Kickstart your Creativity: Introduction to Mood Boards

Nancy Herrmann, Creative Director and Packaging Designer

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14 Videos (44m)
    • Trailer

    • Project Assignment

    • Mood Board Basics

    • Uses & Benefits

    • Visual Language Tools

    • Layout & Flow

    • Scale & Focal Points

    • Color, Pattern & Texture

    • Type & Words

    • Collecting Inspiration

    • A Note About Credits

    • Ideation

    • Iteration & Critique

    • Thank You!

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About This Class

The ability to create a compelling mood board is an incredibly useful skill, whether you’re a designer, photographer, dancer or writer. It will kickstart your creative thinking and help you sell your ideas to clients. Join creative director, Nancy Herrmann in this self-paced class as she guides you through her step-by-step process for transforming random ideas into a professional quality presentation.

For the project assignment, you’ll create your own mood board inspired by an art exhibit, favorite book or song. Inspired by Nancy’s 365-day Mini Mood Board series, this class includes lessons on format, layout, focal points, color, type, research, ideation and self-critique, as well as tips and tricks she’s learned over the years. It’s a perfect Skillshare course for creatives working in all fields. No prior experience is required, however you will need access to Adobe InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop to complete the assignment.

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Very structured and extremely beautiful to watch.
Thank you for this free class. Learnt a new word Moodboard and the theory. However could not make a moodboard. Looks like I will need to take a class on How to Use Indesign first! :)





Nancy Herrmann

Creative Director and Packaging Designer

Nancy Herrmann is a creative director, packaging designer and mood boarding enthusiast based in New York City. Leaning on two decades of industry experience, she teams up with leading beauty, fashion and lifestyle companies to reinvent their brand stories and design irresistible products. Her personal approach seeks to infuse design work with the same sense of adventure and daring that comes from a love of snowboarding, yacht racing, music, art and travel. At the same time, this spirit is gro...

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