Kindle Publishing Back End: Guide To Creating A Real Business With Kindle Publishing | Argena Olivis | Skillshare

Kindle Publishing Back End: Guide To Creating A Real Business With Kindle Publishing

Argena Olivis, Author, Online Entrepreneur

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18 Lessons (2h 35m)
    • 1. Intro | About Me | Course Goals

    • 2. What To Expect | You Will Succeed If You Do This...

    • 3. Your Email Marketing Software

    • 4. Creating Your Squeeze Page/ Landing Page

    • 5. Creating Your Lead Magnet

    • 6. Putting Your Lead Magnet In Your Books

    • 7. Putting Your Lead Magnet In Your Autoresonder For Automatic Delivery

    • 8. Choosing an Affiliate Offer or Product

    • 9. Setting Up Autoresponders

    • 10. How To Get More Sales | Affiliate Marketing | Product Creation

    • 11. Separate Lists | Segmentation

    • 12. Stratgegies For Loyal Readers

    • 13. Social Media Strategies For Authors

    • 14. How To Get More Readers With Paperback Books

    • 15. How To Get More Readers With Audiobooks

    • 16. Create Books Faster With This Strategy

    • 17. Creating A Writing Habit

    • 18. Going Wide | Putting Your Books On Other Retailers


About This Class

Kindle Publishing Back End is about creating a real business out of your current book business.

After taking this course, you will be able to set up automated systems that will help you to sell more books, build a solid readership, and earn an income on the back-end.

The course is my step by step system to build a back end both for fiction and non-fiction authors.

Kindle Publishing Back End differs from other courses on self publishing because it gives you live examples on how to build a business around your books.

Take this course if you want to build a larger audience, feel more secure with your book income, and gain lifetime readers who convert into customers of other products you will offer in the future.





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Argena Olivis

Author, Online Entrepreneur

Greetings! I'm Argena Olivis, author, coach, and serial entrepreneur from Pittsburgh, PA. I make a full time income online, and my goal is to inspire other like-minded entrepreneurs to do the same.

I'm have specialties in different industries such as internet marketing, ecommerce, network marketing, and personal development.

My mission is to help and inspire other entrepreneurs to build the business and lifestyle of their dreams.

To learn more about me, visi...

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