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14 Videos (20m)
    • Overview of Keyword Research

    • Types of Keywords

    • Applications of the Types of Keywords

    • Questions to Ask Before Conducting A Keyword Research

    • Methodologies for Conducting A Perfect Keyword Research

    • Choosing the Right Seed Keywords

    • Expanding Your Keywords List

    • Determining Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI)

    • Determining Keyword Difficulty

    • Determining Keyword Relevance

    • Answers to Questions Asked Before ConductingA Keyword Research

    • Conclusion

    • A: Class Projects

    • B: Quiz


About This Class


Keyword Research is very important at the beginning of every SEO Campaigns since your potential clients’ turn to search engines when looking for a particular product or service on the internet. It can simply be referred to as the process of discovering the terms that people are searching for on the internet. These terms could be for informational or commercial purposes.

For instance:”How to Ride a Car” is an informational intent keyword, while “Cheap Samsung Galaxy Phone” is a commercial intent keyword.

Your responsibility is to invest some resources into finding profitable keywords that will drive targeted traffic to your website and increase conversion rate or return on investment (ROI). When you follow thoroughly the steps outlined in this course, you will be able to narrow down a list of keywords that when properly optimized will get you found at the top of search engines.

Without a defined Keyword Research process, you’ll find it difficult to establish connection with your customers on the internet. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you determine your target market and customers before conducting a Keyword Research process for your business or client.

Course writers, Students, Business Owners, SEO Professionals, Digital Marketers, Website owners, can effectively participate in this course as long they know how to make use of computer and internet technology.

Upon the completion of this course, course takers will be able to conduct at an enterprise level a keyword research successfully for their online businesses, clients and research papers.

In order to test the level of understanding of the course takers, the course has been designed to let every student participate in the class projects and quiz.

In the class project, every student will be required to conduct a keyword research while following the necessary steps outlined in the guideline.

The class is made up of the following table of contents:

1: Overview of Keyword Research

2: Types of Keywords

3: Applications of the Types of Keywords

4: Questions to Ask Before Conducting A Keyword Research

5: Methodologies for Conducting A Perfect Keyword Research

6: Choosing the Right Seed Keywords

7: Expanding Your Keywords List

8: Determining Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI)

9: Determining Keyword Difficulty

10: Determining Keyword Relevance

11: Answers to Questions Asked Before Conducting A Keyword Research

12: Conclusion


A: Class Projects

B: Quiz





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