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Keyword Research For Beginners - How To Find The Rights Keywords For Your Business For FREE

teacher avatar Barry McDonald, Always here to help.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Keyword Research For Beginners - Keywords Everywhere

    • 2. Keyword Research For Beginners - Google Planner

    • 3. Keyword Research For Beginners - Amazon

    • 4. Keyword Research For Beginners - Etsy

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About This Class

Knowing the right keywords for your website, blog, Kindle book, Etsy store, or anything online can make the difference between success or failure. If you're targeting the wrong keywords you're going to be raising skinny kids. 

But what if you haven't got a clue about keyword research? Where do you go?

Relax, Barry McDonald has you covered with his latest course Keyword Research For Beginners.

Taking you from a position of having no knowledge of keyword research, Barry's going to show how anyone can find the right keywords for their product, and more importantly find their competitions keywords all totally FREE. - Yep, no expensive keyword tool required.

Click play on the first video and let's get you up to speed. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Barry McDonald

Always here to help.


Guardian of four kids, a wife, two dogs and a goldfish, Barry spends most of days stuck in front of his laptop, either writing fiction or creating content for you lovely peop....sorry...gotta another idea that would make a great video for you...

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1. Keyword Research For Beginners - Keywords Everywhere: in this video, we're gonna have a look at the plug in that we're gonna use for using on our keyword to see the valuable on half their water. Why using? So if you want to come over to keywords everywhere dot com, we put that into your browser search bar on. Come on over to the website, which will find here is a small plug in that you can install either on Google Chrome or on Firefox. Now I am using Google Chrome at the minute. So when you do install, it just appeared up here as a button in your toolbar. So once you click, for example, if you wanted to start and crawl like I have just take on the chrome button here on, he would be brought to the Google chrome website on then it's a simple thing off just clicking on the green button here. I've already got added, but just like on the button here on, then it'll install on again. It was said it'll appear up here no, to get the keyword tool walking. What you need to do is you need to get a free MP ikey. No, Once you have this air P I key Just want to check on that button. It will take you to this page on the website on then To get the FBI key is just a simple, a simple thing off. Just putting in your email address on asking them to e mail a note here. So I want to do email out to you. If you just go over to that the plug in button itself when you have it installed on the toolbar, just click once on it. Little puppet on then, just like a plea it sentence. Now I want you do that. You were brought to this page here in the plug in on. Then it's a simple matter of just copying and pasting in your FBI key. Click followed it on, then plug in my whole life. So after that, then the result. Different options where you can choose on this page and want to change settings like, for example, maybe you want to look at stuff. Maybe in the UK are you know, another country you could select whichever country want to, But I'm scared of the United States from, And then there's all these different websites, which the plug and actually works and gets information from, like Google Search being searched YouTube, Google AdWords, planner, eBay and all these different places. But if there was a stage, maybe where you wanted to leave at some off these websites, it's just a matter of just simple assembly on taking the boxes on. Then just click and save whatever on. Then they will be taken off the search results, but I wouldnt see what the reason that you actually want to do that. But after ever, maybe was the time you need to take out some of that information. You can do it here on that pitch. So again, what? You're putting your FBI key speculative. Your plug in is life. No, The slogan will get information from all these different websites that Google trains eBay. Answer the public suit. Majestic. No Amazon. All these different places on what we do is it'll give you information like the search volume per mont on any particular keyword the cars. But flick, for example, if you were setting up maybe a Google AdWords campaign, it would tell you how much it would have. You'd have to pay to get a prime position on the front page of the search results and then how much you expect appear for each time somebody clicked your ad. Now, if this doesn't make much sense, you know well to the next couple of videos, I'll be showing you all that information on. Then it gives you information like the competitive data. You know how many people are competing for that keyword and whether it's competitive, keyword or not again, all this information to make more surgical through the series of videos. So if you have done any searching before using the Google keyword planner and what it does is, it takes back at that back out information. But it takes back more information. Other than that on, he'll actually find that from using this plug in that you know, there's no real reason for you to go back and use the Google keyword planner because this plug it is just so convenient, just matter of just flicking here on finding the information out, um, again to not only does it but the plug in button up here in the toolbar, but if you're right, click on certain keywords or pages or whatever. If you click on that it's actually here in the right hand menu of your nice are your You're part of whatever on your laptop. So he is right. It'll bring it up in the menu to here too. You can analyze it here as well. So once you get the plug in and start, we will move on to the next video. I'm gonna show you some of the great things that you can do with it. I'll see you in the next video obey. 2. Keyword Research For Beginners - Google Planner: in the previous video I had made mention off the Google AdWords Planetary. Andi, how you can use it to come up with keywords? No, you won't need to use this website for finding keywords. But this is the way that people originally I came up with a keyboard ideas on to find search volumes and things like that. So although you won't have to set up in a current, if you do want to come over, you can come over to the Edwards dot google dot com on set yourself up with on account and just taken, used to keep or to, but because the plug in we're gonna be using the next couple of videos isn't relying on this, you don't really have to. But I just wanted toe just to show you what it's like and just give you an example of keywords. Andi, you know things that you might mean familiar. What about keywords? And if you're when you're starting off? So basically what I've done here is I am gonna look for the search volume for the Taliban keywords. Now, as you can see here, all the keywords our dog trainer related on they're all just written in different ways, but basically the subject is still the same thing. I just want to find out more about dog training. But I just want to show you know, the difference and how the words are actually written hair. It can affect the search volumes. Andi, how valuable some of these key words are compared to other ones. So I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna click the search button now on. Google is going to give me the search volumes per month on average for each of these keywords. And then it's gonna tell me what value it gives on these keywords. So I'm just gonna click Search volume on Google is gonna give me this information on this pitch. So as you can see here, if I were to combine all of those keywords and say, for example, I was going to set up a nod. Words campaign my Google that if I used the four key words that are the key words I'd previously written in the box, I could be guaranteed between 100,000 and one million people would see my ad, but we're just gonna have a look and see which are actually getting the most traffic, just so you can see the difference. So as you can see here, how did three and my dog? It's getting average monthly searches of between 1000 and 10,000 per month. Dark training is getting between 100,000 on one million per month on Trained My Dog. How to is actually get no searches per month. So as you can see thes or average monthly searches and they're depends, probably on the time of year, it probably goes on a scale of probably some part of the year, having lost another kind of goes up and down. But on average, it's Google is telling me that on the Google network that people are searching for that those keywords and those volumes. But as you can see here, if we just go across to the next column, we can actually see the difference in the value off those keywords. You can see that how to train my dog isn't actually as valuable as dog training. You can see here that anybody who was looking for a prime position on the Google ads, no, if you're not very familiar with what I'm actually talking about. If you do a search on Google for any particular keywords, you'll always find a list of ads on the right hand column. And then you're gonna find some here that she weapon from your search results? No, these world paid ads. So what Google is telling me here from thes keywords was that if I wanted to get a top position and I was targeting the world dog training in my ad, I would need to spend £1.72 to get a prime position. So which would mean that every time someone clicked that at, it would cost me £1.72. And yet, if I was targeting how to train my dog, you can actually see that the cost is actually law. It's only 62 cents 62 pence. So what this is telling me is that, um, this here keyword is a higher value keyword. More advertisers are targeting that now. It could be that the reason they're trying to get their opinion highly is because it's such a large volume of people that are searching for it, whereas this one is a lower one. Maybe that's why this is a higher value. But then there's also the thing you need to take into account that maybe people who have actually used the word dog training might actually be off the mindset. Maybe they're actually looking to buy something on because of that, then people who expect to pay that much expect these people to collect. You go to the website and maybe purchase a product. But another thing just to make you aware off is, as you can see here, even though the search volumes for this one here is actually lower, you can tell just by looking at it that this one here is dog training is just a kind of a broad, you know, if somebody was actually typing that into the search box, it's kind of Ah, you know, General Kenan term that is it. Are they looking for a dog training video out there looking for a dog training? EBook are there may be just looking for tips on dog training. We know we don't re can't really tell what the person's minds that is behind this keyword, because they're just hoping in dog training, and they're just kind of frozen around. But if you look at, maybe a keyword like that worth says how to train my dog. You can actually see compared to somebody who's looking this up here, that this keyword has actually got kind of a more a more of a kind of the Paris in here as more definite in what they're looking for. They're looking for something for how to throw in their dog. No, again. After that, then maybe they're looking for a book. May be looking for a DVD or something like that. Or maybe that could be looking for tips. But you can see here like the longer the keywords are here, the more can adapt that you can tell what that person is looking to do. For example, if somebody may be typed in how to tree in my Labrador dog, you could actually break this down. Took in a smaller niche that it's not actually people looking for dogs. In general, it's somebody who's looking for tips on their Labrador dog. So that one it would be even more specific then, this one here on. Because of that, then you could probably expect to find the Labrador search would be actually a small a volume, but it may be more targeted. So in some cases, even though you do see some of these high volume of sorry values on the cost per click, it could be the fact that maybe there's such a large volume of searches being done on. People are actually trying to get in front of this large volume of searches. But you might find that if you do pay for that price for your ads, you may actually get a lot of people that are actually clicking through. And they're just kind of general Can Ambrose's about the night, actually, and a buying mood on Do you know some of that money could be were set on? Maybe you could make it up then maybe with sales. True, because you're putting yourself in front of a large audience. But in some cases you might actually you better actually going for a smaller audience, because somebody has, you know, a more specific idea of what they're actually looking for. So this is good give you an idea off, even though you know it's basically all the same keywords, you know, the same thought is behind the streaky, which, as you can see here like the difference in the searches of, you know, the volume searches on the cost per click, even though you know the generally along the same line he just Some of the key words are just indifferent. Oh, other and stuff like that. But as you can see here, like when it comes to keywords, pay attention to you know not only what the large volumes are like but also the cost per click and then can if when you do, you maybe find a high value considered, then maybe what the keyword is actually like, you know, Is it a kind of broad, general kind of keyword? Are you breaking it down? This is coming. Is this something actually, has been more specific. He was actually looking for something. So if you had, maybe you had to train your dog. He had some course you might actually better target in that. Even though there's a lower volume on you been actually paying less the cost per click. But that person there your guarantee that they're actually looking for information to the problem rather than this one here. So this is just being a can of a general, look at, you know, the kind of things that the key word everywhere tool is gonna pull up. It's gonna pull up the search volumes. It's gonna pull up the cost per click on. Then it's gonna tell you to what the competitions like if there's many people competing on websites for that keyword, Andi Howard varies between the keywords. So once you do actually get and start looking at you gonna you gonna see how maybe some of the key wars, even by just swapping the but the words of different art or how the difference ho, suddenly you can go Remember, from zero searches up to maybe 100 searches, 1000 searches, even those like the same words. But it's the way people are actually typing into the search engines. So this is just basically being a simple look at three Google AdWords to again. You won't need to go anywhere near this too, because the keyword everywhere to is gonna pull this information straight to you. But it will just give you an idea on keywords on. The search is on a cost per click when you do get them showing up. So I'll see you in the next video 3. Keyword Research For Beginners - Amazon: As I said in one of the previous videos. Once you do install this plug in, he'll be amazed up how much information it will give you on one of these places where you can find a lot of great information is in the Google Kendall store. So, for example, here I men the one in the UK That's for example I'm going to show you here. If I was searching for a South publishing big, um, I just like the Kindle store, and I just typed in south publishing book. I'm just going to do a search you're gonna find there in among moment when the startext takes place, the key word plugging will kick in and give you more information. Then you previously had before. Okay, So as you can see here on the need to search box here, you're actually given the search. Volumes from Month for search are sorry. South Publishing. Big on that is how many people are actually searching per month for that keyword. So you're talking nearly nearly 10 ties nine times 900 monthly searches for the keyword south publishing book on as you probably seen in the other previous video, but the Google AdWords planner for somebody that wants looking to buy ads for that particular keyword, they would expect to pay £6.86 dollars for to get prime position with that keyword. So, as you can see here for the search volume Andi, the price people are paying for ads, that is a valuable keyword. So if you had published a book on the Amazon Kindle store, or maybe you were looking for keywords and Richard wandering, you know, as some of these keywords to people actually search for them are the valuable and stuff like that you might be wondering. So I was going to show you here. I would. This will change here as I changed the search in the box. So, for example, and let me see, I know type in just south publishing tips. Andi, just gonna see. Does that make much of a difference? So, again, as you can see, it was 9900 6 86 And as you can see here, the search volume has dropped away. Down on we're talking 240 monthly searches on the cost per click has dropped away down to $2 to 47 on, then, as you can see there to like the difference in it. So it's a very valuable to If you're just wondering, maybe some of the key words that your use of that you plan to use may be in the KDP store when you're filling out all the information. And you know, you feel that the description before you actually hit the publish button are those keywords ? Is there a good search volume? Are people actually, you know, when the do searches is a valuable keyword, you're gonna find that this, you know, the slogan is very valuable for that. So let me see if I just gonna type in just another word just to show you another example. So I'm just gonna type in south, publish in Kindle Big on, see what this is like. You can see here that the search volume for that key, what is absolutely zero. So if you were thinking of using that keyword as may be the 11 of the key words in your big description is telling you that the volume for that is zero on the cost per click zero because of it, because nobody's interested because the volume to know search volume in it. So I will give you a good idea of what keywords you should target, you know, But what are valuable to to use and what our value? No, not valuable to use. So it's not just even the Kindle story. For example, you can use any section off the Amazon store. So say, for example, I was into the clothing section and maybe I was doing maybe something like T shirts or something like that. So I'm just gonna type in here. They're actually giving me the search volumes here as well on actually given before you actually type it. And so, as you can see here, look for the men's T shirt that the monthly searches are 40,500 a month. On that, the cost per click is 26 cents. So type in this one here. Just see, this was not actually given me this information. As you can see here, men's T shirts funny. It's only started 30 times per month on its 42. So even though the volume is lower, as you can see here, the cost per click is actually here because somebody Maybe who's typing in men's T shirt may be looking for in a general men's T shirt, whereas somebody who's coming along typing and mends t shirt's funny are actually looking for like a funny T shirt with a funny slogan or funny picture, something like that. So they have more of a death, an idea of what they're looking for on even though the monthly searches are lower. As you can see, that keyword there is more valuable, if that is, what if you are tell on your T shirt, You know, if it was a funny taste or whatever, so I'm gonna have a look at this one here. The man's T shirt. What designed Even though it's not showing up here in the results of this compounded into the to the box on, just see what it gives me on. Here we go. Just trace urgency to the changes all so, as you can see here, the mostly searches are zero on the cars. Public is zero. So as you can see here, this isn't as valuable a key what even though there is T shirts showing up for those keywords using them in, um, your description might be is valuable. So play around with this to here with the Amazon store, you know, even type in. Let me see. Just type in your own kind of looking for the remains, T shirt, wet dog and see. Does that bring back anything? No, it's not. Show me anything for that. Um, the volume for a month are the cost, but like on the Amazon store. So even though the are all these T shirts showing up for that, it's not giving me anything like that. So again, when you're doing your key, what sort? Of course you want to find keywords that have a high search volume because you know you want a lot of customers coming toward you on. Do you want to, um, have a good high cost per click? Because these are people that are keen to part with the money, and that's you want to be in front of them, so play around with that and on the candle store. If you have any products on the Kindle store of your selling books or kindle books and things like that, play around with the keywords, maybe you're thinking of choose and and have a look and see what the competition's coming back like. And the volume of searches and things like that on seeing heavy isn't more to put in those key words in your book. Because maybe some of those books might actually that was key what you're thinking, Hughes, and might have any search volume at all and might actually actually making very valuable for you on how in the tool, you know, installed on your eyes is very easy to to find out this information rather than going back to the Google AdWords plan or going to different places because it just right here in front of you. Okay, so the next thing you're gonna have a look at again using it on the Etsy store just assure you how you can do it there, too. 4. Keyword Research For Beginners - Etsy: So here we are in the Etsy store onto the keyword. I am gonna type in a is T shirts for men again, like the Amazon Kindle store. There is this information showing up below the search box. So it's gonna give me the model e searches for this particular keyword on the cost per click. So I just went for this page. It's a lot of now, and it'll tell me So you can see here the monthly search volume is 60,500 on the cost per click is 40 cents. So say, for example again, I'm just gonna change someone's keywords and trying at something else. So say, for example, is gonna try dog just a C if this key What is what? Anything. I'm just waiting for the load up here so you can see here. The volume is here on the cosmic Alexis here it's gonna type another key. But let me just change the order of thes key. What does? He doesn't make a difference. - So , as you can see here by changing the order off my keywords, I have ah 20 month volume on a cost per click of 76 cents So, as I said before, even though it's a low volume, it is a higher cost per click here because people who type and men's dog T shirt are probably somebody who's, you know, considering buying that T shirt on, even though that search volume is low, as you can see here, the cost. But liquors change, so even just using your keywords and playing around with them and swab on the runners different positions can actually make a different difference to the search volume that you can get himself in front off. So play around with your keywords. As you can see from that example, you know it doesn't make a difference. But as you seem there as well, Teoh, just get rid of the man's part. Um, it's try that just a sea dog T shirts. I see it is even in a category. Don't if it is or not, but it must be interesting to see again. There's T shirts showing up here in the search results, but just interesting to see Yeah, as you can see there, like dog T shirts, they're the volume. There is 12,100 for months on, the cosmetic has gone up even Mauritz 91 pence. So, as you can see, maybe if you're leaving at the men's on, maybe you just shorten it down the dog T shirts. You. Actually, we get yourself in front of a higher audience on a higher Casper flick. So even though something had taken in men's dog T shirts, you know seemed to be a good thing. This cosmic like is actually higher. But again, it could be No, because these people actually want to get in front of this higher volume. So will be interesting when you are. If, for example, you were doing T shirts and maybe we're doing dog T shirt with the play around the keyword and see which ones are actually more valuable to you. So another good thing about the keywords everywhere to is the way that allows you to analyze a page. So say, for example, I'm just going to select this one here, even though it's got, um, that's going to give me the Patriots. What I can do is I showed you earlier on. If you right click in the menu, you can only you can analyze the page, and it will actually give you a break down off the frequency of words and keywords and things like that that I used on the page. So basically, if you just kind of write like anywhere on the page on either going to unlaced his page here or click on the button here on, you can do analyze pay at you. So what the thing is doing now it's going through. The whole page is gonna go through all the different frequencies and maintains words are used. Andi, it's just interesting to see what can awards are used on the pitch. For example, if you're maybe coming up a key work less than if he hadn't ideas and didn't know what to put on your page, it might give you more ideas. A keyword you could actually target. No, in this case, here it is. Give me every word that's under appeared so honest, telling me the density, how many times the frequency has been used on the period for that particular world has been here is 18 times on the page, and that's give me all the different information. But some of this information is actually too much. You wouldn't ever need us But what you could do is you can actually get rid of it. You can either use by this drop down menu. What you can do is show phrases movie that are two words long on you say there is no doubt in the information So there's other information during two key words has given you what you do is you can toggle with thes thes. The menu here is well, you can go by the global so allow these ones here aren't Actually things will be related to you. But what you could do is, as you can see here. Like if your dog hoody that's what I call a keyword. But what you gonna do, then? Maybe if you wanted to target dogwoods again, you can just use this drop down menu can actually do start three word phrases Diego are forward, Francis. So you can get kind of more A definite kind off. Usually somebody types in a can of a longer string of words into the stairs. Temporary, more kind of would know what they're looking for around could be a higher chance of maybe buying something. But then you want to do then is for example, I have this broken down to forward keyword phrases. What I can do then to is I can actually search even more than that. So, for example, in the list of words I can just type and dog on, it will now that lets down even more. So let me see, Actually, go to them. Try this. No. So tell me so. Basically, these are all the four words freezes that have the word dog in them. So, for example, if you're ah t shirt, whatever was Christmas related to whatever this was be what the key, what you could use. So these are words that can be found on that page. So it's very handy what you can do even when they have that list. Then, if you wanted to see if it then you can copy them, you can put an excel sheet of CSP you can print it also pdf, or just printed off in your French or whatever on again, you can play around with the sentence to whichever one you wanted. So if you are trying to come up with more ideas for whatever T shirt you might have, you know, and you're wearing too short, maybe what other people are using. It's a very easy thing to do is to analyze the keyword on, to find out what other people have on the pages on. Then again, you can play with these Motley surges the cause, but like how valuable these keywords are, no, often their search now and bring this video had been watching before, but search volumes and keywords. I had been told that even though these mostly searches for some of these key words are actually shown zero, that these keywords aren't actually being searched zero times a month that, for example, that this keyword here, even though doesn't see much some of these key words actually happy You have to be searched some like 300 times for month before Amazon will actually show up on those results. So even though Amazon not sorry pardon me, Google would give you the key word. Even though Google might give U K what and show that doesn't show has a low can a statue volume? That doesn't mean there's not been settled in those case. If it does actually make it into the list, there's a good chance that up to 300 people have searched for that keyword, allowing protector time in that month on it. That's why it's showing up. So be aware that to even though it does show some of these are stairs zero times a month, that that isn't the case, there might be a very rare occurrence of these key what's being certainly compared to other ones? But there are people that are still typing these intercessor changes in all these different places. So as you can see here like that was very easy. We have come up with extra keywords. Another thing you can do, what? The key, what everywhere to is, say, for example, I wanted to test the keyboard. Just have a look on the page, but actually analyze. I think if you go to the keyword, unjust selectors is going to show you here Christmas dog T shirt. So if you just drag it across that I actually select the keyword. If you just right click on that key, would you can actually again, rather than analysing the period you can get the key. What data for that just right there on is actually Italian at the search volume for that keyword is Tony per month on the cost per click is 45 cents. No even Just see what the keyword A longer one is like Christmas dog T shirt for infants. You can see at the search volume at zero. The cost per click zero. So, as I said it, that might be actually zero. There might be some people actually have typed out into different search engines, things like that. So that might actually be zero. But actually, the cost per click is zilch. So it might next. We were targeting that longer friends on you might actually better off going for the shorter phrase. No, this isn't just something that you can do on the 80 period. You can do it on all different pages. Ah, lot of websites, anytime you see tax or something, that looks interesting. Looks like a key word you could use on. Maybe you just want to find out what the starch volumes are like. You know, he can do the exact same on Amazon if you go to an Amazon page. Um, I'll just show you example. Go back to that Hamas on page again. No, I'm just gonna type and see the first thing that comes up on the page. They see. But just to show you how easy it is to use this to that's why you've probably seen it's very convenient is known even to go to the AdWords to running around to find it. Volumes off search volumes and things got Is us all right there in your browser, part of video for a moment, just to get this to load up. Okay, so now we're back. So here I am on the Amazon page. I'm just select the first thing you see. So it's just ladies Runner, so I'm just going to select it now. I'm just gonna show you how you can do the same thing again. You could just copy and pissed. I'm sorry. Not cupping past. I mean, just select the text on, then get the see what the keyword is like for you. So care this way for a moment for this page. Load up. Yeah. Okay. So I just selected this on the Rama women's charge Bandits. I was gonna analyze that keyword and see what it's like. So reason is taking a moment. You know, for whatever reason, it wouldn't actually give me the search falling for that. But as you can see there, I've shortened down just under armour. Women's on. You can see the search falling for that on There are more women is 6600 on the cost per click is 74 cents. I don't actually know why I didn't. For whatever reason, it doesn't seem to give me that key. Would. But as you can see, there is very easy just to select some of the text on the page on again, right? Click it and analyze it on. Find out then what that information is what? Sorry. That keyword is what? So that is some of the more options that you can use on how you can analyze pages on, you know, find out how you know what people are searching for our weather. Those keywords are watching while. So, in the next video, I'm gonna show you how to use the keyword everywhere to to upload your own list of keywords into it on and to play around with them on to show you how valuable they are.