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Kindle Publishing: How to Monetize Your Email List

teacher avatar Adrian Landsberg, Inspiring Personal Growth, Freedom and Success

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Introduction to monetizing an email list

    • 2. Starting an Email List

    • 3. How to make money from your list

    • 4. Affiliate sites

    • 5. Building a book launch business

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About This Class

In these lessons I take you through some of the most effective ways to monetize your email list that you build with your kindle books. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Adrian Landsberg

Inspiring Personal Growth, Freedom and Success


Adrian is an Entrepreneur, Lifestyle Hacker, World Traveler and a Personal Transformation Coach. He teaches on many teaching platforms, Youtube and his blog to thousands of students about goal setting, entrepreneurship, travel, personal development and being successful with kindle publishing and your life transformation. You can see more about how YOU can achieve the lifestyle he has, at his website at:

The LifeStyle Compound

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1. Introduction to monetizing an email list: all right, so welcome to the next section and this is all about monetizing your email list. Now, if you don't have an email issue should definitely start one. Because they are one of the best things that you can have in any business because you own it. You can send offers to you, your subscribers and many, many other reasons. OK, so now I am assuming that you do have an email list set up already, or that you are building one. So that is what we will be assuming in this lesson in this section. So, but if you are not building in the mail this yet or you're going to, you can watch the next video. The next video will be just a basic overview of setting up your email list so you can watch that if you're already done that or you've already set up your email funnel, then just skip that video got in the next one. So there's four great reasons to having an email list. So what are they? Number one? It's grateful launching a new book. Now we're talking about your email list that you're building from your book, so of course, It's grateful launching in your book, plus many, many other things which were going to cover in the further lessons. Number two. You can ask your list to review your book, so it's very, very powerful for that. And Number three is great. It's great for sending traffic to your books during their free period. So over time, especially when you're starting out, you can use five and gigs and other advertising book directories to send traffic to your books. But as your email this grows, you can send traffic with your own email list, and over time that can actually save you money, having to spend on other advertising options as well. All you can do both and get MAWR downloads. Now, of course, when I'm talking about monetizing, remember list. We are talking about your book list here. Just to reiterate that and not lists from other platforms and before is you own it. Okay, so therefore you can monetize it. That's ah, you know, with some platforms there bit restrictive with what you can do with collecting email addresses or whatever it may be. So having that email address is very, very key in your business, so it's you own it. It's something that you really want to own and you should treasure. So make sure that you are building that email list. So in the following videos, we're going to go over. The next one will be building an email final, which you can skip if you've already done that. Ah, how to make money from your list and the different options that you do have. 2. Starting an Email List: in this video, I'm gonna go through starting and email list. So why would you want to start an email list? So number one, because you never want to be completely at Amazon's mercy. So you know, if you happen to do something wrong or you know something happens and Amazon bandiera can't , then you know that's your whole income gone. And it's not a position that you want to be in, obviously, at first, and for a while you're still gonna be building up your own audience and your own traffic. But it all takes time, but this is something that you want to be doing in the background to. It provides your own traffic to your books, of course. Three. Out what You know When you're launching new books, you'll have your own free audience to market to number four. You have an audience to get reviews from and ask for reviews. And five. You're able to also market products to them later on down the track with either affiliate marketing or your own products or books as well. Neil, since we're just starting it out with your first book, this is not really necessarily something you need to worry about now because it is a little bit technical to get started with the rule. But I want you to make sure that you're thinking about it and that you're going to started as soon as possible. But obviously, we're just gonna focus New York by getting your first book yet Your first few books, but this Ah, this lesson is something that you really want to make sure that you're doing these things in your spare time. Now, I waited Ah, long time before I started my email list. I wish I had started way earlier, but you know, that's just how it is. Sometimes we put it off and I don't want you to do that. You know, I'd like to see that you get it started a soon as possible. Eso you know you want to be at least thinking about it and just just in the back of your mind, near the best way to start getting emails is to offer something for free. So maybe you have a free book to download or ah, group of books. Maybe it's a cheat sheet. Maybe it's some free chapters from another book or the whole book or a group of books works best. So you know, you want to make sure that it's something enticing because your customers have options everywhere. So once you've come up with a free or for you need to set it all up. So this is where it gets a little bit technical, and it's, ah, a lot of little moving parts you gotta put together, and obviously I would recommend you get an outsourcer to do it. If you're not confident with doing it yourself. Obviously, you know, I think outsourcing is a very good thing. You should do for a lot of things, especially if you're not sure about how to do it. So to capture e mails, you'll need an email provider. Now you can see on the screen here have got mail chimp up, and I recommend matching just because it is free for your 1st 2000 subscribers. So that should last you a while, and then obviously after that, you have to pay. But it's ah, mouth Jim's verily cool and ah, very simple and easy to use interface. It's ah, I really I really like matching, but I use it for quite a few different things, so I would recommend using them first and opening an account there. Now you also need a landing page or a website now landing page. If you don't know, he's basically just a website, but it's usually just one page, and there's a couple of choices that I've got. Here we have two of the popular ones is lead pages, and we have optimized press. Now. The idea of the is that they're very quick to set up. Whereas you know, making a website even if it's just a one page website usually takes a little bit longer. So is you can see lead pages here. Lead pages is a very popular one, but they arm or expensive. As you can see, it's ah per month thing. So it's about $25 a month to get started, which would definitely be good enough to get started. And you know, you can have unlimited landing pages and unlimited domains, so obviously you'll have to have a domain for your landing page. And then we have optimized press, which is, I believe, our one off cost. And obviously that's much, much cheaper. Lead pages. $25 a month, you know, four months and you're already paying the same price is optimized press. I just believe that optimized press for what I have heard is a little bit slower to set up . And obviously, you know, it has different disadvantages. You know, you can only use on three sites, whereas lead pages is unlimited. But, ah, it's up to you. You know, you can pay more as this is a one off course. You could probably get more news on 10 sides, etcetera, but, um, that's just two options. That's for landing pages. And then, of course, you can start your own website builder on website page or get someone else to do that and then sort everything out for you. That's what I've done with mine. I have a, uh, landing paid. Sorry, just a one page website and ah, I would look into doing this next door. I might do this one of these next probably optimized press myself, but it just depends what's best for you. So, you know, I know the stands all a bit technical, and it is Ah, actually going through all this is another course in itself, Really. But you know you have to get. Let's just say that you got lied pages. You started that up. Then you have to link your mouth chimp to that to that page. And ah, it's actually quite simple once you do know. Ah, it's just it's just if you're not, if you're a complete newbie, it will be maybe slightly overwhelming. But, you know, if you don't know, get someone to door, you know, it's it's ah, that's the great sort of time we live in. At the moment we've got five or we got up work. We got freelance and dot com all these places where you can get people to do these things for you. And you gotta ask yourself, you know, is paying a freelance of $50 or something? Is that better than you spending a day trying to figure out how to work it, work it all out and join it all together and make it work? Ah, whereas you know, you could just pay professional and get it done while you spend your time on the mawr creative stuff that you know you have to do. So have a think about that. This is something that you've that you really should be doing at some stage and the earlier the better. But, you know, with all the changes being mag on Amazon, you want to give yourself a bit of long term insurance. And that's what this does not to mention, you know, help build your brand. You know, by being able to market to them and and, ah, market your books to them, having having your own audience. That's over time that builds up your brand and make you far stronger. So you know this is going to take time to rule it up. You know, emails don't just filled up overnight, you know, It could take, you know, six months. It could take a year or longer, you know, to get a really good number of of, ah, off subscribers. But just the alias stop, the better it is. That's all I can say. So keep it in the back of your mind. Make sure that you maybe just start doing something. Maybe you just start off with one step, like buying a domain or, you know, something like that. Just go through these sites, maybe check out lead pages, check out optimize press check out Mt. Chimp and see what you think. So action step, of course, is to open a mouth chimp account. You can either join up to optimize press lead pages were build a simple website or get someone else to do it. And obviously, if this is ah too overwhelming for you at the moment is still you're still just getting your first book that you don't have to do this. Of course, there's a these complementary videos. Teoh help you build up your book empire. 3. How to make money from your list: So how do we make money from your email list? Now there's a couple of options. Number one is You can ascend affiliate office to your list there. What this entails is, let's say you were doing the dog training niche. Then you could send other dog training products to your subscribers. So if they subscribe to your list, then they're probably interested in your dog books, obviously, So that means they're probably interested in other dog things as well. So that's where you go and find affiliate products, which we're going to cover in the coming lessons. Finding those sites, finding those products that a similar to that and then sending those products to your subscribe it. So that's basically how affiliate offers work. And then you get a commission from those sales if people do by and the other option is building a kind of a book launching system for your subscribers. So this is basically you're taking part off the book directory so you could be just like one of them and have your own book launching website so you can have your own publishing website just like the book directories. And then you can have other people that can advertise their books on your list, and you can even do a whole marketing package or ah ah, launch for other publishers or authors so you can just do exactly what other book directories air doing. And you can offer paid promotions on your own site. And then you can offer pay promotions on your email list. There's a whole lot of options out there, so if you are on other book email list and you can have a look at what they're doing and then over time you could. As your email list grows and the traffic to your website grows, then you can start offering those kinds of things. And then you can have Ah, Facebook Group is well, and they're all sort of promoting each other so continually cross promoting so very, very cool way off, building out another option to your publishing business. So that's the two main options, and we're going to go into both in more detail in the next two lessons. 4. Affiliate sites: Okay, So in this lesson, I'm just going to show you through some affiliate marketing sites and where you can find products to market to your email list and subscribers. So number one here is click Bank. Talk calm. Now you've probably heard of it. Very cool Web sites, probably the biggest and most well known affiliate site for digital products. So it is Aled Digital Products. So that's courses and online courses and educational. That kind of stuff. So very, very cool. Some software as well, like Long Town Pro, but very, very cool. So if you saw it in there, then you can find a lot of products. So again, for instance, if you're in the dog training leash, there would no doubt be some dog training products in the It's ah, there's a lot here. There's a lot of people that use this site, and of course, you can go through here up and ah, it Zaveri, we inside. Actually, it's very weird to use, as you can see there. The landing page was very modern, but the rest of the site is very old school. As you can see, it's been like this for years now, and I don't know why they don't change it. But if we just do have a quick search for dog training products and just see what comes up and you can see that these products you will usually pop up in the most popular order. So this one he are ah, you can promote here is well and just give you a little bit of info here. Average sale, Gravity point OO Gravity is how well it sells. So the higher that used that number is, the better it is. You can see here this one's gravity 0.10 and yes, there's a lot of different cool things He are and shows you sort of what you can make, and it's basically just a bit of code that you just copy and paste and you use that in your email list and basically just telling you subscriber's Hey, I found this program. You might like it, Ah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And then you just put the Lincoln, but you've got obviously word it right and make it sound good. But a lot of these products, especially the ones that do sell the most that are up the top here with the good gravity rating, we'll sell themselves a so long as you couldn't get people to them. It doesn't mean you're just gonna make sales, of course, but you still going to use your own copy writing in your emails and build a relationship with your your subscribers. That's the most important thing. You don't just want to be constantly selling things to your list. You want to actually build a relationship with them and show them that you're a trusted ah provider off products. So that's click Bank. Very, very cool site, one of the most popular one that you should have a look at and probably start with. And the next one is JV zoo dot com. This is basically just software, and this is where you can promote software and software for Aled different kinds of things . So, you know, email marketing here and software. There's even software for kindle things in here that you can promote Aled different types of things. So that's another one to have a look at, depending on your audience that may or may not suit them. Another one look at it, of course, is unity, so you to be dot com have an affiliate program as well, and it's pretty simple to use as well, saying Just find a but a code and find video courses that would be, you know, for your audience. That would be something that your subscribers and would like so very, very easy just to join up to that. Have a look around fine products in your nation, and you can still promote them as well as well as your own courses. So you'll make probably more money from your own courses that it's better to promote your own. But if there, if you have some books and different issues that you can't do a coursing there, you could definitely promote someone else's. So check that one out as well. Now these next two I haven't used before. But these other the Unity JV Zoo and Click Bank. I have Max Belt. He's another one, works a little bit different. I think it's ah, slightly different mawr of a cost per action basis, as you can see up here so worth looking at that one. Maybe that might be for you, but again, I don't know a lot about it, but very, very interesting one from what I've heard about it, and another one is clicks galore dot com Another very old school looking side, as you can see. But again, there's, ah, probably a lot of products on here as well. I'm not very familiar with this one, but also worth checking out if you don't know about this site, so have a look at all those definitely the 1st 3 because they are definitely the most popular, especially click bank is where I would start if I were you. Of course, you can do the Amazon programas Well, they pay very small commissions, though, so I don't really recommend that. But these are These ones are much higher Click bank can pay. You know, you can see this one here up to 87% payout, so click bank a lot of them are usually at least 50% so much higher margins that Amazon. That's why I don't really recommend the Amazon affiliate program. But for some things, of course, like physical products, it is good for that. So if you are going to be more aiming at promoting affiliate office for physical products, then maybe that's what you would USA's well, so that's the affiliate part off, where to go and where to get started with your affiliate products and in the next lesson will go into how to build a business to promote other people's books. 5. Building a book launch business: Okay, So our next option for making money and monetizing your email list is to build a book launching system or book launching business. It doesn't really matter what you call it. It's basically promoting other people's books, and that's what your going to be offering with this system. So how do we do that? So Number one is You wanna have a website? You need that central hub for where people need to go to see other people's books, their books, whatever it may be. So you can use someone of five are or up work, Of course, to get this site built. It's very, very cheap, very, very affordable. Leased eyes. Or, of course, if you know how to do what you can do it yourself. It's very, very simple. It's not something that you should let stop you or slow. Yeah, Number two is you need to send people to your site. Vier existing books and a Facebook group. What other options as well. So obviously, you can use your sign up in your books to tell people about your site so people will be going there anyway because they'll be signing up. But then you can also redirect, um to your your actual book your own book directory side, if you wanna call it that. So you could do that via your email list, and then you can also use a Facebook group is well, and of course, you could be cross promoting them. So your Facebook group can also be promoting your email list. So So you're always constantly building the both of them up. Now, the next next step is to start. So showing social proof, you have a good amount of subscribers and people visiting your site. How many people in your Facebook group and you want to show you some previous book launch testimonials. So let's just start off with that 1st 1 here, Good about of subscribers. So you want to have a good about subscribers, so over 1000 is probably a good number. You could probably start with less if you wanted to try that and just tell people how many you've got. And then you can also you want to show social proof with your Facebook group. So you wanna have a lot of people in there you want to be active and people are actually putting their books in there and with Your You want to show previous book watch testimonials so this could be with your own books. If you want to reveal your your other, your other books that you have, maybe the where the seller ranking went up and how it's now sitting at a much better position on Amazon. That's all up to you. Or you could do other people's books that you may have already done. Maybe you've helped their friends book to get to a better sell a ranking. So you want to show that social proof, and the next step is to start telling your subscribers that you offer paid Primeau's on your site and your list. So maybe you will say to people who look, I charge $5 to list your book on my weekly email list. Or maybe you say you'll due to emails a week with their book on your list. Or maybe it's on your actual website. You have a picture of the book, and you offer a paid placement there as well. So a lot of different options, a lot of different ways. You could do it in the best way to check that out. How other people are doing it is to get on other book publishers lists or go to the book directories, see what they're doing, see how they're promoting books, what they're charging and all that kind of thing. So that's basic, the basic process off, how to build a book, launching business or system. And that's another really cool option to build out your income streams. So action step for this section is to think about what you be better off doing with your email is whether you would rather do affiliate offers or a book launch system. Or maybe you just want to do about it. You're gonna do a bit of a mixed germ, or maybe you're going to split it up a little bit. So have a think about that, what you're gonna do and then start setting up the systems to do that