Keyword Research for SEO: Building Keyword Funnel and Optimizing Your Content for Google

Matthew Capala, Enteprenuer, SEO Strategist, Author, NYU Prof

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5 Videos (27m)
    • How to Build Keyword Funnel

    • How to Find the Golden Nugget Keywords

    • How to Keyword Optimize your Content for Google

    • How to Rank on Competitive Keywords with Domain Optimization

    • Ho to Check Keyword Rankings


About This Class

Google processes 40,000 search queries per second. Only a fraction of this traffic is related to what you or your business does, so targeting is the ‘keyword’ when it comes to SEO.

The process of “mining” this info-stream of data of the billions of Google searchers begins when you develop your list of keywords.

You job when developing this list (usually built in a spreadsheet program such as Excel) is to isolate – from the entire list of terms in the linguistic universe – those “Golden Nugget” keywords that will drive business results, and you are likley to rank on.

What are Golden Nugget keywords? Words and phrases, typed into a search engine by users, that deliver desirable visitors to your site. Those types of visitors that will make you money or be interested in your content.

Golden Nugget keywords are not “generic” keywords. Competition for generic keywords is fierce and getting visibility is expensive.  

Golden Nugget Keywords are effective in terms of driving traffic that will result in business, and fewer websites are competing for them. They represent opportunities for you that your competitors may be completely oblivious to.

That’s why it’s crucial that you discover them.

This course will walk you through how to:

  • Build a keyword funnel
  • Research the golden nugget keywords for your business
  • Map keywords to your content
  • Optimize for competative keywords with domain strategies
  • Optimize your contentr
  • Use keywords the right meta tags on your website
  • Use the keyword research tools

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Great overview and detailed tips for keyword optimization on your website.
This is a great quick tutorial on how to optimize your website. It was easy to follow and left me with key things to keep in mind as I build out my website. I highly recommend it.





Matthew Capala

Enteprenuer, SEO Strategist, Author, NYU Prof

Matthew Capala is an Internet entrepreneur, international speaker, and author of Amazon best-selling “SEO Like I’m 5.” He is the founder of Alphametic, a high-growth company specialized in SEO workshops and training, with clients including L’Oreal and Hoval. Matthew has launched several popular websites, including Search Decoder, a place for SEO ideas for entrepreneurs, and recently Sumo Hacks. He writes regularly on The Next Web, and is a sought-after speaker and trainer. His work and ideas have been recognized by The Huffington Post, Mashable, and Chicago Tribune. As Adj. Professor at NYU, Matthew teaches a graduate course on search marketing. You can find his online course at, dubbed “the #1 SEO online training system on the Web.”

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