Kindle Success 7: The Power of Pre-Orders - When & How | Rosa Suen ♫ | Skillshare

Kindle Success 7: The Power of Pre-Orders - When & How

Rosa Suen ♫, Skillshare Coach: Follow Me ☺♫

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7 Videos (18m)
    • Kindle Success: Do Pre-Orders - How & When

    • 5 Things You Need to know about Kindle Pre-Order

    • How To Do Pre-Orders in the KDP Dashboard

    • One Mistake You Must Avoid

    • One Big TIP: Rescheduling

    • Meet Deadlines For Draft Manuscript & Final Version

    • Run with this Skill & Thank You!


About This Class

Kindle Success - Learn new ways to launch your new book.  Do Kindle Pre-orders as they give you a head start to show up in the New Release Corner & onto the Best Sellers Pages.

Kindle Pre-Orders - Little known marketing tactic with correctly timed campaign to take your Kindle Books to Best Sellers even before Launch. This Kindle technique dramatically increases your Kindle sales.

Ever since I started Kindle Publishing back in 2009, my interest has always been wanting to get my books into the Best Sellers Pages.

I've written many books and conducted different seminars to teach people how to launch their books so that their Kindle books get to the Best Sellers pages and stay there.

I've helped many Kindle publishers to revive their old books and to get their new books into the Best Sellers within first 30 day Launch.

Through my coaching my clients also discovered that they can actually get their Kindle books onto the Best Sellers even BEFORE the actual launching! Have you ever heard of this? This is 'too marvelous' for words. How does it work? Use the "Pre-order Feature" with correctly timed campaign in Amazon Kindle.

I reveal to you real live books that are now on Best Sellers Pages during the Pre-ordering Stage. Imagine! You can have a head start before everyone when you have your book ranking so high up already before the actual releasing date.

Have you ever thought you could get your book into Best Sellers even before the book is released?  This is the POWER of using the Pre-Order features.

This is a long awaited dream many Kindle authors had longed for and you can make this dream come true for you today!

These are the topics that are covered in this course:

1.  5 Things you must understand about Pre-order books

2. Kindle Pre-orders work

3. How to upload Pre-order books

4. One Mistake you must avoid

5. How to do Rescheduling

6. The Importance of Meeting Dealines

7. Difference between Draft Manuscript & Final Version

Now that you know all the When & How - You are now ready to move onto Kindle Success 8: Marketing & Promotion Tips to Get Your Pre-Order Books to become Best Sellers.

Enroll into the course and I will see you inside,


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9.  Kindle Success # 9:  Kindle Pre-Orders Smart Action Steps & Calendars





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