Kids Art: Draw and Paint an Easy Colorful Butterfly! | Nora Connolly | Skillshare

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Kids Art: Draw and Paint an Easy Colorful Butterfly!

teacher avatar Nora Connolly, Illustrator + Pattern Designer + Artist + Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Intro & Supplies

    • 2. Drawing the Easy Butterfly

    • 3. Watercolor Painting the Easy Butterfly

    • 4. Project & Fun Butterfly Video

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About This Class

Hi parents and kids!

In this class you find a colorful and fun class for your child to help them discover the fun of art.

This Colorful Little Butterfly Drawing and Watercolor Art Painting Project was created with beginner in mind and is perfect for small children. It is meant tap into your children's creativity and aims to make art fun and enjoyable for them. 

There are only two steps in this art class:

Step 1: Draw the butterfly out with Crayons

Step 2: Paint the Butterfly With Watercolor Paints

This method is in steps and our goal is to teach your child to master their art skills and love artwork more and more... The idea behind the process it to show children how to place their shapes and connect the lines in this drawing in order to complete a small image.

We will start off by gathering our supplies needed for our image. Then, we move on to the drawing and outlining of our image. Finally, the last step will be painting in watercolor of the shapes and image we created in the first step.

Supplies needed:

Watercolor paint

Watercolor paper

Watercolor paint brush

Crayons or Oil Pastels

Paper towels

Fresh bowl of water

and, Clean surface to work on.

Thank you for joining my class today and enjoy making this Cute Butterfly!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nora Connolly

Illustrator + Pattern Designer + Artist + Teacher


About Me:    Hello, and welcome, I'm Nora. I'm an Illustrator, Surface Pattern Designer + Artist. I studied at Columbia University and obtained a Masters. My thesis was on "MURAL ART: FAD OR ART?"  I decided after a number of years of work as a French Translator to go to FIT - Fashion Institute of Technology to learn digital design.  I also speak French fluently and have lived in Paris, France.  I am native New Yorker and still live in NYC presently with my husband and two kitties!   I have written and illustrated three Children's books so far.  I love art and what I do!  This is the best feeling in the world and would like to share that creativity with everyone.

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1. Intro & Supplies: Hi everyone. In this class we're going to paint this pretty easy and fun butterfly in this class is meant for children. The first things we're going to go over are our supplies. You will need crayons or oil pastels. We're going to use block because it shows through your going to need a piece of paper that is either watercolor or some type of paper that absorbs paint. You're going to need some paints and some water, warm water, a paintbrush, some paper towels to blot your paintbrush on with excess paint and something to place your drawing paper on so that you'll protect your drawing area from excess paint. 2. Drawing the Easy Butterfly: So here I have some fresh paper. It's watercolor paper. And I'm going to draw out our butterfly first. So I'm going to start with the butterflies head. I'm going to draw a circle. In that circle, I'm going to draw some iss, two little dots for eyes, circular dots and a happy smiley face. And the smiley face is a you. And you can put little lines on the end so that it looks like it's a smiling butterfly. We're going to add the body now. And it's going to be a curved line going down and another curved lines starting at the circle, going down and getting thinner to make another point and it'll join the other line. And that's the butterfly's body. Next we're going to add the butterfly's wings. And we're gonna do that by adding one wink first and then, then attaching the second part of the wing to it, to the body. So that's 1.5 of the wings. Since the butterfly's wings are out, splayed out, we're going to draw the other side as well. I'm going to draw one big circular kind of wing. And then we're going to attach another one to that one in another motion that's also circular. Now inside the wings, we're gonna place an icon or a motif, or a design that you like. And that can be what I chose, which is the heart's gonna put one heart in each circular wing. Now, you know, butterflies have only two wings on either side of their body. But they're drawn in this way because it shows that it has two types of flaps. So then we're gonna do the other side of the hearts on the wings. And that's 200 parts. So we have four hearts now. And then the butterfly always have, has antennas. So we're gonna put the antennas along line per line. And then at the end of the antenna, a little circular knob. And then what we're gonna do the same thing for the other side because it has two antennas. So that's one butterfly. In the butterfly, the body OS has these little lines going along the body. And that gives your, your body a little more definition. Meaning that it'll look a little more, more enhanced. Meaning that it'll look more like a body. So we're going to add some flowers. We don't have to add too many. It's up to you how many you want on your design. So you make a little circle and then you add the flower part around it. And that is the center part of the flower, the circle. And then this is the circle. We're going to add another flower and for little petals. And then one more over on this side to the right of the paper. I'm going to draw another flower, and it's going to have five petals. This one, this is 12345. So now we have three flowers on the bottom, that butterfly in the center. And do we have room for another flower? And I'm going to give this one as many petals as I can in the small space. And I've got four. Now, I think we're gonna make one more flour if we can fit it in and make it, the paper look more balanced. So we're going to add one more flour to the left. That way, there are five flowers on the paper. Now I'm going to add four petals to this flower. So there we're done with our drawing part. And we can put our pencil or crayons down. We can put our crayon down and now we're gonna prepare to paint. So in the painting section, I'm going to paint the, the, I'm gonna paint the butterfly. And what I'm gonna do is speed up the process by making the butterfly painting go a little more quickly. 3. Watercolor Painting the Easy Butterfly: Now for the painting process, I'm going to add the colors, but I'm going to speed up the video so you can see how I do it. But you can choose colors that you want, or you can pick the colors and follow along with the colors I choose to color that I'm going to use on my paper. So I know I'm going to use the yellows. I know I'm going to use the reds. And I know I'm going to use some orange, blue, and green. So I put a little drops of water in each to make sure that the paint is ready for when I want to use it. That the paint absorbs a little bit of the water and it's ready to go. Now, when I look at my drawing, I decide how do I want to put the paints on? Now, the background for the sky may be blue. The flowers maybe pink, and the butterfly, maybe yellow and the hearts read. So that is one way of planning out our colors. Now let's go ahead and do this. So I'm going to start off with the hearts. I know I want mine to be read. You may want to use some pink, but I want mine to be read. We're going to add some red paint on the interior of the hearts. Right? Okay. 4. Project & Fun Butterfly Video: Hi everyone. Thank you for participating in kids art, draw and paint a watercolor butterfly. Today we've accomplished a lot. We drew our own butterfly and we can include that in our project as a project in our description down below. By that, I mean, once you've finished drawing your butterfly, you can attach it in the gallery so that others and myself conceived as well. You can maybe get your parents to put it in the description down below if you feel like showing it to everyone else. Now, in this short little finale, what I'm going to do is attach a little butterfly video, which I've created myself, just to entertain you and to thank you for taking this class. I hope you enjoy it and thank you. I'm going to start out my creation by drawing a butterfly Rainbow. And to do that, I'm going to pick purple as the backdrop. And then I'm going to add some more colors. And the next color I'm going to take is blue. Because as you all know, rainbows have many, many colors in them. I'm going to add some green because who doesn't like green? And then I'm gonna put some orange. And the final color is going to be red. Now this is a multicolored rainbow. And then I'm going to draw our butterfly over all these rainbows. And this is going to be a very happy butterfly. He's going to have a body and ahead as we drew previously. And we're going to make very large wings. As I showed you in our class in drawing. And then for painting, we are going to paint this butterfly in very nice colors. We're going to pick pink for the body. Oh, I think we need to do that. We're going to pick a pink for the body. And then we're going to pick a lighter pink for the wings. Now this butterfly also needs to have something that we put on the other butterfly, which are our hearts. And we can make any color for that sided before. But I decided in our last class, as you saw, to make it in red. Now this butterfly needs as a finishing touch, happy face, because he's a very happy butterfly. And this butterfly also needs some antenna color. And I want to thank you so much. So I'm going to draw a smiley face for you right here. And thank you. Thank you for taking my class. Again soon.