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Kindle Cover Creation for Free, or on Fiverr - Create eBook Covers that Sell

teacher avatar Steve McDonald, Excel and Photoshop Geek

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Create a Cover Yourself

    • 2. Create a Quality Cover on Fiverr

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About This Class

Your cover is everything! The best way to sell a Kindle eBook is by adding a compelling and relevant cover that draws in readers. This is easier said than done, and many of us are working on a tight budget. But there are some simple things you can do to get a quality cover created without breaking the bank.

In this course I'll show you how to create a Kindle cover for free using the KDP DIY cover creator (although this is NOT what I recommend doing if you want your book to sell well). I show you this just to help you get started and to see how easy it is.

In the second video I'll show you how to get a nice cover made on Fiverr. I'll take you on a tour of some covers and show you what is good, what is bad and what you can expect from a $5 cover.

I'll also teach you why your Kindle eBook cover is the most important part of your book along for converting lookers into buyers.

Meet Your Teacher

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Steve McDonald

Excel and Photoshop Geek


Learning is easier if you are given the right tools and instruction. In every one of my courses I take you step-by-step through the tools and knowledge you need to accomplish your goals. 

My talent is taking complex subjects (like Exce... See full profile

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1. Create a Cover Yourself: now in this lecture, we're going to talk about how to create a cover, their several ways, and also why your cover is so important for people to want to start buying your book to get a photo shop or whatever, you can create a cover yourself. If not, you could go to somewhere like fiber. I use five or a lot spending $5. I spent $10 upgrade to using a stock photo so that I know that it's licensed and available for use in an e book. And right here it actually lays out the Coverage Island C and click on this Harold Page so it shows you how to come up with an image dimensions. This is important to follow these dimensions and these ratios, and it's so if you're having someone else build, it's easy to just tell them Well, these are the ratios. The shortest side needs to be this long. The long side needs to be this long, but follow those dimensions to get it. Otherwise, you could just go to the cover creator, which is really cool. This is not a very good way to create a professional cover, though, but if you're just trying toe, get your feet wet. This a good way to practice around? I'll just show you real quick version. Well, let's see. So we're trying to gardening, right? So true. But first, uh, I'm not even gonna take so much time to do this. I'm just gonna kind of show you what you come up with. So you know. So it populates that in there for these. So there you go. Steve MacDonald, Garnick for beginners. It's got the subtitle there again. If you look at these, these are not great looking covers, but there iss save it. The cover makes a big difference. So again, this is a really kind of ghetto cover all those present. It looks pretty decent for normally. These don't look great at all. It's almost impossible to get them to look good. But that's not horrible. But you still you want to be a lot better than that. You just want the the image to pop. You want to be a really compelling image. You just want because you wanted to sell. Here's how it works. People type in a keyword, so the key words are the most important thing for them to find your book. If you have your keywords right in your title, your description and in the keyword section, then people will have easier time finding your book. But once they find your book, they're gonna find another 100 or 1000 books on, you know, on the same or similar topics. And what's gonna make the difference between whether they buy your book or someone else's? Well, part of it will again be the keywords, because if they type something very specific, like beginning gardening or easy gardening, for instance, like I had in my keywords, then they may very well find your book, and that will make it more likely that they'll buy it. But the second thing they're going to see is your title and whether it appeals them, whether it tells them that your book is about what they want to read about or what they want to learn and whether it will help them, then they're gonna look at your cover. That's the first thing that they're visually gonna look at and say, This book is for me or not for me. This is not a real great example of a cover, either. because I made this like, you know, three years ago, and I did make that myself. But at least it has a catchy title. When you see the despicable five, it puts a big question mark in your head like, What are the despicable five? Are they causing major problems, too? And then you see that there's a pretty cool photo of pottery being done and actually at kind of unique technique that most people aren't too familiar with. So it is compelling enough to get you curious and to get you interested, which which needs to do to get you to go to this, but right here by now with one click, or actually to scroll down here and read the description and then to scroll down further and start to read some of these reviews to see if it's something that you want to buy. 2. Create a Quality Cover on Fiverr: I am. Welcome back in this lecture. I want to talk to you a bit about creating covers for your e books. First, I'm going to talk about Amazon KDP's recommendations for your cover design, dimensions and things like that. Then we're gonna take a look at a couple of good and bad examples. And then finally, we're gonna look at how to communicate with a designer on fiber to get a cover made. So first I'm going to go to the good old Kindle. Direct publishing help page here, but you'll notice First thing they say is a book is judged by its cover, and that's true. If you have an ugly cover, you're not going to sell a lot of books. But this is a great website here. Great resource. You can see the Web address there, but it will tell you everything. Dimension, size, color, borders, everything. Um, it will tell you that it should be a J peg or a tiff. I always just do everything. J. Peg seems simple. It'll tell you the dimensions right here, which is super straightforward. It will tell you your size. It has to be less than 50 megs, so that's pretty simple. So they're basically about four ways to have a cover made. You can design when yourself, if you're good with photo shop or another photo program. And if you are a designer than that's a great way to go. If you can kick one out quickly, the other one is to create your own through the KDP cover creator. This is not necessarily recommended. I have done a couple of these, and to be honest, they've affected the sales of the books. But I did it just as an experiment. They just aren't the best designs, and you can tell that they've been made in that cover creator, And any savvy reader will recognize that the third option is to hire a professional to do one. And it's really easy to pay anywhere from even for an inexpensive designer $50 up to hundreds of dollars for a custom well made cover, you could try things like 99 designs. You pay a set fee and you get to choose from a ton of different designs because a bunch of different artists essentially kind of raffle for your job so they'll design a cover for you and then you choose the best one, and that person gets paid. So that's kind of a good way to do it. If you if you're not afraid to spend a little extra money and get some variety and then finally another option, which I is. What I use because again I'm creating shorter, simpler E books is to go to Fiverr dot com and higher one there. And I always pay the extra $5 to get a stock photo, and I'll explain why in a couple of minutes. So I'm assuming that you don't know how to design your cover or don't choose to design your own cover. So we're going to go over to Fiverr, and we're gonna just I'm just going to show you how you would go about doing this. It's pretty simple. If you want to find e books, even coverage. Just go to the search field here and go kendo in book covers, and it'll search and it'll find a whole bunch of people give you some examples even of their work. Basically, what you want to do is you just want to check these and like this one is 553 reviews five stars That's that Looks good. This woman has one review, so you might want to be a little more careful there. 268 reviews. So there are a lot of people on here doing books, but you can look at some of the examples just to get an idea of whether it's what you want . This looks like more like fiction and romance stuff here, so I would probably steer away from that one and steered more toward, like this one, where they seem to have a lot of how to stuff, which is great, these air simple. You can kind of tell by looking at, um, where they have these text bars in there. They've obviously just taking a photo and then laid text over it. But at least they've done a reasonably sharp job of doing it thes air. Definitely decent, so let's go see about ordering it. One thing you want to kind of be aware of is where the photos were coming from, and in some cases you'll have to ask them where the photos were coming from. In other cases, you can you can pay an upgrade to get a stock photo, so they're actually purchasing the photo. That's always been my preference if I can find one. But if they don't have that option, then you really need to communicate with them and see where they're getting their photos because you don't want them getting a random quote unquote royalty free photo off of some website. That actually requires that you attribute the credit to the creator of the photo, and there's a lot of confusion on that. But a royalty free photo doesn't necessarily mean you just get to use it for free. It means that usually it means that you need to do something to credit the creator of the photo. And a lot of times the e book producers will not do that. So you really need toe. Be careful on that. That's my kind of main recommendation for covering your butt. Let's see if we can find one that that actually has an option. You Actually, I'm not seeing any that do so. You'd want to check through here and find out where they find their photos or sentiment note and make sure that they're getting a legitimate photo. But that's basically you just click on the order now, button. And then I've got a little script here. I'll show you how to put him. So I just have this saved into ah, little note pad, and it basically is super simple. As you can see just says, please create a flat Kindle e book cover include a nice photo, flowers and containers. And then I I list the title the subtitle in the author name. And I usually have pretty long subtitles because I'm using a lot of key words in there to get mawr traffic to my book. So this one is container Gardening of Flowers is the title, and subtitle is How to Grow a colorful Flower Garden in a small space and then the author's name down here. And I will just copy this whole thing and paste it right into the gig. And if you want more details like you want specific colors, you could say that. But normally, if you have a good designer, they'll kind of find that photo that works well, and then they'll match the rest of the cover to fit the photo. So that's really all there is to that. And then usually they take about 2 to 4 days to finish up for you. And then once you have your cover, you could neither ask for revisions, or you can approve it and pay him and upload your cover to the Kindle Direct publishing. So now I want to show you a couple of examples of covers. So here we are in the weight loss category and, you know, you could see there's quite a bit of variety here. But you can see, for instance, ist yoga. One is a little simpler, but still pretty sharp. The fat fighting belly diet. I'm not so sure about that one. Some people might be drawn to that, but there's a lot going on there. This one's pretty complicated to actually not a very straightforward image and also the images a little bit distorted. It looks like this one. I don't recommend doing this. Don't do your cover at an angle like that, as if it's a three d book. Because, for one thing, it's not a three D book. It's a digital book, and everybody who buys Kindle books knows that they're used to seeing this kind of cover flat e book covers because it displays better on Amazon's home page. So just don't do this. That this kind of book cover is for if you have a website or something and you're selling your own e book on the website, then you present it this way so that it kind of looks like a book. Um, apple cider vinegar for weight loss. That's a pretty good looking cover. Um, that you can see some of these examples. Actually, I'm going to go to the front page to show you some cash. More sharp looking ones. See, like, here's this. Some of these you won't be able to probably get done at fiber. Ah, you could see this 25 Super Who foods. That's a sharp looking cover that that's clearly been done by a professional designer. But this kind you can pull off pretty easily. You could even probably get this one done by a fiber person if you were, you know, kind of very persistent about revisions and specific about what you wanted. Ah, this one over to the right. Drink yourself, then. That's also probably a professional designer or at least some more professional designer. So that's the kind of thing you're gonna wanna paying little extra dollars for There's a really interesting one that's a slightly more professional one. And then again, you can see this one. The weight loss probably more like a fiber one. You can actually recognize those bands, and if you are going for the budget, don't let that hold you up. But just make sure that it's well put together, and then it has a good, relevant photo so that it competes. Obviously, this one on the left is a little, well, fancy or so. Somebody spent a little bit more time to do that. But those are just a few examples of kind of good and bad covers and kind of what to look for and what to avoid and how to give it cover created on fiber, so hopefully it helps you go out and get your Kindle books started and and get yourself a good cover