Kindle Publishing: Turn Your Kindle Books into Physical Books For $10

Adrian Landsberg, Inspiring Personal Growth, Freedom and Success

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4 Videos (23m)
    • Why Create Space?

    • Where to get your kindle book made into Create Space files

    • How to upload your Create Space files

    • Action step for this lesson


About This Class

In this class I go through how to turn your kindle books into a physical copy you can sell on Amazon using Create Space. 





Adrian Landsberg

Inspiring Personal Growth, Freedom and Success

Adrian is an Entrepreneur, Lifestyle Hacker, World Traveler and a Personal Transformation Coach. He teaches on many teaching platforms, Youtube and his blog to thousands of students about goal setting, entrepreneurship, travel, personal development and being successful with kindle publishing and your life transformation. You can see more about how YOU can achieve the lifestyle he has, at his website at:

The LifeStyle Compound

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