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Kindle Self-Publishing: Amazon Made Easy

Anna Yeatts, Publisher/Editor/Author

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9 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Welcome to Kindle Self-Publishing: Amazon Made Easy

    • 2. Formatting with Microsoft Word Part One

    • 3. Formatting with Microsoft Word Part Two

    • 4. Formatting with Microsoft Word Part Three

    • 5. EPUB Formatting Part One

    • 6. EPUB Formatting Part Two

    • 7. EPUB Formatting Part Three

    • 8. Using KDP Part One

    • 9. Using KDP Part Two


About This Class

In 2016, Kindle Direct Publishing paid out nearly $200 MILLION to authors. That's money on the table for anyone with the knowledge and ability to reach for it.

From manuscript formatting to listing your book in the Amazon store, this guide will walk you through the process of Kindle Direct Publishing, and ultimately, to becoming a self-published author.

This course includes:

  • How to maximize your profits with some simple tips & tricks
  • An easy to follow publishing checklist
  • Formatting directions for MS Word, Pages, & Scrivener platforms
  • The basics of cover design including how to use Kindle Cover Creator
  • Software suggestions
  • Keyword techniques
  • All the steps you need to upload and publish your book onto the Kindle bookshelf
  • Insider tips & tricks


1. Welcome to Kindle Self-Publishing: Amazon Made Easy: you've written a book. Congratulations. I'm an author. I know how hard it is to write a book. And now all you want to do is take this little piece of your heart and soul and put it out there for the world to save. In 2016 Kindle Direct publishing paid out 200 $1,000,000 authors. That's money on the table for anyone with knowledge and ability to reach for it. And you're here listening to this introductory video because you want to have that knowledge to reach for a little bit of money for yourself. And I don't blame you, our mitigates. And I'm a publisher and author, and I published my magazine, Flash fiction online on Kindle Direct Publishing. But let's be honest. If you're not learning the right skills, you could be wasting hours formatting and uploading endless manuscript copies. You see, here's the thing about self publishing. Readers have gotten savvy. We've lost the gatekeepers of big publishing, either for good or for bad. So it was a reader. You know, when you go over Amazon on you download a book by a self publisher, you're gonna open it up in one of two things is gonna happen. It's gonna be a really terrific indie book that somehow the big publishers didn't pick up, and it's making its way through self publishing for a really terrific reason. Or it's a book that probably should have been published in first. And one of the big hallmarks of a book that shouldn't have been published in the first place is really bad formatting. So what you don't want to dio is be one of those books that, poorly edited, has a lot of grammatical mistakes for really poor formatting. If your book is poorly format, your readers air going to jump to conclusions about your subject matter. So even if you're the foremost expert in the world about their subject matter, if your book looks terrible, your readers are going to assume that you don't know what you're talking about In this course will go over my advice for formatting e book across a variety of platforms, including Microsoft word pages and even cleaning some cloud and sigil. We'll even talk about covers. We'll walk through uploading your manuscript at Kindle direct publishing and the multitude of options you have there. We'll even talk a little bit about keywords, and if you want to you, we'll go through the Kindle cover creator. However you feel about that, I'll give you my insider tips and tricks that I've learned through years of experience, for better or worse, to make your life easier. By the end of this course, you'll be able to format and upload your own manuscript into the Kindle drug publishing format, and you'll be well on your way to your own self publishing journey. All you need is the passionate create work that you care about an entrepreneurial spirit and an eye for detail. Self publishing is doable. Learned to create professional manuscripts with these free and easy solutions. I look forward to see you inside. 2. Formatting with Microsoft Word Part One: Hi and welcome to Kindle publishing. I'm Anna Gates today I'm working on formatting, the Flash fiction online 2016 anthology. I'm using pages. I have a Mac and pages is Max equivalent to Microsoft Word. But the principles apply back and forth between pages and Microsoft Word. Now, if you open a new document in page is what's good in you, you can come down to their template chooser go down to miscellaneous, and they'll give you the choice to open a digital e book. So that's what I've done. I've opened my e book and here I filled in my information for my anthology. I've dropped in a picture for my cover. Now, this is my table of contents. Whenever any of these header types show up within my pub document, they're going to also show up here in my interactive header. And that's gonna be important later when I'm uploading to kindle. So for now, I have a chapter name, chapter subtitle and heading some gonna have a nice nested table of contents here. Now you can see I I can't go in and change anything here. I'm gonna have to actually change it down here in the document as I go, you can see I've started here. If start adding my forward, my forward is under the chapter name heading. I didn't want my author name to show up in my table of contents. So for this I used chapter number was just a stylistic choice. I could have also gone down and used heading to, or I could have done caption or or any of thes, really, But I just kind of like the with the font looked. But again, I am not holding my breath that is going to translate over very well to my actual Moby. So I just dropped in my forward and again, I'm not going to do a whole lot of formatting. I am going to justify the text. Justify just means that the text is going to go all the way across the page instead of having this jacket edges. So again, you can see if I take it to left. See, here it's aligned to the left. That's kind of jagged, and if I justified, it's nice and flat and smooth. No Kindle won't always do. That would go down a little ways, and on your Kindle, you'll see a jagged edge, and then it'll kind of come back. No. One thing I'm going to do is come up here to the top and I'm going to tell it to show Invisibles. Okay, here's my copyright. Here's my author bio and then right here this is a page break. So you want to make sure when you're working and Microsoft Word or you're working in pages that you don't actually do this to get to the next page or start the next chapter that will leave you a lot of space in your Kindle document. You might have several blank pages, so you don't want thes. You just want a nice clean pay free. Now, this is where I copied and pasted from a document that actually had a picture. And this was the alternate source name for the image. I had a called metaphor. So I'm going to try to go find that image and drop it in here, Okay, there's my image safe. It'll let me insert it, and then this can give me some options for how I would like for that to look through one it jagged and fancy with a reflection. No, I'm just gonna put it in and keep it kind of simple again. I'm not sure how it's gonna convert over. Gonna add in an alternate description. And I wanted to move with the text. If I tell it to stay on the page, Then when it gets scrambled around on another e reader, uh, it will stay on this exact page of the manuscript. If when the pages get smaller and the story will end up coming down around it and it won't be done here at the end of my story could be in the beginning of the story, it could be in a different story. So we do want that to move. This is my text wrapping. I can set my text wrapping to go around it. Have it fit. I can. So right now I have a 12 point buffer around it, but its down here by itself. So that's okay for right. I've also learned the hard way that any time you start adjusting a photo size, you want to make sure to constrain the proportions. All right, let's save this se unless export this as a word, doc. All right, 3. Formatting with Microsoft Word Part Two: welcome to Kindle Direct publishing. I'm Anna Gates. I've locked back into my KDP dashboard and I'm gonna go back into my flash fiction online 2016 anthology. I just finished creating the war document. So if you remember from the other lectures here my Kindle e book details I've already filled these in because this is an anthology I have more authors then actually have room for, So I've just put as many on here as I could. Kindle does actually have a process where you can have the authors that you don't have room for a submitted claim to have your book actually added to their author page. I own the copyright and the necessary publishing rights now because thes stories have already been printed online. My website, the flash fiction on months site Kindle is gonna come back to me in about 24 hours and say we already found this content online on the web. So we don't want you to publish it, and I'll have to come back and verify that I do indeed own the copyright and the necessary publishing rights. So it's a bit of a pain, but at the same time, I'm grateful that Kendall is making sure that I actually do own the rights I've gone through and found my long tail keywords here the same way that I did, uh, earlier. And I am British. Released my book now? No, I don't want to enable DRM on this unless try Teoh, upload our word document. I just finished uploading the word document. Normally, I have a cover already made, but we're going to go through and we're gonna launch our cover creator just to give you a short peak. It how that work. I am not a big fan of the cover creator. They're not the greatest covers there. They're coming clunky. Unfortunately, as you're going through the Kindle list of books, it's pretty easy to tell who has made their cover with the Kindle Carver creator and who's actually had a professional cover made or who's taken the time to learn how to use them. Professional software. Okay, so you Kenbrell is their image gallery. You can upload from your computer or you can just skip this all together, which I don't recommend these air. The image based designs meaning I would have an illustration or artwork here and back, and then I would have my text in front of it. These air sort of your more old school cover images where you just have the, you know, the pretty graphic in the back. On the words of a top, if this is your aesthetic and what you're really going for than okay. But I'm gonna tell you a cover is really what will sell or single book. All right, so let's click to edit or change our image short. Let's choose from their image gallery. See what they got for us. Fancy get like a troll, Lauren l for something. Yeah, and I can promise you that there are about a 1,000,000 books right now out on Kindle with this image right here. So, uh, sure. Let's go ahead. We're gonna use this for the sake of illustration click to start your title. Let's Jesus font. Let's make it look a little bit more fantasy ish. There are actually specific Frantz that worked for specific genres. So if you're publishing and fantasy, you can get something a little bit more decorative. If you're doing something science fiction, you do want something that looks robotic or futuristic. Course you know romance. You want a great kind of script check found here, but this quickly, evil like that looks fantasy. Okay, let's make it a different color. Let's make it. No, it needs to be light. So we wanted to contrast in prophecy. And it or actually, you know what we could go for, like, Yeah. Now this backroom color. Wow. So let's actually put Volume Teoh. Okay? No, because we have this Eagle Lake. We have this fancier fear script appear. We want this to be a little plainer, like Sands or a San Serif script down here. So you don't want it to be just be completely overwhelming. So you don't want the entire front of your your book to just be wild and insane. So I like this later script. It's It's pretty pretty good. So it's making a little smaller, though, eh? So it kind of fits. Shrink this down a little bit. Okay, let's make this a little bigger than let's change the color. Was that tangerine? Okay, we'll keep it consistent. I would like for this to be the same font as my subtitle, and again we need to make it smaller. So these are the same size. Another thing is because I beast upper and lower case here. I don't like the back. This is all caps. It's are screaming at me here. Oh, it's only going to let me be in all caps. Well, that's not okay. I don't like that. Which means I'm gonna have to go and change the subtitle. I like consistency, but I don't like this. They don't like that at all. Choose colors. Yeah. We need to work on the color scheme. That's a little bit better. You see, you really don't have many choices. There aren't many nuances. Uh, when you start playing around with this way of you know what? I don't think we're going to pick a real winner here. Anyway, it's just pick one and go. You see why a bad cover will absolutely sink a book? Now you can change the way is laid out here. Let's just simple and get out of Let's preview it always always preview something's air not fit for the human eye. This this cover might be one of them. By the way, this is not my actual cover. This is just for demonstration purposes. 4. Formatting with Microsoft Word Part Three: welcome to Kindle Direct publishing. I'm Anna Gates. So my pre viewer has spit out this lovely cover for us here. This is how it's gonna look on most tablet devices. If I want more specifics on how it's gonna look, I can download the KDP Online pre viewer. For some reason, my Mac is not happy any time I tried to download the KTB online pre viewer. So this is pretty much the best that I'm gonna get. You can blow it up and look at it here. Wow. Um, yeah. Listen, let's put that away. Uh, we're gonna save and submit this, though. Now we're lost. Reviewer. I have our word document and our cover all loaded up here in our Kindle pre viewer. You could see that beautiful, beautiful cover we made with the Kendo cover creator right here. And let's begin to look through our document. You can see that we justified our text. Here are cover. So we've got this a gap right here. We need to fix that. This is looking a little wonky, and then this goes down to the next page. I would prefer to have it all on the same page. but I can live with that. This Oh, it's like a big snaggle tooth. What is that? All right, Here's my table of contents Now. It's not interactive. I am not happy about that. But this is what happens when you upload it from a word document instead it from Anne Pop my forward. Everything looks good, right? Nothing is trailing a straggling behind again We justified you are not a metaphor. So it's going to stretch those words across. That's also not okay, Here's our picture that decided to get wonky and float around. Everything else is looking OK so far. Let's switch it over and look at it on. Oh, okay. Say that looks nice. Were on the phone so that aligned it all to the left. But ah ha! Let's go Look at that old Kindle E reader, the kind that I still have in my top drawer but can't find the charger too. And this actually looks better. Even though it's non color, there still has to have this gap right here Don't like Let's see what it did to Marina Story and the metaphor picture. Okay, Now, on the Kindle reader, the picture lined up really nicely is exactly where I wanted to be. But that's the problem with the Mobi file is that depending on which kind of device you're reading it on, it's going to look differently. 5. EPUB Formatting Part One: I'm Anna Gates and welcome to Kindle Publishing today. I'm working on putting together the march issue for a flash fiction online. I just finished compiling my E pup, and the first thing I'm going to do is bring it over to a validator. I've chosen my file and now I'm gonna validate it. And obviously there are a lot of problems, which means I need to take it over to sigil and clean up a little bit. This is Sigil. It's free software that you can download. I've opened my E pub and sigil. You can either use your page you here or if you like to code, you can use this little job here. Now we're gonna start with their cover page, so it looks okay from this point of view, let's look at it here. My cover image, my style. The height is set to 100%. Here's my source image. My cover sheet is already set up my style sheet. My images were loaded right into sigil and here are my thoughts that I use. There's no audio for this one. There's no video and then there's nothing Miscellaneous. When the first things that we're gonna have to do is create hyperlinks for our table of contents. And then the other thing I like to do is I like this to say I like to move that around a little bit just because I like the way it looks better. So now we're gonna have to add the hyperlinks into our coding, and here we're gonna add a space H graph equals that dot dot text back space. And then this is text one copied. Exactly. And if you don't get it exactly right, it won't work. H t and o close parentheses. Close bracket. And then over here, we're gonna close it closer. Bracket backslash a. So let's just double check. So if we click on Barbara A. Barnett, we now are hyperlinked to her story. So let's do the same thing for the rest of the authors. Everything looks good. Let's go back over to our page. You give it a look and sure everything works. Here's our copyright page, and this is all aligned to the left. I'd like this to be a line center there. Okay, This needs to be in a town. If you're familiar with the way Kindle does free previews. You only get to see the 1st 20 or 30% of a book. Now, if this is beginning of my book, my copyright is gonna fall into that. And when you're working with a really short publication, your copyright could be a decent chunk of that. So one trick I've learned is to take your copyright. I move it down here to the end of your book. That way, it's still there in the book. It's legally where it needs to be, but it's not going to eat up. You're free preview. You can also do the same thing with your table contents and put it down there at the end. Don't worry, Kendall will still find it. All right, let's go to our editorial page. All right? Everything looks good here. Here are Let's check our links. These author tiles these air internal links for on flash fiction online. So we don't want those there. So we're gonna go in and adjust thes. We're gonna find him in here. Here we go. FFO author. So let's just take these out now. This is inside. You know this is inside, but just like we did this would take me back to the link on the flash fiction online. But that's not gonna do me any good, because right now I'm actually inside my Kindle documents. I'm going to just like I dental table contents and do you dot dot dot text flash? Let's go over here and check it stated that does what we wanted to dio on Tada. It sure does. So let's go finish that for the rest of the length. Great. We're gonna take out the often Li, like from the flash fiction online page. So we have our links updated. You can see we change our class to copyright. Uh, Dave classes now, bio. I want Suzanne Vincent to actually be in bold. We're gonna bold it here. We're going to stay strong here in close brackets. I don't know where this little rain a bit of code is here. Let's just take it. And so I'm gonna take that out. Flash fiction online If I want. You can make that a hyperlink. A reference equals. It also should be in italics. Have that in a swell on. We're gonna close. So let's hop back over here and take a look at it. How does everything look? Grew checker links. Great. There are links 6. EPUB Formatting Part Two: that looks great. Pictures don't always translate well from a Kindle, so you can decide if you want to leave this end or if you want to take it out, there's our image we can always do is just take our image here back here. And then instead of a line right, we're going to line center. Still not centered there. Now it's centered. Copyright looks correct. Let's just check and make sure we don't have any strange code in here. I usually take out the author photos in the Kindle E book. They tend to not translate well, and the formatting just gets too wonky. So we'll just take that up with coding down here and make sure there's nothing weird See, like thes little things. I don't like those another one. I just like my code to be nice and clean. I could use find a replace to take those out, but they're just a couple on their likes. Okay, again, Next one, Do's and dont's. This is a good illustration right here of how his author photo is pulled wide. It looks a little wonky is that we're just going to delete that ticket out here and then this picture. It's not looking its finest. See if it'll let us move it in here. Nope, it's not to do. We're going to go back and do it again with code, Okay? And you can see as we've been moving it around, it has added more things into our code here that shouldn't be there. So let's just I'm just gonna take this picture out. It's It's not worth it. I think it's better to just have a nice, clean, well formatted book. Then it is to throwing balls and whistles and things just look crazy. Now. One thing we can do is we can go back over here because the picture is still over here is still here, so we can try if we want to. Balestra there that did it. So we to take it out and then reinsert it from our image files over here and let's do a quick peek. Let's preview it, and then this is my preview window over here, so that definitely looks better than it did before. So let's save that next story. Now let's preview and see what this is going. Whoa, I didn't mean to move that. Let's put him back. That looks OK there. I'm going to this other photo out code. I'm sure it hasn't put anything crazy in here for me. Okay, for some reason, is decided to add in this spin class. I don't like that that here's another one. There's another spin class. I've just found that Kendall would use any excuse whatsoever to make your hurting weird. So the cleaner, your code, the better. Beautiful, beautiful code. And that looks nice. How pretty. I say things compulsively. I've had to me moments when a program will stop responding or my Internet will freeze up or a child or run into the room. And it's just a There's just too much on the line. You don't wanna have to come back and read you all your hard work. All right, let's take up Clayton's picture. Clayton here. He should be bold keeping house style consistent. Okay, Now, this is not for money correctly. This should be a first phrase. If you look at the difference here, back to there. So I'm gonna grab this Still stupid. Echoed because it's just easier than typing myself. So this is what my first phrase code looks like, So I'm just gonna copied over here. So that's what this looks just changed this. And then I have to add Mike Lozier at my closer here was expand, which is the only place that I like to you spend. Okay, now, this one, you can see the code has got know crazy. It's picked up all these apple converted spaces, which makes me cross eyed. So we're going to do our edit. Okay, so we go into Search Finder in place so we'll start at the top and see the things that we don't want. So the biggest one for me here is our apple converted spaces. Command C, which is copy paste. Let's put that in here. Now, I know that this is supposed to be a space. The first time I did this, it took them all out and all my sentences ran together. So put in one little space place, all much better. Now I'm going to take out all my spans, going to take him out automatically. I'm gonna have to go back and put this one mark in for my first phrase. So I know I have to do that, but it's easier than having to go out and do them all automatically. So I'm gonna small take mall out. And now well, I'm thinking about it. I'm gonna go and put this one back in, man. I'm gonna change all these factors. All of these can come out together and they put in a little extra space there. I don't know why it's done that I'm gonna grab that too completely. Let's see what else has it added up? Here's another one. Here's a p five. So you just go through and get out all your yucky code. I'm sure someone will say no, you don't have to do that, but I do because better safe than sorry. 7. EPUB Formatting Part Three: when I was validating before over on the validator website. This is the one that was sitting back in telling me No, no, it didn't like it so very much so. This is the one that I need to check out the links on the other side and see why it was so upset with me. I think it's the Amazon links that it's trying to kick out. I have my Amazon affiliate code hooked on to some of them, and I think that's where the validator was spitting those back out. But that should work OK over on Kindle. When I take it over Teoh Apple iTunes and try to put it in my book, I choose is going to say No, you can't do that at all Just because they don't want you to have any kind of connection to any retailer other than Apple iTunes, which is fair. Let's look at the back side. Okay, here's my P Class No in dense band first frayed closing span. So here Here's an example. Often Amazon link with my affiliate coat hooked, and it's just a big Chungking leg. It just makes for a lot of code it on the backside. But there's not a lot of access Recode hooked in on the backside. So I think we're okay. I'm going to try running it through kindle and see if it takes it. And if it doesn't, Then I'll come back and I'll clean it up over here. But the code itself looks OK. See? Look at that. That's just all code. Code code. Strong span. First phrase. No, I'm not thrilled with a resolution on this one, so I'm going to take it out. I'm just not happy with that. So I've got my header tags. Got my age twos. Okay, So you just added in all this little accessory code all through here, and I just don't like this, Okay? We could take this out together, I think. Look at it. There, on the front. It looks exactly the same. Really. Can't tell the difference. Actually, I don't like the way that's working at all Both age Jews. Let's Yeah, I like that better. I think that looks much nicer. File save. And then I like to save. As so I know where it is. And I like to give it, uh, the name that I want while I'm sending it out to my each drifters, make sure to get your keywords in here in your title as well. That safety dropbox and we'll head on over and upload that to Katie. 8. Using KDP Part One: I medicate them. Welcome to kindle direct publishing. I just looked into my Amazon KDP account and I'm going to start uploading this month's issue of flash fiction online. So the first thing I'm gonna do is come over to my bookshelf and we're going to start creating a new title. So let's start with our Kindle e book. We're gonna start their Kindle e book details Most of these air fairly self explanatory. We're going to start with their book title subtitle if you like Syria's Information Edition number. Pirmin, Author, Contributor This is where I put in my editor, Vincent and then my contributing authors here. Make sure you see police correctly. You have the option to go ahead and add plenty of other people here. I'm gonna have my illustrator. So this is my Amazon book description. I've taken it from the editorial that Suzanne posted this month, and I kind of cut it down to size to keep it a little bit more relevant to what we're using is a good, great place to work in your long tail keywords and just to kind of be fun and entertaining . You've got 4000 characters to go ahead and use as many of those as you can. But you don't want toe ramble on at the same time publishing rights. I do own the copyright, and I own the necessary publishing rights. This is not a public domain work keywords. Okay, now we don't want to repeat things that are in the title, and we already have a love keywords in here. The problem that I run into with the magazine Within Ban Anthology and covering Smee genres is that if I actually put in all the keywords toe all the stories, my results bring in to larger pool, and Kendall gets really confused, so I have to kind of narrow it back. But if I'm actually doing a specific publication or specific story itself, then I can narrow the keywords down a little bit more. A good place, actually. Get your keywords sexually to hop over Teoh Amazon itself for short story collection. Okay, so I can do that. - So let's figure categories we're definitely fiction Anthology. And then for our second Let's go ghost. Okay, I am ready to release my book now. Sure, even though it's an Grenada, release my book now agency takes Kendall 24 36 hours to turn it around. Digital rights management. No, that's okay. I'm gonna upload my book manuscript in any of these formats. Minus four metres. Andy Pub. So I'm gonna go ahead and upload it that way. Actually, anything other than a Moby Kendall is just going to turn it around and converted into a This takes a little while. So if you need to go find something, dear or have snack, this is a good place to do it. I already have my cover made. I'm gonna upload that as well. 9. Using KDP Part Two: I'm in a gift and welcome back to Kindle direct publishing. I'm back to Katie P. And it's finally finished uploading my manuscript and my cover file. I'm gonna go ahead and save it to the draft really quickly. I've learned to this and let's launch your preview. Our this is our KDP pre viewer. So let's just scroll through and make sure you look at the entire book, says Terrible. It's like, Oh, no, I have to remember, there's my cover Me cover looks great. You can change the type of device that you want to look at it on. McKinley readers a little bit bigger. You know, it's the Kindle E reader Isn't black and white something to notice? See if this will jump. My link should work, and it should take me to the story. There it is, if you remember, or if you go back over and you look at the first Katie P video. This isn't This is not what my formatting looks like. So if you spend too much time and energy on your style sheet on your e pub, you'll be sorely disappointed when you have over here to your old Kindle e reader because it's not what it's gonna look like. Those fancy fonts, they don't translate at all. So the tablet does. So here it is. It's on the tablet. Then your devices Do they have more options for fonts? But those old Kindle e readers, they sure don't. We also put in our own little hyperlink table of contents right here in the beginning so we can jump around here from our editorial. A swell. All right. See how teeny tiny this little picture is? So again, we have this nice high resolution J. Paige or Ping and now here it is. And it's teeny tiny. Let's go back. Okay, This way did not work. And there's my table of contents at the very end. If you want to add an eye spn number, you can do that here. You can buy them individually. Or if you can't be publishing a lot of books, you can go in and buy those in bulk. Kindle books aren't required to have one, but if you're gonna be publishing over, it creates pays or some other places you're gonna need that publisher. You can search in publishing house for tax purposes or you can publish under your own name , or you don't have to feel that in it all. Now, choosing to enroll or not enroll in KDP Select is up to you. If you do decide to enroll in KDP select Basically, it means you're just gonna leave your book over here, it at Amazon for a certain period of time. You're not gonna roll it anywhere else. I found that I make more money personally as a publisher if I have my book as many places as possible. So I have my book up at Apple iTunes. I have it over weightless books dot com Barnes Noble. I have it here. Now, if you're gonna put your book up for free and you won't offer a lot of coupons, then you have to enroll it in KDP Select. All right. You can choose here between worldwide rights and individual territory writes. This is dependent upon if this is your own book that you're publishing with your own rights or if you're working in Anthology or you're publishing someone else's work which rights you actually own. So unless you have it in writing and unless you have a contract, you need your really careful what you're publishing under. This is nice. This is new. This is their pricing sports system. They're going to tell you how much you should charge for your book. So for books similar to our flash fiction online March 2017 a list price of 99 cents in a 35% royalty plan maximizes author earnings. They're telling me I'm gonna make the highest percentage here, the next highest percentage that I'm going to make. Its gonna be right about 2 99 which is actually only a little bit more than and make it a dollar 99. I try this for a little while. I said my books at 2 99 I didn't have nearly as many sales than I did hear it. 90 minutes in getting 35% as I did getting 78 to 99. So you have to decide. Do you want more sales and a smaller percentage or fewer sales at a higher purse? I'm gonna go ahead and take nine cents in a 35% royalty plan. But again, you can put it in manually here. 99 cents in Rolling Kindle matchbook again. This is the same thing. If you want to roll in this, I think you also like KDP Select. You have to agree to keep your book here. Only in Amazon. Same thing with book lending. Okay. They're telling me here that is gonna take 72 hours for my title to be available for purchase. That's pretty much correct. I've had it turned around faster than that, but don't hold breath. So congratulations. Your book is up and loaded and ready for the review process.