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Kindle Success 1 : Format Kindle Books Perfectly In 30 Minutes

teacher avatar Rosa Suen ♫, Skillshare Coach: Follow Me ☺♫

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

19 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Kindle Formatting Forumla

    • 2. Overview of the Class - 16 Tips!

    • 3. Tip 1: MSW - Always .doc

    • 4. Tip 2: Right Font & Font Size

    • 5. Tip 3: Why Page Breaks

    • 6. Tip 4: Use Easy Layout Feature

    • 7. Tip 5: The 8 Features you must AVOID

    • 8. Tip 6: Pictures - Use IMG not Graphics

    • 9. Tip 7: Importance of Spell Check

    • 10. Tip 8: Navigate with ACTIVE TOC

    • 11. Tip 9: The 6M in all your Kindle Books

    • 12. Tip 10: TOC - Use Heading Style

    • 13. Tip 11: Make hyperlinks to your TOC

    • 14. Tip 12: Kindle Page Size & Margins

    • 15. Tip 13: Convert into HTML

    • 16. Tip 14: Mobipocket Software

    • 17. Tip 15: Calibre Software

    • 18. Tip 16: Cover Images - FLAT

    • 19. Final thoughts & Thank you!

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About This Class

Do you know why your Kindle Books are not ranking well in Amazon?

One of the things that all Kindle Best selling authors are successful is that they have their best selling books formatted correctly & perfectly for readers to have an enjoyable time reading them. So what if you have content that is of high quality? IF the formatting is poor, people don't want to read your books. People will just request refunds. Is this your situation? You are actually losing your readers.

So what, if you are a prolific author that can write best selling books?

You need to tap into the power of formatting your kindle books perfectly. Pick up some great tips and skills so that you have a handle in making your Kindle publishing business a continuous success.

Being a Best Selling author is a journey and it never stops. You will constantly be making changes to your books and doing updates, and the best person to upgrade your book is yourself. Don't rely on others. Learn all the Kindle formatting secrets from me.

For 4 years, I formatted thousands of kindle books for clients that I know all the tips and tricks to get a Kindle book formatted quickly in no time.

Here's the Secret of this Course: You are going to receive the complete 10 Kindle Formatting Formula (KFF) that has already been working for thousands of Kindle publishers who are now having flying successes in their Kindle business.

  • You are going to be so shocked how EZ and simple the KFF is. Don't let it fool you!
  • It looks simple and EZ because it's been tested with my hundreds of books and thousands of clients' books.
  • I've turned the whole 'nightmare' of formatting into a EZ and fun task for you to follow. I need to find ways to make tedious and technical things fun.
  • So follow EVERY step from beginning to end. Do NOT skip steps.
  • Many people do not become successful because they don't follow instructions. They make assumptions.
  • Have the patience to follow the course all the way through.

The 10 Kindle Formatting Formula contains 16 Tips:

  1. MSW - Always .doc
  2. Right Font and Font size
  3. Why Page Breaks - MUST!!!!
  4. Use Easy Lay Out Feature
  5. Eight Features You must AVOID
  6. Use IMG and not Graphics
  7. Importance of Spell Check
  8. Navigate with ACTIVE TOC
  9. The 6M in all your Kindle books
  10. Use Heading Style
  11. Make Hyperlinks to your TOC
  12. Kindle Page Size & Margins
  13. Convert to HTML
  14. Mobipocket Software
  15. Calibre Software
  16. Cover Image - FLAT

If you want to become a Best Selling author in your category, let me tell you again, you need to learn how to format your own books. Even though I run a Kindle formatting service for others and losing business by revealing to you my complete system, I need to hand over this important skill to you if you want to become #1 Best Seller.

You need to have control of your own books and not always depend on others.

Being a Best Selling author is a journey of making changes. Sometimes it is just a minor edit in your book. Sometimes it is just a minor update. However minute the changes are, don't rely on someone else to do these things for you that you can do for yourself in MINUTES.

Sometimes a little change will shoot your book to the best selling category. It has happened to me and it will happen to you too! Be willing to learn, to test, to experiment and not to assume anything in the process.

Come on in and enroll into this class,


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Rosa Suen ♫

Skillshare Coach: Follow Me ☺♫


Rosa is Sharing Her Skills & Secrets in 84 Classes!

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1. Kindle Formatting Forumla : Hello, I'm Rosa, a Makindo publisher. Since 2011 I've written hundreds of bulls and have had a lot of experiences in Kindle publishing. While many people can write Kindle books, many don't know how to tap into the power of writing books that become best sellers. I've become a best selling author in different topics, and one of them is in a music platform. Here's one of my Kindle music book. Actually, this book was uploaded on Jennifer's 2014. In less than three months, it became number one best seller in piano music. As you can see that, but received a few five star reviews, and he's one of them written by a belly. I don't know her at all, she says. Fantastic book with easy step by step guide to reading music and more. And then the last paragraph should put this in an active table of contents and clear professional illustrations complement this well written Kindle book to become a bestseller . First thing is that unity a quality content if you have quality content, you know how to put deep matters across simply with a unique touch. You are on the way to become a bestseller. I say he was just on the way. Not yet, because you need to know how to, for much a book perfectly so that the reader can have a good experience reading a quality content. Just like what this reviewer has said when I saw as Akin to publish is getting very frustrated in their formatting, I started providing a formatting surface, a fiver for people notice. I have 176 reviews and their five stars. It doesn't mean the only form entered 476 people. Only 176 people took the time to write a review voluntary. For me, there were so many orders, I find that I had to open my own Kindle formatting service for my clients. I trained up a team to take up these orders and to fix all the problems and issues people had in their formatting. And soon people started taking notice of us and at many kinds reading back to us, thanking us that they finally reached the best seller category because of having their books formatted correctly and perfectly for them. Here's a typical client of ours. This is Tim. Our share is experienced with you because I have his emails and print screen. He's a prolific author, but he's unhappy because he got negative reviews for poorly for mental. Both he has high quality content, but people don't want to read them. People are not buying his books his best hours fixing the issues. The formatting still looks ugly. He uploaded onto Amazon again, and this time Amazon rejects his books. He spent days and weeks trying to fix a formative issues, but to no avail. Then he found me. He came to my website Kindu, to success with Rosa. He sends me his documents. I form it his books. I sent him to Kindle formats. He uploaded them onto the KDP. Then the next day, on March 3rd, 2000 and 12 I received this email from Tim. I'm happy to tell you that the Happiness Harp massive volume hit the Amazon Kindle Bestsellers list in this category in less than 20 hours. Tim is a happy man now. He hit the Amazon bestseller in this category in less than 20 hours, and Tim is so excited he has increases royalties, normal formatting frustrations, kindle polls look professional, and he got many five star reviews. Tim wrote a review and said that he would come back for more. Thank you, Rosa, for your top notch professional surface. Remember, he is a prolific author, he said. Now I can concentrate on ready more and more Kindle books at the same time, a Rule five posts on Kendall petition secrets. And one of them is about kindle formatting. I was getting good at this and I want to share my success with others so that they too, can have the success that I was experiencing. I function on the principle Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him and how to fish, and you will feed him for a lifetime. I want others to succeed without relying on me. And so, Tim, part my Kindle for mating formula. Guess what he can now form in his own books perfectly. He wrote a review for me in the Warrior Forum. Thank you, Rosa. Friend. Awesome. Inside it W s. Oh, I'm a prolific author, but a kindle publishing you be. I've learned tons of new stuff from you about KDP and form it in my book. Many of my clients disliked him. They have excellent quality books that can become a number one bestseller. One of the things that all Kindu publishes must be successful in its Jeff, their books formatted correctly for registry of an enjoyable experience. In this course, I will show you my proven kindle formatting formula. You could be so shocked that this former look so simple it is simple. Only piers act tested it with all my books and also thousands of clients books I leave missing out. This is the excess system that I use to go into the best set of category and even become number one best seller. You need to know what you avoid so you don't waste time on the nitty gritty issues. That's it. I would even include ready made templates for you to use. That's how powerful this courses. I've given away my secret how to become number one best seller idi quality content, quality formatting. People enjoy reading your book and they want more and more. You want to become the Kindle Bestsellers author, Follow me and rolled the course and I'll see you inside 2. Overview of the Class - 16 Tips!: I want to welcome all of you warmly into my class here. I'm gonna give you an overview of the entire course. I'm gonna hand over the complete Kindle formatting skill to you using some easy to remember 10 Kindle for mating formula. I call this Kate F F Kindle for mating formula. The 1st 1 is M. S W. We could use Microsoft. Word is, this is the most popular and also it's easy to convert into kindle format. The 2nd 1 is seven Q t. What does that stand for? It stands for seven quick tips in preparing your word document. You need to know what your award so that you can for medical easily and not get tight down with all these nitty gritty issues in the formatting so that you'll put would be accepted by Amazon. The 3rd 1 is 6 a.m. They're six. Must you need to have in the kingdom poke in order? Look professional. 4th 1 is teal c. You need to have an active clickable table of contents. The 5th 1 is K. P. S. The size of a Kindle page is very different from other pages that we normally use in Albert documents. The six formula is the h t M l. You need to know how to confer the word document into HTML. The 7th 1 is P. R. C. This is a Kindle book format, and we could use him will be pocket to comfort the document into P. I'll see the 8th 1 is Moby. This is another Kindle book format. You can also upload a Moby under the Kindle Amazon platform. The nice is I N g is the image cover. You need to know the size, the dimension of the image cover toe upload under the Kindle platform. The 10th formula is KDP. I'm gonna show you the entire process So you know how to upload the book under the KDP and also preview your Kindle book. 3. Tip 1: MSW - Always .doc: This is the first formula and sw use Microsoft Word to create your document. Microsoft Word is a great tool to use because it's extremely easy to form it them into kindle books. So always start with a fresh document. Don't try to convert the pdf to Microsoft Word. Start a fresh all the time and you won't have much difficulty in the formatting If you try to confer the pdf to Microsoft word there, too many issues are solved and it's not worth the time to do that. So after here for in the document, when you save your file here, file safe s always safe as Doc D o c. Don't try to save it as out e f or even deal See ex because they don't convert well to kindle. You know what? If we're documenting and for it well, to kindle, you must save your file s dark D o C 4. Tip 2: Right Font & Font Size: for the seven quick tips, you need to learn these seven tips as you prepare your manuscript. Invert document. Tip number one. You need to have to write, farmed and also the right fond size. Don't use fancy phones because you want to convert well into the Kindle reader, therefore, phones that you can use you can use. Verdana the one that I have right here in front of you. It's my music book. This is for Donna and also good fun Size would be 12 point. Besides, verdana weaken juice times New Roman. This also looks good on the Kindle reader, and also, if one size 12 point you can also use Georgia. There's another low stood and kindle and foreign size. Also 12 point another. When you want to try is Calibri. This also looks good and use font size 12 point. Try not to go fancy and use something like calligraphy like this. It doesn't look good on Kindle, and for the headings right here you can either bold it or you can change it to 14. A little skirt if you want to make a little bit larger. 16 also is good, but please don't go beyond 18 because it would look too large and the Kindle reader and they were out of proportion 5. Tip 3: Why Page Breaks: for tip number two always make a page break whenever you start a new chapter heading. The reason is that Kendall does not work on page numbers at all, and the pages change depending on the kind of Franz that really chooses. So putting a page break after each chapter will help the reader to no bigger chapters a section off so that they don't just go on and on and on. Over here, you can tell that I have a page break for each of the section about the ulcer. Here's this one page and the introduction and a chapter one, Chapter two, Chapter three, Chapter two here might go on to pages for the Kindle reader. It doesn't matter, but as long as I put it page break. You see, I have a patient brick. As long as I put a page break here in the Kindle greater chapter three, we have a new section. Take a look at this section here, notice I have no page break after sweet point to the reading just goes on And then over here, there no patient break. I show you sit in the page breaks It just goes on to 3.4 and a new page break to chapter four. This is not good at all. I purposely did this to show you what? What happened? If you don't do page break, the document was just run continuously. And this is not a good experience for those who read from the Kindle. So what you need to do is you do peixe break. I will put my cursor here. Maybe our turned this 200% so you can see it easier. So how do I do? Page breaks, Use control. Enter. And there you go. I want to pay sprint here, so I just control enter. I'm not gonna the pace break. And here I want a patient break a chapter four, I click on control. Enter Put this back to 50% so that you can see a little bit more clearly. See how nice it looks now 3.2, I put it. Pace break. Turn this on. You see a pace break and there's 3.3 the section page break. So that in the Kindle reader, when they read 3.4, it will be the beginning of a new page for them. Pace break and enter Chapter four. This is very important. If you want your reader t ever enjoyable experience reading your book. There are sections off. They look very nicely. I always have page breaks after a section. This is why I guess so many of these good reviews because it gives him a good experience Page break here paced right here. Always remember to do a page break before the next section to press a control and turkey is a short cut. If you want to know how to do in the word, you click on insert break and then there's a page break and then you click, OK, and then you get a page break. 6. Tip 4: Use Easy Layout Feature: tip number three Use E C. Layout features. What do I mean? The following Microsoft Word features confront very wont to conduct books, for example use bold. Okay, You want emphasize something, Use bold. That was very well. Oh, if you want to. Underlying this also was very well the underlying feature. If you want to make something stand out, you can use I tell it. I tell it is also very good. So use thes features bold, I tell it and also the underlying for the titles It's best to use heading Okay, so you can come down here and look for the heading one heading to also works or heading three. Another feature is if you want to intend something, don't use the tap used to indented feature this one. Yeah, this also was very well. But don't over do your indentation. Otherwise you're too much white space. So indentation also was very well so used These features bold I telling underlying the heading and also the indentation. These are easily or features that will convert very well to kindle books 7. Tip 5: The 8 Features you must AVOID: tip number four. This tip is very important because I'm gonna show you a few features that you must avoid. If you want to have a clean formatting for the Kindle books first you must afford using bullet points. He's a bullet Points don't use bullet points because they did not translate well to the Kindle books. What you need to do is take away the fold. It's I believe it like that. Or you can use the number system. Just number it like this. And this would translate very well to the Kindle book. And here you might want it. Teoh, move this over like this. So don't use bullet points. Use the numberless to list out the items. The second thing is that do not use head of footer Notice I ever headed up here and I have a foot it down here. So what you need to do is go to the header and footer. Check out ahead. It did eat that and go down to the footer. Take up this part and delete it. Do not use header and footer for your kindle Popes because they do not appear it all kindle . Polls do not meet them. So I show you. Here is this. Delete this and you come down to the footer, Click the footer and just did eat this and there's no head and food. And now third thing is, you see that I have patient numbers in this document. You don't need page numbers when you're on the Kindle book because kindle polls don't go by page numbers. So again, you need to go into the word to delete that patient numbers. Here. I just delete that. And there you go. Now I don't have page numbers. Is a clean document without header and footer and without the patient numbers up to 50% for you. See, this is what you want in your document. No headers, no food is and no page numbers. The fourth thing is tragedy A voice special Characters What do I mean by special characters ? Like So try to avoid these special characters if you can. If you want to in debt something do not use tap used the indentation up here. It works much better with the indentation. Do not use tables here. This one is the table. I did a table and I did it print screen, and I put it into a J pet file. So don't use the table up here in the root feature like this, because thes don't work very well for kindle formatting. No matter how you try to resize this didn't work well at all. Fill in the table, do it print, screen and change it into a J pet file. And the last one is easy to avoid is if you have graphs and charts. Do what I do here and that is Draw the graph in the chart. Do a print screen. Change it into a J pet file. This is Jay Pet File here. Insert it back into the document as a J pet file. 8. Tip 6: Pictures - Use IMG not Graphics: tip number five for images. Kindle prefers images at high resolution. So if you have images formerly images either as Jeff BMP, J Pet, O P and G J Pet files work very well for Kindle Take a look at these two images. This one is a J pet file, but this one is not. This one is done with M s Art and Graphics. There's a slight difference between thes two. Sometimes I have clients setting these Microsoft ardent graphics to me for the images. And sometimes it will go beyond the patient like this. So even if I try to resize it into the document in the Kindle reader, it won't appear like that at all. It will move around, and sometimes in the candle read it. It would just look like this, so don't use it. Microsoft and graphic feature into the document. Always change them into the J pat Fire like this because with a J pat file, you can always size it down If you want to. All you can make it bigger and they will look exactly like this in the Kindle reader. I show you some of my graphics here on my boat because in the piano, Paul, I need a lot of graphics. See if this is also in J pet file. I can make it closure. Oh, I can make a smaller. And it would be exactly like this in the Kindle reader. This one is also in J P. File. Samos this one and say Miss this one all my images need to be in shape. It files if I want. I can make it larger. I can make it smaller like this and thes j pit files convert very well to the Kindle books . Here's another one. I can't do it like that. I can make Smalley so it's easy to adjust. If you have images, put them into J pet file. He's a little one here. I can't make it smaller like this. This is actually a table. I can't make it like this A smaller Okay, that's it for the images 9. Tip 7: Importance of Spell Check: This next tip is very obvious. But most people forget it because they're in a hurry to finish the book and they want to upload under Amazon. After you finish a document, remember to do spell check. People can request refund of Kindle books that they have purchased within seven days. Mm. Biasi typos in your tax. They were definitely asked for refunds, and that had happened a few times to my clients. So ensure that your book is professionally done. Remember to always use the spell check tool is very easy. You go up to the tools, and then you click on the spelling and grammar and into a spell check of the whole document . Because nothing is more irritating than just see all the spelling errors in your Kindle books. All right, see you in the next video. 10. Tip 8: Navigate with ACTIVE TOC: this tip is that you need to have a table of content in your book. Kindle devices do not go by pages because Kindle content is re sizable and the number of pages within the book changes as the text scales. So you need to have a clickable active tipple, content for readers to easily navigate from one chapter to the next. In your book, here is my table of content. Here, change this back to 100% so that you can see a bit more. Okay, I have to say about the off the page and then a tape of content. And whenever you click on these links, it would take you there. This is a table of contents page save. I click on this. It would go to my about the author and say, If I want to go to Chapter eight, I click on this and you would take with a Chapter eight. Some readers like to go back to the table of content to click on the chapters, Save one to click on Chapter six. Our piano techniques have patterns quickly, and it would take your right to that chapter later on. In the course I'll show you how to make the table of content. It's very easy. You need to have a patient with an active, clickable table of content. 11. Tip 9: The 6M in all your Kindle Books: he's at the sixth em six must. But you need to have in the Professional Kindle book. First thing is, you need a title page for the title page. You don't need a e cover because the EQ of risky before met into the Kindle book, all you need is to put in your title. You put in your subtitle, the author or the publisher, and then you can provide a website length there so that people can click onto the link. The second thing you need is a copyright page on the copyright page. You can just make it very simple. It doesn't have to be very long, and then come the table of contents. The table of contents should have all your chapter headings. I've created 18 chapters here, so if you have 18 chapter contents is Chapter should begin on a new page. And then at the end you share two more pages of the above the Author page. You can write more about yourself or put in your Facebook links through the pages linked in . You could put all your other links here and in the last page of Patient Resource is where you might want to refer to you as a products, your blocks or any other resource is that you want to take people to, so make sure you can depose, have thesis six EMS title page, copyright page, table of contents and then all the content chapters. Here I have 18 chapters and then about the also page and then re sources. If you want, you can put the about the author page above Chapter one that can also do, and they leave the resource page to the last. Okay, that's it. See you in the next video. 12. Tip 10: TOC - Use Heading Style: in this video, we're going to learn how to do a clickable table of contents. This is my book, and I'm gonna do the table of contents on this page here. So there two steps. The first step is you need to do the heading for each chapter, and then after the heading, we going to do a clickable table of contents with hyper link on this page. So first, let's do the headings here at my pages. And I wanted make a table of contents to all the different chapters. I want an about the author page. So I hide like this and I come up here style and I click on heading one. That's how you need to do. I come to introduction. I highlight this and they come here and you're heading one in a later video. I'm gonna show you a short cut because you knew learning this. I want to show you this long process first so that you know what's going on, Cipto one, I come appear to the style and I look for heading one and the highlight this I go into chapter to highlight this heading one and the chapter three come up here heading one 3.2. Is this some heading? I still want this in the tape of content. So I put heading one here and 3.3 teddy. One three point full. Heading one. See, It's very fast and quick. Once you're very organized, you need to organize yourself so that you don't confuse yourself. Chapter five. This is why it's important that you have beheading as a new page. Check the seven. And this way you will see a document clearly. All in one flash, Chapter eight, Chapter nine, 9.2, Chapter 10 Chapter 11. 11.2, Chapter 12 12.2 and then Chapter 13 and my resource page. All right. 13. Tip 11: Make hyperlinks to your TOC: Okay, You come up to insert here to reference and then down to index and tables, you click on this, and then you could put the table of contents this tap here, you could on click this because you don't want the patient Empress to be shown. And here you do want to use hyperlinks instead of patient numbers. So this box needs to be clicked, and then you click. Ok, there you go. Here's a table of contents. I can change it to front 14 if I want. Missy, if it looks good. Yeah, well, maybe it's better to leave it as 12. So are these air hyperlink now? So maybe I will have introduction here and at the resource is like this. Change this to 100% save. I want to go to chapter two. I just click on this that you go Chapter two. So making an active, clickable table of contents. It's very easy. It only takes a few minutes. All right, that's it for table of contents. I'll see you in the next video. 14. Tip 12: Kindle Page Size & Margins: in this video, I'm going to show you how to set up the Kindle page size give you want to. You can set up the kingdom page size right away and use that for your document. The Kindle page size is different from a normal document. As you can see, it's much smaller. He come to file, pay set up, you go to paper and you're going to click on the custom size because you write your own inches. For the wist, it is 5.39 inches. For the height, it is 7.91 inches. So keep that in and click OK, and you would get this page size like what you see in front of you. And I want to show you something because back to here to page set up, we will look at the margins for the margins. We said Everything is Cyril Cyril Inch, zero inch and Syria inch bottom and right also, Syria inch. Why? Because you want to Kim to talk. You want to look good in the Kindle reader so you can use up all the spaces without all these margins space. But in the actual Kindle, you will see a margin there. Let me show you an example. When you said everything is cereal, your document look like business would document their no margins. So your document is going to take up other spaces from left to right top to bottom because we have left zero white space. You don't want people to open your Kindle book to find a lot of white spaces because you want to have a lot of content in your Kindle book. So in the actual Kindle device, it will look like this. Their margins space on the right, left top and bottom. So the Kindle size form it is, said it in such a way that you fully utilize the space so there's no need to set their margins. As you can see, there's no margins here in the copyright. I'll show you my book here, you see, I filled up all the space from left to right. There's no need to put a margin there, and this will look very nice on the Kindle reader. This would give people that you have a lot of content to tell them you're not gonna have a lot of white spaces. So that's it for this video 15. Tip 13: Convert into HTML: in this video, I'm going to show you how to change the document. Robert, document to an HTML file after you have put a document into the Kindle page size format and also with clickable tape of contents here, is now ready to be changed into html file. I make this smaller so that you see how nicely this book is for meant it. It's very easy on the eye. You can change a few pace here. The percentage so that you can check to make sure that they're no blank pages is very annoying when they're blank pages in between. And that's not good for Menting. So now I'll go back to 75% so that you can see what I'm doing to confirm a brute document to HTML file is very easy. He come to file here and you click safe s. And down here, you see safest type. You click on this and the gift, your various type of file, and you're gonna look up the web page filtered. This one HTM html The one above This is webpage. You don't want a bet page, but you want a Web page filtered html and you click on this and you could have saved this file. Is html a piano lesson one And I'm going to save this as HTM Mao. You gonna cook? Yes. And it looks like this on quick, despite your 100% so they can see it easier. See, he's my book. I put the image there, but you don't really need to. It's up to you, but piano learners like this. So that's ripe with image there. And he's the table of contents. And these are clickable tape of contents. See you in the next video. 16. Tip 14: Mobipocket Software: you can go to the Web and down over the south. Where car Moby Pocket. Okay, you just have the google Moby pocket dot com and you'll take you to this page when you click software. And what you want to do is you want to download this Moby Pocket Creator. It's an open source software, and it's free. So you click on the download and it towns to the system requirement eight. Stand old it to your computer and set it up after you have installed a Moby Pocket. Creator, you have already saved the document into HTML format and you're gonna click on this link, okay? And it tells you to choose a file. So I'm gonna choose the HTML document and I create it. Okay. Did the document that I created is 10 cocktail recipes with my home mates. Rocco Saul's and Big Figure Open and I'm imported. Okay, after I have done that, the my click on the cover image. Now I'm gonna come down to the cover image and edit cover image to this. Okay, here it iss All right. Now I want to build the book. All right. Leave the systemic compression. No encryption. and I would this press build. Okay, there it is. There's your Kindle book. Okay? You can click on here and take a look. It's in the P. R. C format, and you can just upload this onto your Kendall platform. It takes a while for this to come up. You can view this from your PC. There it is. Gate, this table of contents and you can check the patients those much better on the Kindle reader. Okay, so everything is fine. And now you can just upload this under the Amazon platform. 17. Tip 15: Calibre Software: you can Google Caliper eat book dot com and you get this patient and you come down here to the download or you can come down to here and click on this. And if you're on the windows, you just need to click on this icon here and you can download yourself where it's free. Now you open two caliber software and you look at the Icahn up here at books you click on here and you're going to call out the HTML file. You just take a few seconds, okay? Added, and then to you click the edit matter data. And now you key in the title here. Recipes. Okay. And you type in the off her name and this series one you going to get the image cover, browse and he's image cover. Yep. There it ISS top chancellor. Could deep dips, recipes. Can you give it a five stars and you don't have to do anything here just north and you press OK and you press next. All right, Now you can you want to I like this. And you confirm this. We don't want to change the cover image. We're gonna come down here to the table of contents. Click on this and I've already Keating level one table of contents to slash H colden H one . And this would give you the table of contents on the side. Then you press OK right here is converting this book into a Mobi format. C is in Moby. Perform it right now and I always click open to take a look at this. It iss Cerak. A couple did recipes Mobi format and you can upload this under the Kindle platform. You can click on this and take a look to see how it looks in the Kindle reader. Now, this is a PC, so it will look differently. They will look a lot nicer on the Kindle reader, but we just want to make sure that the table of contents is here. Okay, Here's a table of contents from the kitchen of Sofia Sofia's homemade rockets off. Okay. And it seems to be all right. You just click on the different chapters. Okay? This is how you used to call uber software 18. Tip 16: Cover Images - FLAT: for the book cover image. He didn't do a flat cover image like what you see here. Don't let your images to a three D cover like this. This would not work at all for Guindos or three. Deeper cover like this. They don't work it on Kindle. You need to do flat covers like this. Samir Cover. Stand out when they look at your image, they wanted by it. That's what you want. Simple is always good. KDP will accept to kind of files for the cover images. You can upload that this shape at J P G or TIFF T I. F. F and Katie people. Additional compression. Two images were displaying them on its website. So for best results, please upload your images with minimal compression. For the size of a cover image, there's an ideal height to with racial off a least 1 to 6, meaning that you need a minimum off 625 pixels on the shortest side and 1000 pixels under long decide. So, for best quality, your image should be 2500 pixels. On the longest side, they don't accept undiminished larger than 10,000 pixels on the longest side later on and we'll show you how to upload them. Under KDP platform, you can always change your cover image anytime you wish. After you change it, you notice that the images still looks the same on your dashboard. It takes 72 hours for the change to take effect, you just need to wait for another three days. The new image cover will show up. Okay, that said for the image cover. 19. Final thoughts & Thank you!: I want to thank you for taking this cause he has been quite fun for me to share these skills with you. And I hope with these new skills it will help you to become more successful in your learning. And if you're like this course and you would like to recommend this class to other students , click here and then it would take you to this page. Should leave a feet back. I love to hear from you. Tell me what you liked about this course and also other comments that would help me to improve, to create more courses for you. Thank you for coming in. And I look forward to see you in my other classes. This is Rosa. Have a good day.