpoint: Make an Animation Video

teacher avatar Andrew Pach ⭐, Animation all the way!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Introductionary Video

    • 2. Really quick. Who am I?

    • 3. Your Assignment - Animate 2 slides and share it!

    • 4. Before I got there: Failed attempts

    • 5. Brace Yourself! Check the template to prepare for work

    • 6. Selecting the quote and adding music

    • 7. First Step. Create the template!

    • 8. Slide 1. Ladies & Gentleman

    • 9. Sparkles You Will Not Believe In!

    • 10. A Custom Unique Transition

    • 11. Slide 2. Welcome Again

    • 12. Slide 3. You Came To the Circus

    • 13. Slide 4. Of RETURRRRN!

    • 14. One Adjustment (BONUS Trick You Will Use!)

    • 15. Fade Out & Export the Ready Video

    • 16. Thank You & Youi Rock!

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About This Class

Use PowerPoint as Your video editing software and start making beautiful kinetic typography videos that will make the message You have to share with Your audience much more entertaining to watch.

This Design Course Will Teach You How To Make Kinetic Typography Videos in PowerPoint!

  • You will enhance your graphic design skills
  • You will use rarely known PPT techniques
  • Synchronize a voice over to a animation
  • Learn to make custom transitions between slides
  • It will take you less than 1h to complete!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Andrew Pach ⭐

Animation all the way!


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach, to my friends known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience.

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1. Introductionary Video: hater and welcome in the kinetic typography in Power Point course, where I will teach you how to create awesome, kinetic type of a few video animations and use PowerPoint. It's a video editing software. We will start with a empty presentation file and finish with a ready to expert animation. Let's take a look at the end result of this course. Right now. I set the goal for myself. That this course will be less than one are long. I'm a student myself, and I fully understand that listening to long introductions and waiting for the actual content off a course is very tedious. This is why I wanted to take a completely different approach in this course. We are going straight to the point here we are learning an actual skill and not just talking about it, and you are learning by doing because you work along with me. So as I'm talking, I really hope you understand that I only ask you to come open minded and ready to learn, and I will make sure to enhance your graphic designs, goes in less than one hour, feel free to check out the course description, and I look forward to seeing you inside 2. Really quick. Who am I?: Hey guys, my name is Andrea, and I would like to call myself a professional, but I also like to have fun with the work I do. In late 2014. I graduated from college and now can pursue the things I love doing. As you probably already configure out. One of those things is working in Power Point. I am a graphic designer with focus on video editing, an animation I'm a top rated seller on the fiver, and recently I've also opened up a YouTube channel to post useful tutorials there. As you can see, I try to produce here high quality videos with a consistent design across all of them. So there's nothing else left for me to say. Then it would like to get to know me better. Please check out my website, which is learned from me dot net and check out some of my profiles and the things I do for now, that's it. And I'm really, really glad that you took the time to get a little bit familiar with me. And what's most important with this course, I hope to see you in all the order lessons as well 3. Your Assignment - Animate 2 slides and share it! : probably You heard it already? A dozen of times. But learning is all about really doing This is why I definitely want to give you an assignment here. It will be very easy and quick to complete. No one will have any trouble to do it. I want you to do a to slight kinetic typography animation. You can either do it by yourself or simply if you do not have the time. Take this template. Change the words. Change the found and expert as video. Simple as that. Maybe delete the song. Use another quote. Do whatever you would like after you have exported it s video. Please upload it, for example to you to venue Google Drive, photo bucket or any other video sharing website where you can share the link with us. 4. Before I got there: Failed attempts: Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was the content off this course. So you already saw the finished design will create. And I wanted to share with you my first approach while I was still brainstorming on the content of this course. As you can see, I had a pretty different angle here on this approach. And after finishing, I was asking myself, Do people really want to have such a crowded slide? I was making those things on separate slides, and I copied everything over on the 1st 1 and I thought this would be really difficult to edit now. And with this course, I would like to teach you some simple practices would you can really use in the future. So I started over, redesigned everything and make everything more smooth and simple. But I came to the conclusion that you deserve to see how the work and purpose was for me personally. And as a designer, you have to accept any way that you sometimes have to simply start over. I don't think it was wasted time because I learned a few tricks. I think the animation wasn't as bad, but the color choice was bad. And overall, the whole design wasn't so kinetic as I wanted it to be. It was worth a try. So without any further ado, let's check it out now. Okay, s you see, at the end, I already started to make a new approach, and I was more satisfied with it afterwards. So I just kept going and redesigned everything. I hope you did find his refreshing. And let's just forget about it and proceed to the next lecture. 5. Brace Yourself! Check the template to prepare for work: header. Glad to see you inside this lesson. And there's something important I need to tell you before you start the actual design. I wanted to warn you that this course is very fast paced. This is why it is very important that you download the template right now before you proceed with another lesson. Once you don't have the project file and you open it up, I need you to do two things. You need to look around on every object there is. You can do this by going to home. Select an opening, the selection pain. The second very important thing is to look into the animations. So you also go to animations and opened the animation pain. Once you have those two paints open, you already know very much about this presentation and overall about this course you can switch between the slide click for example, a few objects, so we will know which animation goes along with it. And what an object actually is. As you see. For example, I select I grabbed this 1st 1 and it's a transition now. When I will be talking later on on the transitions, you will already have some ground understanding off what I'm actually showing you. You will remember that. Yeah. There were two objects about the transition. They had an animation. And once I'm teaching you that it will be much easier for you to follow along. Remember that you can always switch off some objects so you know which objects are disappearing. So it also gives you some information and on the animation, once you hover the most. Here you see what actual animation from the animation pain did I use for this particular object? As you see, For example, for the ladies text, I use a flight in what you click on the ladies text. You know that this is one object and it has one animation. I really hope what I said now prepares you somehow to enter the design process. Because, as I said, it will get really fast. You will have to stop the video sometimes. But this is also the intention off this course. I wanted to show you a real life workflow, and we could potentially do more advanced kinetic typography animation Empire Point. But this would take very much time, Very much objects. And what's more important? Very much animations. So I'm showing you here some simple animation which you can really use in your daily work and and replicate those to create awesome kinetic typography animations. So now download the template. Take a look around it so we can work seamlessly during the entire course. Thank you for your attention and see you in the next lesson. 6. Selecting the quote and adding music: kinetic typography is most often used in song quotes or movie quotes, and I had to find something for myself when creating this course. So I found a track from Caloocan. It's called Global Circus, and as you see, I took this last quote off the song to make the kinetic typography presentation out of it. If you do not know Jim Endo, it's a great research to search for creative Commons music, you always need to validate licenses. And as you see the song I used, I just have to give credit to the artist and don't use this album from commercial purposes . I am off course not selling the track. I'm only using the track to showcase. You should also know that artists Onge Amando they search for publicity, so they are very happy if someone is using their track and given in credit. All right, I have the song I downloaded it. So let's create a blank new presentation, a new file and I select my music track. I drag it over to the presentation. I make it a bit smaller so it doesn't get in the way, and I hit. I'm going to the audio tools toe playback Play in background right now when I hit, start off the presentation. Music is already playing, but I need to do now. I need to trim the audio because I remember that the song quote I want to use is under end with help off trim audio You can trim any song toe any point you want. And I remember that the song quote Start somewhere about here. Okay, It's 45 so I just go 1 45 I have played to check it out. Yes. The first step of our presentation is already done. Let's hit a five to preview the effect. Okay, Wonderful. Please download this song or select an other song. You can also go without the song because if you plan for example, to create a promotional video, you don't need any song. You maybe will at some music later on are some voice over. I just wanted to show you how I did select it and how it added to the background of a presentation in PowerPoint 7. First Step. Create the template!: Hello. Welcome back to the kinetic typography course, and it's time to make some groundwork and make a template for self. After you have the song inserted in the presentation, you need to make five slides out of it, so I simply go to new. Slight new, slight new slight. I make five slides. I delete the boxes on every slide because we will add the manually want you down. Please select some colors for the backgrounds, colors that you like and make the last slide black. So I simply go to the last slide. I right click on it for my background solid Phil and I fill it with black, and I want something around a greenish blue. Maybe like this. And just like that, I select colors for all of the slides. You can select one color for all, but I want to show you different possibilities. And if you have trouble selecting the colors, pause this video. Go to color. I drop her click on the eyedropper in Power Point and then drag it over to the place, for example, in the video, which you are watching now because you can also move out off the power point box. So, for example, if I would like to select the colors off my slides, I would go to the desired one and I was released. The Eyedropper and Wola. I have copied the color over. Since I have my colors already selected, I will go with these. I think they're pretty nice, colorful, and they will bring some life into the presentation. That's it for setting the first steps and let's proceed with the presentation. 8. Slide 1. Ladies & Gentleman: Okay, welcome back and let's start designed the first slide. First you need to decide what fund will you use? I did download the Bible's newfound from different come. It's a very popular fund and it looked really great. Won't you download different and install it? You can start creating their presentation to make things easier for us. Let's go to view and open up guides. Now we see where the perfect middle is. Okay, I start designing my going to insert clicking on text box and inserting a textbooks. The first text will be ladies. Now I just copy it over by pressing control C and Control V and I have the first text ready . Select boat text. Select the front you want to use. As I told, I'm using Baba's and I make it, of course, bigger. Let's say 75. Okay, this looks fairly good. And now let's work on the colors. I want the last word to be entirely white, and I want this to be dark, but not black. So the trick I often using Power Point is to select the same color, but make a darker so I simply go to the phone color I choose eyedropper, I choose the background color. Now I go to the colors. Once again I go more colors and as you see the color is selected. I simply dragged his little icon towards the bottom. And as you see, I have the same type of color. It's just darker. So I also want the ant mark to be the same color. So I once again select eyedropper and select this color. Okay, let's position it now properly and now we can start to animate it. So now comes the interesting part and all the tricks I select the first text I goto animation and from all the animations I select Fly in. I owned the text off course to fly in from the side. So once I've selected it, I goto Afek options and I select from left. It looks already pretty nice, but it isn't quite the thing we want to achieve. Let's start to adjust it, go to the animation pain and once you've opened it, I select the animation I make it go with previous. So it starts automatic fee. Now I hit two times in the animation I go to effect. I wanted to bump once it's there. So I simply go to bounce and and I make it for example, half a second. This should be enough. Now let's preview it. Okay, I made the bounds. But now now we see how it arrives from the bottom so we can use an interesting trick to hide it because we will have nothing else. On this slide. I go to insert, I go to shapes and simply make a shape under it. I make a big shape. I select no old line. I go to shape Phil and I use the color from the background we used before. Now, after playing, it's invisible and we just see when it arrives. Let's take a quick preview. Oh, okay. And this is the first in the nation. No, we want the same thing for the second animation, but we wanted to arrive from the left. So I hit the ladies text. I goto animation painter and I click on the second text. As you see, the animation is painted over I goto effect options and I said that from left. So let's start making the adjustments. At first I click with previous, so they both start in the same time, and I DeLay is a little bit. We will adjust it later. Won't we play the music now? I copy over this object, and I cover up the left site perfectly to cover up the ladies. And what do we have to do now to make the ladies visible? But the gentleman covered up? It's very simple. You need to hit home select selection pain. Once I have the selection pain open, I need to make sure that the end gentleman textbooks is under the rectangle, the new rectangle To make things easier for the future, I could, for example, renamed this textbooks once it is renamed. It's also easier to make the animations, so I know already that I need the ladies text Toby above this. So as you see the latest Texas here, this box is under it, and this is even deeper beyond it. So now let's previewed animation how it looks now it's only a matter off adjusting the timings to fit the music. For this, I need to go toe animations and I need to work with the delay. For example, when the second text goes a little bit later, I can adjust it or I can even put random numbers here like 09 and preview if this looks OK , so it's very close, and for now I think it should be a little bit less for example, eight and we have the first part done. This was quite some work, so I will make the little sparkles and the transition in the next lesson. For now, I hope this is useful and let's proceed to the next one. 9. Sparkles You Will Not Believe In!: the topic off this course is not only to learn how to work with typography in PowerPoint, but also to teach you some animation tricks that appear as if they would be made in after effects or other professional animation software. Because Power Point is a little bit limited when it comes to animation, We need to use some work arounds, which will help us achieve some nights effects, and one of those workarounds will be shown now. I go to insert shapes and I select around the direct angle. I make a big one at first because I want to make it nice and rounded. I go to shape outline, I make no old line, and I make it very various small. By holding the shift key. I remain to have the same proportions on it, and I make it. It's a bit too fat, so I make it smaller once again. I think it's the right size now. Maybe it should be a big bigger, so I make it bigger and I copy it two times now. Positioning it, I use the rotation toe, and by clicking on the rotation toe and holding the shift key, I can turn it to about 45 degrees. I make the same thing with the bottom one. And now I need to position them a little bit because right now there are pretty off. So I make this one on the bottom, this one somewhat in the middle and this on the top. You don't have to be very, very exact. But I see this one should be turned a little bit more. All right. So we have the first sparkles here. And since these other left sparkles, I select all tree of them. I go to shape Phil. I dropped her and they make in the same car. And now comes the fun. I goto animation and I select why they should be wiped from left. Oh, sorry. From right. As if they would shoot out from the world once again, I opened up the animation pain to see what that I achieved. I do know that this takes too long, so I go to duration. I make it 1/4 a second. What you also need to do You need to go at animation and it can be here. It needs to be at animation and also put a exit if IQ, which will be also wipe and the exit effect should be also from the same side as you see, I have six animation effects. I make wit previous. I select everything and go with previous the second tree. Animations should be also quarter a second duration, and right now they should be a little bit afterwards. I know that they should appear when the first word appears. So I select all of them and I go to ladies. So now they appear just as the world appears. Maybe they should be a little bit delight. Select the exit once, and the acceptance should be delayed just a little bit. For example, 206 seconds. So, as you see now, the animation starts with health a second, and it disappears 1/10 of a second later. I just have to position them right. It's hard to select, but I can and I just make them a bit more space between them. And I think we're ready. Let's preview the effect, Theo. As you see, they did sparkle out of the world. They should be just a little bit adjusted, but overall, that's what we wanted to achieve. right now. I copied over control C Control V. I have three new animations. I just need to turn them around. Well, now they're turned wrong, but that's absolutely no problem. You just adjust each one separately and you put them in the right place. Once they are there, I select every one of them, and I select a white color because this text as a what core you need to hit the drawing tools shape ful and just select white. Okay, I did position to sparkles, and I need to select everything, goto animations and delay them a bit more so they're intact with the second animation. Once again, I need to hit the tree exit ones and delay them just a little bit beyond the first ones. That very, very last thing you need to do select all tree of them affect options, and now they should appear from left. The same goes for the exit animation from left, and we are done with the sparklers. Let's preview the effect now, and this is how you create a nice little sparkle effect in power point. And now let's head over to the next lesson where we'll make a really simple transition. But it will be unique, and it won't look as it would be from PowerPoint 10. A Custom Unique Transition: Welcome back in the kinetic typography occurs in power point. The basic transitions from power point only used mostly black color. We want something more interesting and more original. So I go to transitions and I make sure that I have selected after zero seconds. This is because we want this lights toe advance as fast as possible, just as the animations and okay, let us prepare the transition. Remember that we also want to make things as easy and as fast as possible for us not to overcomplicate it. So I go to insert, I take a shape and I make a big rectangle which is at least as big as this light. Okay, now I go to shape outline, no outline shape, Phil. Eyedropper. I click with the eyedropper and by holding the mouse click I select the color off the next slide because I want the color to transition into now. By holding the shift key, I move it just over this light. Now I go right click format shape. I go once again to the fill color more colors and I make it slightly darker. Okay, I goto animations. I hit more and I go toe lines. It's correct. I wanted to get down and you need to select the red knob. And once again, by holding the shift key so it doesn't shift. Cover the entire slide with Let me quickly open up the animation pain. So we see it. Okay, we have the animation. It is very, very long. And we definitely do not want to have that. So I selected once again, I make it with previous. I wanted to have maybe 1/4 and now I need to figure out where it should be. So I move it over and I late toe 1 75 Now I have to copy it over. Control C control V. Place it better exactly as the one before And change the color to the exact we have on the next slide. So I go to home once again, drawing tools shape. Phil and I can select the previous caller. All right. And I want this to be the last sequence. As we see, it already covers up. So I just move it right behind the previous rectangle. I go to animations and I delayed a little bit more. Let me quickly discuss the animations. Those two animations. They could be also as the last ones, but I made them here, so I immediately know when the second world ends its animation, I probably could delay a little bit, so we at least have some time to read the gentleman. But the song is going very fast, so I think we do not have the time. Let's preview know what we actually did. It's going a bit too fast. So I make the 1st 1 a bit longer and maybe the 2nd 1 also to zero tree. I want to give the animation a bit off, more life feeling. So I go to effect and I just adjust the smooth starts. I get rid off the smooth, and here I select the second animation and I make a little bit different. For example, 0 16 year. So this one was 25 this is 16. So now we have a little bit off custom timings, and this will definitely look a bit better. Let's preview it one last time. This'd how you make a custom transition. You can make something on your own, and it doesn't have to be complicated. I have just to object making the slight transition to the next one in a nice and fashionable manner. So thank you for your attention and see you in the next lectures. 11. Slide 2. Welcome Again: Hey there, Welcome back. And I'm happy to say that this is finally the point where Power Point is starting to work for us instead the other way around. I'm happy that you are already have to the course, and I set the goal for myself that this course will take less than an hour to complete. I could go on about different animations, different types of transitions. That's not the point and the key focus in this course, because I want you to learn an actual skill and to make such a short but nice animated video. I have to admit that part point is not the best tool when it comes to kinetic typography. As you see, it would take definitely longer to prepare such an animation and other software. So I'm really happy with the result. As off now and let's proceed and create the next life, I select everything apart from the song by holding the control key. I d. Select that song. Control C Control V and I have everything ready and settled in place. I delete the left box because I think they should appear from the bottom now. I had a little error I had to close an open PowerPoint again. I won't. Both the text appear from the bottom. So I make this box bigger. I go to drink tools. Schapelle eyedropper. I select the red color. Now I go toe animations. I opened up the enemy, she pain and I remember it. Waas welcome. And here it was again. So now let's have some fun with the colors again. I sick the welcome. I simply changed the color toe white I select again And just as before, I select the red color with eye dropper. I go to more colors and I make it darker. So it appears like a deep red. I want now toe close up the guides because they are getting a bit in the way and they adjust the words. So, as you see, the coloristic is not quite as it should be. So I select the object I go to drawing tools and I recall er them. Okay, I've done with the coloring. I select again text I goto animations and I need to remember that I wanted to change it to from bottom. Okay, it appears it jumps and I will quickly preview now what we did. And perfect. It already looks nice. I should shifted a bit to the left so it comes closer to again text. And the last thing I need to adjust is the color of the transition. The top one was the same color, and the one beneath it was the darker run. I select the top one, and as you see, I named it transition in the 2nd 1 Transition darker in the selection pain. So I got to drank tools, open of the selection pain and renamed everything. Or so the sparks. I could select the colors. Now I go to shape Phil eye dropper, I click and the next slight. Now I hide to the transition and I have the darker one say go once again to shape Phil and I select the color from before. Once again shape. Feel more for course. And I want to make it darker. Okay? And we did finish up editing this slide. I hit a five a few times and I see the welcome again. Text appears a little bit too late, so I need to adjust it a bit. I goto animations. I reduced its duration. I do the same on the again text, which is called gentlemen because we copied it. But that's OK, so I reduce the timings. I reduced the delays and this should help of it. I probably should also did it on the previous light. I will preview it again. I don't know if you see it Exactly. Because the render is making the video go slower. Theo. Okay. The welcome again needs to be just slightly adjusted. I go back to the one second because it looked better and let me hit the durations a few times and I will be ready now I see everything clearly. I have a really simple solution. I moved the animations close to each other So the ladies come in the welcome Sorry comes instantly. That again comes 07 seconds and I went back to the first slide. I made the ladies text to start with previous and that music just delayed by quarter a second. Now we have the two sites ready and can preview the animation. So, as you see, the hardest part is to adjust the animations to be exactly like in the song. That's why we work on separate slides because we have full control over the animations. We only have the towards animated the sparks and the simple transition later on. If you would like to create more slight, we can use this as a template and just copy over things and change the text. So thank you for paying close attention and let's continue with the course. 12. Slide 3. You Came To the Circus: all right. As you see, I welcome you again and I congratulate you to get so far in this course, let's proceed and make things even quicker. So I go to the left side. I select this slide, and I just control C and control V. Copy it. Then I go to the paste options, and I want to keep the source former thing to get a background. Okay, I start editing the slight as it would be the next one. I go to form a background color eye dropper. I click and I select the next life. Okay, I delete the next light because I won't be needing it. And I won't dislike to be a little bit simpler, so I delete everything. I also delete the transition I make. This box may be a bit smaller. I drag it out to cover the entire slide. I copy it and place one also on the top off the text. Off course. I need to select both boxes. Go to drawing tools, shape Phil, and select the blue colors. Okay, Now they're invisible and I start working on the text. So the 1st 1 will be You came to the circus and the second to get to the point. As you see now, the colors are not the best. So once again I make the trick from before I go to the blue color, I take more colors and I use a darker color for the blue text. So I copied over to a few things. Maybe it's even to light. I should make it even darker and they call or the text accordingly. As you see the text is prepared, I select both boxes. I go to drawing tools, a line and a line center. Now they are perfectly in the middle. I also keep in mind that I should go to home and center the text one more time to be in the middle of the boxes. Now we can start working on the animation and making the holding a bit more kinetic. And now comes something that much people do not know about. As you see, we have the two animations from the previous slide. I just previewed quickly. They just come from the bottom. Please hit the animation two times Goto effect and under animation, animated text instead, off Alit ones make it by word and 10% is okay and watch what happens. So each word comes in separately. This is perfect for making promotional videos where you have a voice over and much text is coming in now I hit the text, I go at animation, fly out and they do the same. I want the effect by word 10% and OK, I make it one after another with previous and I simply delayed to disappear After the first text finishes, let's say you're lazy and you want to copy over the animations. I just moved this text aside. I goto animations, animation painter, and they hit the previous text as well. I moved the text back. I go to drawing Toe Alliance Center a few times now and all right, I just get the second animation. I go to animation and maybe make it from talk now. Do not get in the way. Make it with previous. It should be delayed to about two seconds of the 1st 1 disappears. The same goes for the exit animation, and I believe we are ready with this light. Now I just need to hit a five a few times. And if the song is going faster. I should make the delays different. For example, it should disappear more quick and the delay should be a bit less. But I think this should be about it because a normal person tells this in two seconds. So yes, it was nearly perfect. I just adjusted the second animation to start at 1.9 and the last a 3.4. What I wanted to show you with this lesson is you do not have to overcomplicate it. As you see, we have only a few simple animations. But we did it just the animate text option. And this alone creates a effort like we do not often see in PowerPoint. Kinetic typography is all about mixing motion and animation with text to express some ideas . And what do we do here is used one text at the time and this creates a great way for the viewer to follow along the things he sees and for this kind of kind of typography, Power point is a perfect tool. So let us briefly preview. What did we create until now? Okay, still a bit work ahead of us. Let's continue 13. Slide 4. Of RETURRRRN!: welcome back in the kinetic typographic oars on the last part of our presentation. As you may remember, we have only two words left in our quote and they are off return. As you see, the singer makes a finish here, and we should somehow captured this with an animation. We will try to make this slight a little bit different in terms off the animation and the transition. I go to the first slight I copy over the text because I wanted to have the same fund. And now I have to decide about the animation. Since the singer is yelling off return, I should find an animation that there's matching this style for this I goto animation and I dont selected here. I expanded I go mawr entrance effect and right now I can preview every possible effect one after another until I find the right one. I did select the compress animation. I hit a five to preview the animation and I saw that this is appearing too quickly. So I made a one second delay. This simply matches the temple off the song. Now I would like to show you a trick how it would be easier to work for us just for a preview. I go for the song I copy over the song. If you have to work with some voiceovers, this is very useful. You goto playback and you trim to the point you are editing right now I know we're editing just off return point, so I move it even foreigner, right? I move it as the first animation. So now we are prepared to work with the effect. I want this like to stay a little bit longer. So I go to transitions. I select after and this time I make it a few seconds. For example eight. Now, when they previously and I want also to incorporate something along with it because this looks a bit too plain for that. I did head over toe. I can find her. I just wrote in trumpet. I make a free filter and I downloaded this icon introduced it into the presentation. You can simply click and download the free files and use it with the proper license. Its icons eight dot com So now it will be a little bit back and forth with the delays. I select the trumpet I cop it over. I make it a bit bigger. The icon should be of higher quality, but for now it will be okay. A copy it over four times just to make it a bit more fun. I was shaped them a bit and we need an animation for them. So I simply goto animation. I select, for example, flight in, and now I start working on the delays. I go with Preview, and I will preview the music as much times as I need. And I know there will be delayed. For example, to this point, let me just do it really quickly. Let's preview the song and check out What do we need to adjust? The animation is a bit too slow, so we need to make it a bit more fun, just as we did before. I go to each animation one more time to effect and they make it bounce a little. Looks better. I did preview the animation a few times and I saw we did a bit too much of the delay. So I start with two seconds to 25 so on. Now we lack Onley wanting a transition between those light. Let us make something interesting. I goto insert. I go to shapes and I select the doughnut shape. I make a big fat donut around it, and I want it to be in the center. Well, maybe the donut is a bit too big, but it definitely should be above the entire slide, so it covers it up. Okay, Also the middle. Now I can adjust the trumpets a bit to look more funny and they adjusted Donut. I go to drawing tools. I want against, like, no outline because I don't want the outlines and I make it white. Now I have to use some animation. I select the shape animation. It is a bit too long, so I make it off the first animation. I make it shorter. I delayed just a little bit because we want one less transition to go from the blue collar to the white and green. Let's preview the turnout. Okay, It's covering up nicely, so I copy the doughnut. I place it in exactly in the same position. I go to join tools and its shape change shape, and I select it to change to a normal circle, my own to hit the eyedropper. Click and select the blue core from the previous slide. And that will be our transition. But we don't want it to appear. We wanted to disappear, so I go to more exit effect and I select basic Zoom. Right now, I click with previous and I make it the first animation. It should be a little bit longer to just cover the doughnut. And let's preview the effect now the slightest blue. Then the blue disappears and the regular things appear. I know this lesson was a little bit long and difficult, but we are arriving at the end of the presentation now. We only have to do a few adjustments to the entire slide and we can export it s and video just to remind you, if you want to change anything on this light, this is no problem. Simply select the oval, go to drawing tools, selection pain, and you can make boat the doughnut and the oval disappear. Now we can select everything rep orating, change things and then go back by making them visible again. Thank you for holding on so long and let's continue 14. One Adjustment (BONUS Trick You Will Use!): I want to show you something cool. You notice how video produces make always a small motion on every animation. Well, we can do it as well. I select off return text and the doughnut, and I want to add an animation to them. I want to add a grow shrink animation. Right now it grows too much. I select with previous I make the donut just behind it the doughnut and I make the gentleman just behind the gentleman. Since I know I made this transition eight seconds, I want the grow shrink animation toe end at about eight seconds. We only have to change the values now. So click twice on the animation Goto effect to this size, and I make it 110%. This is completely enough just to give it a tiny motion. I make the oval visible again. And let's preview the effect. As you see, they have appeared and they have a tiny motion towards us, which looks more video. Like somehow this little motion sets the proper mood, and I really hope this is a useful trick for you. 15. Fade Out & Export the Ready Video: let us make a few finishing touches and fade out. And in the presentation this is the only reason why we didn't need the black slide. I go to the first light. I had fate and on the duration I make it health a second because we don't need it to fate in so long. I do the same for the last slight. I click on Fade and they reduce its duration toe help a second So the video won't be too long Now I'm completely ready Toe export the video before you export. Remember to hit every slide and check on on the transition if you made it after zero seconds because sometimes there are some errors in part of point when you exported to video . So this makes sure that after each animation everything will go smooth. Exporting a video is very simple. I goto file I hit export I hit create a video and I have selected the aged equality and used recorded timings generations because inside the presentation we have some timing set. We should use this option not to don't use after we already we only have to hit, create video and save the MP four file or W M. V. If we prefer this, form it as you can notice, since I'm using this very often, so I make a shortcut for us. You can make this shortcut for yourself by going into the customized ribbon. More comments and surging for the create a video option if you can find it, simply goto all comments, but it's in there comments not in the ribbon I had seen a few times. And I see here is the creative video you only have to hit at, and it appears in the quick Access Tober. You can do this with any option you're using very often, and this is it. This is how we expert video and partners. 16. Thank You & Youi Rock! : I want to say a quick thank you for spending The time with me underscores kinetic Typography is a wonderful topic. You can use kinetic typography in various ways, and this is only one way off using it with help off a program like Apartment. I really hope you did like the content of this course because I personally feel that we used some very nice techniques and opened up new possibilities of using power point as a less shout out. I would like to say that I had much fun designing this course, and I really hope you feel the same. Thank you for attention and holding to the end and see you in the next one.