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Kindle Success 8: Market & Promotion for Pre-Orders to Best Sellers

teacher avatar Rosa Suen ♫, Skillshare Coach: Follow Me ☺♫

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Kindle PreOrder Books Go Into Best Sellers

    • 2. Tip 1: General Marketing & Promotion

    • 3. Tip 2: Rosa's Secret: Power of Pre-Order Promotion

    • 4. Tip 3: 90 Day Time Frame Promotion

    • 5. Tip 4: Marketing - Sweet Price Setting

    • 6. Run with this Skill & Thank you!

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About This Class

In all successful businesses, you need to learn some BIG Tips on Marketing and Promotion.  In this class, I show you General promotion and also Specific Marketing and Promotion for Kindle Pre-Order books.  If you know how to tap into it, it is powerful.  I tapped into it and you see my books in the Best Sellers pages quite quickly.  I am here to share with you my secret effective marketing skill. Run with this and soon you see yourself rising in the Best Sellers Pages in your category.

Some people think that it takes a lot of time and energy to do marketing and promotion.  This may be true.  But one thing you need to learn from my experience:  Tap into 2 or 3 Effective Powerful Tips on Marketing and Promotion, you will be on the way to success.

In this class series, I will give away my 4 powerful Steps I do in  Marketing and Promotion to your Pre-Orders Books.  In this way, it is not so scary in doing Marketing and promotion because these steps give results!

  1. I show you a general marketing and promotion that we must all do.  This one is EZ and most powerful in social media marketing.  Everyone does this and I do too.
  2. I show you my Secret to Pre-orders Marketing. This is why you are taking this class.  Nobody taught me. I discovered it myself. Use my PPP Marketing Strategy - Power of Pre-Order Promotion.  I show you how this PPP works with my own books so that you see live demos that take Pre-order books to Best Sellers pages immediately.
  3. Work around the 90 day promotion window Amazon gives you
  4. Tap into the Sweet Pricing to get lots of sales.

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That's it and I wish you every success,


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Rosa Suen ♫

Skillshare Coach: Follow Me ☺♫


Rosa is Sharing Her Skills & Secrets in 84 Classes!

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1. Kindle PreOrder Books Go Into Best Sellers: Hello, This is Rosa. The whole idea wanting to do pure orders is I want to get my books into the Best sellers pages. Even before the release of the book, I never thought this was possible before because I never played around with the pre orders . I only knew that I could get my books where the fiction and nonfiction into best sellers by getting them into the hot new releases section. And now I discover a new thing. Even before the launches, you can do pre order books. The's preorder Bubbles can actually go into the best sellers pages even before the book is officially launched and it works all the time. This is why I'm doing this, cause I'll show you this book that I did last month. This is to try to record Circle of Firth Music Theory book and look at a date. The preorder started on the 13th of June, and the release date was 26 of June. I only had two weeks to promote the book to get the book into the hot new releases and finally into the best sellers pages. Let me show you this here in the hot new releases corner. You see my book, there is ranking number two and because I was able to get the book into the hot new releases, breaking Number two here getting a lot of visibility and exposure on the Best Sellers page . My boat managed to wreck number four on the best service page in piano music and you see the release date here. So when I did a screen capture of this book at the time, it was before June 26. That book had not been launched yet. And yet because of the pre ordering people were buying this book already. So it pumped this book up into the first page of best sellers in piano music. And then, for the other category I did was music theory and for music theory in the right hand corner . You see that it ranked number one in the heart new releases. So I managed to rent number three in this category on the best sellers page and again notice the release date is here. When I did a screen capture of this book, the book had not been released yet. It was still in the preorder stage. Now can you see the power of pre ordering. The book was officially launched on June 26. And do you know what happened on June 26? Yes. There you see it? It ranked number one in music theory. Wow, That was really fast, wasn't it? I couldn't believe it when I saw this. So this is what you need to do. You need to tap into the power off, doing pre ordering correctly so that you can rank your books into the best sellers page right away. You don't even need to wait for my 30 day long you to get your pulling two best sellers. You can even get to be number one on the day that the book is released. So by showing you this hope is gonna get you excited to do pre order books, I'm gonna show you how to do them properly so that you can get your pre audibles into the best sellers pages quickly. All right, this is Rosa and grown to this class, and I will see inside 2. Tip 1: General Marketing & Promotion : in this section, we gonna talk about effective promotion and marketing. This is exciting because if you know how to do effective promotion, marketing, you won't find it a waste of time. So I would talk about two areas. One is a general promotion and marketing that I always use, and this is always effective and fun. And the 2nd 1 is a specific promotion, marketing that you do for pre orders. I call this P P P marketing. It is the power off preorder promotion, and this kind of marketing specifically works for pre orders, and you need to tap into this. First, let me talk about the general promotion and marketing that I do, and it's not just me. Most people also do this, too, for general marketing. The first thing you need to do is you need to inform the list of customers your pre order books. When you're pre order book goes live in the marketplace. We have a link there. There's a you out a link to your book. You can send this link to your customers. If you don't have a list, it's OK. You can use the 2nd 1 and the 2nd 1 is using Facebook groups. You want to post a boat into the Facebook groups, where they a lot of members in there. They're actually quite a few. But this one that I use a lot and I'll give you the link in the resource file. And it's this Facebook group that I use and this is a Facebook group, and they're 18,000 374 members in here. You can post free books, but also you can post discounted books so you can pulse in this Facebook group. I find this quite effective, and people do respond. I don't pulls in a lot of Facebook groups. You can if you wish, because all you need to do is copy and paste and post into the different Facebook groups. Here is another one. It's all about books. 20,617 members. I don't use this one too often is a group of all who love books for authors and readers. You can try this one now because there are a lot of members in this group, for my students are actually opened in. Your Facebook group is called Free and Discounted books. Right now, we only have 62 members, but the members will increase soon. I created this proof of my other cause where people do 30 day launch for the new books and they can post it books in hair so it can either be free or discounted. See, I posed it my own book here. So you can also make use of this Facebook group and the third area that I do my promotion is I promote to my on nine students. This is powerful. If you have not started creating your online schools, you should, because this is gonna be the trend for the coming years. People just love learning skills now, using their iPhones, ipads, smartphones, that tablets. And if you put your courses online, you begin to accumulate a list of students. And this list of students will become more powerful than your list of customers. Because with the online students, you do get into it with, um Now I have to On nine school one is my own nine school and the other one is that you to me? Let me show you my own on nine school first, Here's my on nine. School is about music and playing piano, and these are my courses. The names of the courses are listed here, and the price of the course is listed at the bottom of the right hand corner. This one is 100 $99. So these are like horses and I have about a few 1000 students in here. When I have a new book in Amazon, I e mailed to this resistance and inform them. Here's my other on nine school. Is it you? To me, they must roll down a little bit and it you to meet. I'm actually teaching 22 abusing and piano courses. And look, I have 6881 students so far. So when I created preordered book in Amazon, I let the 6000 students know so that they can start ordering my book. So for marketing and promotion, this is all I do because my time is limited. I want to create more books. And yet I know I also need to do some marketing promotion. So for the general marketing promotion, if you concentrate and focus, you can really reach thousands of people. Baby, don't happen is a customer's. Yet you can do them on Facebook groups, some groups of 10,000 people. So you need to get your book seen somehow. And then when you have time or have you already have your own a nice school, The's students a powerful Because if you're Amazon book is only 99 cents, they would want to buy it. All right. In the next video, I was shared with you how you can specifically market and promote with your pre order books . All right, see you the next video. 3. Tip 2: Rosa's Secret: Power of Pre-Order Promotion: in this video, I appreciate your big secret is called the Pau Off Preorder Promotion. This is powerful if you wonder why my books are seven so fast, isn't it? So Well, it's because I do a cross promotion with my own books. I mentioned earlier that with pre articles, you allowed to do 10 books in the 90 day window. So far, I've shown you this book. I did a pre order of this book last month in June and then at the end of June. I also want in return use it mils fast Level one Beginning of July. I did one on read music notes. Fast Level two in the last week that it won on read Music knows fast Level three. Here is the secret. You need to plan ahead and promoted books in Siris and you could train your customers. Do you know that your books are coming out in Siris? And this is why, when you go to the Amazon marketplace, you see all of these books in the Best Sellers Page. Limited use of Amazon Marketplace Read music Note. Fast never won. It's now number four bestseller in music exercises. Let's click on this. All right. You see this book here? Well, it's number three and the hot new releases. You see this book and also you see this other book Level two listed in the Hearty releases . So this book is really bringing my second book out the level to both. Go to the market place until 10 days later. This book here level one is helping this book to move forward. It's a level to now. Is that number to place? So these two both are actually promoting each other. Can you see the power of the pre ordering? If you have good planning, you can actually take all three of these places, which I did at one time. I don't have it. Now let's click on music theory here. I wanted to go look at this. Okay. In the music theory, you see my book here, Level one. And also you see my other book, Circle Fifth. Both of these books are actually crossed, promoting each other and looking each other. Move forward and we click this and take a look at the hot new releases in music theory. There you see this book? One breaking number one. Okay, someone beat me there about learning guitar and then this book ranking number three and this book ranking them before So now, from June 26 July 15th and also this is July 22nd. You see these three books here that actually cross promoting each other, bringing my books into Best Sellers Page. So better here. If you want to do promotion and marketing for your purity books, here is a secret. Plan your boots and publish them in a Siri's. Place them as pre orders. Don't just do one book. You need to tap into the power of using preorder correctly. In the next section, I will show you the actual steps that I do and how you can do this effectively so that your books get on the best sellers page in the category that you want them to be in. This is exciting. I see you the next video 4. Tip 3: 90 Day Time Frame Promotion: This is the exciting part of a pure ordering books preorder people's Thrive in Siris. If you want people to buy your books, create all your books. In Siris, it was like magic. You need to let them know that your books are coming in Siris, and soon you'll find is a dominating the whole page. In the best sellers for pre order books, they allow you a 90 day window that's a maximum that you can have to set up your books and they allow you to have 10 books at a time. So in the 90 day window, you're allowed to have chain preordered books listed. That's quite something to think about, isn't it? Show you how this works. This works for fiction and nonfiction. I'm showing you my nonfiction books because I want you to know that it works. Fiction books. I am pen names, and I don't want to review that. But now, with not fiction folks, you know, I'm really so I show you my own books, so I'm looking at June July arkus. I actually started doing this in the middle of June, be now in July, and there's the office next month for me to do these pre order books. So far, I've only done four books and so far, for the full boats. My books are getting a lot of attention already. They are all listed on the best sellers page. Can you imagine? By the end of office, I have 10 books up there. Destruction might to think what will happen now? Can you see how powerful this pre ordering thing is? In the past? I never uses pre order. I just upload my books, new books that worlds. But now I discovered with Prue Order books. I can't get my books into Best Sellers Page even before the 30 day launch. I want to show you this. You need to do some planning. I will give you a 90 day plan. This is a 90 days power preorder promotion books. Siri's notice that it has to be in a Siri's because you're going to train your customers. You're gonna train your buyers that your books are coming out in Siris? They don't know. But when they see a books coming in a pattern, that's how you trained them. This is what I did to the 1st 4 books I used 10 days to put the first book together and this book Wine. I uploaded this book on day 10 and then 10 days later I uploaded my second book. Another 10 days later, I uploaded my third book. When your customers to this pattern, they will continue to buy from book one to book to Book three. And then I needed a little rest, so I took 15 days to do before and then another seven days. Book five Who appear another seven days. Books six will appear another seven days. Book seven. Another seven days Book age. Another seven days. Book nine. Another seven days. Book 10. Now here, customers know the pattern, the personal price, but one will continue by up to book 10. So this is what you need to do. You need to think ahead how to plan your book. Siri's publishing 10 books in three months is quite a bit, so if you find this too heavy, I suggest that you can just do 1234 just like what I have done. And it is already giving me a lot of good yourselves already. So if you find that you cannot do 10 books just through 1234 in this order, believe me, it works 5. Tip 4: Marketing - Sweet Price Setting: many people ask me about pricing. When the price MacBook for preorders, I price them 99 cents. Okay, people would buy at 99 cents without thinking too much. So for my Level one and Level two books, I price them at 99 cents. And after the preorders finished, I might raise it up to 2 99 I haven't quite decided yet, but I would do it for this book. I'll see how the sales go. If they're going well, I'll price it at 2 99 for this book, the tried in Court Circle of Fifth. I actually priced this at 2 99 for the pre ordering because I wanted to test this price out , and it was quite good, so you can test it up for your books. They don't always have to be 99 cents, because this book is a little bit thicker, has more content. So I priced this higher and people were buying it at 2 99 during the preorder stage. The next thing is whether you should and grow the book into the KDP Select program. If you enroll the boat into the KDP Select program, your book can only be sold in Amazon kendo, and you're not allowed to sell them another platform for this book here. I didn't grow this boat into the KDP Select program, but I have not yet used the fact they free promotion at all. So we'll see how this book goes. But it's what these two books, Level one or Level two. I didn't put them into the KDP Select program because I want to put these two poles in other bookstores. This could be the reason why the price this at 99 cents. So I'm still testing thes preorder pulls out with different pricing. People asked whether they should put the books for 1 99 I don't usually like to in 1 99 because people buy books easily for 99 cents, and I do it for 2 99 because I want to get the 70% royalty for 1 99 He's just getting 35% royalty, and you may not get more customers with that price. So the street price for me is 99 cents or to 99. I hope this is helpful to you, and I wish you every success 6. Run with this Skill & Thank you!: I want to thank you for taking this cause he has been quite fun for me to share these skills with you. And I hope with these new skills it will help you to become more successful in your learning. And if you're like this course and you would like to recommend this class to other students , click here and then it would take you to this page. Should leave a feet back. I love to hear from you. Tell me what you liked about this course and also other comments that would help me to improve, to create more courses for you. Thank you for coming in. And I look forward to see you in my other classes. This is Rosa. Have a good day.