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Keynote: Master Slides and Styles

Alexandre Mello, From Macuser to Macusers.

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2 Videos (21m)
    • Keynote: Mastering Master Slides

    • Working with (Keynote) Style


About This Class

Keynote is much easier to work than PowerPoint.

Specially if you define a solid workflow to, like my judo master says, get more with less effort.

The first step to work with Keynote, imho, is prepare the Master Slides. This'll save you a lot of time and allow you to focus on the content of your presentation. 


In this classes I'll detail how to get more from Keynote, one step at a time, to make your work more produtive. I'm starting showing you how to customize Master Slides and styles to be used later. 

Please, leave your comments. And forgive my poor english. I'm working to be more fluent.

Thanks for your attention.





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Alexandre Mello

From Macuser to Macusers.


I'm Alexandre Mello, my friends call me Alê (spell like allez, in french). I'm from Brazil (well, nobody is perfect) so please forgive my english.

I've ben dealing with Macs since 1995. In these years I learn a lot about Macs, helped a lot of people with theirs computers, wrote and recorded tutorials for magazines, teach how to use a Mac and some of its apps.

Then, someone told me I could help more people adding videos here, in SkillShare. And here I am.


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