Kindle Success 5: Revive Old Books into Best Sellers Pages

Rosa Suen ♫, Skillshare Coach: Follow Me ☺♫

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5 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Revive Old Books - Only One Solution

    • 2. Strategy Plan: Use these 4 Smart Steps!

    • 3. Case Study Demo: To # 1 Best Seller

    • 4. Spread the Wing & Get More Sales

    • 5. Run with this Skill & Succeed


About This Class

You have many Kindle books on the bookshelf that are not doing well at all.  What to do?

Nothing is more frustrating than discovering that your Kindle book is hidden behind a million of books on the Kindle bookshelf.  You have spent so much time writing a good quality book.  You want to share your book with the whole world but nobody knows about it.  It is buried deep beneath a pile of books and people do not even know it exists.

In this class, I discuss with you strategies of how you can REVIVE old Kindle books and put them into the Best Sellers pages.  You don't believe me?  Follow my strategy.  It works all the time!

In this class, I give you a live case & demo of how I revived an old kindle book and turned it into even # 1 Best Seller at one time.  Since then, this book has been on the shelf on the Best Sellers page in its categories.

My students are having fun in here.

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Come and join us,