Kindle Success 9: Action Steps for Kindle Pre-Orders to Best Sellers | Rosa Suen ♫ | Skillshare

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Kindle Success 9: Action Steps for Kindle Pre-Orders to Best Sellers

teacher avatar Rosa Suen ♫, Skillshare Coach: Follow Me ☺♫

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Take Actions Now - Tap into Power of Preorders

    • 2. Motivator 1 : CAN Go Live in 24 hours marketplace

    • 3. Motivator 2: CAN Go into Best Sellers

    • 4. Motivator 3: CAN go into Hot New Releases

    • 5. Five Smart Action Steps - Do Right Away

    • 6. Fill in Your 90 Day Planning Calendar

    • 7. Take Action: Circle Dates to Meet Deadlines

    • 8. Wishing you Success & Thank you!

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About This Class

Are you now ready to take action to do Kindle Pre-Orders to get your books to Best Sellers?

In this Class, I will show you 3 Motivating Factors of doing Pre-Orders and Provide Action Steps for you to plan the 90 Day Program.

3 Motivating Factors - Live Case Demo:

  1.  Your Pre-Order Book goes live in 24 hours in all of Amazon's marketplaces except India.
  2.  Your Pre-Order Book goes into the Best Sellers Pages even before launching
  3.  Your Pre-Order Book goes into the Hot New Releases even before launching

So Please take advantage of all these 3 places to let your Pre-Order book has wide exposure and Sales before it actually launches. Accumulating these sales will help your ranking to go high.  I demonstrated this with my books.

5 Easy Smart Action Plans

  • I show you exactly how I execute my 5 EZ yet SMART steps.
  • Doing Pre-orders in Kindle does not need to be complicated at all.
  • Use my 90 Day Plan Calendar
  • You can download the Calendar in the project area.
  • I show you an example of my calendar.  
  • You can try 4 books and not 10.
  • Watch my demo - Circle the deadline dates to meet deadlines!

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9.  Kindle Success # 9:  Kindle Pre-Orders Smart Action Steps & Calendars

See you all inside the class,


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Rosa Suen ♫

Skillshare Coach: Follow Me ☺♫


Rosa is Sharing Her Skills & Secrets in 84 Classes!

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1. Take Actions Now - Tap into Power of Preorders: Hello. I'm Rosa. In this cars, you critic Action. I'm gonna give your action plan so that you know how to tap into the power of the Kindle preorders we've already seen in the previous classes that pre order books thrive in Siris. This is why you need to work within a 90 day window. You need to plan and get yourself organized. You need to get motivated and I'm going to give you And it is three big motivating factors so that you can get started right away. People don't get started because they're not motivated. You see my three books here, This is accepting what happened when I did the pre orders. Just think, you know, even selling the book yet the book is already alive for people to see within 24 hours. And not only that, these books are not even your books. And look where they already in there in the heart. You. It is a section already. And the great thing is that if you do good planning, your beautiful can appear even on the best sellers patient even before you launch the book . So take this cast down on the calendar and start putting all these things into action. This is how I schedule my tent books for the 90 days. But you don't need to do 10 books. You can do it according to your own pays. But I do recommend three or four books Siri's to get a book to the top best sellers in your category. All right, this is Rosa. Come on in and grow into this class and I'll see inside. 2. Motivator 1 : CAN Go Live in 24 hours marketplace: Hello. This is Rosa. In this section. We gotta go into the advantages of doing pre ordering when you do pre ordering. When Amazon The proof. Simple. The book goes life right away in the marketplace. It will be listed at midnight local trying in each market place except for India right now . Because right now, if you don't have that vision India So this is pretty good because your book is gonna be seen in the marketplace like any other Kindle books. And then Amazon will publish a product detail page for you within 24 hours of approval. This means that people can actually click to buy your book. Let me show you what takes place behind this scene in the KDP dashboard. Here's my dashboard right now. You see that this book read Music Nose Level three is in the preorder stage. It's scheduled for September 30th and this one here read Music No Fast never won. It's a radical on live. It was a bitter on June, the 30th last month, and this book read Music notes fast level two. It is still in the preorder stage, but it's life and it is scheduled for release on July 2 22nd. So this port level two and level three being preorder station No, this is like already in the marketplace. Let's take a look at this one, because it's gonna be released very soon. We will look at the U. S store. All right? He's a book. You see the book cover and the title and also the description here and then on the right. You see pre order with one click so people can click on this and buy this book just like they were buying any ordinary Kindle books. Except the difference is that they cannot download the book immediately. They need to wait until July 22nd and it will be delivered to their devices on that day. And all that information and description is there. People can see office, and then down to the bottom is a product details. It tells people with the file sizes that Prince names the publication date just like what you would see in a normal Kindle book. 3. Motivator 2: CAN Go into Best Sellers: And then the third advantage of doing pre ordering is that you can start marketing and promoting your book before the actual launch, and this will raise awareness and capture early interest of your buyers. Love your customers so that you could gather an early group to start buying your book and preorders con tribute to what sales rank even before your book is released. And when that happens, more readers. We discovery a book. Let's go back to my book there. This is support that I set to release on July 2 20 seconds, and if you look down to the bottom in the ranking is already reckoned quite high. It's number six in music exercises and number 11. A music theory. These are the two categories that I want my book to be in. Let's click on exercises here it is an Amazon BESTSELLERS PAGE BESTSELLERS The music theory Top 100 paid, and this is already on. The first page is number six, read music, nose level chew and the release date is July 22nd is not released yet, but it's a ready ranking number six on the top seller page, So your book is already getting a lot of exposure, which is something you want to happen. And this is happening even before the actual launching of the book. And people are really buying this before it launches. Can you see how powerful this is? And you tap into some Metin your books into pre ordering. All right, this is Rosa, and I'll see you next lecture. 4. Motivator 3: CAN go into Hot New Releases : in this lecture. I want to share with you that if you put your book into pre ordering Amazon treated book like any new books and you can get into the heart new releases section and reduce and put promotion and do some marketing, you can actually get a put into the heart. New releases section very quickly, and one step is in the hot new releases your But we have more visibility and exposure for people to click into your book. Let's come back to my book here. This is ranking number six in the Best Sellers Page. The reason why I got into the Best Sellers page. It's because it's already in the heart. New release is actually ranking number two here. When you release a new book, you want to get a book ranking in these three places because when people look at the Best Sellers page, they will be able to see the new release books in that month. So when you do pre order books, Amazon treats support like any new Kindle books, and if you do well, they also allow three order books to go into the heart. New releases once they in the hot new releases is much easier for you to get into the best cells, page. All right, this is Rosa, and I'll see you the next lecture. 5. Five Smart Action Steps - Do Right Away: This is Rosa. I hope this cause is giving you a lot of inspiration. Has certainly been exciting for me to be able to share this with you at that many requests from students to ask me to do this course for them. And so I finally decided to lay everything out so that everyone knows exactly what they need to do. So here's the action plan we want to do if you're the books to get them into best sellers. So number one you need to read good content books. Make sure you could content because you want people to keep buying your books. Excellent content is the number one priority number two. When you're writing books, please think in Siris for mine. Sometimes I do part one part two, part three or sometimes I say book one book to about three or in the last series I did them in levels Level one, Level two, level three. So it is up to you to see what is best for your Siri's, the magic tip to do pre ordering books. They thrive in Siris, so you must think in Siris because you to train your buyers to keep behind your books and they could see it pattern. And when they see that pattern, be to look excited because they look forward to your next book, and they also expect the next what we're becoming. So you want to prepare their hearts to keep buying your books. Number three. Use my 90 day plan. Don't worry if you cannot write 10 books, that is this. A maximum number of books that can be listed for preorders. Even four books will do. I only have four books up there, and it's not even 90 days. I think in four books first and some of you have energy. Yes, do 10 books and you'll be amazed at the royalties that you'll be getting by the end of three months. Number four. You need to meet deadlines. This is very important, so I'm giving you a 90 day calendar. If you don't meet that lines, you could pay a big price, and for one year you're not allowed to submit pure the books at all. And that's too big a price to pay, and the last point you can check your preorder report in the KDP dashboard. Let me show you. And here's this pre orders, you can view your purity units and the updated periodically as preorders are recorded. So you can actually see these units that started appearing made. People start pre ordering your book. All right, this is Rosa. I'm excited for you. We could have a good year ahead of us, and I wish you every success in your Kindle business. 6. Fill in Your 90 Day Planning Calendar: So in the coming days, you can plan three months. Start doing your planning's so you can take action. If you don't take action to plan now, nothing will happen. So you need to take some action. You can do 10 books. If you cannot do 10 books, you can just do four books for now and you will see results. You can download this 90 day preorder promotion and do some planning. If you cannot write a book in 10 days and you get 20 days, that's also fine. We need to work out something that works for you. But you has to be systematic because you got to train your customers that your books are coming out in Siris. And this is the power of how preorder works. If you just put up one book, you get some result, but now you want powerful result rate. We want exponential numbers. We want lots of sales. We want to get into the best sellers page. Even four books will do. You can download this file and start doing your own planning 7. Take Action: Circle Dates to Meet Deadlines: This is a calendar from September to November. You see the month, September here and then I highlighted October so that you can see the month October in between and in November. Down here, this is a three month planning. The reason why I did this calendar for you is that you need to meet deadlines. I don't want you to be penalized by failing to meet their minds. And this is how you use this calendar. Say, for example, I'm releasing a book on September 24th. I circle that date and then I count backwards for 10 days because the 10 days before the releasing date, I need to upload the final version and it would be the 14th Wanted, but because they start the day at 12 a.m. East Coast time, so I'm better off. So I am better off uploading my book on the thirteen's. I want to play it safe because by midnight is gonna turn 14 it. My final version is not uploaded. The Amazon will punish me for this. So remember to meet your deadlines Now, regarding the final version, even though you have uploaded it on the 13th Amazon allows you to update your final version until three days before it is released. So if it's released on the 24th I can't bet three days on the 21st midnight. So 20th would be the last day for me to upload the final version. After the book is released, we can always update your final version any time. So make use of these calendars to help you meet deadlines. All right, this is Rosa. You can download this three month calendar in the resource file. 8. Wishing you Success & Thank you!: I want to thank you for taking this cause he has been quite fun for me to share these skills with you. And I hope with these new skills it will help you to become more successful in your learning. And if you're like this course and you would like to recommend this class to other students , click here and then it would take you to this page. Should leave a feet back. I love to hear from you. Tell me what you liked about this course and also other comments that would help me to improve, to create more courses for you. Thank you for coming in. And I look forward to see you in my other classes. This is Rosa. Have a good day.