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Kindle Self-Publishing: Amazon Made Easy

Anna Yeatts, Publisher/Editor/Author

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9 Videos (37m)
    • Welcome to Kindle Self-Publishing: Amazon Made Easy

    • Formatting with Microsoft Word Part One

    • Formatting with Microsoft Word Part Two

    • Formatting with Microsoft Word Part Three

    • EPUB Formatting Part One

    • EPUB Formatting Part Two

    • EPUB Formatting Part Three

    • Using KDP Part One

    • Using KDP Part Two


About This Class

In 2016, Kindle Direct Publishing paid out nearly $200 MILLION to authors. That's money on the table for anyone with the knowledge and ability to reach for it.

From manuscript formatting to listing your book in the Amazon store, this guide will walk you through the process of Kindle Direct Publishing, and ultimately, to becoming a self-published author.

This course includes:

  • How to maximize your profits with some simple tips & tricks
  • An easy to follow publishing checklist
  • Formatting directions for MS Word, Pages, & Scrivener platforms
  • The basics of cover design including how to use Kindle Cover Creator
  • Software suggestions
  • Keyword techniques
  • All the steps you need to upload and publish your book onto the Kindle bookshelf
  • Insider tips & tricks





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Anna Yeatts


Anna Yeatts is a professional publisher, editor, and author. Her short fiction literary magazine, Flash Fiction Online, reaches over a half million readers every year. Her fiction has appeared in multiple magazines and anthologies including Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show, Mslexia, Daily Science Fiction, and Penumbra eMagazine and has been translated into multiple languages. Anna's newest publishing project, NASTY: Fetish Fights Back was recently launched fr...

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