Keynote: for professional looking video slideshows to share your story | Mike Daugherty | Skillshare

Keynote: for professional looking video slideshows to share your story

Mike Daugherty, Creator of awesome slideshows

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9 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class and Project Overview

    • 3. Project Folder

    • 4. Lesson 1: Build a Presentation

    • 5. Lesson 2: Add Transitions

    • 6. Lesson 3: Fine Tune Transitions

    • 7. Lesson 4: Add Audio

    • 8. Lesson 5: Finalize and Export

    • 9. Conclusion: Wrap up and Ideas


About This Class


The students will learn how to use a simple technique within the Keynote application to create a slideshow movie. This class will teach the basics of creating and exporting a simple movie created solely with the Keynote presentation software. The class project will lay the foundations for using this idea in personal projects such as weddings,and other special occassions. . Business owners will be able to use this technique to share information about products and services.  Arists will be able to use this tool to display thier work to potential buyers. Videos created with this technique are dynamic and creative. A professional look to photo slideshow can be achieved with a minimal amount of effort.





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Mike Daugherty

Creator of awesome slideshows

I have taught special needs students for the past 32 years. The last 7 years I have worked on video and technological productions for the school. The biggest project was the annual graduation ceremony, which includes a video slideshow of the students for the families and school. Through these projects I have learned how to maximize the various software tools to create dynamic videos. I have used these techniques for weddings, funeral memorials and other personal presentations.

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