Kick Negative Habits, Compulsive Behaviours and OCD Forever

Libby Seery, World Renown Self Development Expert

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16 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. What are compulsive behaviours

    • 2. Conscious Willpower

    • 3. The Most Common Modern Problems

    • 4. The Problem With Willpower

    • 5. How Are Habits Formed

    • 6. When are negative habits a problem

    • 7. Getting rid of negative habits

    • 8. Negative Reinforcement

    • 9. When is a compulsive behaviour a problem

    • 10. Habituation

    • 11. Changing the details of your behaviour

    • 12. When is impulsive behaviour a problem

    • 13. How to deal with impulsive behaviours

    • 14. When is substance dependence a problem

    • 15. How to tackle dependence

    • 16. Conclusion


Project Description

                                   SEVEN EASY STEPS TO BREAKING HABITS

  1. It has to come from you

 First and foremost, you have to want to address the negative habit or behaviour.  It just won’t work, if you’re doing it because your neighbour told you, you should give up smoking because, she doesn’t approve!

 Make sure it’s what you want, and do it for yourself.


  1. Make A List

 Compose an ongoing list of all the reasons why you want to get rid of the habit.  Take your time to do this.  Even if it’s a whole month.  This will make sure you don’t forget anything and that could be an extra source of motivation for you.  Ask your friends and family of all the times when you complained about having this bad habit and why you complained.  The more reasons you can find to stop, the more successful you’ll be.

Try to resist writing just negative things.  Think of all the positives that will be as a result of you kicking the habit.


  1. Make A Choice

 Once you are confident that you haven’t forgotten anything, and you now know all of the reasons why you want to kick your negative habit, you need to make a conscious effort to CHOOSE to let it go from your life. 


  1. It’s Time To Take Action!

Generally speaking, when it comes to getting rid of something form your life, most people have two approaches.  The first, is the all or nothing approach.  This works wonderfully well for a lot of people, but may be too much if you’re personality isn’t suited to such a drastic plan of action.  So for in the example of losing weight, it would mean that you might decide commit to gym sessions everyday and at the same time, change your eating habits.

The other approach is the gradual, slow but sure method.  So in this instance, it could mean that you attend the gym a couple of times a week and gradually make the transition of healthy eating over a longer period of time.

Decide in advance which you think is going to be more suitable for you.  Of course, this isn’t the only way forward, it could mean you blend the two approaches.  The important thing is that you get to your goal.  However you get there, really doesn’t matter! 

  1. Share it.

If we share our goals, and this includes kicking negative habits, we are more likely to succeed than if we hadn’t shared it with anyone.  Again, write your objectives down and share it with as many people, whom you feel will support you in times of challenge and when you need an extra boost of motivation etc.  Be wise, choose only people who you know will be supportive and encourage you to get where you need to be. 

  1. If You Fall, Get Back Up!

Ok, so here’s the part which most people don’t want to hear.   Strangely enough, part of success is experiencing setbacks.  It’s just the way it is.  It isn’t a problem if we prepare for it and we are aware that this is part of the process - at least it is for most of us.  I myself have given up smoking, but relapsed a few times until I finally cracked it for good.  It’s important to recognise that a small setback doesn’t mean an entire failure.  Put it into perspective and get back on the proverbial horse.

  1. The Reward System

As with anything in life, it is important to put into place, a reward system.  This will not only motivate you but will act as a tangible measurement of your achievement, serving to motivate you even further.  Before you start your journey of breaking a negative habit, why not list the rewards you will grant yourself, and at which point of your journey?



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