Keynote Animation - Build An Intro Or Promo Video Using Keynote Animation | Dev Gupta | Skillshare

Keynote Animation - Build An Intro Or Promo Video Using Keynote Animation

Dev Gupta, Software Engineer and Aspiring Teacher

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11 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Introduction to the course

    • 2. 1) Interface of Keynote

    • 3. 2) Basics of Animation

    • 4. 3) Learn Build-In and Action Animation.

    • 5. 4) Learn Build-Out ,Transition Animation and Magic Move.

    • 6. 5) Build Order

    • 7. First Intro Video Creation

    • 8. Second Intro Video Creation

    • 9. Third Intro Video Creation

    • 10. Fourth Intro Video Creation

    • 11. Exporting your Intro Video


About This Class

Why You Should Take This Course? You like those eye-catchy Intro/Promo Videos. You want to use one for your own video. You don't want to pay large sum of money to buy those expensive video editing software. You don't want to pay a graphic designer to build one for you. You don’t want to buy an intro video template which are hard to edit. Then you have come to the  right course. When it comes to gaining attention of any one to your video content and making that conversion rate high, an amazing intro video is a must which sets apart your course from others. This intro video creates the first impression and we all know the saying “ First Impression is the last impression”. you have the option to either opt for a paid graphics designer to design that intro for you or you can create the video using profession video editing software yourself but these software like after effects, sony vegas are very costly and require lots of practice to master. so what to do in this situation?  You have all the tools required to create that stunning eye-catchy video in your mac using the freely available program “Keynote”.  In this series you will learn how to create stunning and awesome intro video for free in keynote which you can use as intro for youtube video, Udemy promo video or for any business purpose. I will use only keynote animation to build all the intro videos in this series apart from this you will also learn about the use animation to build great looking presentation like the type created in Microsoft Powerpoint. This series will begin with a general overview of keynote interface and then we will dive straight into animation. First we will learn about different types of animation in keynote which you can add to your objects and then we will build on these animation to create some amazing intro videos. i will build some simple intro videos in the beginning and then slowly move to some advance way to build that amazing effects that are for sure eye- catch and awesome.  What you will learn from this series? Basics of animation in Keynote. Different types of animation in Keynote Setting animation properties. Build order  Creating a Logo for your intro video Transition animation like Magic move. Exporting your Keynote presentation to Quicktime movie.





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Dev Gupta

Software Engineer and Aspiring Teacher

Hi Everyone, My name is Dev and i am Software engineer from India. I am active in various programming language and have a passion to learn new emerging technologies and update my knowledge as new things developed.Apart from all these, I love to play the Guitar (Classical) and Piano in my leisure time.

I have found out that by teaching you learn more and this has driven me to create online courses. I aspire to become a full time content creator and maybe some day with your support,...

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