Kindle Success 1 : Format Kindle Books Perfectly In 30 Minutes | Rosa Suen ♫ | Skillshare

Kindle Success 1 : Format Kindle Books Perfectly In 30 Minutes

Rosa Suen ♫, Skillshare Coach: Follow Me ☺♫

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19 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Kindle Formatting Forumla

    • 2. Overview of the Class - 16 Tips!

    • 3. Tip 1: MSW - Always .doc

    • 4. Tip 2: Right Font & Font Size

    • 5. Tip 3: Why Page Breaks

    • 6. Tip 4: Use Easy Layout Feature

    • 7. Tip 5: The 8 Features you must AVOID

    • 8. Tip 6: Pictures - Use IMG not Graphics

    • 9. Tip 7: Importance of Spell Check

    • 10. Tip 8: Navigate with ACTIVE TOC

    • 11. Tip 9: The 6M in all your Kindle Books

    • 12. Tip 10: TOC - Use Heading Style

    • 13. Tip 11: Make hyperlinks to your TOC

    • 14. Tip 12: Kindle Page Size & Margins

    • 15. Tip 13: Convert into HTML

    • 16. Tip 14: Mobipocket Software

    • 17. Tip 15: Calibre Software

    • 18. Tip 16: Cover Images - FLAT

    • 19. Final thoughts & Thank you!


About This Class

Do you know why your Kindle Books are not ranking well in Amazon?

One of the things that all Kindle Best selling authors are successful is that they have their best selling books formatted correctly & perfectly for readers to have an enjoyable time reading them. So what if you have content that is of high quality? IF the formatting is poor, people don't want to read your books. People will just request refunds. Is this your situation? You are actually losing your readers.

So what, if you are a prolific author that can write best selling books?

You need to tap into the power of formatting your kindle books perfectly. Pick up some great tips and skills so that you have a handle in making your Kindle publishing business a continuous success.

Being a Best Selling author is a journey and it never stops. You will constantly be making changes to your books and doing updates, and the best person to upgrade your book is yourself. Don't rely on others. Learn all the Kindle formatting secrets from me.

For 4 years, I formatted thousands of kindle books for clients that I know all the tips and tricks to get a Kindle book formatted quickly in no time.

Here's the Secret of this Course: You are going to receive the complete 10 Kindle Formatting Formula (KFF) that has already been working for thousands of Kindle publishers who are now having flying successes in their Kindle business.

  • You are going to be so shocked how EZ and simple the KFF is. Don't let it fool you!
  • It looks simple and EZ because it's been tested with my hundreds of books and thousands of clients' books.
  • I've turned the whole 'nightmare' of formatting into a EZ and fun task for you to follow. I need to find ways to make tedious and technical things fun.
  • So follow EVERY step from beginning to end. Do NOT skip steps.
  • Many people do not become successful because they don't follow instructions. They make assumptions.
  • Have the patience to follow the course all the way through.

The 10 Kindle Formatting Formula contains 16 Tips:

  1. MSW - Always .doc
  2. Right Font and Font size
  3. Why Page Breaks - MUST!!!!
  4. Use Easy Lay Out Feature
  5. Eight Features You must AVOID
  6. Use IMG and not Graphics
  7. Importance of Spell Check
  8. Navigate with ACTIVE TOC
  9. The 6M in all your Kindle books
  10. Use Heading Style
  11. Make Hyperlinks to your TOC
  12. Kindle Page Size & Margins
  13. Convert to HTML
  14. Mobipocket Software
  15. Calibre Software
  16. Cover Image - FLAT

If you want to become a Best Selling author in your category, let me tell you again, you need to learn how to format your own books. Even though I run a Kindle formatting service for others and losing business by revealing to you my complete system, I need to hand over this important skill to you if you want to become #1 Best Seller.

You need to have control of your own books and not always depend on others.

Being a Best Selling author is a journey of making changes. Sometimes it is just a minor edit in your book. Sometimes it is just a minor update. However minute the changes are, don't rely on someone else to do these things for you that you can do for yourself in MINUTES.

Sometimes a little change will shoot your book to the best selling category. It has happened to me and it will happen to you too! Be willing to learn, to test, to experiment and not to assume anything in the process.

Come on in and enroll into this class,


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