Kindle Success 5: Revive Old Books into Best Sellers Pages | Rosa Suen ♫ | Skillshare

Kindle Success 5: Revive Old Books into Best Sellers Pages

Rosa Suen ♫, Skillshare Coach: Follow Me ☺♫

Kindle Success 5: Revive Old Books into Best Sellers Pages

Rosa Suen ♫, Skillshare Coach: Follow Me ☺♫

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5 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Revive Old Books - Only One Solution

    • 2. Strategy Plan: Use these 4 Smart Steps!

    • 3. Case Study Demo: To # 1 Best Seller

    • 4. Spread the Wing & Get More Sales

    • 5. Run with this Skill & Succeed

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About This Class

You have many Kindle books on the bookshelf that are not doing well at all.  What to do?

Nothing is more frustrating than discovering that your Kindle book is hidden behind a million of books on the Kindle bookshelf.  You have spent so much time writing a good quality book.  You want to share your book with the whole world but nobody knows about it.  It is buried deep beneath a pile of books and people do not even know it exists.

In this class, I discuss with you strategies of how you can REVIVE old Kindle books and put them into the Best Sellers pages.  You don't believe me?  Follow my strategy.  It works all the time!

In this class, I give you a live case & demo of how I revived an old kindle book and turned it into even # 1 Best Seller at one time.  Since then, this book has been on the shelf on the Best Sellers page in its categories.

My students are having fun in here.

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4.  Kindle Success # 4:  Get NEW Kindle Books to Best Sellers after Launch

5.  Kindle Success # 5:  Revive OLD Kindle Books to Best Sellers

Come and join us,


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Rosa Suen ♫

Skillshare Coach: Follow Me ☺♫


Rosa is Sharing Her Skills & Secrets in 84 Classes!

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1. Revive Old Books - Only One Solution: Hello and Rosa. I'm an officer mapping in the Amazon Kindle publishing since 2011. Over the years, I tested and experimented with hundreds of Kindle books to take my bolts into the best sellers list under different topics. Becoming an Amazon best selling author in my area of expertise has indeed changed my life, the life of others. I come into Amazon and I see that my book here seven Easy Steps to Read Music is Number one best seller in piano music. Let's click on this book. We will scroll down here to take a look at the ranking. It is number 25,000 953. Paid in. Kindle Stole. Presently it is number one in Music, piano and number three. A music. Siri. Let's take a look at the piano platform Here it ISS. There's my book number one best sellers in piano music Top 100 page, and I'm presently number one. Here. Nothing is more frustrating, discouraging and writing a bestselling boat that gets hidden and buried behind millions of both in Amazon Kindle bookstore days, weeks and months go by and nobody is buying your book. How can they buy your book. They don't even see a boat on the bookshelf. They don't even know your book existed. The only way to get people to see your books is to bring your both to the top 100 page seller list right away. In this course, I will show you how you gonna revive thes old Kindu. Opal's You need a path and you need a message to get these books back into the Best Sellers page. Unless they're on the best seller space. People are not gonna see it both and they won't buy them. And it's a waste of time and energy when you're reading a book and nobody gets to see them . This course concentrates on how to get these good quality books under the best sales page. So what to do? There's only one solution and it's the purpose of this course. Come and enrolling to this course. Use my strategy plan that works do not skip steps, do not take shortcuts. Plan smartly, Promote wisely. This is a long awaited dream many kindle authors it long for and you can make it happen today. See you inside the course 2. Strategy Plan: Use these 4 Smart Steps!: you have written a best selling book uploaded under Amazon. And if a month nobody is buying your book because they don't see a book in this course, I will show you how you gonna revive thes old kendo pols. You need a path and you need a message to get these books back into the best Sellers page. Unless they're on the best sellers patient people, We're not gonna see it both, and they won't buy them. And it's a waste of time and energy when you've written a book and nobody gets to see them . This course is and teach you how to write bestselling books. I will have another cause It teaches you how to write a best selling boats. This course concentrates on how to get these good quality boats under the best sales page is to get your book into the heart new releases section right there in the corner. And these are the steps you gotta do to get the old Kindle books back onto the shelf to come to the best sellers page. First you collect and publish your book. Second, you can leave your put s draft third, usually re workable to see if there's any other problem with your book. Maybe this problem is formatting. Maybe their spelling errors take a look to see what the problems are. Ah, lot of time it has to do with formatting. Please learn how to format your own book yourself. Don't go the shortcut and asked Amazon to do it for you. I've written a course to show you exactly how to form it Apple easily, and you can do it in one hour. After you every book, your book, he can publish it again, but you couldn't publish it as a new book. This is the trick, and you're gonna use my 30 day lodging plan just like any Neuquen double get your book did a hot new releases section and your chances of coming to the best sellers page is much easier and higher. And like my ball here, you might even be able to get a number one bestseller. Then a lot of people will be buying your book because the book is right on top there for people to see for people to click on for people to buy. And this is how you revive your old books in the next video and we show your life case study exactly how I revived this old book to make into a new book so that it becomes number one best seller now. So you in the next lecture. 3. Case Study Demo: To # 1 Best Seller: This is my book. Seven Easy Steps to Read Music and the Amazon Best Sellers. Rank is number 18,003 under 78 paid. This is quite good. It means that this both sells about seven or eight copies a day and it's number one in music, piano Notice that but was written June the 1st 2000 and 14. And did you notice that it says second edition here it means that there was a first edition . What happened was this book was written last year and that uploaded in December, and it wasn't doing too well at all. And no plea was seeing this great boat that I had written. It was hidden behind millions and millions of both, and the ranking was so high that I decided to unpublished it. So this is what I did. I went to my dashboard and I came to this book. Here it is, and I came to this book and that unpublished it. See, this book was released on Sunday, December 2 22nd 2000 and 13. It was last year when it was first published, and on a dashboard you will see this book and it was say Trapped, unpublished. I uploaded on the 22nd. It was accepted on the 23rd. Last year. The price of the time was 3 17 and he wrote the title that draft forever to remind myself that this book was unpublished, and when you publish it, it remains as a draft, and Kindle would just take your book off the bookshelf. So I reworked my book a little bit, and on June a second I uploaded it as a new book. I'll show you what it looks like inside. See how to read music. Seven Easy Steps Now is not Enron to the KDP Select because I don't need it. I only needed it for the 1st 3 months, and here you see my book. This book was released on Sunday, June the 1st 2014 and there's my book with that same cover. And as soon as I uploaded it, I use a launching plan for this book, and I made it into the heart new release and soon and move to the best seller section. So this book I unpublished I published it again on June the 2nd 2014 for the same book. I made the contact a little bit better. And then I charged 99 cents. And this life now And this book right now on Amazon Kindle is number one, the seller here it ISS number one best seller. And this is what you can do with all your old kingdom balls. Don't bother with the old book and publish it. We work your book a little bit making a new book. Follow my 30 day launch so that it will appear in the hot new releases and then and slowly , even wash. Supposed to come to the best sellers page A dream of many Kindle Others toe Have their post eventually become number one best seller in their categories. Good luck and let me hear about your success 4. Spread the Wing & Get More Sales: after I every five disporting to the bestseller session in Amazon. I took this book out of the KDP Select. I want to make this available another bookstores. So this is what you need to do. One SIPO gets into the Best Sellers page. You don't need to use the KDP Select program anymore. You can take your pull out of the KDP Select and upload your book into the iBook store. Here's my book in the Eye Bookstore has been there since September, and here it ISS see it was published on September the 2nd 2000 and 14 and I also uploaded it to Kobal, Bonds and Noble. And this is the script platform. Seven Easy Steps to Read Music on September the 2nd 2014 I also have to book available at Create Space, the publication date September the 2nd 2014 and this is what I've done to this book. I revived it from the Kindle bookstore to turn it into bestseller, and with the support available on other platforms, it's crucial that you follow my 30 day lodging plan. And don't you collect these 30 days. It's very important that you promoted book wisely and turn them into bestsellers 5. Run with this Skill & Succeed: I want to thank you for taking this cause he has been quite fun for me to share these skills with you. And I hope with these new skills it will help you to become more successful in your learning. And if you're like this course and you would like to recommend this class to other students , click here and then it would take you to this page. Should leave a feet back. I love to hear from you. Tell me what you liked about this course and also other comments that would help me to improve, to create more courses for you. Thank you for coming in. And I look forward to see you in my other classes. This is Rosa. Have a good day.