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Kindle Publishing Back End: Guide To Creating A Real Business With Kindle Publishing

teacher avatar Argena Olivis, Author, Online Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

18 Lessons (2h 35m)
    • 1. Intro | About Me | Course Goals

    • 2. What To Expect | You Will Succeed If You Do This...

    • 3. Your Email Marketing Software

    • 4. Creating Your Squeeze Page/ Landing Page

    • 5. Creating Your Lead Magnet

    • 6. Putting Your Lead Magnet In Your Books

    • 7. Putting Your Lead Magnet In Your Autoresonder For Automatic Delivery

    • 8. Choosing an Affiliate Offer or Product

    • 9. Setting Up Autoresponders

    • 10. How To Get More Sales | Affiliate Marketing | Product Creation

    • 11. Separate Lists | Segmentation

    • 12. Stratgegies For Loyal Readers

    • 13. Social Media Strategies For Authors

    • 14. How To Get More Readers With Paperback Books

    • 15. How To Get More Readers With Audiobooks

    • 16. Create Books Faster With This Strategy

    • 17. Creating A Writing Habit

    • 18. Going Wide | Putting Your Books On Other Retailers

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About This Class

Kindle Publishing Back End is about creating a real business out of your current book business.

After taking this course, you will be able to set up automated systems that will help you to sell more books, build a solid readership, and earn an income on the back-end.

The course is my step by step system to build a back end both for fiction and non-fiction authors.

Kindle Publishing Back End differs from other courses on self publishing because it gives you live examples on how to build a business around your books.

Take this course if you want to build a larger audience, feel more secure with your book income, and gain lifetime readers who convert into customers of other products you will offer in the future.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Argena Olivis

Author, Online Entrepreneur


Greetings! I'm Argena Olivis, author, coach, and serial entrepreneur from Pittsburgh, PA. I make a full time income online, and my goal is to inspire other like-minded entrepreneurs to do the same.

I'm have specialties in different industries such as internet marketing, ecommerce, network marketing, and personal development.

My mission is to help and inspire other entrepreneurs to build the business and lifestyle of their dreams.

See full profile

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1. Intro | About Me | Course Goals: Hello. Are Gina all of us here. And welcome to the course. Kendall publishing back in how to create a real business with Kendall Publishing. So we're going to get right into the goals of this course, so you can see if it's for you. So the first thing I want to help you with is assist you with creating the back in for your self publishing business. So obviously you're selling some books right now. But you might be thinking, How can I get those customers that buy my books to buy even more stuff from me? So that's basically with the backend. Is setting up a system where the customers, your books readers buy things on the back games, such as courses. It could be more books. It can be products, physical products, anything that you can think of, just retaining that reader and then sending them to buy more stuff from you. Okay? And I also want to help you create more passive income streams to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket. Um, of course, this is called Kindle publishing back end, but, um, there are other platforms where you can sell your books that and, um, if you're just on Kendall, it can get kind of scary if all your eggs are in one basket, because that means the Amazon is controlling your income, and you never know what might happen. So the great thing about the backend is when you get that customers email and you keep contacting them, they become a loyal customer to you, not necessarily Amazon. So no matter what happens, you'll still have other income streams coming in. And also another go is to get all the technical things running, so you can begin making your readers readers customers for the long term. So you want to make sure that you know you're retaining those readers and just, you know, showing them that you have more than books toe offer. And this course is different because it shows you a long term strategy that will be profitable for years to come. So instead of just, you know, outsourcing books and putting them up and just, you know, selling your books, you have something that's long term. You have a system running that will allow you to make sales on the back in for years to come in, you know, never know how long that your legacy can, lest in go from there. So about me, my name is Georgina. Allah vis, of course. 25 years old. At the moment I'm from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Go, Steelers. I started online in 2012 when I was in college, I wanted to I wanted, like, some extra income. They didn't necessarily want to go get a regular job, because I, um you know, I'm in college, I'm studying. I'm trying to focus. And eventually I wanted to see how people make money with websites. I don't know how I got the idea, but I was like, I wonder how people make money with websites. And then from there I start learning the possibilities and potentials off, you know, creating passive income online from watching videos on how to create websites. And then from there it was just entrepreneur, you know, I start really getting into the books and a person development. And from there it was It was what it was. And I haven't turned back since. And I start Kendall publishing. I was doing other stuff online, and I still do other stuff online, but I started Kendall Publishing in July 2014 and that was really, um I opened it for me because that's what really helped me to leave my job and to become self employed is becoming author and started with Kendall Publishing. So I'm glad I found it. And then I left my job July 31st 2015 Good times. And I have a passion for business. I love traveling and wealth creation. So, like financing and all that stuff like, um, I just love business and that's just a passion of mine. So a building, my publishing empire have invested tons in courses and books about publishing, writing ex cetera. I mean, I'm talking to hundreds and thousands of dollars into, um, masterminds and men tours and things about Kindle publishing and writing. And I'm just trying to become a better author. I mean, I do outsource some about books still, but mainly I'm writing my own books and just trying to be a better author has just turned into okay, I'm just publishing books into okay. I'm an author now. I want to put my best stuff out there. So it came from I want to make money to I want to become actual author and take this seriously because there's really something here, and I consider myself an author, not so much a publisher, although I do use go sweater for some of my works, mainly there. My fiction works, but I do, um, used a ghost writer for so my nonfiction not under my actual pin name. That is my name, But, um, other pin names that I have, So yeah, it works out pretty well, but I, um I've really been focusing on my craft. Is an author more so than publishing? But either way, if you're just doing this for business or because you love writing, this course will definitely benefit you. And I'm still learning new tips. But I have mastered the process of building the back end like I've been studying this since 2012 on building email list auto responders and everything that goes into building the back in. I've had a lot of success with affiliate marketing and things like that. So building the backend has come pretty easy for me. So it's nice to, you know, have this course because there's no course out there like this at the moment where they're teaching you how to build to back in a specifically for authors and publishers. And I had my first number one best seller in May 2015. It might still be up there. I mean, um, it's been up there for a while in that category. So, um, pretty good times. That was my 1st 1 I haven't had one since, but I'm working on it, and I'm a very transparent and I want you to succeed. And that's pretty much that. So what you will learn in this course you'll learn how to get email addresses from your readers in order to turn them into long term customers. You learn how to create a squeeze page in a landing page for a very cheap, and you'll learn how to choose. Affiliate offers are how to create your own products on the back end in how to set up the auto responders, how to segment list and separate listing to like your readers versus your buyers and things like that. So you make sure that you're emailing the right people and how to keep your readers engaged because that will obviously help you increase sales in your back end. How to build a long lasting business around your books, and that's that. So what are you waiting for? If you're willing to put in the work now and set up this system, just think how much free time you can create for your future. I want it will not be easy. But all the information you need is here if you're ready to build a publishing empire unless get started. So thank you for watching. And I'll see you in the next lecture. 2. What To Expect | You Will Succeed If You Do This...: welcome. I'm just going to set a few expectations before we get started, so you should already have at least one completed book. This book is for more advanced publishers, because if you don't have any books or anything yet, this is not a course that's going to teach you how to create a book. So if you don't have any completed books yet, then you might want Teoh right your book so we can get started. Also, make sure to stick to one niche. This will make things so much easier. And the more books you have in that Nets team or email subscribers targeted email subscribers will have. And the more targeted to better because that means you can sell them a product that you know just for them, without having, like, tons of different list in different things to worry about. So you could have death set up and not worry about. You know three different niches, especially when you're just getting stored it. Once you have one being completed. One list completed auto responders or set up everything set up. You can move on to another niche. Also, this is not an overnight thing. There is some upfront work involved. Don't think that you can just open, affiliate, offer and make money. This is more so a process. You're building up your audience, your building, trust with them, and then you're offering them something, and hopefully you'll be generating income on the back in. After they read your book, everyone will buy. This is four more so for nonfiction books, but I also have some ideas for fiction also, and that's basically what it is. Almost everything can be outsourced if you have, the resource is so you can outsource your auto responders. You can outsource everything. So I'm going to give you all the options, of course, in this course of what you can do. But make sure that you know that if you do have the money and you just want to get something out there that it can be outsourced. And make sure to be willing to test the most successful affiliate marketers and product creators or testing there, seeing what, um, email hit line works best or seeing their open rates, um, according to the email headlines. So make sure to just have that advance step and really start testing. Seeing what um, offer works best a lower price offer when they first opt in vs ah ah, higher price offer and things like that. So the more you test and see the conversion waits, the better off you'll be, especially like your landing pages. And there's just a lot to do. So this is definitely, um, not a get rich quick scheme. This is more so you're testing you're trying in your, um going back and seeing what gets the most results. And then you're making more money because you know how to your particular audience will react. So track everything. It's possible. Make sure when you're setting up your, um, email when you have affiliate sales will go into, like how to track how many people downloaded your book, how many people actually bought the product and things like that. So you can track sales and everything within your email marketing software, and we'll get more into that later and make sure that you know that you can secede business in general, especially online business or a zoo, author or publisher or whatever you are, you have to make sure that you have the right mindset or you're not going to take action because I'm going to show you all the technical stuff and everything on it back in. But if you don't believe in yourself and you don't believe that this stuff can really work , you're not going to succeed. You're not going to make any affiliate sales. You're not going to create your own products or whatever you're ah, mission is. So make sure you have that belief in yourself in the stores with doing things and taken action after each lecture and things like that. So you can build up a whole new income stream if you don't give up so you can actually replace your books and come by offering these products on the back end. I mean, the books that was, what, $2 for 2 99 Book on Kindle. But if you're offering products that either you create or affiliate products that are $20 in, um more than you know that can exceed your book income. So just make sure you know exactly what's possible in that if you don't give up and you stay consistent, then you will succeed. A lot of people give up one things, such as affiliate marketing and product creation because they don't believe in themselves. And if you just stick it out and really stick to this process, I know you can be successful. Affiliate marketing is worse. Bests When you're consistent again, make sure you're consistent with your marketing and do everything I say in this course, and you'll be fine. You can build up your own products if you're going to be the brand behind your book. I know all about it. I have some pin names. So if you, um you know, Arjuna, all of this is like something I'm behind. Um, there's other brands that I'm behind like my natural here, citing stuff. So if your brand behind that, you have deliverance to create your own products. But if you don't, you always can go with Ophelia marketing. Don't worry if all your books under pen names, you're not behind them. Um, there's other products that someone created that you can offer to your readers. So that's the great thing about that. If you haven't put anything under your name or under your brand, you might want to consider that if you want to have your own platform and not always rely on affiliate marketing in pin names and things like that. And if you're really to take action after each lecture, you will be a hit of most authors and building long term business. If you look in most books on Kindle, they don't even have an opt in offer or they do. And you signed up for the often offer and you don't even get email from them. I used to be one of those people until I really got serious and really store building on my auto responders and testing. And uhm, I'm going to be going into pay per click, um, marketing. Either more emails, describe or soon. So just make sure that you're taken action after each lecture and you start building that up even if you have them on your list. So you don't sending the emails at least your further head and most people and you have something to rely on because your list is definitely the most important thing you'll have in your business. Because it offers security and make sure last but not least, to have a success mindset, you want to make sure that your focus you do some things involved with personal development . Listen, audios get inspiration from other successful authors and other successful people who've built up big businesses. And just think of how far you can go and really take action and go from there. So thank you for watching house you in the next lecture. 3. Your Email Marketing Software: welcome in this lecture. We're going to talk about getting email addresses so email dresses is where it all starts. This where you know, once you get that email is up to you to take the relationship further with your readers. So we're gonna be collecting email addresses in your books to build up a long term relationship with your readers. So that's basically the strategy is, um, make sure you get the email address and then what you do in the back in is very pertinent to your success. So the first thing we're going to do is get your email marketing software. Male Chimp is free for up to 2000 subscribers. I use a Weber because I'm able to send out affiliate links in tract. You know, statistics and sales and things like that. So for the duration of his course, I'll be using a Weber only because it's what I use. And it's where I start building my list and things like that. So there's other options, such as get response and infusion soft. But I'm just going to show you real quick some of the options and pricing and things like that, um, and go from there. Okay. So as you can see, one of the first options is a Webber. Um, it's a very common software among um, Internet marketers in general, I think is one of most popular in mainly used. It started with it because I kept hearing about him like that's where amounts will start. Um, I really didn't look at other options when I began, but I do want you to look at your other options and really way, which one you think will be best for you, because this is a big deal, even though you can transfer your scrappers to a different list. Um, e think they sometimes it costs money to even do that. So just be very careful which one you choose. A. Weber has treat me very well. I don't have any complaints with them, and I like their functionality and other options and things you can do. There's obviously different, um, videos and tutorials. You could watch about it just in case. But as you can see to start off, you get a free 30 days, and then it's $19 a month for up to 500 subscribers in unlimited emails. Okay, genders male chimp. Which is it? It's a pretty decent option. I never used it, but I've heard that, You know, when you try to sin like affiliate links, you had to be really careful with this software with a Webber. Um, they don't mind. But with, you know, I guess it's a free software. So you never know what restrictions they might put on you. So that's the only thing about using free stuff, but free up to 2000 subscribers, and you can stand 12,000 emails per month. I believe that it costs to send, I don't know, do your research, but I believe it cost to send auto responder emails. But you can send unlimited broadcast emails for free. So that's that. So broadcasts. Okay, auto responder e mails are basically the emails you can set up. And then, you know, you're so scrappers. Get him as day, um, or on your list for so long. But it broadcast email something you sent immediately out to, um, odd people on your list. So there's a big difference. Other responders is more passive. You just set it and forget it. And and broadcast is something you send out to all your subscribers. Um, and it's a one time thing, so you can save it as auto responder later. But depending on yourself, where you could save it is the other responders later and copied a template. But, um, yeah, it is a big difference between a broadcasts in an auto responder. Okay, so another option is get response. This is a very popular one. I do like that. They have a lot of landing pages that come with their, um, software. So we have one thousands of scrappers for 15 a month, Doesn't I bet at all compared to a Weber, which is $19 for fat hunters of scrappers in, um, just like a Weber. This is a paid one, but, you know, it's great to have the auto responder option in. You can obviously stand out, you know, unlimited email. So we have 1000 subscribers, and like I said, they have great, um landing page software to come swift emails off where you can create landing page software with, I mean, a landing page with a weber have done that, but it's not as great or good looking as get response because they have a lot of templates and stuff. A Weber doesn't necessarily have any templates, but there is a way to do it, cause I've done it in, um, that's that. And then last but not least, this is for the big ballers. I'm not even up here yet. Is 1 99 a month for infusion soft? Um, I've heard it's very complicated and things like that, but it looked at the prices 1 99 a month. But this is something I mean, Wow. I mean, they can tailor the emails, too. Like who bought what, and it's just very complex. And this is for those advance marketers who has a lot of emails and, um, yeah, it's for advance people. Eventually, I do want to get over there, but right now we want to stick with a Weber until, you know, um, you know, for wow until I can, you know, get this. I mean, um, I know it's a lot to learn. It's like a whole new learning process to learn this, and it's something that I'm going to do down the road. But those are your options. So you have a Weber. You have male chimp, which is to free one. I mean, if you don't have any money right now, go with that. That's what I would have did earlier if I didn't have any money. You have, um, to get response, and you have infusions off. So just, you know, do your search, do your research and really think about what you want to do in and go from there. And so here's your action step for this lecture. Make sure you don't go into next lecture without your email software. So get your email software today if you don't already have it. If you already have it in Great, um, you see some other options you could have went with and go from there. Thank you for watching if you have any questions to make sure to put him in a discussion. I love answering questions, and it helps to course. So if you want to leave a a discussion, make sure to do so and I'll see you in the next one 4. Creating Your Squeeze Page/ Landing Page: in this lecture, we're going to go into how to set up your landing page and the different options that you have, because there are a lot. Okay, so you have the option to set up a landing page. This is a place where you Olson readers after they, um, click your link. If they're interested in what you have after they see the little message in your book and you'll send them to your landing page, will they be able to put in their name and email So you want to just have something will get into often offers in the next lecture so you can have that set up in order for them to be enticed to get on your list. So depending on what email software you have and your design skills, you may not have to buy new software. So if you look at the last lecture, we talked about the different email marketing software. So if you have something that you know you can get, get by with right now, this is something you have to worry about. You know, whether you just have something up right now than to worry about landing page software especially if you don't have the expenses at the time. So just get something up there even if you, um you know, even if it's something that doesn't look amazing at the time or whether you have that and, you know, collect these email addresses instead of waiting, So just keep that in mind also. So if you don't have design skills, don't worry about it. There are many plug and play. All you gotta do is type in your information, and you know you can get landing pages in order to do that. So and I want to show you some software options. And after this lecture, the action step is to get your landing page set up. So now we're going to go into some options that you have this forest landing page. Okay, Like I said, you do have a few options that actually use a landing page, software caught landing page monkey and, you know, dates or a regular little page. And it's a $37.1 time fee. Right now, I don't know if it's gonna go up or not, but it's pretty simple. The only thing is, they don't come with any templates. so you have to create him yourself. But they have videos on exactly how to do that. And, you know, it's nothing crazy. I get e mails subscribers from my little ugly opt in all the time. Um, of course, you're always into improvement and stuff, but it's pretty simple to set up. You can set it up in one day is just, you know, a no brainer and integrate with a Weber and get response and all those other fancy little email Softwares to, um Or if you have a Weber like me, you can actually create a sign up form. Let me preview this one. Um, there's just once I created when I didn't have landed pay software. See, Like, you know, this is my original one. I didn't start with no fancy software, so don't think you need it. And I was getting emails from this, so just keep that in mind, too. So if you have email marketing software, you don't need anything fancy, and you just go to create a sign up form and actually have different put templates and things like that, and oh, that's new. They say you could split test your Santa form, so I might even go back to a weather. You never know. But but yeah, you don't need anything fancy to get these emails, so just keep that in mind, okay? I'm back in a Webber again, and here's like, the different some of the different templates they have and things like that. So that's a really cool. So you never know. I might, you know, use wonder templates again. But like, you saw how my olden days was and I you know, the great thing about landing page monkey Also, is this a one time fee? And there is another option. I know you probably heard of it. If you're in any Internet working at all, and that is lead pages, and here is their, um, fee. The only thing I don't like it. So it's a recurring fee, and it's kind of pricey, especially when you're just starting off when I first we're starting off. I didn't have money to do this, but I could afford it now, but it's like whether or not keeping them over and over again. But you never know if I really need to do this. And there's also optimized press. Okay? so optimize prices is another, um, popular option in the Internet marketing community. So, um, I'm actually considering getting this for my sales pages, but right now, you know, I'm found. What? Landing page Monk. And you can actually make cells pages with landing page monkey. Also. So the core packages only 97. The only difference in these or how many sites you can put him on. But if you know, if you're just beginning and you don't even fancy I will say go with that. So $97.1 time feet not bad at all, Okay? And I'm just going to show you a few of my actual landing pages just so you can get an idea of what they look like. And landing page monkey just so you can get a glimpse. So this is one of my nonfiction winds of free course. Um, let me go back. Okay, so this is what it looks like. One of my books on FB A. So you know, free course. Nothing fancy, You know, just little things like that. You can images and stuff. Um, let me show you one for my books. My nonfiction books, Silk Sheikh books view, and this is one from a nonfiction. I mean my fiction books, my romance books and opting offers. So, as you can see, get to just like, you know, pretty cool. And then when you click that just, you know, enter your name and email in good to go. So that's it. What I want you to do is just focus on getting your opt in offer set up. Even if you don't have any, I mean not often offer. Get your landing pay set up. Even if you don't have anything to give away at the moment. That's fine. Just say, get my you know, you know, join my email list. I want you to set this up, like, right now so you can start putting it in your books. And then later on in the next lecture, we're gonna be talking about creating your actual opt in offer. So thank you for watching. And I will see you in the next lecture. 5. Creating Your Lead Magnet : in this lecture. We want to go into creating your lead magnet, so the first thing you want to do is pick the type of lead magnet. You want to offer your readers the most popular type or digital, but depending on your niche your books are in. You may want to offer a physical product or even a service such as coaching when new readers opt in. Digital lead magnets includes, but are not limited to, e books, videos, many courses, reports, principles and more. You already know how to create e books, obviously, so you would just write another e book related to the nets. As for his videos Go, you can create those using its more phone camera or the camera from your laptop. There's no need to go out and buy fancy equipment unless necessary. Right now, we're focused on in perfect action. The yearly magnet will be quality. The more important thing is issue offer value to the reader. That's what really counts in the long run. If you are doing a tutorial of some sort and you need to record your screen, you can use screen recording software like screen cast, a Matic or DJing for longer videos Used Greencastle Matic, it's free for up to 15 minutes of video. The catch is that they will have their watermark at the bottom of your video. The pro version is only $15. At this time of recording, you can get a pro version if you want long term quality screen recording software to host your videos, you can use programs like YouTube and make your video unlisted, so the only people who have access to the link will be able to view it. This is an option I use all the time. You can also upload the video to your own site or platform and protect it by using a WordPress plug in. You can store the videos using Amazon s three. They charge you. The amount of storage you use monthly is a very low price. The possibilities are endless. So now you need to create your lead magnet. Make sure to update your squeeze pays to match early magnet, create early men, and in the next lecture, we're going to go into how to put the leet magnet into your books. 6. Putting Your Lead Magnet In Your Books: in this lecture, we're going to go into the tactical steps of putting your lead magnet in your books. So this is an actual example of one of the elite magnets 1/2 of my book candle publishing back in which you probably already checked out since you're taking this course. But as you can see is the simple stop photo. And I just created, um, these little images in pic monkey these little things that tell you what the course I mean , yeah, the course is about and pick smoking and was very simple. And the photo only cost a dollar. But we're going to get into a step, a step like process, like I was walking through what I would do when I'm actually putting my lead magnet into my books. Keep in mind that the process is pretty much the same, but you might be using different soft, weird and you, so just bear with me. And if you have any questions, I'll try to help you out. So step by step instructions. So the first step is to take an image or create an image of your lead magnet, and then you can get one made on Fiverr, which I usually just create Mind myself, or you can take a screenshot of your lead magnet by using DJing or get a stock image of it . So I also have some examples to show you. Like, for example, in this image, for example, in this image actually took a screenshot of the video I had. All of it was Go to the YouTube unlisted video and took a screenshot using the software Jing and pretty much just made this and went into, um, pic Monkey and made this little detail and went from there. And then your next step is to add the image to the front and back of your book and create a hyper link that links back to your landing pay. So it's a pretty simple process. I'm going to get into it right now, but before we got into, I just want to show you one more example. This is just a regular stock photo, and then I just added this little thing using pic monkey engine. Just simply put that there and then added that image and saved it, and it was that is that easy, and I get my images from my stock images from Dollar Photo Club. It's a dollar per image and it got some pretty decent stuff on there. If you don't want to spend a whole bunch of money or you can also get a camera dot com, I know they have a lot of stock images and you could edit him right in their software. So there's a lot of option. Just make sure not to use anyone's actual image. Make sure to pay for it and make sure you have rights to it before you add anything to your books. Okay, Now I want to show you, like how to delete magnet to a book that you already have. So just open your word document, and then you want to just, um, already have your image made. So make your little lead magnet image so people will be more entice, too. Join your list. If you don't have one, then I'd rather you not, um rather you just do it and not have one, too. Then it just not have a e mail up now. Also, um, just work with what you have and just get something out there doesn't have to be perfect. So so OK, so you just, you know, go on to next page at a little page break, then you go into we're here was X pictures and then we want to find were picked, So I do usually like my my lead Magnus to match up with the book. As you can see, the spoke is about, like, saving money, and it's like a link to a frequent, of course, but that's like, um, lead making for my main list, and I don't have one created right now, but I'm still going to publish the book and, um, just used Asleep Magnet. And maybe one day I'll make one about how to save money for entrepreneurs. But in general, there's my generalised where I talk about general business anyway, So I don't know how many people are gonna be interested in this league magnet, but like I said, it's better to nothing. And, um, I have a lot of books where I do have specific lead magnets and made just for that topic. But it's kind of crazy because have a lot of business topics under my orgy in all of this pen name, and you know it can get kind of crazy. Corinne. Audi's lead magnets have an obvious list, so just try toe stay focused in, um, great books that are similar to each other. But there's a general general business pin names, So I'm going to just go with this one, so OK, you can add little things up here. I'm going to actually open up another one of my book, so I can kind of show you what I would do on a regular. Okay, so here's another one of my books that that was just doing this on a regular. I would just go in here and copy and paste this so I don't have to keep going back and, you know, creating the same square. Once you do this once, you don't have to keep doing that. Someone is just copy and paste that in there, but you don't have to anything. This is pretty self explanatory, but I'm just going to do that. But at least I showed you how to, like, add the image or whatever. So when you do copy and pasted from another document, it will already have dealings and everything in here. But I'm going to show you how to add two links, so I'm actually going to center this and, you know, dust. Just some text to tell you about your lead magnet. And then what you want to do is just click on that click on your actual image. Didn't go to insert, um, you want to go to hyperlink and then you want to add whatever your, um, lead ah, link over to your actual landing page where they can enter a name and email. So this is just like a general going to get them over to that pay so they can enter your name and email. So if you were to go to this link, this is what it looks like. It's taken a while to load up. But, you know, as you can see, I have this in my WordPress back office and actually made a new one is split tested, and I'm going to show you that, too, but pretty much here. And then when they click on here, access, recourse, they can enter your name and email address, so that's pretty much that. But if you see this instead of landing page monkey, that's because I uploaded to my WordPress ought to host it on my own site. Okay, so next thing I won't do if I was just, you know, after I finished creating my landing page involves creating a whole new landing page or whatever in order to link to my lead magnet. What I would do is just go back here and find the links to let's find the, um, Kindle course. So I hear we have a oh main list. You can view it. So this is what it looks like and it takes forever to load with that you to be on the back . So that's why I made another one. And you can see my main lis, My second main lis right here. And this is back in landing page. Monkey just let you know, so OK, so after you create your landing page justice four landing page won't give you Have it? If not, then whatever you're using the creature lead page, you would, um, you can download this and then uploaded to, um, your back office stirs like instructions on how to do it in the videos. They have, um, tutorials to having landing pace monkey. But right now, this is really the link you can use, and it will be hosted by landing page monkey. And then this is just what you a copy and paste in your confirmation page, but just want to show you that. But I'm going to show you an example of what you would do. You would just download that. Did you have that? And you will go back into WordPress back office, going to your media, and you need to download a program called Pretty Link to do this. Okay, so you're going to hear me to go to add new. So this is if you want to host the landing page on your own page using landing page monkey , you will go to Ed. New was stern that bud, and then you would just upload that. Let me try to do this, Okay? You will go to add new down here and then a select your fouls, which in this case, will be like a Oh, and then just find out in your downloads. Whatever you named, your list will be pretty much done. And then you would just uploaded, okay and say if I, you know, uploaded my, um, media foul from over here so you would download that Go to add new media and you would find something like this after you opened up to download. Then you would get does your ill and copy it, and then we're going to go over. It's a pretty link, so you could just add a new pretty link. Um, pretty linked. Just search for that in your WordPress back office is a nice thing to have for your books anyway, when you're directing readers and it's free, so is good to go. And then after that, you want to just keep everything the same Are you going to do is have to talk to you or L. And then the nice thing is, you already have your little domain name right here, and you would just add whatever you are pretty link would be. So you can good to say. If I wanted to do this, it will be relevant to what the lead magnet is so free Kindle course or whatever. So I would just get that link. Let's just do an example now. Just put example and then you can title it. This is just so you can find it so you can put example for course, and I always put no follow because I don't want, you know, anything like that and, um, go to create. And then you have this. And then when I go here, it should be the same link, and yet we're good to go. So now you see how you would add that link. So pretty much the link you want is to pretty link. So you would just copied at and put that in a in your book for this example going to do that one So you would click this hyperlink and a hyperlink wherever your landing pages put that in there. Did you go? What? Obviously, I'm not gonna put that, but you get the idea. Okay, So after you had your link to a book, if you want to test it, just pushed control on your keyboard and click on the image to make sure that it will go to the place you wanted to. And it should be opened in another tap. Here we go. Oh, I clicked it a few times, but Yep, there we go. So it looks like that's working, and you'll also be able to test it when you actually do to preview for your Kindle? Make sure your links are working and everything, so that looks good. And then you want to just do the same thing down below, too. For the end of your book, you want a copy and paste ISS. If you have a differently magnet, they can get for reading the whole book, which is great, especially for Kendall. Pages read. You can do that as well and make a whole new lead magnet and, you know, just a little bonus to it that they can get by opting it at opting in it in the book and us actually the wrong book. Someone just put this at the end. Scylla students again insert page break and incompetent and good to go and longest. It's highlighted when you put your air over the image or the link Dan. It's pretty much gonna work when people click on it, so you have to worry about that. So yup, we have that already to go, and that's pretty much how you put your link at the back of the book, I noticed, can be like a very technical thing if you don't have a website yet you can also just use. Like I said, whatever your lead pages, you can just use this. You don't have to actually have a pretty link. That's just, like, more advanced. If you already have a website and you wanted to look a little neater and actually give people that link to go straight to adopt an offer, it's a little bit more professional. But work with what you have right now. Don't worry about if you don't have a website, so you can just do that and just used this link and you can use a bit linked to, you know, send people to this link or you, um, any other pretty link things that you have. But you'll pretty much be good to go. Um, any questions, please leave a minute, comments or in a discussion and let me know what you think. And I'll see you in the next video. Thank you. 7. Putting Your Lead Magnet In Your Autoresonder For Automatic Delivery : In this lecture, you will discover how to put your email lead magnet into your email auto responders. So obviously, I have a Weber, and whatever auto responder you use, it should be pretty simpler. Similar? I'm sorry. So just go to wherever you're following messages are in any Weber's like under here. So after you have created your new list or whatever, you want to just go on to your follow up messages, and the way you add it in there is pretty simple you just pretty much a link to the content . The only thing you may have struggled with is, you know, getting the link or finding a linked in one what you created. So, for example, if you created a YouTube video, like for a dis example, where I have unlisted YouTube video where, UM, readers can only access this if they actually, um, if they actually have a link to the actual magnets, So if they don't have that link, they won't be able to watch the video. It's not on my General Channel, because I have it as a unlisted video, So I just linked over to unlisted video on YouTube. That's one way to, you know, host or video, but obvious leaders other ways to host your videos as well. So that's that actually needed change this because I have a new logo. But anyway, so free kindle creation course. So here is a link, and you would just add it in here. So highlight whatever portion you one highlight, and then I just have the direct link to that YouTube video, and that is right over here. Well, this is just an example of when revenues does not actual one, but for another email actually have for email, eat magnet, actually have a kindle a kree space course. And, you know, you would just, um, create the video uploaded to YouTube and have it as unlisted. So the person would need the link in order to actually viewed a video, which is, like, you know, it's exclusive to your list. You don't want to just have it out. They are ticketed. Just a washed it on your regular channel. So you which is copy that and come over and bring it into your list and whatever Portuondo highlight you just hot light. So I just highlighted here is your But you know you could just put you can have like this and then add a link or wherever, so it's up to you. So that's one example there is, which might be a more tricky one. It's linking over to your pdf like you have a pdf, a free book or something like that. It might be a little tricky. Sorry, just had to fix that were quick. But even though that's not even, you know, I gotta change that logo anyway. But anyway, backed on task. What you would do is what you need to do. You have the book or the link for the pdf or whatever you want to share. You would go into your WordPress back office and uploaded After you upload it, you'll see something like, for example, this. And when you click on that, it will show you to your L. So all you need is dizzy or L. So I can read it directly from your sites host, and then he would just put that in there. As you can see, this link is right here. Yes, it's Lincoln right over to there. Then they will be able to download it, so that's pretty much how you will put that in there and then, you know, obviously saved a message and go from there, but is a pretty simple process. If you don't have a website, you will just with your pdf. And then you have to have some where it hosted, though, in order to actually, you know, send them over to link. So you might want to get a or a press start orig website if you don't have one yet, but you need to get some type of host to host that actual place so you can put your Lincoln there. So if you don't have a website here is an option. You could do Amazon as a three. And, um, Amazon history is basically by Amazon is a stair storage platform, and you pay by use it. So pdf would be nothing. I'm off. Basically, um, you know, I use it to host like my videos for my membership site and things like that, or I need videos. You want host on your website that you don't necessarily, you know, one in your back office that you want everybody to have access to because believe it or not , your WordPress like If you have blue something to your WordPress media, it might get, um, you know, it's easier to get parroted if they look, we know to search for something in your media, but if you don't want anything in the media, or if you don't have a website, simply open Amazon history account and you are good to go. You would just upload your pdf here and then get the link and you'll be good to go. So say, if this was a PdF, which I know it's not. But say, if it was, what you would do is go to click on it, go to properties, and then you would make it public. See, right here you'll make that public, and then you can copy and paste that into, you know, your, um, you're a Weber. I mean your email marketing tools, so you can just have that linked over there. So that is an option to host your pdf if you don't have a website. So there's always little storage places you can go to even on Dropbox. Actually drop boxes free up to a certain amount of usage, so that's an option. Just find somewhere to store it somewhere. You can host it so you can get that link and always have it. And, um, share with your readers. So thank you for watching. That's pretty much it for dis lectures. Just make sure you, you know, decide which elite magnet is. You know, im link it up to your book and, you know, have a ready to go so soon as a reader ops in, They can go straight to your lead magnet and you're good to go. Any questions? Of course. Let me know. I try to explain that the best I could, But I understand if you have questions. So let me know in a common sort of discussion and us to you in the next lecture. 8. Choosing an Affiliate Offer or Product: all right in this lecture, we're going to go into choosing an affiliate offer or product, so affiliate marketing is definitely a good option for you if you're new to, um, when I'm working in general, if you never really may any money outside of your Kindle books and you're looking for something that's easy to set up and just obviously really available to you because there's so many options, then affiliate marketing is a great way, and also, it's, um, one of the easier ways to make money with all you do is pretty much drive traffic to your offer, and you already have traffic through your readers, so you'll just get this product in front of them. And you can make a commission easily without having to put in the work to create anything crazy. Like a video course, we have to set up your own platform and do different things, so it's pretty much a no brainer, and it's definitely an option. So the first thing you need to do is search the Web to find a product that's relevant to your niche. It can either be physical or digital, so you could just go to Google or any search engine that you use and just search for products that are relevant to your niche. For example, if you were in a gardening Mitch, you might want to make a checklist of two different things that people would need to start off when they begin gardening. So, you know, just be creative and just trying to study affiliate marketing and use different strategies to try to get people Teoh click on your affiliate links. You can also use sites like a JV zoo and Click bank. These are two of the big sites that offer a lot of digital products, and you can use D sites in order to, um, look at and see if they are offering anything. Your niche, if they are, is most likely a video course or a book or something like that. Because, like I said, it's like a whole bunch of digital products, so definitely looked there first. They're easy, they're trustworthy. And, um, you might want to actually about a product first so you can have a better idea of how to market it to your readers. Um, I usually don't market anything less. I bought it, but you don't have to. If you don't have the money to buy it, maybe you can reach out to the actual owner and tell them that you have a whole. You know, you have a whole bunch of readers, and you believe that. Don't be interested in the product. And if you could just send me a review copy, I would really appreciate it. So you can try to get a review copy from the actual owner in the products to if you do your research. So if you have the money or if you haven't looked at the product yet, that's an option as well. So, for example, in my email marketing, I have a book called Email Marketing Machine and in my email auto responders, I use Landing Page Monkey is an affiliate offer, so, as you can see, that just relates to each other. So I like, say things like, instead of buying Lee pages, you can buy landing page monkey cause we talked about landing Pace monkey in this course earlier in the we talked about yet Landing Page Monkey earlier when we talked about setting up our squeeze pages, so Landing Page monkey is definitely an option um, obviously it was option for me anyway, if you have anything about email marketing. Another example is for my Amazon. FB a Boca actually have a checklist of bacon bound load and it tells you how to get started . What? Your FB A business and as checklist are all affiliate links. But the only thing is Der affiliate links to using Amazon. You know Amazon Associates Program, and you know they have very pay very low payouts. You might already be using them to market your actual books, so that's an option as well. So if you can't find anything on JB's or Click Bank, you might want to go directly to a vendor's website because just because you don't see anything on here doesn't mean anything doesn't exist for your particular knits. So just go to a vendor's website. If you do find something and see if they have an affiliate program by just doing a search on their site or doing a search on Google for their particular product name and affiliate program. So you always have that. Usually Amazon sells everything. If you can't find anything else, you can use actual Amazon itself, so your action step is to choose an affiliate product to begin marketing and get that all set up in your email auto responders and you'll be good to go soldiers. Also another option. If you don't want to go with affiliate marketing and you're more advanced and you want to create something anyway for your audience, because if it doesn't exist, you can always create it and then have affiliates to your product. Sometimes you just have to think bigger and build a real business so you can also have your own product so you can consider creating your own products for the back end of your books. Is great. Actually have a membership site. I have information products such as, you know, books, video courses, things like that. So you can do the same thing as well. So you have many options. You can have a physical products, so that's supposed to say wholesale. I'm sorry. Ho Sell private label. You can do e commerce. You can like making e commerce site around, you know, and send your readers dare, depending on what your book is about. Also, print on demand sites, like is There's a once pressure where you're kind of do someone else's platform, so it's kind of like affiliate marketing, but you create your own designs and you own those designs and you can just send them near. That's also great for fiction. Offers fiction authors. I'm sorry I am. If you're a fiction author, you can have quotes and sayings with your you know who. Whatever your character is in your book, you can have quotes and sayings and things and printed on your T shirts and things like that, so you can just get really creative with that. As for his digital, you know, E books. Obviously you know a lot about that Video courses, audio courses in things like that for video courses, You could just use a simple, where press site and set up a payment gateway and same with audio courses. So your action step is to create your own physical or digital product so you can have that nice and ready in order to start building your business and have your readers by something on the back end. Thank you for watching, and I'll see you in the next lecture 9. Setting Up Autoresponders: in this lecture, we're going to go into setting up your auto responders, so it's pretty easy, which is go to messages and in legacy slash follow up surgeries if you're in a Weber. But, um, so this is for my or Gina Allah vis follow ups areas and just want to give you some ideas on what you can put in your auto responders. And obviously, you need to make sure that you actually, you know, study some copy writing. Um, maybe get some email templates if you don't have a large us, really the best e mails or the ones that you know, our personable when and you really you know, I don't have to be sounding all business, he or whatever. So, um, I'm just going to go into a few of these. So here, the first thing you want to do is put your slink into your first. You know, your auto responder, Siri's, and this is the message will do it in. This is the first message stat does a scrapper will receive. Like I mentioned that, um, your auto, um, gift after giving away should be related to the book. What? The book was about, So obviously they want to opt in. If you already got a missus crabber and you know a potential aren't Tom Reader, then you're pretty much good to go. But you know, people can always us describe if you start seeing them stuff just kind of, you know, irrelevant or whatever. So I'm working on segmenting my lists a little bit better, too, because people won't be a different stages, just just a lot that goes into it. And you can handle multiple multiple list. If you do write in, just really study email marketing in general. But, you know, even marketing is a big deal. That's where a lot of my sales come from for my books when I create a new book, especially since I start going wide and, you know, um, getting that first initial sale to boost you up in the rankings and, um, you know, telling him when you have a new book and they'll support you. Rather it's in Kindle Unlimited, or it's on another, you know, platform and I have to pay, you know, a little bit of money for it. Then they'll do that. And I noticed that from my actual you know readers that I have not necessarily with orginal avaaz dot com, but especially my romance Siri's, which is just very tight nichd and focused around just books. But this is like more back in. But if you're a nonfiction, you'll realize that your content will be concentrated towards more back in things and more information on the topic and things like that. So it's like two different worlds, really. But back to our responders, Siri's. So in this welcome email, you just want to give him your whatever you promise them. You're free book or whatever. Welcome them. And maybe if you, ah, depend on you know, if you're if you have a pen name, you could put even their picture. If it's like a brand like, you know, have succeed books, you might not want to put their picture because it could be from multiple authors within that brand or that publisher. Because I look at Silk Sheet Books is a publishing house, but Virgin Olive is dot com. It's more, you know, helping new authors, you know, self published over spoke. So, um, download your free course or free kindle Balkin, whatever you're given away. So That's what you want to put in your first thing. So you want to just have the for us message in, I mean to subject line, make sure that's relevant. And make sure you know people test different. Hey, allies to get the open and don't want to get him open. You want to get clicking and you know it's It's just a lot that goes into it, but it's great to have these people to reach out to when you're launching a new book. So that's the first message, the second message you wanted more. So introduce yourself or to the company. While it depends on if it's nonfiction or fiction, like I said, but forging all ofhis, I just kind of go into who I am. More free gifts, Bonus chapters or must especially for US authors, Bonus stoppers. Been a shop respondents, chapters. Make sure it always put those in there. Um, I'm gonna be segment in this a little bit more cause you know, Georgina Oliver's dot com used to be a general Internet marketing site and just talked about my my thing. But now it's going to be more so all about author and selling books in the back end and everything else. So I kind of have to rebrand that and really get these, you know, get everything segmented. If they click on this link, then they'll we'll talk more about segment lamentation in another lecture. But this is pretty much what you wouldn't do. Just make sure to get your emails written up. Police try to get 10 or 15. 20 is even better. 10 20 email Mod responders Butts asked in a lot of broadcast when I do my silk, she books. So let's go over and show you that list okay with silk sheet books, which is definitely a the perfect example of, like author, website, all about books. Um, very responsive list only got like 43. But, you know, if I'm getting eight sales from a pre order put out from Ford three people, that's pretty decent. And the rest, you know, um, still be downloaded. My regular Kindle pages read books study on KDP Select. So obviously I'm doing something right. Only have to our responders pre decent, open rate, as you can see. So this is actually ah, give them two books there. I'll show you this email in case you wanna I don't care if you copy it or not. A doubt If you never know, our readers might be the same to like, Hey, this is the same email of Red. But I doubt if it will be so you can copy just wear for where, and I really don't care. I can't remember what I really said in here, but let's see what's going on. So this is the first email they get when they often they'll get their free books, and I think I just tell them what to expect. So, you know, calm silk shooters and you know, you could just pause this and copy it if you want or, you know, kind of make it your own thing. So and if from. But you know how they say it, the first email should be from a company is actually doing quite well for it to be like from the publishing house. So it's I'm liking that, um, don't miss out. This is the second email syndrome, and basically I'm trying to get them on my street team. I think I have right now. There's actually a lot of them don't want to be on street team. I noticed because you know that this email goes out in, they open it and obviously didn't want to be on the street team. I think only six of a matter like 43 at this moment. I want to be on the street team. But like I said, they're very responsible by my books in always get a lot of downloads on the first day. So obviously these 43 or 40 however many people, um it is growing daily. They obviously, you know, like the books. And, you know, they just want to buy him. They don't want to be involved in reviewing them, because I understand. I mean, it's a romance book, more so erotic room and so I can get it like you don't want to really be. Oh, girl, This was good. You know, a lot of people are secretive about that, so might be a little harder with these kind of books. Kind of risque books understand. So but yeah, telling about my street team, Um, I get reviews here and there on my books, but they still sell because I have this reader based, which is just great And that's the reason you need Teoh. Really? Get up on this team auto responder thing, but and that's pretty much, um, two examples of you know what you should be doing with your auto responders so you can do bonus chapters. You can send out a list. I mean, ah, email stating that you want them to get on your street team. Make sure to send out, especially for your fiction books. Um, tell him a little bit about yourself. Let them know what to expect from you. You can send out and let me tell you, show you about the broadcast. I send out the different types. All right, let's see some broadcast. This is what I send out to get the sales or whatever. All right, so I send out pre orders and I sent out. You know, you could see that people are opening. Ah, new releases, Um, pre order stuff like that. And of course, um, I'm going to show you some more tricks too. But right now we're focusing a lot of responders, but let me show you like what my preorder looks like. If it's a Kindle unlimited book, which this is, they usually don't preorder. They wave come out so they can download it. So just keep that in mind. Don't get discouraged if you're not going pre wars. But like I said, when I when I did that, um, booked out when a store going wide a comptel like that's obviously from a list that start doing these pre orders. I got way more when it wasn't in Kindle Unlimited got way more preorders. So just keep that in mind if your books and Kindle Unlimited, you might not get a lot of pre orders because you might get a few. I got a few of my 1st 1 I did. But once they realized it was going being Kindle Unlimited, I'll wait till it comes out to get, you know, for free. So, um, let me see if I can open this just one of you. It's a list. Twos reviews that message. Okay, so this is what it looks like. I just used a little a Weber template. So it just says new preorder how much it costs. And, um ah, use pretty link to link that up. Make sure this picture is clickable as well, and then, um when it's coming out and let them know it's Kindle unlimited, so they don't feel like they got bamboozled. When, um when it comes out with this can eliminate anyway, there's really no need to put on a pre order. They'll just get when it comes out. That's why you need to email him when it comes out. That is a new released, but, you know, just letting I'm keeping. I'm excited, letting them know that they need to get it soon as it comes out, which will increase your rankings for your books, which is great. Okay, so this is what a new release email looks like. So pretty much keep the same color scheme. But I'm going to try to brand a little bit more, you know, just take a little bit of pride in it, and then it just so basically tells you what book it is. Make sure you have a picture to cover. People are very visual when it comes to fiction books and, you know, tell what the book it's about, not a Kindle 11 series will be available. Other retailer soon. So when you actually get your other books on other retailers, you can start linking them over. So you can You have to worry about that. But it wasn't ready on other retailers at that point. But when it did get ready, um, I'm gonna put the links over to him. So, like us on Facebook, you know, Joyner Street team. And so, you know, to have pretty a time to join the street team. But yet just keep doing your bonus chapters. Do Newman release emails? Do when you have pre orders. Make sure to just keep your readers engaged in just, you know, especially for nonfiction. I'll be very easy to do. So thank you for watching. Let me know if you have any questions about. You know, first of all, if you have any ideas to share with me what you would other kind of emails, you send it to your list. I mean, of course, informational emails will work with nonfiction. You know more about the topic or whatever, but when it comes to just spokes, you know, what else can you send in different things too often, master back in and things like that. So many questions about you know how toe do anything, Just let me know and I'll be happy to help in us to you in the next lecture. 10. How To Get More Sales | Affiliate Marketing | Product Creation: in this lecture, we're going to talk about how to get more sales through both affiliate marketing and your own products from your books. Okay, so the first thing we're gonna talk about its affiliate marketing, which is great for those just getting started and want to promote something to their readers. So the first thing you need to do is choose a product relevant to your books topic, especially for nonfiction. I don't know how exactly this will work for fiction authors unless you're just putting affiliate links over two books that you already have published. But if you're a non fiction, this is obviously a great choice for you, because you can pretty much going click bank and choose any product that is relevant to your niche. UM, click bing JV Zoo Dorial form. There's all kind of different affiliate products that I'm sure you confined that's relevant to your product information products that are online. You don't have to worry about anything physical and just get done. A fairly Lincoln sent him over, so basically you want to, um, see what I'm affiliate product you want to get and make sure that you used the product first. only because that will give your best results, especially if you're like the author standing by in your book. If it's like a pin name, then that's a little different. You necessarily have to test out the product, but it will be good to, you know, run them to the product and answer any questions they may have about it. So just keep that in mind. The best you know, conversions I've seen is when I've actually used product and I can create content in air value in do things that obviously would draw people to build more trust in purchased the product because they see that I have used it. But like I said, if you have a pin name, you might not necessarily, um, you know, they might not have that deeper connection with your audience. Therefore, you could just try to, you know, stand that affiliate link over by, you know, adding some value ed and more content. You know about it. Written content. Maybe you wouldn't do videos, because obviously, you know you have to show your face unless you do like a screen cast. If you want to do a screen cash, you can use something like screen cast O Matic or gene. Something to record your screen if you're showing him something like that. But if you're just, um, you know, you could just walk him through by writing your own experience with it, And you don't necessarily have to, you know, show your face. So it all depends on if you're the actual brand behind your name. So so you can do tutorials to welcome through exactly how to use it. Product reviews, review of the product, you know, in in the reviews Make sure you say at least something that you didn't like about it to make it more trustworthy or everything. No, just say is the best thing ever. So, you know, just more believable when you actually say with the pros and wester cons. Even if there's not a lot of cons. Try to come up with something, um, guy to condemn him, guides and stuff on how to use it. Manuals and stuff. Testimonials always work telling the results you got from using a particular product. So if you have something on gardening, you can definitely do like product reviews, tutorials, guides and actually, hopefully you have your you know someone behind that brands. They can actually have a video of you using it if it's a physical product or whatever. But if it's affiliate product, you can't have a physical product as well. We don't have to have a digital product you can like, you know, get something off Amazon and and being a Philly afford, especially if it's like a high price product. It would definitely worth it. But you want to try to find things that are, you know, pay you a little bit more than Amazon would, which is only, I think, 7% or something you want to find, um, different things. You're better off. Wanna click bank or something where you can get a higher price, you know, digital product and don't have to worry about you know, that little percentage that you get. But if you're referring a lot of people, then it might be worth it. So which would just do is linked back to a product using your affiliate link in your email Auto responders? Siri's so after you already provided to free content, you know the reviews to tutorials. You know, things like that you want to, um, just add value in that way. And then you would just put that in your email auto responders. So I already have some emails going out to them that's free. You have free content in it, talking about whatever you're book is around. And then, you know, I guess after, like, three emails you can like Seo. Here's a product I don't know you might obviously benefit from. And here is a bonus tip. Make sure to put, um, affiliate product on your thank you page. I'm going to show you an example of that. So that's one of things that I get a lot of cells from, just from putting a affiliate product, my thank you page, and I'll show you how to do that. Okay. For example, I have a lot of books under depend in a while, not depending on my Rooney, but I guess it still pen names that I have other names that write books under argie novice dot com. And in this example, I have you know, they have opted in. The book was around Amazon FDA, and you know I to send them over to an affiliate. Oh my thank you. Pay. So after they described. I'll get this. Don't come right to this page in the, um, click over and just takes him right over to in affiliate that, you know, an affiliate. So that's just a great thing you can do. You can actually copy this and, you know, make it yours if you want, but you give him a bonus in Ah, it's great. If the cells pesos videos Tuesday, you can say I'll give the following videos absolutely free. And then the link to your affiliate offer especially nonfiction. This works very well. I'm telling you have converted. Ah, lot of people. Um, with that. So whatever your book is about try to make it is targeted as possible. If not, you know something, general, but, you know, and obviously you something that you believe and don't send him anywhere that you haven't used are you Haven't you know you're not familiar with Because it's best if you know, um, where you're sitting them and things like that and that you've got results from whatever you're wherever you're sitting him. If not, you know it's OK, but it's better this way. So So this is the fun poor email marketing with your own products opposed to having to deal with affiliate. You never know. The great thing about your own platform is you're not relying on anyone else changing, maybe the price of product changing. You know anything about the product, and you just don't have to worry about being on someone else's platform to make your income because you never know what they can change or what can happen. But when you're in control of your own destiny is great. So, um, some options are to create your own courses, your own store. You can create a store, do someone else platform as well. But, um, you know it's But you know, that's the option to coaching or whatever other services that you offer, especially if you have a book around. Not just a great thing. And it's great because you can control your own income on your own platform, especially, you know you own your list and you can especially view on your product and your list, and you're definitely ahead of most people who are Internet marketing in general. So so for fiction writers here, some ideas for you. I know you've been waiting for this. Um, Zazzle, which is a store I mean a platform where you can create a store. It is their platform, but it doesn't take any upfront. Money is free to create a store, and you can make T shirts and things like mugs and bags and anything pretty much what quotes from your books or your book titles. You can do autographed copies of your books, not on Zazzle, but in general, you can just, you know, charge to do autographed copies of your book instead about to readers, um, insider things that your fans and readers would know, etc. There's all kind of like things you could do outside of your book. As a fiction writer, I was thinking, What can I really sale outside of my books? And I was like, Oh, yeah, I can create a Zazzle store something and then have quotes from the book that readers might be interested in. I don't know how well it will convert, but still is something you can have just in case they do it. Is that about something? Otherwise, you do have you know them buying your books, especially after loyal readers. You'll be able to have them buying your books time and time again. So that's a great thing. US wealth, physical products, this option for you like let's go back to the gardening that if you if you're in a gardening knitting, you have gardening books you can do, um, Amazon FB A site and just, you know, use your book is lead generators and get people toe bath that from your stored like e commerce store or also, etc. You can create your own online courses. Does platforms that you can use like you to me. Of course, you can create one on your own website as well. Um, and you can used Amazon as three. For that. Amazonas three is basically a stores place with Amazon, and you get paid. I mean, you get charge per usage instead of, you know, having to pay a set amount. So if you're not using this base, they don't charge you, and then you could use a membership site plug in in order to protect your content from people who haven't paid to see it. So skill shares ah, similar to you to me but you to muse away larger at this point in time, that's care, skill share. So those are other options you have as well. So just let your readers know what you have to offer through email. Um, have something on the back in. This is what you told courses about. You need to just decide on one thing and focus on that. Whether it's physical products, whether it's your own on courses and, you know, just get something out there so you know you can give something else for them to buy once they want toe, um, buy more from you than your books. And you know, if there really helped him out, don't really, you know, purchase through either your affiliate link or they'll actually by your physical products. So just decide on what your plan will be in. Take action on it and you'll be fine and make sure you're collecting those emails. It's just the most important thing. So if you have any questions, make sure to leave them in the discussion or in the comments, and I will see you in the next video 11. Separate Lists | Segmentation: welcome in this lecture, we're going to talk about how to do separate lists, last segmentation in the Portland's of it. So let's get started. So at list segmentation, people that join your lists may have different interests. So, for example, if I have someone who joint my list, um, from one of my business books, for example, I have books on network marketing. But the same person that you know might be on my list from network marketing would be a different list for email marketing or four was self publishing or something like that, even though the books can be related because they're both of business. That doesn't mean that everybody on your list is interested in the same things. So for someone who wants to self published, her first book may not be interested in how to make affiliate sales or things like that. Some people are just, you know, interested in one topic, and they're very excited about it. Want to join your list? So you just want to make sure that you, um, separate these people so they can you know you can maximize and give them what they want. One different list and segment them. So you know, it could make it easier for you to get better results from your list and get more response responses from your list when it comes to marketing your products and such. So you want to segment buyers of your product from prospects. The buyers way different foreign prospect, a prospect of someone who may possibly buy your product one day and may not in a buyer someone who already invested their money in your book. So you already know that they're willing to spend money. But just keep in mind that, you know, especially if you're with Kindle or you're you're giving away free books to get leads that , you know, they might not necessarily be buyer, so just be weary of that as well. Um, so segment buyers of your product from, um from prospects, if possible, using tracking. There's a lot of ways to do this. So say you had a sale on a book and, you know, maybe you can track to sales page in your email software. So what you would do is just check um, on how to set up tracking in your email software for sales call sales tracking So I know a Weber has this Just look up how to track sales and a Weber. And basically, what you would need is just, um, to put the aced email on your website, and you would need to it the, um the goal And it the link from the check out page. So once you have the gold link from check out page and you have, like to Java script Teoh have proof that they visited your site, then you're pretty much good to go. So just look that up. If you have a Weber, I'm sure just look up. Go home sales tracking and get response or whatever email software you use because most of them will have that. Okay, So a way to separate the person who got your book for free vs paid is too. You know, when you do, the five day free promo is to have two separately magnets. So I do this, for example, in my kindle back in book, if you've read that, um, so for a person who may be just looking after preview of the book, they might see the lead magnet in the beginning is okay. She has a freak race based course, You don't even have to buy the book in order to see that offer. If you're just looking at the preview on Amazon, you'll be able Teoh, You know, just click on that and get get the, um, get on my list. But you have to go all the way to the end of the book in order to get the craze based course and a C X course. So that's how I know if someone went all way to the back my book and got on that list stem ease, Dehra motivated reader or, you know, they actually, um if they're only when the first list, that means they didn't really scroll down and read. Um, all the way through would have to offer. So just keep that in mind as well. I want to show you an example of that so you can kind of see how you can set it up in your books as well. Okay, so this is my kindle back in, um course. I mean, my kindle back in e book. So anyone like I said, if they just look at the Kindle preview, they can see that this is a bonus and they can grab my Kree space course, which is great. And then, you know, that's just for regular people who want to get right on my list. And this says and only for customers of a Kindle publishing back in please, often at the inn for access. And it says as the added bonus, like you my a c x auto creation course. So let's go to end of the book and a Z. You can see it's a different picture and everything and has a little audio book. Whatever, Um, I mean the headphones or whatever. So this is for people that actually scrolled, Um, and you can see I have the little thing plus the audiobook creation course. So that's that. Okay, so that was an example of the to lead. Magnets have always have also done the two lee magnets for my natural hair books. Um, in the beginning, they'll get my free checklist on how to begin your natural hair journey, and at the end of the book, they'll get a journey journal so they can journal do their natural hair journey. So, um, so yet to lead magnets does work, and it is a way to measure who's actually buying your books. But it is possible that someone who bought your book didn't squirrel down or didn't even open it yet. So they didn't scroll down or they didn't see. You know, some people just don't pay attention. They just want to get right into it. And, you know, depending on if it's on Kindle team at Google, um, kingdom icing them right to the chapter one. Or, you know, they might have skipped that, so they didn't see the offer. So just keep that in mind as well. And if you're so five book, um, free promo what I used to do when I didn't have a lot of books and I had a lot of time. But now I have too many things to worry about to do this. But you can take out the free offer at the end of your books during your free promotion. If you want to make sure that it's only exclusively to people who've bought your book, if you're worried about like, oh, it's a free promotion and you know people in a free promotion may not be able to, um, you don't want them getting on your list is only for pay people. So I used to do that. But I no longer do that, so But it does work in and it is an option. So if you're introducing a new topic, make sure to segment your list based on what they're interested in. So what? Or your readers interested in Make sure to, um, segment lists. And you can do this by, um, having them click a link within the email and put him on a whole new list. Once they click that link, they can get on that list. Um, and you can have it so you could, like, set up rules within your email software. I'm going to show you an example of this Is So, for example, what you would do in a Weber is go into whatever list you want to set up the rule or automation for in segmentation for and didn't go to list automation. And, for example, this is for my natural hair one. As you can see, I already have a rule set up in here, so I have, like I said, the two lead magnets. So when they opt in at the end of the book. They'll get put on a natural here, Master e books, which is then? Hmm? Hairball e books. Then This is just my generalised for the checklists. And this is the checklist. Plus the bonus thing. So I have it set up so they won't be on both lists and get the same emails. If I'm sending out something, I have a rule where they would unsubscribed from natural. Here, Master, which is this generalised appear when they subscribed to natural here, Master e books. And I have advice first as well. So if I were to go into my natural here natural here master list not to hear e books list, it has that same thing. Okay, And then you can also set up new rules like down here so I can, like, have dumps ascribed to natural hair Master e books When ASIS crab to natural here, master, just just a lot of things you can do or you can episodes unsubscribe from both of these lists when you unsubscribe from one of the list. So those are some rules you can create. Okay. And like I just said, it's very important to, you know, segment your lists of buyers versus just your prospects and depending on what level the rats have, you want a different levels and you're teaching a book on, um, I don't know, gardening. And then you could do, like advanced gardening or winter gardening justice. So many things you can separate into. I mean, don't make it too complicated for yourself, but all in all when you're sending a broadcast email general email Just remember that you consented to all your list and just remember to include autos list together. So it's not a big deal. Just, um, it's just great to have that set up. So you know, you contest and see what works and make sure everybody's getting what they need. And it just you know, like I said, increase your results. Okay, so just keep in mind. It takes time and patience, so continue building her list even if you have don't have a figured out yet, so I understand you're more advanced and you have books and you have a readers. But it does take time in patients, so just continue build your list. Even if you don't get to this lecture right away, just keep in mind that, um you do want to make sure people or targeted, depending on what they're interested in and the more targeted you can get, the better. So just keep those things in mind and really take your email marketing seriously as you can . OK, so thank you for watching. I'll see you in next lecture. If you have any questions, please lead them in the discussion or two comments, and I'll see you in the next video. 12. Stratgegies For Loyal Readers: welcome in this video. We're going to go into strategies, ticket loyal readers and get more readers. Okay, so the first thing you can do to get more readers is to put your books on pre order and launch them. So I'm going to show you an example of the thank you page that you can do a strategy that I use all my thank you page. So one second. Okay, so in your email, um, email marketing software. There's usually a place where you can put like a confirmation page or success page that a subscriber goes to after they have completed, and they clicked, willing to confirm to be on your list. So after they click that link, don't go to a pace Essays. Thank you for subscribing or something like that. So, as you can see, this page is about thank you for describing. So this is where they come soon is sticking in my list, and usually instead of new release, two says free. What preorders are available? There's no pre orders right now, so I just put new release here, and then I put bad now. But usually it says new pre ordered and whatever book is on free order at the time. So that's something you conduce on your thank you page for your book in your author website . So make sure Teoh start putting your books on pre order if you haven't yet and actually launched them and let readers know what's coming. And it just makes it more exciting for the readers. It gives them something to look forward to. And, you know, it just gets you more sales before the book even releases and and get you accountability to finish the book. There's just a lot of reasons to start putting your book on pre order, so if you're not doing that, you need to try it out on store doing it like right now. So this will definitely increase your sales and customers just love just looking forward to something. So I noticed that. Okay, Another thing you can do is have a coming soon page on your website, so I'm going to give you show you an example of that. So it depends on how deep you want to get with this. But, you know, I just put the date in that at the top. I just say coming soon, but it's nice to say, you know, the month that is coming out, but I just have the month that is right now and in the year. But like I said, you can always put the exact dates that these books are going to be released in things like that. So they know what's coming soon, Um, and also put your new book so near that were just released recently. So taken by those and just tell them, you know, get some covers made in advance and let them know what to expect so they can come to your site and see that you publish regularly in that, you know, see what's new and what's coming soon. So definitely a Roy to get readers engage and keep them, you know, look, afford it is this has been on there for actually like, three months. So I know my readers are definitely looking forward to this book because they had it on there for a long time. You know, I just changed the date appear, but, you know, they notice is coming soon. So I know a lot of people are looking forward to that book just like this book was on the coming soon page for a few months before I actually wrote it. And then when he finally came out, they were very excited about it. So do something. Look forward today. They look at that cover and they say, Oh, I can't wait to read that, you know? So just, you know, create some excitement and just get more readers that way. All right, so another thing you could do is publish often and consistently to fund overeaters to your next book. So have a publishing schedule. Make sure you're publishing at least, um, once 1/4 every three months. It depends on how long your eBook sore but tried to publish consistently and you know it. So they kind of know how often you publish, cause, you know, you might they might go on and re something else. People really divide our books these days. So you want to think about your readers. But the more often you published, the more content you haven't read and they'll just be looking forward to for the next thing . You know what I mean. So just make sure to publish. Most likely, um, often do not in definitely be consistent. So if it's gonna be every week every two weeks, you know you come up with a book, whatever it is, just do it consistently and do it often to keep your readers into gain more readers. If they see author, that's putting now. A lot of books still like them, you know, follow them because they know they always have something new coming into your inbox, so that's always great. The next thing to do is keep in touch. Always keep in touch their your email cause, you know, Day Polly had it might be on other authors list. They had to think about that. So you publishing often often will be a upper leg on the next author and also, if you keep in touch with them and offer other relevant content and free books and new releases preorders, bonus chapters, everything like that. So, in your email, um, you can do the bonus chapters as an auto responder. Just, you know, have something at least once a week where your e mailing and keeping in touch with your list because you don't want them to forget about you. You don't want to forget that you're author and, you know, unsubscribe because they haven't heard from you and like forever, unless your book was, like that epic that they can't wait for the second in a series or whatever, but make sure you're keeping in touch and especially what nonfiction offers you can definitely do. Valuable content offer other valuable content in relation to whatever book you know, whatever nature book is in. So if you have a book on affiliate marketing, you might want to offer some more bonus content and things like that. But also, you know, let them know when there's free books and there's new releases or discounts on books or whatever it is. Even sales. You can have one your books and bonus chapters. Just keep him in the loop, and the next one is to keep have your first book in Siris free. That's something I'm going to start with. The new Steris actually want to do that for the sad check no more. Siri's the book cover you just seen I'm going to do. I think I'm gonna do first a serious free for that one, but the other one is 99 sitting then, Um, since it's selling so Well, I'm not going to do the first book of serious free, but I am going to start testing that out with the sad chick. No more book. So that was gonna be free. And in the other ones in the syriza, I want to be a paid book. So and then, um, you know, have the other ones in, you know, at your regular pricing. And if they really like the first in a series will be great. And the great thing about free books is they get a ton of reviews and you know, if they're really good, people will go one and by the next one in the series. So that's always great. And I will definitely get you more readers because they see a free book. They might you know, Upton at any time if it's always free, you know, instead of just having a free for the five days if it's on Kendall to have a free any time so you can get more readers basically every single day, often into your list through that book. So that's more people in your email is when you have to first and serious free, and also that's more readers, especially if they really like to pull. Um, the last, but not least well, not last on this lad, anyway, is to use book as a lead a generator, so low price books make money on the back end. So use your books instead of just worrying about your income. Basically what? That's what we're doing. Now, instead of worrying about your books creating an income you can worry about, you know, having low price books, like all of my 99 cent or whatever. Don't worry about the money from the books. Worry about making more money on the back in from higher price products, Jake. So make sure you're using to correct he wears categories. Um, especially for romances, can be a little bit more tough, but just think about what keywords and categories your books are in. Tried to make sure to look at my keyword. Um, I have a few videos on keywords and categories, so just look it up and just make sure your books or really optimized with your keywords and categories. So you're getting the max exposure. Um, a lot of people get lazy when it comes to this part, which is understandable. You know, you just finished your book and you just want to get it up. But you need to go back. And if your book's not selling, it might be a key word in categories problem. And it will, Like I said, a track more readers. Another thing is to always be testing to see what works. So you want to, you know, see what keywords work best. What categories work best? What description works best, So just make sure you optimize everything and keep testing. Make sure the only change one thing at a time and see if it makes a difference than changed another thing. See if it makes a difference. Don't change everything at once because you won't know what made the difference. That's what a lot of, um, thirst kind of get that wrong. They they want to test. They want to change everything and see what makes the difference in the increasing sales. So one time you might change to cover it. If it doesn't increase the sales, maybe you want to do opt in magic keywords one week, and if you get more sales, it was obviously the keywords, so just make sure you're testing by week and seeing what really makes that difference. So test test test and see what works. Okay, so this is actually the last thing. So continue to add value outside of your books. This is definitely a way to get more readers, if anything else, that we already went over in this lecture so you can do blogging, adding more value to your readers Videos just might be for more nonfiction guides and bonus chapters bonus chapters for both nonfiction and fiction. So just keep adding value to your readers. You can also have, like, free you know audiobooks of your bonus chapters and just go above and beyond. And just try to give more value to your readers, and they'll definitely stick with you because they'll be getting more and more from you. Didn't other people just remember there is a lot of authors out there, so just try to stick out in at as much value as you can and outwork everybody else? So that's how you get more readers. Um, if you have any questions, didn't let me know in the comments or discussion, and I will see you in the next video 13. Social Media Strategies For Authors: in this lecture, we're going to go over some social media strategies for authors. So here are my boat Best a social Media tips. I'm going to give you four of my social media channels that I use most to sell more books and, you know, obviously get more money on the back end. So let's start with probably the number one refer is for and social Media. So you tube. Now, I know some of you may be right in under a pen name. Most of you may be right in underpin name or getting books written under a pen name. So this strategy might not work that well for you, but, I mean, you know, there's other channels as well, so all hope isn't going. But for those who are actually, you know, writing under a known name and building a brand around them in themselves and actually writing under their name because they were actual lead the author you can consider YouTube , which is, you know, a little A lot of people don't like to do videos. What? Just keep in mind, you don't actually have to put your face in the video. Like, right now I'm doing a screen cast. So there are other options for you. You don't have to give up completely. So what you want to do is buy a domain name and redirected. Some want to give you an example of that right now or use a shorter, like pretty link. So I'm going to show you, like to my YouTube channels and some things that you can do. Okay, So here on my, um, natural here channel, this is what I have under there. I have you know, I'm a links to my social media and then author of and in the title of Your Book And then when you click on this link, it will take you right over to the book in. The great thing about this is you can also include your affiliate links. So that will take you right over to the book. The beginner's guide, Um, for natural here. So just keep that in mind. And of course, you can use pretty link like for my youth. My, um are genao olive ists YouTube channel 1/2 author of And then I have, of course, a pretty link. Pretty Linkous plugging you can use if you have a wordpress website or you can use a bit link, but pretty late looks obviously better and it basically has your domain name. And then you can make all kind off links that aren't actually or domain and not have to make pages for them. And then you just click over there and it's pretty much the same thing. Except you don't have to buy a domain. But it does look more professional with the, um if you ask me with the you know, the actual start natural here or just get actual, you know, legit domain name were your books, It pie costs. Um, if you do go to go, Daddy, make sure the type in Go Daddy Pramuk Oh, so you can get a good deal, but it's it's pretty cheap is only like $15 a year after that, but it's only a year, you know what I mean? But I e start using pretty linked to save a little bit of money. But because you know if once you get a lot of books just Comrade Ana. But if you have, you know, if you want US authors that only have you know a little bit of books, but you know, you you might want to invest in this still only did it for, like, my best selling book. Or if you have a book that sells really well cause just a few books I want to do this for as well. Make sure to just get domain name and you'll probably be able to find one. So start natural. Here will be the beginning of this guy to natural here and in natural growth secrets test actual title of the book. So I want to show you exactly, um in and go, Daddy, how to actually ford a domain. So you just go into your account and then you go to manage? Yes. So, under domains, you go to manage. Okay. So for example, let's do which one of mines are forgetting forward it. Um, get email bonus dot com. I know that's forward it to like an affiliate link. So you would just click on the domain name you already purchased or just purchased, and then you would go down to worse as fording. This is obviously if you used a Weber, but I'm pretty sure it should be similar for our other people that sale domain ings to. So we will go to manage and if not, just as whoever You host your domain name with how to Ford, but it issue. But you like google it and find that out. But and then you would just type in, um, wherever you wanted to. For two. Here is my a Weber affiliate link. And then you would just go to update fording and save. So that's basically how you ford a domain name. Oh, yeah, And I forgot to tell you, so make sure to just put your books Lincoln here, linked directly to your book. So when people type in that address, they'll be taken directly to that page of your book, no matter what platform you're selling it on. Okay, so you can, um, about a domain name when you're on YouTube or do pretty links. So make sure you have your books links down below, so you can get more, um, readers. Okay, So put links to your books in your description or linked to your author pays, like I say it. So you can just link to your author pages Well, so you could put something like, um to see more of my books, you know, go here so we can link to your author page instead of just linking to particular books. But it, ah, topic of your video is about a particular you know, similar to a book you're talking about. Then obviously you want to do that. Videos on your channel should be related to your book. So especially for nonfiction people, this is more I'm talking to you nonfiction people. You want to make sure that the videos related to your book and is even great if it's like, directly related to your book. So you can, like, mention the book in the video. So an extra tip is to show an image of the book at the end of the video in or mention individual Or like, for example, can start my YouTube video like, Hello, my name is Georgina, and I'm the author of online business mindset. So just say your name or a best selling author, or just, you know, get that credibility out there and proof that you've written a book on my own. Just present a broken. Maybe I'll check it out. So those are some YouTube chips tips that you can use in my next best platform is Facebook . Of course. I mean, everybody's on Facebook. Facebook ads is also something you might want to look into to sell more books. But so for Facebook, don't just try and sell, create quote, images of quotes or lines from the book. This is four fiction authors. So you know how readers might really like a quote. You might have really got deep on the passage or, you know something. So your readers that pay a lot of attention might play. Okay, I see these air quotes from the book so you can, like, quote and then put the what, um, book the quote was from and things like that. It makes people want to check your book out as well. So especially for, um, your just could go based strictly for nonfiction and for fiction authors cause it works both ways, but that's a really good idea. Um, another thing is to add more valuable tips for nonfiction authors. So if you have a book on gardening, make sure your, um updating your page with gardening tips in Lincoln to your book occasionally, so don't just still make sure to mention pre orders and new releases. That's definitely what I use my Facebook page for, Especially one really On my, um, my, uh, social media channels. I always tell me about the pre orders, especially cause, you know, it's just something that people love is pre orders. So make sure to mention pre orders and new releases. New releases People might not love as much. But you know, it's just selling, and you got to do what you gotta do. So pre orders, new releases, uses or visual. So make sure to show book cover, so upload actual book covers there, and you can tell more about the author more about you know yourself or your pin name you're under just trying to make a back story for them. You can do quizzes about characters in a book for or fiction authors and things like that, and questions make sure, um, ask them questions to keep readers engaged, etcetera. So I want to show you my silks E books, Facebook page. So here's my succeed books. Facebook Page. It doesn't have many likes, but there's something. But as you can see, I always add, you know, for new releases This is what I add a new release. Um titled the book things like that in about the book and make sure you always upload the full image like not too dumb. Now that, you know, Amazon will give you a few uploaded and was only and, you know, have some quotes and things like that and just make sure to upload images just much more. You know, free books. It just looks better. And make sure to do the pretty links when you can here, so I just want to give you Ah, you know, think about Dad. And then this is another little quota put up there. So do you know, just it's not from the book, but still, it's still something besides hey, a new book, a new book, New released New Pre Order, you know, put more than that so you can kind of track people to your page. But I understand if people don't want really want to like this page, even though I do, you know, promoted on my site and have it on my email list, like if they want to like my page and only get three people to like it so far, But it's a very sexual, you know, type thing and very sexual romance. So understanding people like, Oh, you just like that page. What, you What are you reading? So people might want to be more discreet, but, you know, for my other, you know, author pages like Natural Here, master or genealogists. Com. Obviously, I have more likes, so that's just something to keep in mind, especially if you're in romance. Don't get offended. It's just that people probably don't, you know, might want to keep it on the load. It might not necessarily want people knowing they're reading that. Some people obviously don't care, but some people do, so just keep that in mind. Okay, so my next best thing is Pinterest. So make boards for each Siri's you have or related books for nonfiction authors. So you want to make sure you have, um, separate board for each, you know, for each, um, book in your seer for each Siri's. So if you ever syriza six books, make a different board for each year Siri's and link back to your books using link short ners like Pretty link, which I said before is a WordPress plugging that you can get if you have a website and it just makes your links look much better without actually having to use the page on your actual website, and you can add tags to your pins to get more exposure. Make sure to do that because that definitely helps on things like Pinterest and um, pinchers. I don't get a lot of traffic from it, but it's something you can master is something you can advertise online. So just keep that in mind. Um, in a last but not least, we have Twitter. I definitely this isn't my you know, when I use least especially, you know, people are more visual. I don't know how you know. I know some authors used pinchers a lot by Polly More nonfiction authors and I do have some nonfiction books and that when I was, you know, having a free books and stuff. Twitter is a great place to promote your free books and different books, but, um, just keep that in mind as well. So tweet quotes from your book you can follow. Other authors used Hashtags to get more exposure, and also you might want to follow other authors following if they have a similar interest is used, so people that are interested in other people's romance books might be interested in yours . If it's similar, they might want to follow those users, Um, who are following those authors? OK, so use has tax to get more exposure, just like Pinterest and announced new releases and preorders. So definitely for Twitter. You wanted announce free books as well, cause you know, afternoon is a lot of clicks when it came to free books on Twitter. But most of my you know, my clicks and things like that most likely come from YouTube. So it's just great when people can actually see you hear you see what you had to say about the subject. So keep that in mind and thank you for watching let me know what questions you have. And as I learned more about mastering the social media channels that obviously have more to share with you. But I'm just saying from my personal experience, because I don't want to tell you anything that I haven't done. So thank you for watching. And I'll see you in next lecture 14. How To Get More Readers With Paperback Books: welcome in this lecture, we're going to talk about how to get more readers with paperback books. So the platform I used to publish my paper back books is called Create Space. It's definitely a lifesaver in you can basically upload your book for free. Um, if you, you know, have the tools to do so So we're gonna go into kind off not to attack the cool information , but just a brief overview, so you can just get importance of this and move forward however you see fit. Okay, So create space makes your digital book look more valuable. So I'm just going to give you an example of how the psychology, even if your book is, you know, shorter or if your book isn't that you know that you know that crazy. You know, I think people would buy it on actual paperback. It will still maybe help you sell more e books because they see you have that paperback book behind it. So it just gives you more of an authority, and it can play on a psychology of pricing. If you have a, you know, low price e book opposed to a paperback book. So they see that. You know they take the book more seriously because it has the paperback version. And it's just a great way to, um, just and more value to your readers, even if you don't think that particular book was selling paperbacks and you'll be surprised what books do sell in paperback. A lot of people still like treed paperbacks and like to look a feel of turning the pages, so I'm just going to show you an example. So here's an example of my book fulfillment by Amazon for beginners. And as you can see, the Kindle book is to 99 Dan needs to see that I had the paperwork paperback available in just different things that you might not think, um, people want on paperback they actually do. This is one of my best selling paperbacks, actually, so just keep that in mind. Your reviews for your Kindle books will automatically go over to the paperback book, and, um, it's just, you know, a play out. You know that my own the paperback is $10 I certainly, ah, $3 to buy the actual Kindle books, so maybe I will get this. It looks like an ah authority book. And it looks like something. You know, the author actually took time to make the paperbacks. Obviously, it's worth something. So is definitely something to do. Even if you think that even if your book is in selling Well, um, on Kindle my sale one paperback a lot. People, Um I know a lot of people in a self publishing industry, and obviously their income from their paperbacks have superseded their actual e books. So create space is definitely something that you want to get into as soon as possible. So two stars publishing this is what it looks like. Um, just go to create space dot com. And of course, you would just a sign up right over here. Okay, So in order to publish your book like I said, you don't have to have a crazy long book. It could be 15 or more pages to create a crease space paperback version, so just keep that in mind if you think your books not long enough, it most likely is that she would be more than 15 pages. So, And you know, even if you include a copyright page and beginning about the author page. You know, it can definitely still be a paperback book. So don't think that your book is too short. Um, it's not too short. So definitely a great thing to do is just get into this. Um, the next thing is, all you need to do is get a crease based cover, mate. I still get my covers made on Fiverr. Look for a gig where you congest. You know, you already have two existing kin doble cover, and that person will make a create space cover out of it for just $5. I know some people want to charge 10 and 15 but I have a guy. Um um, you'll see it when you, um, getting my Christmas course to God I use. Actually, I'll just show you now the guy used on increase base. So this is the guy I use on create space. So he's very good in his gig is right here. He basically will turn. Um, you're existing able cover into a crease based cover. I usually don't get the source file to source file is just something that you can edit if you want to go. Where to make changes later um, but usually he does actually send me down anyway. But basically, you just upload your regular cover and send him the details, and he'll do all of that for just $5. Some people check, like, try to charge extra for, like the spine and all that. But he does a great job with just creating, um, you know, regular covers and air, just simple when they're great. So he's $5 for just the whole thing. Like I said, other people will try to charge more than $5 to do the spine and to do I don't know different crazy stuff, but like him, the best. And he's really good and he's fast, and he's responsive or whatever. So yes, used him. If he's still around while watching this video, and it's far is formatting your book. It's easy to do that you got to do is go into Microsoft where, and you're good to go. I know other people do what you can get it done on Faber's Well, you can also get it done with draft to digital. There's a lot of places that do this if you don't do it, but it takes like literally 10 minutes to do by yourself. So it all depends on what you want to do. And the great thing is, you get a free I s being with create space. You don't have to really pay for anything besides the cover to get to cover made. Um, like I said, you could pay for formatting, but that's up to you. But your cover is going to be your only expense. So it's like, Why not just Pompeo's your kindle broken Create space. Also, you can get on other retailers. Create space will give you exposure to different book stores and other retailers and stuff . All you have to do is check a box when you're going. Do the creation process will be a box, and you can offer your book to, you know, libraries and different bookstores as well and a seller from actual crace based dot com to So it just gives your book more exposure, make sure to use to correct he was in a keyword section, and so people can search for it. And there's way more digital books, dinner or paperback books they probably have superseded. Now that I think about it. So you wanna, you know, get on there. Everybody else does getting into just self publishing or mainly doing e books. So this is something that take yourself to next level. A lot of people just wait, but I don't think you should wait. Don't be afraid to charge a high price for longer books. Um, I actually, that fulfillment by Amazon book used to be 8 99 up to 2 to 99 I haven't seen a decrease in sales. So that just resulted in more income for me. So even though it's not a longer book, that's why I was kind of hesitant on up in the price. I'm just saying people still will buy it because it's a paperback book and they're used to playing more money. You know, I'm used to selling a little too 99 e books. So I was kind of hesitant to actually, you know? So my paperback books for a higher price, especially if they're short of work. So my shorter works, I'm just going to keep them at the price, But my works that I've been putting out lately or much longer, um, 15,000 words or more, So I want to be charged between no more less than 12 99 for my longer books. And you know, you get a bigger margin, then your ah, Kindle books. That s great as well. Also, no shipping required on your part, which is amazing. Create space is a print on demand service. So you don't have to have audience paperback books stocked up in your house. You know, didn't have to go out and sell them. You can just sit back and, well, I create space, do other work. The great thing about it is you don't have to order a whole bunch of front causes print on demand so they print as soon as the person orders it. There's no, you know, books wasted or anything and paper wasted by just printing our whole bunch and not sure if they're going to sail. So this is a great service, and I'm just very grateful that it, you know, that is here, so I don't have to worry about anything like that. And it's just seamless process. It's just crazy how, you know, bless we are with this service, so just take advantage of it. And it's just a great way to create passive income speaking passive income. This is a great way to create another stream of income. So your digital books, you know, even if they're not selling well, I still think you should put all your books in your library on create space. I don't care what you're about and how long they are. I think you should put him on, create space just to create another stream of income in. Like I said, to give your book more authority, so gets started. Like right now for tactical steps, check out the bonus lecture on how to create a crazy Facebook. So I'm going to show you that right now how to get that. So if you go to our genao, Olive is dot com slash create space an audiobook. You'll get step by step instructions on how I create my create space books, and my audiobooks in is completely free. So that's what you go. It will look like this when you get there, so definitely check that out if you want to see the whole process. I'm talking about actual tactical steps me format in a book. Me uploading the book and things like that so make sure to check that out. A sap? An thank you for watching. And I'll see you in the next lecture. If you have any questions, please leave him in the discussion. 15. How To Get More Readers With Audiobooks: in next lecture. We're going to talk about how to get more readers with audio books. Okay, For us authors, audiobooks is a must to create MAWR income in your book business. So a lot of people are kind of hesitant to get into a C X. But there are some you know ways to, you know, you don't have to actually read the book. It's optional for you to create your own book. But there's other ways around that. So don't be afraid to get into this, because it's definitely a big opportunity in there like a whole new audience. It's just crazy how many audiobooks have sold, and I recently start reading my own audio books but also have some books that or, you know, read by other. Narrator. So don't think that you have to. If your reason for not getting into this is because you you think it's gonna be a long, drawn out process, it doesn't have to be. You don't even need that much equipment, so we want to go into this. So if you're not a U. S author, there is a way to propagate a U. S bank account a U. S address and get started as well. So don't let that hold you back. Just do your research and get on here. But yes, um, is only offer in a us at the time of this recording, so it's called a c x. A c x dot com is the place where you would go and actually get your audiobook up and running. But it's through Amazon in a place that customers were gonna buy and readers would go to buy. It's called audible dot com, so just remember that. So when you want to get store to go to a c x dot com, so you can do the A royalty split. This is what I was kind of talking about when banding and near reader, you can do a 50 50 royalty split, and that's a great thing, because narrators will help market your book. So that's the one great value that I found in. This is if I was on YouTube one time and I seen oh, somebody made a YouTube video about what about books, and they just basically put the author name and they were trying to actually market the book, and they put a sample of the book one there. So these, um, decent air waiters don't play around. It depends on a narrator two. And I think a lot of my other books are sold organically through search because there's not as much competition as it is for digital books. So just keep that in mind, too. So less competition means, you know, more opportunities. So the sooner you get in, the better. But also, you know, they're always be people bang books and wanting to listen to books. But like I said, it's a whole new readership, you know, with podcasts blowing up in things like that. People just wanna listen now. So and I have to actually pull out a book and worry about all that stuff And keep in mind that you get paid by the length of your book as well. So the longer you have your book, um, audible actually says the price So long do you have your books? The more it will cost a longer to book, the more will cause. So keep that in mind. Some people don't like really long book, so keep that in mind to The great thing about Audible is a lot of people will go for, You know, two shorter books. They just want a quick read, and I want to be sitting there forever reading I'm listening. I mean, so anyway, back to the task at hand so you could do to 50 50 world to split, which is a great option, especially if you're just starting out and you get 25% in naked 25% when you make your book exclusive to iTunes and Amazon, so audible will actually publish your book one at tunes for you. So keep that in mind as well. Just other audiobook marketplaces, too. But those are two million won. So you want to just have it on there even if it's not exclusive. This is also an option to narrator Books yourself and you get 40% when your exclusive to Amazon and iTunes. And if you're not exclusive and you want to go to other places like seller from your site or selling on other audiobook marketplaces, then you only get 25 person just kind of what you were getting. When you're in contract with your narrator and also, I think the contract with the narrator, if you do do the royalty split is five or six years or something like that. Okay, so another thing I get a lot of these, actually is the $50 bonuses from the bounty program. And I get these without even kind of, you know, trying to give out my, um, from a coat or anything. People just kind of, Oh, they against. They see my book on the marketplace and they just is too foolish book They decide to buy, which is great. So you get a $50 bounty or bonus if your book is the 1st 1 purchase by Inaudible Member. So I get a few days and it's mainly from, um, my nonfiction books, but I'm sure fiction books. I mean, yeah, my romance fiction books do well on Here is well, so it's just great to see that. So that's a nice little bonus. All your ah income can come from these, So I know that that has a lot to do with. Even though I sell a lot of books, I feel like I get a lot of bounties as well. So just keep that in mind that you could get these bounties. Some people can really clean up with these. If you're making sure to give out your, um, give you, I think 10 promo codes that you can give out to your readers so you can get reviews and things like that. And basically, these pro Macos will help them get a you know, your book for free. And then if they go on to purchase another book and they used your actual code, then obviously you'll get the bounty. So if you want a narrator an audio book, it's not about Riel. Um, you don't need to have some kind of home studio to get accepted. They are very picky, though they make sure that their audio that they accept is very quality. And I know that I never got rejected yet because I make sure my first audiobook was as good as I could. But I've seen some of my, um, narrators. Day would say the quality is not good enough for you know. They'll tell your mistake in ah, they only a step. You know, the highest quality certain, you know, certain quality work, and they really go through your work. Make sure that is up to poor before it goes into, um, the store. So just keep that in mind, even though I think there's a higher barrier of entry. People just can't be slapping the other audio books because they make sure the quality is good is very well, um, so all you would need to get started is a USB microphone, and as you can get that for pretty cheap under $100 you need a pop filtered. That's Ah, um, necessary thing. I'm actually not using one right now. I only use them want to do my audiobooks, but it's kind of like something you can actually make from home. It's very, very cheap. I got matched for, like, $5 on Amazon, and it's basically the thing that goes over your microphone, and it won't make up the pup sound or two peas and a tease. It kind of calm that down to make a sound a little bit better in a quiet place to record. I just go up, steers in the highest room in the house, Um, kind of not near no windows. There is a window up there, but it's kind of like sit by that the door kind of in The ceilings are low upstairs, kind of kind of like attic, basically, and wherever you can get that doesn't have have ceilings. Make sure there's no refrigerator noise in the back or anything. Just try to get to a place where do higher up. I feel like in your house or in your apartment will be the best, but you can get it done. So you know you can put a plant, get around those different things you can do to try to get, you know, less noise as you can. So just try to get away from Windows No hacks, ceilings, cause you know, to echo will come in and to get started, you can just download Audacity is completely free. And it's just, you know, all you got to do is be motivated and get that microphone now had a pop filtering record record record, so you can also get that course right over here. I'm going to show you the link. If you go here, you can get the, um, my free audiobook course. It teaches you how to do the royalty split in, get started, you know, like right now is here's the platform A C x dot com that you would go and publish your books at all right, Just another quick tip that is a must if you're recording your own audio books, is to leave 2 to 3 seconds before and after each recordings. Last chapter off silence. And don't say anything before you begin recording because a C X has that they're so readers know that is the chapter ending or a chapter beginning. So they just went silent. Stare. So don't. When you start recording, don't just go in and start saying Chapter one, you have to wait two or three seconds in complete Salins before starting a chapter. And last but not least, it takes, as at the time of this. Recording is kind of crazy, but it takes 10 to 14 business days for audible to do a quality check and look over your book so it can get accepted into the marketplace. So, yeah, it takes a wow, and that's like I said, there's a buried or entry in so after you, what I would do if you're creating your own audiobook and what I did is I didn't even create another audio book to make sure that what I was doing was correct. So don't even bother, you know, pumping out a whole bunch. Just wait until you get your 1st 1 back and see if you made any mistakes. If they let it go through, that means just keep doing what you were doing. And my 1st 1 I was blessed for it to go through, and then I just was going from near. But don't bother, You know, just wait to you'll see if you accept it instead of wasting your time and having to, you know, record all those over. So what? You get their feedback before you go on and record more. But let's ask that this is definitely an income stream to get started with a sap. So all the books you have in your library make sure to get them on audible. I heard that even a recipe books are selling. Now. I can't wait to put my hands on there so I can attest to that, so we'll see what happens. I'm actually gonna be doing one very soon, So I'm hoping that my recipe books will sell cause, you know, you could listen to recipes and just you just gotta test and see what happens. And, you know, it's always another stream of income. Don't look at it. As you know, a biggest Spence is not if you do it yourself. Royalty split is absolutely free. Or you can actually get it outsourced completely and paper, word count or something like that. So I think you should you to go with a 50 50 split or do it yourself if the finance report is holding you back. So just get stored it. Thank you for watching. If you have any questions, let me know and I will see you in the next lecture. Any questions? Sleep, um, in the discussion. 16. Create Books Faster With This Strategy: in this sector. We're going to go into a to I used to create books faster. Okay, So the strategy is instead of typing, your book is to read it out. And keep in mind that this takes a lot of practice and patients because, um, it can get kind of crazy when you're reading in. Words aren't spelled the way that you're pronouncing them or you can't really think is well , you know, I think as fast as you, right? I mean, talk us fashions, you think, and it can use something that needs to be practicing this, a skill that has to be sharpened over time. So you just actual app called Dragon. So you need to look that up. It's either on your iPhone or your PC. Am not sure if Android has one, but you can play find something similar. Just look for something that says audio to text. You just want to, you know, make sure that you can actually speak into the phone, and then whatever you say in the phone, it can get to text or on your tablets as well, and I pads and things like that. So fine apthe dust that you will be able to find a free one. Just apply plenty out there. But when I use is called Dragon and I was using it on my iPhone, I did create one book. Using this strategy in the book only took me like two days. So you're able to read out what you like to say in the book, and then you send it to yourself via email, edit it and create your book. So that's basically it. There's a lot of editing that goes into this, though a lot. You got to go over it like three or four times, or even send it to a professional because, um, when you're saying words, you know, it's just technology and software. So when you're saying words and they might not, they might think it sounds like something else. So the software kind of has to learn your voice, and you have to correct it along the way so it can get kind of annoying. But it's worth it in the end, if you have the patience and you could just think off the top of your head sometimes after like it depends on the kind of personality have but Sometimes it feels like when I write. I mean, when I type things out, I could just think better. But when I'm reading things out to kind of like it's something you had to get used to it cause you're used to typing things instead of reading things out loud and kind of knowing what to say next it's like and then when you're positive, think it's just like I don't know, it's just a lot of pressure on you, so you'll see what I'm staying when you actually do this, especially if you're writing fiction. It can be kind of crazy. Um, the only step back is you have to train it to recognize your voice so somewheres may get spelled wrong. Absolutely. So make sure to correct these mistakes as your recording. And then I noticed that when I correct correct the mistakes, assumes I make them that they actually, you know, they start to recognize my voice. Better in, um, you know, spell the words correctly next time that I say that work you can take, you can type faster than you talk. So just keep that in mind that come, you know, that goes along with like like transcribing things on. People don't actually, you know, they do the video first before they do the broad post, because they could just transcribe the video, because you could just get so much continental it off the top of your head so much faster while you're talking instead of typing it out, which takes much longer, depending on how fast you type. So the thing you need to do if you are thinking about doing the strategy, is to practice getting your words that are in your head to come out of your mouth. And this is one of the most challenging part, especially for me, someone who doesn't really talk a lot but you know, more so introverted and likes to tight more. It's, you know, sometimes hard for me to explain things, um, out loud, because I'm not used to that. I'm not used to really being that social, so it depends on how well you articulate and how good you are at actually speaking and saying what you want to say the right way to first ham. So just keep that in mind, especially if you're kind of have a similar personality. To me, it just might be easy for other people, obviously, um, and it's worth Wow, it's a waterfall strategy to learn for fast book production out. Believe you should lease do one. Um, lately, I've been type of my books again, but I do want to go back to strategy eventually. And, you know, it's a lot on your when your vocal cords to, you know, you got to keep talking. It's something to get used to us a muscle that, like I say, you need to continue to stretch in order to actually continue to use it. But I'm sure people do this all the time. Authors instead of having to sit down and type, you know, they just read it out. I don't think it's not common, but I think maybe the more you know, famous authors may be doing this. And last but not least, there may be other software and APS to do this, so just keep a lookout for for different ones and let me know in the comments and discussion area, which ones that you found that you know, work best for you or have other features and things like that or any other strategy you know that you can use toe right books faster and just kind of get him out there. So thank you for watching, and I'll see you in the next lecture. 17. Creating A Writing Habit: okay. How to create a writing habit, which is obviously very important to any self publisher. You want to make sure you're consistently getting books out there because people always looking for the next in Siris and you just want him. Make sure to keep giving your readers something to look for two, and also, you know, gain your confidence by continually writing and publishing and just making a career out of this in the more consistent you are, the more consistent your income will be. You know, people are always looking for new books. Two more books you can write, the more income you will make its Jets a numbers game. So let's get started. The first thing you need to do is have a production schedule that you can stick to, no matter what. So just created production schedule. Rather, it's one book, a week or one book a month for every three months. I don't know if you're not writing novels, novellas or if you're just writing short stories, but it all depends. You know, Just make sure you have a production schedule and that you are committed to it. And actually, you know, get these books out when you say you will. So how many books do you want to publish? A year? So one a week. One every quarter is up to you. So just, you know, have the production schedule. That kind of goes back to your first point. So it how many books do you want to publish? A year, So maybe 100. And then just do the math. How many would you need to publish a week in order to get 100 books out? Put your book on pre order. This gives you accountability. So put it on pre order and email your list. Doctor books on pre order. So you are. You have no option but to write to your book consistently. Even if you have do it at the last minute, you've got to make sure to get that broke out so you won't disappoint the reader. So yeah, accountability, especially if you're writing, maybe longer works you want toe even have preorders months and months out. You know, So you know, people will be like, OK, holding you accountable to that. They're excited. They already paid their money to preorder your books. So it really puts you under that pressure and makes you more consistent. And then it will become a habit once your mark assistant knowing that Dad deadline is coming up so you can do this as well. It's have a set. Were account for the day or a writing time. So you can say, OK, I'm gonna write 1000 words a day or 5000 words today. If you're full time or you can say I'm going to write for an hour, a day or four hours a day, it depends whatever it is. But just have your set count for the day. I don't care what it is. I don't care if his 1000 words or one hour day that you're sitting down and writing long, it's It's one of those two things, so make sure that you decide what you want to do just to stand on something. If you don't like the 1000 words if you don't work out is too much pressure on you. Just start 24 hour and then whatever you can get out an hour and just whatever will help you reach your goals, said it accordingly. In the last but not least, another thing you can do to create a riding habit is to do a 30 day challenge. Can you write fat 1000 words a day for 30 days? And how will this change your business? Just challenge yourself. And every day I get it. You know, you can have a calendar on your wall. And just if you reach that goal, you can put excellent calendar and you want to see that calendar filled with exits. This will give you confidence. And you know, you just won't feel right unless you get your writing done for the day. So challenge yourself and it will be fun. Like I like going on challenges like, you know, like different cleansers and challenges and things that actually, you know, you're consistent for and committed to and, you know, make sure you're in the talent with someone else that goes back to accountability. That will be very fun, or share it with your fan base or whoever told you, gotta wait 5000 words today. But just be, have integrity and keep this, you know, within yourself. Even if you don't have no one to share this with just like okay, I'm going to do this and only knew. You'll know if you're doing it, but, you know, you gotta be over to trust yourself in No, that yourself. You're going to do this, so challenge yourself in. That will be a very fun thing for you to do. Um, it could be 5000 words a day, 1000 words a day or just writing something every single day, even if it's not aware Account. So challenge yourself and have fun with it and just create that habit. Oh, yeah, it could. Also, another thing you can do is right first thing in the morning or after your morning routine after you go to the gym or do whatever you do for your morning routine. So that's another thing you could do. A lot of people would like to write in the morning, cause that's when their head is most clear. They don't think about what's going on, you know, from what happened that day. You know, say, if you have a bad day, you don't feel like writing when you get it done in the morning. It's like up the way. It gives you confidence for accomplishing things throughout the rest of your day because you got that writing out of the way. And that's that's a great way to create a habit is to do something first thing in the morning. Okay, so just be consistent with your readers in there and there, and they'll be your readers for life. So because isn't with the readers and they'll be your readers for life. So just remember that if they always know you have something new coming out and, you know, don't look forward to it. And don't tell other people about you. And don't just, you know, don't trust you. And I don't know that you're coming out with something else, and they just will love your work for your whole lifetime. So those are ways to create a writing habits. So you some of those tips to get your writing out if you even do writing. I know some of you just do publishing and have ghost writers, but if you actually are a writer, then this is something you definitely want to do is create a riding habit. So thank you for watching. If you have any other ideas on how you created a riding habit, make sure to share in the comments in the discussion or if you have any questions and I'll see you in the next video. 18. Going Wide | Putting Your Books On Other Retailers: in this lecture, we're going to go into going wide. So consider putting all your nudie published books on all retailers. So my story is back in, you know, to that's 14 2015 while half of 2015 hours only exclusive to Amazon. And then I realized maybe I want to, you know, they went from they made a lot of changes, and it can get kind of scary. So you want to make sure that you protect yourself in It's not something you have to do, but it's something that you know might want to consider if you're more seasoned and you're making all your income from only one retailer. So I'm assuming that Amazon is definitely one your retailers one of the biggest ones that most people go exclusive with. But, um, consider putting all your newly published books on all the retailers besides Amazon. And I have some insight because I've start doing this. So I kind of know, you know, it is fun to learn kind of a new platform because you see Okay, okay, I see this sales more of my fiction books to sales Mormon nonfiction, And I see you know what retailers kind of, you know, sale most of both. Spokesperson ass Amazon. So it's just something you could test out and see if it's even worth your time. Just you can keep your old books. Ah, you know, on a platform they or if they're doing well and kind of just, you know, whatever new book you published kind of black. Okay, this is not exclusive to this platform and want to publish it on this other platforms. So this is my strategy on my older books or in Kindle Select in their exclusive to Amazon what e books are anyway and all my newer books ago on all retailers. So I just start going wide. I'm going to keep my order books and Kindle select. But all my newer books are going on all retailers and this will help me gather more information. It's interesting to see other money coming in, and it's just, um, kind of a fun process. So is can be scary, but there's a lot of options that come with this so you can use 1/3 party service like draft to digital or smash words to avoid having one million and counts to log into. That's kind of annoying is having audience accounts a log into and checking up and seeing what's going on. So, um, draft to digital is way better than smash words. In my opinion, um, they're just more up to date. The ah, you know, take all you need is a word foul when they're just they just customized things to your liking. Um, the books that you put on there are published to retailers much faster, and they're starting to get even more retailers on their platforms, so that would definitely go draft to digital. But you can try out smash words as well or just published their on their extra cause. You know, Smash worse is a retailer as well. So you could just published a book there and not have them kind of distributed. So yeah, the thing is to have an audience accounts log into the great thing about having 11 platform is hey only got log into this place to see my my income or update a book. But if you you know you go through draft to digital, you'll have belong into all these accounts. You could just kind of go with um, drafted Digital and you up. When you make a change to your book, it goes on our platforms. You don't gotta log into each account in, upload your foul individually and do all that crazy stuff. All right, So drafty digital was proof preferable. Faster processing, simple process. Definitely easy to use. Um, more up to date is free to use, and they take a percentage 10% of 10 to 15% of each sale. So if you don't make a sale, you know, it's basically free, but it only is a paid service when you actually make a sale. So that's a great thing about it is free. So, here or some book retailers, you might want to consider no press, which I personally, this is me. Okay, so this is where I see my second most income from the size. Amazon is no press or born to Noble. So that's just me. That's that's where I see. I think that's maybe the second biggest book retailer. I'm not sure, but that's definitely where I see my second income. And I also noticed that my from from what I see right now, anyway, because I'm still publishing you know, newer books. I see that my fiction does well there. And, um, Nonfiction not so will on Barnes Noble Cobo writing life. Um, I see that my desk my third, you know, biggest income earner in I see that my nonfiction does better dear than my fiction. So it's interesting, Uh, my books, which is iTunes, actually. Okay. Another thing I want to say is with no press and kobo, I actually have different accounts. Do I log in to their? So I log. I have four counts, Have my Amazon my note press in my Coble writing life accounts. So upload books dear directly instead of going to draft a digital. I don't have a Mac at this moment. Um, so I couldn't even publish on iTunes. So I was like, OK, I'm just going to use draft to digital to publish on everything else. So I use dress to digital kobo nook and Amazon. Those are my four places. It's kind of annoying, but it's not that bad. It's only four and, you know, a draft to digital Does everything else for me so pretty decent? Um, I books, um script, oyster Tole, no, all romance eBooks. Um, draft A digital doesn't publish to all romance. EBooks. You have to kind of go on, do it yourself smash words Google play. They're not accepting new authors right now at this moment, but that's definitely retailer to look into, and you can also do directly. Author site. You can either do accept PayPal payments. You can do gum road stripe. There's a lot of payment processors, but just make sure our e junkie and you can just make sure that that book is delivered right after the customer pays. So going why gives you less dependence on one income? That's the great thing about it. And also, you know, you need to open yourself up to different things. You know, Amazon is not the end all be all. So it gives you a six as sense of exploration in other markets, which is great. You get to see you know what sells well, and it is just a great experiment to see what which ones will do well and which ones. Witten in different you know, how do these keywords work on this site? Was the best, you know, way to get your book out on these different sites. So is great in Plus, guess what? More readers in more readers mean more people on her email lists more EEM or income. So you want to make sure that you get in these not just Amazon readers, but you're getting readers from all these other sites as well. You know, just to get your name out there more and your brand out there more and less when at least increase your pay sales and get new readers from multiple platforms. So you want to increase your you know, your pay sales on Amazon instead of having the, um, you know, Kindle Unlimited program. You want to increase your pay sales. I seen that when I e mailed my list the first time. I'm like, OK, that spoke this. Nothing Kindle Unlimited And I still got preorders cause they still supported me when I launched my book. So it's just, um, you're paid sales go up, and if you launch your book and you have an audience, then you're good to go. So if you want more paid sales instead of, you know, having a rely on Kindle Unlimited and on pages read or whatever the new thing is gonna be after I released his course, So just keep that in mind. So the great thing and I think the best thing, if anything, is to new readers. You'll bring him with new readers to yourself. Besides readers, you know, when Amazon you want to just expand. So that's a great thing. You want to be international and everything. So that's basically it, um, warning wide. Let me know your questions about going wide and just the best thing I could tell you to do is just testing us. He was going on, Put your newer books on there and don't have him exclusive to any retailer. Rather, is Amazon or whoever your exclusive to just see what happens. And it I understand if you want to start off Amazon spy the best way to go for a new you know, a new person. But if you're kind of, you know, you kind of know that processed and see what happens, you never know. So thank you for watching and I will see you in the next lecture. Let me know in the comments what you think about going wide and I'll see you in the next video