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Killer Productivity Applications for Your Macbook

teacher avatar Deepak Shukla, Inbound Marketing Courses

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. The Best Audio and Video File Convertor

    • 2. Data Backup that's 10x better than Time Machine

    • 3. The Only Broadband Speed Checker You Need

    • 4. Clean Your Desktop in One Click

    • 5. Download an Instagram Account's Photos All in One Go and One Click

    • 6. Indepth - Learn How You Can Sleep Better At Night

    • 7. Indepth - The Notetaking App For All Ages

    • 8. Indepth - Virus Malware and Adware Cleaner Mac

    • 9. Keep Your Mac From Going To Sleep

    • 10. Lastpass Password Productivity

    • 11. Magnet Window Management

    • 12. Hiding Menu Bar Items

    • 13. The Best Multi Chat Messaging Application

    • 14. A Better Alternative To Camtasia

    • 15. Show Your Desktop Shortcuts in 1-Click

    • 16. Time Everything That You Do

    • 17. The Best Note-Taking App ever

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About This Class

If you're anything like me, and you love to just GET THINGS DONE - than this is the course for you.

I"m going to be taking you through a whole range of applications that I use as part of my daily workflow to ensure that I keep as productive as possible.


  • Amazing Note-taking
  • Broadband speed tests
  • Multi chat Messaging¬†
  • Desktop Shortcuts

And a whole load more!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Deepak Shukla

Inbound Marketing Courses


Hi, I'm Deepak Shukla, the co-founder of Pearl Lemon a digital marketing company based in London.

Here you'll find courses based upon my life experiences:

Sport: 20x Marathons 3 Ultramarathons. 2 Full Ironmen. 1 Fight Won Via TKO Muay Thai. Trained British Soldier

Career: Warwick Graduate. Former Deloitte Consultant. 25 jobs before he was 25

Entrepreneurship: 2 Startups Funded (£5k & £75k). Tutoring Agency (Took to £100k+). Recording Studio (200+Clients). And Now Lead Generation (Pearl Lemon)

Digital Nomad: Lived in 9 Countries. 50+ Backpacking. Hitchhiked 1.1k miles in 3 nights

Influencer: 17.5 million views Quora. 240k YouTube Views. 7.5k LinkedIn Connections. 25k email list built in See full profile

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1. The Best Audio and Video File Convertor : Hey, folks, how you doing? So have you ever had the issue like myself off having to cover a file? Teoh MP three, MP three. I don't even actually know MP three stands for Let's have a look MP three meaning? It's quickly. Check it out. It means of compressing the Celtics in a row. Small file. MP three, MP three. Afternoon, maybe MP three. Acronym. Let's have a look Moving pictures expert. Metroid Prime Video game Video game. Here we go. Moving pictures. Experts Group, layer three Audio audio file Format extension. Okay, Course. Now we know what it stands for. That really did not help me much anyway. So basically, if you've ever had to convert find into MP three, which is the file formal typically plays on basically absolutely anything. It's always a little bit of a pain. Teoh Convert it and you know this probably, you know, all kinds of on MP three converts matter. Let's have a look. Actually, what exists? I mean, this is a problem. I face basic in Tempe, MPP free on the Mac store in one click free encode school. There's a lot these that's 2010. That's 2013. It's 2015. So this is just ahead over having get this one actually seen it before or do you far here? Okay, cool. Well, this 1 200 plus input formats. Well, this one actually looks pretty damn cool. So I'm gonna actually go ahead and download that, check it out, maybe even do a video on it. So let's quickly just get that Instill that. What I want to talk about in this video, ironically, two in one, uh, is a way to MP three. Now, this thing set, Super Dragon, drop your files in here. Um, and, um, it is it's obstruct forward to use. Let's go ahead of binds and files now. And so that applications installed. Now, that's why that's bouncing. If we had over Teoh iTunes on, then its head over to I'm just recently added. And let's just go Teoh show in a bind. So this brings up some of the stuff in finder, and I believe I was somewhere unknown album? No, in that. No, hang on. What? I quit. Confined some files that are no MP three. Okay, cool went back. And so I have found some here. Here we go is a voicemail from It's incredibly boring. Voicemail. Hi. My name calling. Okay. So, basically all you need to do, is it super simple. You just get over to here. We can drop even more than one that's dropped. This dropped to, um, it's take moment of their here. You get it all skew the quality that you want. Trash files after the conversion. I don't want to keep them good. Let's just say middle because I don't need to be great. Go ahead and convert them Vega. That is done. It really is that false? That is. You can see. Um, sounds exactly the same. So that's called auto MP three. You can use it to cover all of these different files. Let's go to about all to MP three. It's ah, doesn't really say much. That is it. I want a clean. It's check for updates. That's cool. A new version is available. Okay, There you go. It's taking me there immediately. And this actually Is it all to MP three? Okay, let's allow that. See what happens. I downloaded it twice, but it can handle audio from any source, convertible music and audio files to MP three a flexible output quality of presets convert video to MP three as well. Wow, I didn't know that actually did that Which is great for Mac Screenshots World's number one . OK, so it's pretty pretty damn impressive. Let's go ahead and just try a video. Now that we've got the updated version, let's see what that does on 6% batteries, you can see Let's hope that we can make it Teoh the end off this actual video So going to go ahead and still the thing that quick advanced, which is no, no notes. A lot of these applications sometimes find make you have all of these adults that they want to insult. I'm gonna pour this and go and grab my charger. Cool. So they make you install these these these islands and do you make sure that you go to advanced if you're too quick recommended install what basically installs all of this other stuff that make it very difficult to read. It comes with ease, bundles and that's how the actual to MP three guys make their money because the product itself is free to go to advance it. Go 10 and you know they're gonna make money somehow except for us. So that's fine. Except that so skip that as well. Who don't want that? Make it Maga backup Skip that successfully installed that or to MP three. Let's go ahead. Now it's gonna it's gonna open up, double click the file to and still continue. Continue. We're going to go through an install it. So there's all of these things that they will try and ask you to install Who owns his computer. You know, this is actually all all new because I've had this application for so long. You on a business based in home. You another household member having people in my home. Let's just say three. Company. Don't be dumb. Let's go ahead. Let me just go ahead and fill this in cool and we're back. Let's instil. It's good to do this. Let's see what it looks like now. Actually, I was pretty been quite useful to take you through an example. One of the issues that come up with installation when you try and get these kind of parlux from kind of these, you know, non Mac affiliated websites, if you will eso. It's meant to be running package script. Stumpy Dumpty. Dumb. See if this actually works, right and then oppose it again. Okay. Cool. And the installation of Successful. So that's close. That God, that's so gone. Let's go Toe toe MP three. Now it g o. And, um, I do believe and hope that this is the latest one up to date. Perfect. Keiko. So what I want to do now is look, it says, actually here video and more. So I'm gonna go ahead and grab a video from the desktop mode of stuff on my desktop. Let's quickly get eight in small video. Seven. What you got here? That's forward. Five mics. BBC sh Okay, so here's a short video. Let's put it there and we wanna trash. Oh, let's say super. You want to trash files after conversion? No, we don't. It's convert that and apparently so. No, it's it's done stunt. It's already done. You can see it just here and yet, And that mimics exactly what was in that video, which is which is nothing. Basically, eso court. That is all to MP three. I hope that that is going to prove very useful to have a bit of a complicated, installed but IT Z quality program. I use it whenever I need to convert files, and it just sits there basically. 2. Data Backup that's 10x better than Time Machine: Hey, folks. So if you anything like me I have lost or had stolen my Mac book a couple of times, I've had extra corrupt thes two things that have happened to me. And the truth is, is that I don't realistically actually back up everything in the cloud you know, Dropbox and Google Drive or box or one No, I Everything is kind of scattered in a couple of different places, but it all begins locally. Everything but I do begins locally and then uploaded to the cloud. And, you know, let's assume that I upload around 80%. That still leaves the 20% and I don't like thinking about absolutely doing that for everything. So I'd like to introduce you to a solution that basically covers that for you called back place. It's pretty dang impressive. I've been a user for, like a year, year and 1/2 I think. Now, Andi, I've got it paid up for the lack next two years. It's super cheap. It's Here we go. Ah, DVD doom. Personal backup. That's me. There's also business back up to the company's laptop, and desktop computers are limited cloud backup, $50 per year per computer. You've also got B two cloud storage, and it pretty much is cheaper than any of the other alternatives out there. I mean, I haven't actually even researching other alternatives out there, but let's go to personal backup for your actual machine for yourself. A 1,000,000 unlimited online backup. Okay, back up all of your attached external hard drives. Now, this is the beautiful thing. It will back up anything that you put on an external hard drive. So you don't need to worry that, you know, an external hard drive might go corrupt because it will be able to restore that as well. This is what it looks like, and I've got it running up here. I think t kind of attest to that backup. Now restore file check for updates on Let's get back, back, back, back preferences. See, that looks pretty much exactly the same as this. I've got selected for back up 3 to 400,000 files. Let's go to back up now on. Um, see, if anything, what happens? It'll But I think it's already backing up new of files. Here you go. So it's actually gonna start backing up stuff now so it's really easy to use and this is a great thing. Let's say you lose your Mac or something happens. You can download a free restore or one off one fire or all your files anywhere in the world . So let's just say you lose it in. I don't know in Brussels, in Belgium, and then you fly out to when Desiree's. Then you can still basically have 128 gigabyte flash drive FedEx to you or any external hard drive. You can have all of these things sent to you, or you can download it on your machine of your choosing. We can access files and I fat iPhone, iPad or Android. So it's incredibly simple and incredibly effective on everything's protected, etcetera. And for those of you who are also, you know, still multiple versions up 30 days, locate a missing or stolen computer. It does as well also for things that you're an upload limit on. It also lets see for you guys out of business owners Business. Back up Consumer price, $50. Pay your picking, you know, for unlimited data and you know it pretty much does the same thing. Mac windows continues Automatic, unlimited data, foolproof and offsite work remotely. Something to get to connect the office server yet. So you know, if you have any stop that refused. Teoh. Just forget to connect to the server and things get broken or get lost. You know, these are all of their customers truly unlimited? Everything's basically unlimited, which is absolutely incredible, by the way, on cost opinion. Sexual is that since all this stuff, but this is the really Corbett, they do this comparison right, because I don't use B two cloud storage. Better for any of you that developers will pricing. This gets pricing. Let's actually, in fact, go. Teoh started skating comparison because this is probably the best bet that serves. So this is all the other providers out there. You got Amazon. Google Cloud is your centurylink, Verizon and Rackspace. And very simply, back place is you Can city beats a more so back places. Dang impressive. I use it for personal backup. My company probably be soon using it business back up now that I've done this video and please do check it out. It's about $50 for the year. And if you go ahead and book or by for pricing by seven. Look you back for two years. I think they give you a little bit of a discount. $50 per year or $95 for two years. So you save $25.95 dollars over 25. 24 months is have a look that works out as being sort of 24 months. That works dualism of basically, So it's it's incredible back plays. Check it out. 3. The Only Broadband Speed Checker You Need: Hey, folks, if you ever move your Mac book or your, you know, indeed PC from WiFi connection to WiFi connection and you want to check quickly how how the Internet is the kind of, ah, download speed and upload speed. And, of course, what you might typically do is type broadband. Well, you know, there, you can see I've got a load loaded up. Broad bands beat test. Now you've got a range of options here. As you can see now you can see that that one's highlighted because the one I typically do you go to, I really do like It's Buchler, was it? I think so. The tip, basically in in this video, is that, as you can see, it's going Teoh. It's got quite a nice visualization on debt will allow. But this is not the expert to the Mac store, that is, it's speed test. So let's quickly talk that in to speak on. Did he go speed test by Buchler? And as you can see, I I can go ahead and open it up, and it's pretty much the best rating on the Mac App store, and here it is, top right, so click speed Tesco. Ultimately, as you can see, that it is going to be a little bit longer because I want to show you. So I'm not actually in Brentford on much further away than that. But it's within the London region, which is where I am. So you know, broadly tell you where you are. It is correct that my connections Virgin media but this is probably the nearest rooted a camping or check it against. So that's why, as you can see, what download speed of 130 Meggett the moment which is yet I'm very pleased about the Ping lost 68 minute second to go. We don't really know what that means that I don't think that means necessarily. So the fans keeping in because I'm running a speed test. I'm uploading a video and I'm doing this video, of course. So they get 129 Meg download 108 make upload on. You can go ahead and choose to change a server. You can give you a range of options that you want to try that the closest one to me on. Then you've got my account detail to highest B test average speed. 10 tests done on these are the 10 thes are the most recent tested street. So there you go speed tests. Check it out. It's a really, really good and that's it for free on the Mexico. 4. Clean Your Desktop in One Click: folks, check this out. This is something that's incredibly simple but incredibly effective. You might have noticed in some of the videos that I have had a clean desktop. That's actually not the case. This is actually at the moment what my desktop looks like. It's an absolute mess, right? And as much as I try and keep organized, inevitably, stuff starts collecting on the desktop. You know, there's all kinds of things going on here. Is this video those images? There's, ah, subtitles here. Torrents, boulders, keynotes, PDS probably flying around somewhere. But my passport. There's all kinds of stuff. So here's a very quick court tip. It's called Hidden Me Free. So let's flick Teoh launch that I don't Yeah, log in. And now I believe if I just pressed control shift in D. There you go. It's actually hidden. My desktop on this is this is This is the fact that I'm using So we'll go Teoh Global Hockey, which is controlled de toe high desktop icons. Just do that again. Control D that he gets come back. Now let's give a second. It's press control de again and there you go. It's hidden. It's absolutely superb. And now I've gone from, of course, having a full desktop two on absolutely clean desktop like so. So check it out. It's called Hidden Me Free. You can get it on the APP store on Mac. It's absolutely free. Sorry, Final thing. This has obviously multiple applications. If you don't presentations if you need toe. Basically, for whatever reason, have a clean desktop. This is indeed the way to do it, so yet they go. 5. Download an Instagram Account's Photos All in One Go and One Click: Hey, folks, that this is a very cool instagram hack. If you've ever wanted to know if you ever gone to an instagram account, let's say Let's have a look at Instagram Scared Teoh slogan. My count there. Let's just type in entrepreneur, see what comes up Court entrepot for your magazine. They've got 504 posts. Okay, cool. So let's say, for example, or let's go to inspiration. You're looking for an INSTAGRAM accounts. Got some cool quotes, right? And these are clearly kind of not copy, marked or copyrighted, rather to actual inspirational quotes themselves because they don't have any of their tags . They probably just taken them from the Internet as well. And you want to take some of these photos, obviously, that one way that you can do it is do this and then they can screenshot off the whole thing . Uh, like that or kind of do that on, and that's pretty protracted. Let's see, you know, go there, Death stop. See what? I've just taken a screenshot off just here on, you know, then I need to crop this and do all those kinds of things that it's a pretty much pain in the ass, basically. So here is the way that I present to you that's incredibly false and an incredibly cool hack to basically get all 1717. Yet I'm not kidding. I've told you all 717 posts from this one instagram account. Here's how you do. And you may have already seen that I am posted it up before it's four. Case four case the ground. So let's go to this website and its let's check it out. It's close all of these. So, um, this is pretty darn cool, sir. Look for Kate Store grounds on INSTAGRAM download of PC Mac Olynyk So it's cross platform. We can work on whatever machine you're using. Media allows you to download and backup Instagram photos. Instagram photos Just enter the instagram user name or photo like compress follow. User on basically will open them all in on your desktop. It's completely free. It's an incredibly It's an incredible piece of software. I think I'm absolutely amazed how well it actually works. Let me just show you what you got it installed. So that's four case the ground said into here. So here we go. Actually, This is my my co founder and it's actually already doing it. Look. Five photo downloaded, update complete. So what we can do is head over to show in Finder. So there you go. Boom. So these are the images that are taken from a business partner. Next instagram account on. Let me just show you an example of another accounts. Probably got slightly less photos. Let's let's have a look at the health poon in in speeds. He's got 15 posts. Okay, so I don't know who this guy is. Hello in speed, but I'm going to show you how it fits so well we need to do is go Teoh four case to Graham . We can go to enter Instagram user name Hashtag will search places. So let's end to his user name, which is just there copying it there. It turned over to here. That's paste it. Let's subscribe. And as you can see, it's subscribing on. It's actually let's expand that it's it's downloaded his photos. It literally waas that forced. It's quite incredible eso you know, here they all are just here. Um uh, always one is user application on monos naps on, uh, this is again, all of them. So if we go Teoh and you can refresh him, as you can see, we go toe that button show details, show and find a show on Instagram so we could head over and show in Finder on and turn up Here. Here they will. It's it's pretty. It's pretty pretty, pretty incredible. That's how you do it. Show that it's really is that simple? So if there's ever any photos you know, typically from your own account or anybody else is that you want to take from instagram than four, case the ground. This app, which is completely free, is the way to do it. 6. Indepth - Learn How You Can Sleep Better At Night: today. I want to talk about on app that you can use every day runs in the background. It will immediately improve your quality off. What quality of life to relative you. It's called flux. It's here in the top right hand corner. It sits in my menu. Micron Bar, just here. Color temperature, that 1900 K sunrise and seven hours waking eight hours on. It's an incredible basically. Just show you some of the things you know. I really do. Like applications. It's a set and forget. I like to install it, and I don't really I want basically close to zero learning curve on It has a series of recommended colors, basically what it does. Is it soft ins, the blues? A tour on your screen? I don't know whether it actually gets captured on video, so it may be the case. You can't see the difference necessarily. We're gonna try and attempt to see force a change. I've got it set so that for specific programs you can turn it upside. Click open the L C. On certainly on my screen, it's it's completely brightened, and the reason for that is because options preference, it's right disabled for V. L. C, as you can see, and you can set it per the application that you're in some of the specific applications where you you don't want the color to change. And that will typically be with video that certainly in the case off your desktop. If we go again and have a look see, it's it's changing as we speak on that is going to soft in the the colors slowly, slowly. That's just open it up again, see if I can have a look at what's going on on bits. It's a slow softening, and it really is less of a glare on your eyes. What's happened is that screams have got blew up and brighter blue of the time. And like me, you probably do work late at night or work randomly. A time certainly idea, you know, you know, we're not meant to have kind of screens on after a certain time. Below and behold, it's a 12 03 it's after midnight. But I do love this application. I think it's super just to show you, you know, stay right, something. You know there's all these applications. You can set your location basically, and it will if you get location turned on which I have accusing location flux. It will confirm it looks likely to baggy. But that's fine. You can just said you manually yourself. So I stopped clocks that log in, so I don't think about it. I like settin. Forget works really well and very quickly. Sure with science What? This is This is the website. Anyway, just get flux dot com It's free application. Doesn't cost you anything at all. Works cross platforms in a free from Mac OS X, you get windows in its iPhone iPad Android toe works across absolutely everything, but even actually realized you could get it for the android. I've got a different application. I'll show you. So what it does is it works to root blue light. And look, this is from the scientific American blue led light up your brain by the trunk screens keep you away from what you can do about it. And this year talks about that's practically human. Talks about flux dubbed flux. There. Ugo Flux. Yeah, this is about Fluxus is about to start off. Found that the story of the startup found us on on the other things. Why does, like, keep you awake? I googled it before I start recording this video. And this is a study of the sedation of blue light given off by electron ICS affect our sleep. The consensus is that blue light that the blue light that led screens give off can slow or halt the production of melatonin, the hormone that signals are brain, that it's time for bed. So, yeah, that's that's why on the 21st of March 2016 you know, these are all 2014 15. It's just pretty much established. Basically, blue lights have adopts dark side long before. You know, sleep is vital for a long life, and I'm kind of flying in that in the face of that, So I do recommend it. It's called Flocks It. It's amazing. And please do look at the landing the link of the bottom off this video if you're interested in joining the course and how to become basically more productive because this this landing page you are all might change over time, but I'm more productive than view. It's a per productivity course which will be launching so you can just get notified about it here. If this page on the style of the page does indeed change over time, you can just find the link at the bottom of this video. So I hope that you found helpful. Do you guys? 7. Indepth - The Notetaking App For All Ages: Hey, folks, I want to talk to you about a note keeping productivity list building applications that I use Court of Google keep. You may already know if you don't, then it's pretty pretty damn awesome. So it's cross platform on its crossed yet. So work on Windows PC? Well, yet So. Windows Mac OS Lennox. It'll work on Android as well. His iPhone. That's one of the beauties of it. There's there. Some acts out there that you know are platform specific. This is not its allows. You ultimately, Teoh. Let's have a look. You can make notes. You can make lists, you can add images. So that's at that as an image seeking at that there. Hey, Hey, guys, check this out. You can do that on, uh, example on you can. Then, if we go now to find therapists example. You can search for that so we could go look. Example. There you go. There it is. And let's go back there again. To you can create reminders, less images you RL's. There's labels, things, people, these other people that I've shared this with currently you can color code stuff. There's order, these different things that you can do with it. So types you are else. These are all of the note. So I've created that have you are else in Let's go back and try something else. You also got like Azad told your images and less etcetera. So these are all the all the all the ones that have listened. And there was, you know, like my my Black Friday list, for example on then integrates that was bought on then this list. As you can see, it's shared with, um, Nick. This is my business partner there, Nick, and that you could go ahead and do a couple of things that you could, you know, Let's sorry, let's go to this list and its ad somebody Collaborator, as you can see, so that just type in I And as you can see here, it sinks in with my Google contacted because, you know the Gmail account holder s so it's incredibly powerful. You can share it with absolutely anybody. That's already, you know, within your email networks, that's one of the things that you can dio. You can obviously change a different color, so that's, you know, blue. Let's get back to the regular color. You can add images and you can archive. And then even these other things you can to copy it. Diggle docks at a label Antic Eliasson's addict. There's that There's basically a plethora of things you can do with it that makes it really awesome and really court use on the fly. And as you can see if we go back, this allows it to update automatically with the cloud. Is these different viewing options? I've got my stuff here at the top in terms of pin stuff for accounts that follow Hashtags in Twitter profiles that I want toe keep aware of. And it will show you the actual click through to go ahead and you can click through to that . So there's all these things you can do a Google keep Onda. If I show you Hang on, I'm going to grab my Sorry, I'm gonna I know that you call it. It's, um it's rather small Now the action screen Watson. Right? But I'm going to show you ultimately my phone and how Google keep appears on there. So this is this is my my android. Ah, you might not see just there is my Google keep. And then if I go ahead and open that up, it's gonna open up. Now, if you just keep looking on this is this is this is an example. So this is an example of 111 note that you can see there when I go ahead. And this is this is what you can see. Basically it. These are all of my pin ones. And if we go through this is everything else in chronological order and automatically sync with anything I put here. So Google keep its Ah, pretty damn awesome. I recommend it for keeping less. You can use it for. You know, if you're doing the shopping with your partner or you need you know, somebody toe do things, you can take them off one by one. And you can, As I said, use it. Cross platform. I I really recommend it. Google keep 8. Indepth - Virus Malware and Adware Cleaner Mac: tell you doing so I've just been presented with a pretty good opportunity to show you how malware on on Mac works. I think I have installed accidentally what's recording one of these videos. Ironically, when doing on upgrade for an application that I like called all to MP three and do still check it out. Regardless, it's great for converting any kind of audio video file to MP three just super coupe. Quickly, Dragon dropped. I think I installed a spot of the software bundle that they give you this thing premier opinion, which is clearly something that I'm not interested in a research panel. So there's no obvious uninstall button that I can see there, which is the first thing. The second thing is that I'll go Teoh clean my Mac on din clean my McIver goto uninstall. Let's try and find Premier opinion. See if it works on. This is a very cool application. By the way, eso I've cleaned up to almost half half a terrible error on lost exit. That's fine. Let's just exit that. Let's see if we can find in here from MIA opinion. Okay, perfect. So it is here already installed on what we can also do Teoh Look at more than a year ago, sort by last launch date ascending. So this is all stuff I've opened recently, rather sort descending. Okay, cool. So I'll do a separate video. Clean my macro monetary how the malware thing works. So let's go to matter Where bites anti malware. Ugo, I'll just show you it's free on Monday. Goats actually doing on update there at the moment. You might have just caught it, but it's going to upgrade its its library off viruses s so coarse. Let's go to now where whites stay, go malware bytes for Mac They go. That's Google Auto suggest on. That's let me just quickly show you that it's entirely free. Teoh download. I do recommend it. It's just super quick and easy cities crushing mouth without Dwyane malware. It's free but home for business benefits. And there's a bunch of stuff it talk to you about whether remove what being old fast like. I mean, you know, I'll leave you that time. This is head over, Teoh, and here we go. Let's go to scan so you can hear the fan actually whizzing in the background because my computer is working quite hard at the moment. I'm recording a load of videos on also up loading things all at the same time on that's what gives causing a CPU kind of over here a little bit. Fans trying to put it down to that to sound you can hear. No, I can do about that. Of course I could wait until it calls down. But a lot of this whole thing is also about you know, how we actually engage with the applications that we use and how to make them run as fast as possible. So this is anti malware bytes, anti malware. I'm gonna pause a video whilst it runs. Hey, so it's actually finished running. And look at this. Check this out. It's pretty cool, eh? So it's found Perm. Your opinion. This is what we were talking about. This this file, The other thing that's got here is Google chrome support. I don't quite know. That is the info. It's all related to permit opinions that Sina's adware thean vital function is its see. This is also what sometimes happens. It understands, um, files or programs or applications that you've under installed to be viruses. I know in this case that this isn't a virus. I know what the invite always. I'll be doing a video in it. You can invite everybody on Facebook and one click Really, really cool application. And what I want to get rid of is adware. Premier opinions lets unclip that let's remove selected items and the's where Brown's need to be tried before proceeding. Googled Prince, Let's go ahead and close ups. Okay, so it's gonna close chrome for me and let's head over to the death stop. One click desktop is you concede anything it doesn't close. Is finder on? You should see if we had a back to here, uh, and also opened this back up that threats were removed. You can restart that. You could do all this stuff, but basically that that's pretty much it. It's it worked because, as you can see, talk. So I got to restart. No, I don't restart. Now you can see that it's gone from the top in premier opinion just up here. And if we head back into complete my mac, we should find the term. If we run it search. Uh, let's go ahead and clean and again it might be related to the restart. But let's head over to plead my Mac. It's go into uninstall. And, um, there you go, it's gone. So they have it. That malware bytes, anti malware, really cool application to just basically get rid of any viruses or malware or anything of that ilk. Wire. Kind of put them into Teoh one band when it comes to actually how I use my Mac Super simple to use free to download Go get it. 9. Keep Your Mac From Going To Sleep: Hey, folks, how you doing? So what? I want to show you an application. Help speed up. My life here is if you ever like me, For example, I've got a skills, skill share, class At the moment, I'm actually up loading on. Whatever you need to do is ultimately keep my Mac from going to sleep. Now, there probably are fangled ways you can dip through, um, system preferences where you can set like energy saver probably, for example, turn display off after so never so you could turn all of this kind of off so that it works for power full time. The problem is that you need to come in and manually, of course, change all of this against eso. What you can dio convenient work around is if you can see just the top here. It's called caffeine. It's a very cool application and I'll tell you so that's turned off. Nominee in the Mac will go to sleep turned back on Now, Now I right click. I can activate for a period of time that I set, and I can also look at preferences to choose when it will launch, and caffeine is now running As you can see, it's now running and its default duration is indefinitely. On a Z, you can see it's a free download. Do you search caffeine, Mac? And whenever you need to leave the upload, for example in this instance, or you ultimately don't want your I don't want your laptops go to sleep. Caffeine is the application that will work really well for you. 10. Lastpass Password Productivity: Hi, folks. I want to talk a little bit about a password manager. It's called Last Pass. It's incredibly powerful application. It's just come up because my friend of mine actually are so specific. Loggins for a screen recorded the values, and it gave me cause to record this video. So I want to talk about generally what last past is, first of all. So basically it's password manager. I have one very secure password I used to then log in to last past women in there. I store all of my actual passports so you can't see any actual passwords it. But you can see that I've got various folders, you know, sort folders by 80 said, Let's say, and there's there's none folders here. So let's sort it by, said to a thank you and you'll see that you know, I've got your digital presence, just a series of passwords on I've got, you know, video upload, travel traveled. You know, the these other places that I have stuff and it's an incredible way of storing multiple Loggins. If you're anything Well, if you're anything like anybody these days, you need at least several Logan's, the various accounts and you know I can go Teoh. Let's just give me an example of, you know, type form your digital presence. I go ahead and launch that site directly and take me to the log in page on it will. I do believe pretend those relevant Loggins. So I'm looking for what you did your president in your per traffic here. So what happens is that if you get to a site that you never used before, let's let me try and think of on form builder, a separate form builder online. It's what we confined. So jot. Former got form stack. Okay, so form staff is a former builder side, but I've never used before on try it free as my fans going crazy again. Apologies until it to say, That's my That's my working on my past, but seem like this is audiences, it turns out, okay, picture, but, uh, com and it's created parts of said, Hey, we're gonna give me an example of profit. So this is a part of on going to put in. It's not psyched. I'm going to use 40 day trial. My company name in there. Traffic phone number PT the company phone number. Understand? On start trial on what you'll see happen is I d believe it works. Probably doesn't seem to be. It's just a generation into form step and unfortunately, it's the first time it's Ah, it's failed. It's not working in that you typically see a pop up asking t save a new sites that's just going to use a blank form. So this is a good example, actually off what to do in the instance, it doesn't work as advertised. Last bus Isn't are generally asked you if it wants you to save in your site, so we'll go into last parts. Now we go toe my vote. And so what I do when there's something that you want to save that's no in here, and I can see why. Cameras So there said it was about. And what you see this ad site to get to add site in the world would type in form stack here , form step, so go to form step comments. You are really the name is form step we'll call it for this is for searching purposes forms that I forget the name of the application form builder foldout. Let's put it into so you can create folders, shared folders. They go. Some of our clients shared for traffic. And then we've got user name, which will be the that he his name in the past. But as you can see, if we go into here, is this one there that's taken from here? You tried to set up there, so we go in and put that into their no notes. That ad clicks save. So that's now Save, which give me an example, gets in a form So they have forms that building under the shared per traffic folder. On def, we head over to here on forms that form generally shown, Let's say, linked Inch make something out, even originated in anguish, entered the builder. So it's cool. So? So we looked into the building. Now on. Let me just go ahead and ultimately find struck out looking out set sketches that my my account, it's log out there to looked out. Doubt on Look, it's taken into the form step for Pompeii just to show you. Let's get to try logging, logging in there you go to the log in page on a Z, you can see there's two lines on its already actually bounded deep, actively protected dot com bonds that form buildup that's taken from the last bus boat, which is this one here is you can see you click north to go directly to the site. We can put a spanner. I point if you just need to know something individual from being picked. Show parts. Where there There's a password on. So to say that we're going to hear this one depicting a traffic were logging even. Also, Spiegel's. We're looking to form Stack, and, as you can see, that allowed me in verifying county sheriff emails. Get there, see cations comfort Come through yet that's fine. But the point is, is, that's how you used last pots. And if I get into, for example, Facebook. Now there's my toothpaste talents. A Gmail There's like what? There's lots of things that using you now got prominent strike. But there so many sites I used, you know, for bugle eso. Here we get these order that DeMarlo organs are created in the past. So you can imagine that trying to remember where this is just completely impractical, keeping it anywhere like a spread. She or on 1/3 party place is not really that safe. So what I do is I've got my one last past password. I can go ahead and do not get here, and it's more did little to stop. You can do here, but fundamentally, that is how I use it. And then if you know, once I've confirmed a new site on Let's Go to Jeanne on our safer examples let me love myself out of it. Sits here as well. I'm getting into my personal mailbox. That's you know, these are all the other accounts. I'm not going to end a lap manage waffle audience. The last pass. It's amazing. Check it out. It will speed your log in productivity up massively. 11. Magnet Window Management : I want to talk about Windows management. Hack by Windows. I mean these literal windows. I've got some up What's going on in the background? But do you notice that I can do that? I can do that. I can if it allows me to do that, depending upon yet, do that since so they again. And then I can probably do the same here as well. But basically I conflict rings around the screen and I can make them fit in corners such as that they get that you do. Isn't it really, really easily So let me just expand this again. The way that I do that is with an ag knit. It's incredible. It's really, really good. It's called Magnet. You can find the only app store. Let's go to the APP store and just check it out so you can see that it's a super super super cheap points like a dollar on. And it's a massive, massive timesaver magnet Magnet Productivity 115 ratings five star. It doesn't show the price of its like a dollar and again, just to show you there's that, you know that. Say I'm working on to document side by side This'll one does not like it. But let's open up word because it's in danger of failing on. So here is a word document on Diego. Full screen, uh, half screen touch this the other half screen total. Today you get magnet. 12. Hiding Menu Bar Items : Hey folks, eso as you can imagine, if you're anything like me and you have, like, a load of applications that sit open at the top here would be quite called to be able to actually manage him. You may look at your own actual Mac menu and see that there's some differences between yours and mine. So I want to show you what I've done to actually modify it. Yes, you can indeed modify this section so head over to bartender, too. You can see Mac menu, lets you organize the menu bars by hiding items, rearranging them or moving them to the bartender. But let me show you what I mean. Eso I can dio I can do that. I can move this around. I can do all kinds off. Very sexy stuff. Basically, the I don't think that you can necessarily do on yours, and I want to show you how. How Ideo. It's really simple. It's pulled. Bartender. I think it cost, like £5 or something to buy, you know, maybe $6. Expecting this, you know the same price of the moment these days. It's one all of these awards a Z. You can see on Dhere it is. And let me just go to preferences and open it up. Let's go to appearance so you can make it look cool and sexy. But on bartender, there's waistcoat. There's bestie. I I like the actual bartender. As you can see, you get down low to try for four weeks. You know, you're quite the latest Mac in arrest installations or Yosemite rather on Aziz. We can see if we had back Teoh story preferences. Then you know, it should really just go straight to these options here rather than those other items. But they get if we go to welcome, that's fine. We go to here, we get a menu. So let me just show you some stuff. So let's show you something that you probably recognize that let's have a look at the battery. You can see the battery. There's a 40% I can completely hide it. There you go, boom, gone. I can bring it back. Boom, There you go. I can do the same with the clock. Let's let's fight the clock completely height. Cool. Of course I'm not gonna hide the clock. I want to keep the clock, but Basically, I've used this toe to customize everything that sits on my menu. The top right down Teoh. That's another cool. Especially that another time down. Teoh. Bluetooth, which I do you from time scientist toe all of these different things basically toe the spotlight search and using bartender, you can fundamentally switch all of these things around, so I do recommend that you check it out. Bartender. It's amazing application. I have it installed in it just sits and runs. 13. The Best Multi Chat Messaging Application: eyes. And as you can see, I've got the hoodie on right now. What is quickly show you this application. It's amazing if you've ever had the issue like me, that, for example, I don't know. You've got, like, what's app open here or you've got, like, Facebook or you've got multiple Gmail account or whatever it might be. Then, quickly flicking between messaging, that's proves over a bit cumbersome, and also it gets and obviously the way of actually doing work itself. So like to introduce you to Farhan's. It's an application. I love a free man. Here we go. Let's let's let's check out the reader. This is it in terms of the actual you why this is all of my stuff from This Is my water on on France. Here is my Facebook. Here's my Gmail. Here's my Skype. Here's my linked in and here's my other work Gmail account. So it's all built in there, and we can probably indeed, you know, at a new service it's got all these other services units got services here that wow, there's actually a ton of them ton ton more than I realized. Slack cult. We chat, hit chat hang out. Hang out is a good one, actually. But you brought it in Gmail. You've got You've got all of these applications ultimately, that you go ahead and just set up in terms of its A terms of its usage, it is. Meet friends down the frenzy. You go. It's cross platform. So you got it for for For Mac there. You've also got it for Windows and Linux. So what? Type off us. And I really recommend it, friends. 14. A Better Alternative To Camtasia : Hey, folks, how you doing? Toe another quick productivity tip. The application that I'm actually using at the moment to record this video previously have talked about monitor, snap, but actually using screen. Costa Matic. It's excellent. Well, I really like about screen. Costa Matic is if I go ahead and see if I can open it now. Eso it's recording and it says Click here to pause. Of course, is you can just see it kind of white it out in the background that you know what? Let's go via the Web, actually, so I'm sure it's you here. Screen cost it Matic, and it's it's ah really quite good application for recording videos. You can see me border right, my picture, but this is actually, like faded or its translucent, a little bit content with the right technical term, but it means that I can still see what's underneath. It will start records on fast rescreen recording. As you can see here, you can choose to record the screen just your webcam or do both on there's a match time. If you don't get the professional broken up, the professional version you can set the size and the condition aeration or computer audio on. It keeps a history off all of the videos that you recorded as well as publishing dates, and you can automatically one click upload to Google Drive dropbox as well as, of course, on YouTube, which makes it extremely powerful alongside the inbuilt editing tools. It's really excellent application. It does also host your videos on screen cost thematic as well to create branded type screen . Cross an object in bed recorders in your own sites, so there's lots of things you can do. But it's really simple, easy to use, but some tutorials. I recommend it. Check it out. 15. Show Your Desktop Shortcuts in 1-Click: guys, if you're anything like me. And as you can see, I've got a 1,000,001 applications that are open at the same time, and I need to get to my desktop. There's no really simple way toe. Actually, do what? You can do that, of course, but the problem is, as soon as I scroll back and these are hot corners I've got set up, which showed very simply, If you're on your Mac book pro, you want to quickly get to the desktop. Then there's this cool application that I used to speed up that called one click show desktop. So we hit that. And, boom, there's my desktop. See that? And then to get all of your actual folders back files, kick that again and my my my face has appeared again in the bottom right hand corner on. And yet that's what it's called. It's called one click show desktop show you again. I think that there to my desktop I g o bring that back up on here we are. So check it out. It's one click show desktop again. You can get it on the APP store for completely free 16. Time Everything That You Do: you doing? Here's another very cool hack you might have noticed here at the top in some of the videos . I've got a timer here. It's called time th Y m e. Let me just go ahead and start it up for you. They dio on all it does. Very simply, is it can type stuff for U. S. So if I just pressed, my shortcut got set up, which is command shift and s. You'll see it starts recording time has started, and then I can track how long something is taken for me to get done. So if then if I want to stop that I press command shift, that s again. It pauses it. And then I can restart and say so. It's restarted again. There on it will have kept that I believe they go six seconds. So it's a very quick, very handy tool. You can download it. Obviously online. It's free on. It's been the most convenient way. I found out just now and again recording things on the fly to see how long they take for you to get done. So there it is. It's called times for the Mac, and it's pretty damn cool 17. The Best Note-Taking App ever: Hey guys, how you doing? I want to talk to you about a act that I useful making notes on the fly. It's incredibly minimalist. I absolutely love it. It's called You might see in it. Here it's called type Aura. Look at this beautiful, beautiful interface and it's a truly minimal It's a markdown. Editors. He can do HTML type of stuff on it that I don't do to be on TV. But, you know, this is an example on an example of it, And you know, if you can if you need to do any of these other things sport pick I didn't even know it could export. PDF pdf, actually, but it's so cool, you know, it will quickly run you through all the things that you can do with it. Here. You can go ahead and have a look at the site except for and stuff um on. Um I mean, there's all these other things I didn't even know you could do with that 200 years. I don't even use it in, In, In, In, in this way, right? There's etcetera. Accessibility. This is cool. This is cool. Custom themes, really configurable CSS. There you go, you go ahead and you know, edit it by enabling debugging on it's cross platform. But listen, in terms of how I use it, this is how I use it. Let's get type or it's just a clean this thing out there that I've seen. If I compare this, for example, Teoh, Teoh, even Google keep. We'll keep Messi after making notes on the Flyer. There's a lot going on here, you know. I can't really open this up. It's just it's just busy. Then let's get to, For example, let's get to it. Let's compare this, the notes notes when you first open up, has got all this other stuff going on there, and so it's quite busy. Then you've got what, like stickies I used, I think. Is it stickies? Don't really use this that much anymore, mostly, but I will talk about undated video again. Just you know I want that are opening up and it's a little bit small, but type or a high pour. It is absolutely beautiful. So this is a test and you know, it's just like he is easy on minimalist tried for can and I use this just basically for making quick notes on the flight sometimes use it for on the creative force, word like that. And then I quickly copy and paste it across. But I do recommend it. It's called type aura. It's free again. It's a really, really cool app on a great way of just making notes on the fly and then not saving the note pad as I tend to not do, and then just doing away that so type aura.