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Kindle Publishing: Turn Your Kindle Books into Physical Books For $10

teacher avatar Adrian Landsberg, Inspiring Personal Growth, Freedom and Success

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Why Create Space?

    • 2. Where to get your kindle book made into Create Space files

    • 3. How to upload your Create Space files

    • 4. Action step for this lesson

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About This Class

In this class I go through how to turn your kindle books into a physical copy you can sell on Amazon using Create Space. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Adrian Landsberg

Inspiring Personal Growth, Freedom and Success


Adrian is an Entrepreneur, Lifestyle Hacker, World Traveler and a Personal Transformation Coach. He teaches on many teaching platforms, Youtube and his blog to thousands of students about goal setting, entrepreneurship, travel, personal development and being successful with kindle publishing and your life transformation. You can see more about how YOU can achieve the lifestyle he has, at his website at:

The LifeStyle Compound

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1. Why Create Space?: Okay. Welcome to this section on Create space. Now, what has creates base create space books are the physical version or of your Kindle books. Now it's also a company that Amazon owns as well. So they own create space and amazon dot com. Now, why should you be putting your books on create space? Well, there's Lorries, and obviously it's another income stream. It's also probably the easiest next step to to make another income stream from your Kindle book. So putting a book on create space you can see here this is to create space website, create space dot calm and it's ah, it's very easy to negotiate your way red, and we're going to go into that in the coming lessons. But there's a lot of reasons why you should do this. I think that create spacewalks. They're becoming more popular, like the paperback version of a book. They're becoming much more popular, even though you know the kindles and digital devices are very popular as well. A lot of people still want to raid a physical book. Also, a lot of people don't actually have a kindle device or, you know, even though you can't read a Kindle book on a computer or iPad or anything like that. A lot of people don't don't believe they can, or they're an older generation that may not really want to read a digital book, so you have to keep that stuff in mind as well. And since I started create space, my sales have gone up. What what income stream has gone up from create space? It's it's was more popular than I actually thought it would be. A. So it's definitely something that definitely the next step that you should be doing after doing your Kindle book. If we go over to amazon dot com here, we just have a quick look at the dog training dish and check a few books to see if they've got to create space version and you can see here that they don't Usually it would. It would sharp right here, like the paperback version of the book, so that that book there doesn't have it. Ah, we'll have a look at puppy tricks and no, they don't have one either, so it would have shown up here if they did. But, you know, some people are doing that. Some people in law. That's why I think it's a good opportunity to do that because, you know, nor a lot of people are doing it. Probably. I think maybe only 50% of people are doing it and you can see here this one. This person has got a paperback version off this book. So they've got to income streams from that one book, which is cool. So, yeah, if you go through, you unleash that you're in or you have a look. Ah, lot of books don't actually have the print version, So if you do, you're a step ahead. And for the person that wouldn't buy the Kindle version, but they would buy a paperback version. Then your listing is going to stand out more. So you definitely got to get on to create space, and that's just a quick overview of it. And now we're gonna drive into where to get your files made and where to get your covers made. 2. Where to get your kindle book made into Create Space files: All right, so let's dive right into where to get your create space files and your cover made. Now, as you can see on five or dot com, if you haven't heard of it, it's an awesome sight. You gotta check it out. You can get so many cool things down here for a very affordable price. Eso It's 50 with two hours dot com definitely. Come and check it out. Now, this is where I get my create space Interior falls down and my create space covers. So if we just come here to this site and we just covered down here and we just type in ah, create space, um, probably formatting. No, I haven't spoke that right, but it's popped up still and we see what comes up. And this is what you would type in to get your interior file done for your for your create space book. As you can see, here we have I will format and convert to kindle or create space e book. And so that's really cool. That's very affordable. And you have to August obviously go into each gig and just see what they're offering, you know, because sometimes the length of the book. Very sometimes they won't do Ah ah book. After a certain length, it'll beam. Or so they're still do it better or just cost extra, so just sort through them. Have a look at the reviews. This one's got a lot of reviews, so they must be doing something right. So is this person create space formatting and any custom size you can see that person's a little bit dearer? Ah, these Aaron Australian process also. So ah, this one here. $6. 72. That's actually about $5 U. S. And yeah, you can see that it's a lot when you look at this person or that's for your cover, but so you can get them both down here, of course, but we want to do the file first, and also I mentioned that your file and your cover at both in pdf format. That's how create spaces. You have to do them both in a pdf format, but if you're getting these people to do it, that's fine. That's how the dirty right the experts that they know what they're doing. But you want to get your interior filed on first so your actual word. Document your words. Your your actual book because you cover the person that makes your cover actually needs to know a few things first. And obviously the cover designer needs Kindle version off your cover. So the cover that you put on amazon dot com they also lead the description for the back of the book. So that's on Lee the back, and they also need to know the length off the book, and that's to get it to get the cover in the spine just right. So we'll have looking covered and covers in a second. But yes, so you want to get this filed on first. That's the easiest one to do. So first of all, have a look for just type in, create space formatting, and probably and that will bring up some people. And then you can order your file gig. So wait for that to come back. And then if we just check out, create space, uh, cover can see the and if it loads in 10 it's very slow today. Ah, we can see that there's, ah, few different people here that will do a cover. You can see this person has no 100 of one reviews, so that's a lot of reviews. Ah, but the idea off having the right size of the book is so that your designer knows Ah, how big to make it. So I do all my create space books as six by nine size, which is whatever is on create space recommends. So definitely do that. And then they also your design will need to know how longer book is, whether it's 70 pages, 80 pages, whatever, because that allows them to. If you can see the spine here, they need to be able to get that spine just right. So I looked right. So that's why I say Get the file interior fired on first, and then you can have all the information for your designer, which will be the ah Kindle. Cover the description for the back of the book, which is the, you know, the back page on the other side of the book and the length of the book, How long it is. So that will make the difference off how big that spine is on there. So, yeah, basically, just come to five dot com This is the number one place I recommended some great designers on. He can see these people's full five stars. Ah, yeah, it's really, really cool place to go. You can find a lot of other things on here as well, so go to father dot com. That's five with two hours and get your covered on and your file done. 3. How to upload your Create Space files: Okay, so I'm gonna take you through a create space tutorial near Create space is a business run alongside Amazon, and that's another company that they owned. And the cool thing about it is that you can get your books printed on demand. So you're never out of pocket, so you don't have to shell out large sums of money and have, you know, piles of books on a shelf that you may or may not sell. Now, the cool thing about this, the other cool thing about this is that you know, you're creating another source of income from the one book. So you have you KDP book your Kindle book, and then you have you create space book and then you can make an audiobook and, you know, only sings just stem from the one book and it's very cool. Amazon makes it very, very simple about a simple as it can get, really, and it's, ah, just a great another great way that we can create some additional income and another source of income. Of course, our creates based take their cut Aziz Well, so you'll take your bit and they'll take their bit. It's only fair of course. You know the printing it on demand. So as literally when someone makes an order, then your book gets printed. It doesn't get printed before it gets perfect Printed as soon as someone makes an order. How did they do this? I don't know, but it's help. They've obviously got a very good system. And it works. No, you definitely want to be doing this few books. Like I said, it's another source of income for you. Ah, you know, of course, we're just gonna be focusing on you getting at your first Kindle book. But this is just again stuff you can focus on. Ah, you know, not long after you do your Kindle book and obviously as many, many things you can do. But this is just a additional thing. Now, before I take you through a quick tutorial on how to upload your book, you need to get a few things done. First. There first you need to get your book formatted for create space. Now, print book is gonna look a lot different to your KDP book. So you're gonna have to get that done. Ah, I just get someone to do it on Fiverr, and it's very, very simple. It's very, very cheap. I think I pay around about Ah 15 to $20 per book to get it formatted, and you also need to get your cover done as well, which is gonna be a front and back cover and spine. That's also very simple, very affordable. That's around the 5 to $10 marcas. Well, also down on five or so for each book usually costs around 20 to $25 depending on the length of your book, so that can that can varias well so I won't go through fire again. I think you've seen, ah, enough tutorials on five. But you just go there. There's plenty of people that do it. 20 people that are offering those services. So ah, go over there. First, get your file formatted for create space and send them over your cover as well. Now, anyway, I mean my create space account here, and you can see that this is what you'll see when you're little C add new title and you've got three options. You tell us the name of your project truce with type of project. You want to start and whether you want a garden or expert neo just for now, I'm just going to do the whole dog training. Ah instance, just so you get a no idea of how this works and we just click on Piper back and usually I would do the guided section. But that's ah much slower under the expert one now, because I've done it a few times. But when you're starting out, just do the guy that when it's very, very simple, straightforward or of course, you can just ah, follow along with what I'm doing here. The expert one and ah also create space I noticed is ah, loans. Everything slower seems to be a lot slower toe upload everything. I'm not sure why that is, but anyway, you can see ALS the stuff down the side. He ah, all these bits and pieces. But anyway, this is where we start so you can put in your title. Subtitle Primary author So your name that all goes there at contributors. That's ah, you know, just the same. Same things Just just authored by is really all you need. This book is part of a Siri's. So this is the same as Kindle. So ah, you know his dog training Serious title could be dog training. And, you know, whatever volume it is, if it's your volume one volume to same with addition, that's exactly the same as KDP as well. If you've updated at minute longer, then that would be a second edition, etcetera. The language. Just leave that his English publication date says, Here, What's this? And you don't actually have to do anything here. I just leave it. The public take publication date cannot be changed after you submit this book blah, blah. But by leaving his field blank, we will automatically assigned the publication date for your book. And that will be the day that is it approved. So that's fine. Unless you want to make that different. You can do that now. The i s B n is the number on the back, your bar colored dinghy and ah yeah, I just do the create space assigned. It's free and I don't know why you into your own. But Tom, you know, I just click that one there. Now we move on down and you can see the physical property section. Ah, you can see that black And what? And Piper Color already pre selected? Yeah, I usually choose cream. I don't know why I do. I just do it by her. Just choose whichever one you want to do for the interior. Ah, and this is your black and white interior. And this is the paper colors and very self explanatory. You can choose a different size books here, but six by nine is the way to go. So pretty much I think everyone does that. And that's what they recommend. It's the best size, so I just leave that as well as you can see. It says this is the most popular trim size, but a lot. So I leave that one near once you've got your covered done on five are This is where your uploaded are. Sorry. Not the cover your interior. Um you just browse that, upload that one there and then bleed. This is just how you want. Ah, the You know your words to go. I don't know why they put this year, but I mean, this is pre selected. Obviously what you want. You don't want stuff going off the edge, so I just leave that as is and Ah, cover creator. You don't want that. They pre select that so that they can get some one of theirs to do the cover. But you have gone to five are to get yours done. So ah, you will click this one here and then you'll applaud your cover. So that's a very, very simple Ah, again, we've got the cover finish. You want Matt or Gloss? I always keep it as glossy. And now we come down to the description they can use the ah description in your Kindle. Can't. Ah, you're led to use limited high HTML as it says here. Um, like I've mentioned about the software that that software that you can use that will actually make a hate tear Mel description that looks good for create space in there. So you can do that, or you can just do plain text. But, uh, that's what you can do with that one category. Of course, ease by sack category is just the category that your book would go in and it's just the same as the Kindle. You know, you can choose whichever one it is, and, ah, you know, find the the section that would apply to you. So you know, dog trying, which is a pet section and eccentric. Such are very simple. Very easy. Ah, here's what you can put your autobiography if you have the Ah, If you opened an office central account, then you can add that here, the English we can just keep that as is country of publication. I always just choose the U. S. On the matter away from that. This one here just mentions that Ah, you know your books Country publication should match the information associated with your eyes being and that's a us ESPN create space one. So United States. So you just choose the United States for that one there and then search keywords. This is mostly the same as Kindle. It's a little bit different. You're only allowed five keywords with create space where his kingdom was seven and you're only allowed 25 characters, I believe for each keyword so you can't have very long keywords are moving down. Does your book contain adult content? Take that. If it does large print well, that's ah, you know I don't ever take that one either. Ah, then we keep moving channels. This is just saving and what you press save here. I'm not going to press site because I don't actually want this book in here. Um, you can select your channels and I just select all the channels. And that just means, you know, kdp where where it shows up on the create space store, etcetera. And then you can also go into the pricing as well. Now, the pricing section can vary. Ah. I mostly priced my books between 7 99 to anywhere up to maybe even $15 if it's a longer book. But majority of books are between 7 99 and around 11 to 12. 99 and that could just vary. You know, Just have a look at the other books in your niche and see where they're at, see? See what prices they're charging. And ah, yeah, go from that. See what you want to charge yours? That But that is a rough ballpark figure. Some people, you know, some people are even charging upwards of $15 in $1920 so up to you do some testing with it , and you'll figure that out. And yeah, this is obviously just doing this because we haven't clicked above, and then it's just save progress in and submit it for review. That's all you've got to do and, you know, very, very simple. Once you've got all those files, your your, you know, file your word file and you're cover. Once you've got that done and back from five are, then you are good to go. You know, you're good to fill this out, and, you know, it may not just happen to smoothly like that. You know, Ah, Amazon or creates baseball might send you an email and say all you need to change this or such and such, but it's actually very simple. I was a little bit apprehensive when I first did it, but yeah, Amazon does make these things really simple, which is really cool. So ah, action step for you, for this lesson is one open you create space account and to get your book file formatted and you cover formatted and then upward to create space 4. Action step for this lesson: Okay, so that marks the end off the create space section off the course. So what should you do now? So get your interior files done and your cover made by someone on fiber. And, of course, like I mentioned earlier, make sure for your cover to supply a design of the size of your book, which is a six by nine size the length of your book. So they know what size to make the spine and the Kindle version off the cover, and then you can get that made. I usually just takes a few days, and you get that back. Then you need to upload it to create space like I mentioned in the previous video. So I just go take yourself through that and you'll be able to upload your book. Fine now. I also found that that it takes Amazon Sorry, Create space says that it takes five days for your book toe link up to your Kindle version book, but I found lately a lot of time. That doesn't happen. It just doesn't link at all. So I just email either Amazon or create space with the books details, which is, you know, the I s bien or the ace and number or the link to the book, whatever it is, just so they know which books it is. And then I just asked them toe link it up because it hasn't leaked up, and they just they usually just do that straight away. So definitely just keep that in mind to make a list. If you are doing ah, bulk amount of books at one time, just make a list off which books it is and the links to each book so that you can check it in five days. And then, if it's not linked up than descended, send Amazon will creates basil those links and they could link them up. And that way you create space book gets found a whole lot easier anyway, so that's it for the create space section. Let's dive right into the next section.