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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Key To Your Success

    • 2. Key To Your Success: Bubble Map

    • 3. What is Creating Value?

    • 4. Supply and Demand

    • 5. Project For Key To Your Success

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About This Class

LESSON 3: Creating Value

Learn one of the most important lessons in life: Financial freedom comes from doing what you love and creating value for others. Learn the 3 steps to unlocking your success.

Smart Decisions Cafe is a workshop series for students to build financial & investment skills.

Meet Your Teacher

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Carrie Kari

Do what you Love, Create Value for Others


Carrie Kari is an accredited educator and entrepreneur whose passions in life are to prepare young minds to succeed and thrive in the world of academics and business. Carrie draws upon her endless supply of energy, enthusiasm and business savvy to create a unique and custom tailored education experience. As an educator Carrie has taught in the United States and internationally, emphasizing active learning, independent thinking and individual leadership. Carrie’s conviction is that financial education is the modern survival skill for young children. Carrie has embarked on developing a course in financial education for young children called Smart Decisions Cafe.


At Smart Decisions, our message is simple: “Do what you love and create value for others a... See full profile

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1. Key To Your Success: Hi and welcome. My name is Carrie Curry. I'm here from Smart Decisions Cafe and just introduce a little bit about myself. I'm an educator, entrepreneur and business business investor. And the class today is all about the key to your success. And how do you find that key and unlock your success? Because we all have this amazing potential within us. We just need to know what are the steps to get there. So this class will be going over the three things that you need to get in place to get started and be successful. So go and cook on the royal box below and let's get started. 2. Key To Your Success: Bubble Map: Alright, guys, let's go out and get started with our class today. The key to your success And I'm really excited about sharing you with you. The three simple things that you need to have in place for your success. So let's go and take a look at our bubble here. How to get there so creating value, See a need, Fill a need. We've talked about this in class one and two of Begin your journey towards financial education and it's going to come right back around right now. So if you haven't watched that class, go ahead and enroll in part one and you'll see what all that was learned and taught in that section. So going back to that really fast it with see a need fill a need. So first you have to look at what is your passion? What are you truly passionate about? What can you not stop thinking about? I take my four year old son, for example. He cannot stop thinking about Transformers. That is his passion in life. He knows everything about Optimus Prime and Bumblebee and sideswipe and strongarm. And because of that, I do to thank you little one s o. You have to take a look. What is the one thing that you are so passionate about? That everyone around? You knows you are in love with this certain thing. So take that one passion. What that you just would do for free because you love it so much. Then take would look at what is the need out there? What need or contribution can you give that's not being met? What can you do to make this one thing that much better? That right there, combined with your passion, will equal your success. And we're going to get into the third bubble here on how to reach success and will do that by looking at a couple different different people on how they reached there's and what things you will need in selecting your process in selecting your passion bubble. I don't know. I don't know what to call this, but I look at it is like a recipe. When you're baking a cake, you need all the ingredients. You can't just leave one of these out. So when you're putting your formula together, you can't just leave your passion L If you leave your passion out it's Bligh's is. It might work for some time, but you're not gonna get that excitement, that joy, that that thing that gets you up in the morning. You need to find something that you're passionate about or it won't work and likewise with the need. If you don't have a need, if there's no need for this product or this service in the market, nobody's nobody's gonna give you money for it. They don't care about it, then they're they're not seeing any value in it. You have to create the value. You have to see a need and fill that need. So these through two things combine will help you get to your success. So we're gonna go ahead and move on to, um, Rachel Ray really fast. And how she if we were going to create Rachel Ray's bubble, what would her bubbles look like? And how did she get to be successful for making millions of dollars just by loving food? So she had a neck stream love for food. Let's take a look at her bubble. So her passion was cooking, making things. She loved it. She was passionate about it. Heard the need was fast recipes. Nobody wants to sit there wasting their time cooking in the kitchen. I know I don't. I've got lots more things that I want to dio other than just sit in the kitchen. Cooking is definitely not my passion. If somebody could come to my house and do it for me, I'd be really happy, cause I don't wanna waste time in the kitchen. So she saw that she loved cooking. She could come up with fast, easy recipes for people. And her success came from the TV show. So when selecting, I call this the success bubble. This third bubble here, this is your mastermind Alliance this. These are the people who are going to help you get to your success. These people will. They want you. They need you. They're looking for somebody who's passionate about something, who? There's a need that needs to be filled. And you are so passionate about it that they're gonna hire you. They're going to need you. They want you on their team. So here in this section, right here, that's where you need help connecting to finding people. Whether that's an agent, whether that's a nap, networking or traveling around and seeing what other what's out there. This is your piece that needs to connect. And this is so simple, you might be thinking, Why is she teaching a class on this? This is so easy. This is so simple. It's it's There's no logic to its just passion with the need in the in the environment, in your community, for something that work, plus connecting you to the people who can make you successful, whether that's an agent or whether that's your your mastermind alliance of your board of directors, whoever's helping you connect, this is the piece that you need that you get to select. That's the key thing right there. So I want to introduce you to another. Another young lady who Abbey Fleck at age eight. Not sure how old she is now, however. She loved Bacon, who doesn't love bacon, but she wanted it quick. She wanted it easy. She's a kid. We don't want our eight year olds on them on the stove cooking stuff, but microwaves air fine, because it seems a little, you know, less dangerous, so to speak. Eso She's trying to make bacon in the oven, but she doesn't like that. It's getting all soggy. So what does she dio? She invents the making Bacon. Please. She invents a plate that holds it vertically. I know that there's a little thing in in that picture there, but this making bacon plate hold it vertically so all the grease drips down into that plate , keeping her bacon nice and crispy. So she, as an eight year old, hurt. Let's look at her bubble, her passion bubble on DSI. How she got there so Abbey Love Bacon loved it. So much. Seen. The need was for quick, easy bacon that was crispy, not soggy, not gross. And as she created this thing, she's like, I bet people would like this. So her and her dad. With the help of her parents, she was able to find a distributor, which was WalMart, and that's how she became successful. That's how she found her success. This right here. Wal Mart was her key to success, but her parents were the ones that helped her get there. So her parents are the ones that helped find the funding the capital, that she needed to get the product to Walmart. And I can't emphasize this enough. This section here is where you're going to need to reach out to people and ask for help. Find the funding you get to select people if it's changer language number one. Don't they have to find somebody? I don't know where to find it. Be resourceful. There are resource is out there. If you have something worth value, people will be lining up at your door for it. So whether that's you're going to the bank to get funding for a project you need or whether that's Walmart distributing your stuff or whether that's a TV show picks you up. A network picks you up for an agent, picks you up, select your people who are going to help you get there if you have these two. But you don't have this one, you're not going to get very far. So how do you connect? Let's I found an interesting story I wanted to go over really fast with you about then go, and we all know Van Gogh his He died a penniless man, Yet his art is worth millions of dollars, and so if you look at his passion bubble, he had the art and his is Art was so amazing that everybody wanted it. It wasn't see a need fill any, but it was seeing the Fila want. Everybody wants beautiful artwork displayed in their homes, and his artwork was is amazing. But what was missing to a success Because he wasn't successful in his lifetime. He was only successful after his lifetime. This key piece, his networking, his master minor lines or board of directors. That piece was missing in his life. He needed somebody that would connect him, and it wasn't until after he died that his sister in law had all of this artwork that was just stuck in their house. And that's so much art that they decided to Sally and doing so. That is how his artwork got released into the world. He needed somebody in his lifetime that would have connected him to the art world to selling his art. So it doesn't matter how amazing you are. If you don't have this piece, he won't be successful. And I'm not saying Mango isn't successful now. His artwork is successful, but he's not around to enjoy it. He wasn't around to enjoy his success. So what's going to take a look at what is creating value, and we're gonna go ahead and skip to the next video because this one's getting a little long, so good and clip over to the next one and we'll see over there. 3. What is Creating Value?: all right, So let's get started on what is creating value. And there are types of value that our that our needs in the market. So two of them are unmet needs or product in the market. So it could be a service or could be an actual physical product that is in the marketplace . How do you feel a need? So the first thing that you need to do is look at what, what what your passions are. And then look at the market, research the markets. You have to ask questions. What, what is not being met right now? What is being met? What can you do better? Can you make that number one? How do you make that number one? And then once you start getting some ideas, get aboard on your wall, and every time you have an idea, put it on the board. So just start getting all your ideas together and start creating a little vision board wherever in your house or in your office or at your desk. Start getting a board together that you can see that can get your ideas flowing. And the third thing that is there's an agent that will market you. So if you don't have, um of your years, years is a service, like singing or acting. Or maybe you're an artist and you paint get an agent that will market you get somebody in in your field that can help you get out there because you can't. You don't know everything you don't know. All the ends announce you. Do you really have all that time or energy? Is that your passion to market yourself? Maybe not. Maybe it is. If it is great, go do it yourself. But if your passion is truly just singing and you just want to seeing, then find somebody that will market you maybe maybe you get your song up on YouTube. Maybe you start going to agents and you start start getting your application out there with them, but you have to find somebody that will help market you. If Van Gogh had somebody would market his work, his life could have been a completely different story. So find somebody that will market you if you have. That is one of your skills, your experience and your expertise and insight or instinct matters. So knowing what you can do what you can provide. You know your passions more than anybody else. You know how things work. You know how you know what the problem is in your markets. So you know that there's something lacking. There's something missing. Then take that. Go with it. Go with your gut instinct because you're most likely going to be right. So if you see any that is not being felt being met, go for do it. Find that one thing that that you love doing that you're passionate about and you already know that there's not that neech out in the shop there. Go forward, do it. What is creating value. So you have an unmet need or market unmet need or product in the market. So number one. Do your market research, see what's out that it's not being met. Number two. What is your unfair advantage now? You're unfair. Advantage over another person is your passion and your love for that thing. So go for that. Do that. Go get whatever you are passionate about and work towards making it better. Your lover, connoisseur of something. So you thoroughly enjoy something you are going to be able to create more value in the marketplace than anybody else. So you could also do a better service and looking at Starbucks. And I don't know how you truly feel about Starbucks, but I actually have a couple here. Yes, I like Starbucks. Sorry if that offends you in any way. But Starbucks did something really great. They are the coffee shop that we think about when we're like, Oh, we're going to get coffee. Let's go to Starbucks. Or maybe you don't say that, I dio. But even if there's better coffee out there, Starbucks is known as number one. Why? Because they provided a better service to start with. In the beginning, Starbucks was just Starbucks wanted to create this place where people could come and sit and enjoy, and you wanted to make it like a second home. I remember I actually worked at Starbucks back in college days, and their philosophy that they teach their employees is this is a second home. We want this place to feel so comfortable that they feel like they're at home and that they can sit back, relax, drink a cup of coffee. It's mellow, there's no you know, it's just a peaceful place to be, and they did that. They created this wonderful place for people to go and sit and enjoy, and they did it first. And that's why they are the number one coffee industry right now. That's out there until somebody else creates a better service. Starbucks is number one in the moment and then Rob. Okay, so now let's move on to Robert Mondavi and Robert Mondavi had this huge passion, too. Create a better experience when he came to wine and he wanted a place where people could come and relax and enjoy. But not only that, he wanted California to be on on the map when people think of wine and great wine. He wanted them to think of Napa Valley, and I've posted a class Sorry's. I posted a YouTube clip that they put on their site about him and his wife and how they got started. And it's incredible. So I'm not gonna talk much about him because I want you to watch that YouTube clip. But see how he used his passion to create a better service for people you have his passion for for wine, the need to need or want to create better value or more value or the need to put California on the map is great winemakers. And then slowly over time, everyone now thinks of California as that's the place to get great wine. Where Napa Valley Are there other places where you can find great wine? Yes, however, but with Robert Mondavi, his passion and his spirit that he put into all of this work, he never stopped. He always pressed forward. Watch that little YouTube clip. It's on the project area. It's incredible. All right, let's keep moving on. 4. Supply and Demand: Alright guys. So demand versus supply supply and demand is huge if there are 20 people out there already doing what? You're passionate about doing what you want to dio. There's not gonna be a good market out there for you because it's so competitive. So you need to do some research. Is this If you do a Google search and you type in what you want to do in 2030 40 50 people are already doing it in your area, then this is not a good market for you, so you need to find what was not being done. So you do some research on Google. Find out what What niche isn't being provided for what things is. They're very few people doing or nobody's doing that. You can get out there, market for yourself and do research and search what is being done in what's not being done . Now the travel if you're traveling around this is the perfect thing. You travel around and you see something that you love, and then you come back and you're like, Oh, but we don't have that here. That could be something that you do as well, so as you travel. Keep your eyes and ears open for things that are everybody loves and maybe another country that we don't have yet. And that's another way that you can provide value and create value network. You have to get out there and meet. People that are due are working in your similar filled that can help you and connect you to that community. So get to know people in your field that will help you and let you grow and move towards where you want to be. And so the starving artist, the creating value for a starving artist, so to speak. If you are an artist and you have a passion about doing something, you need an agent or a border directors or somebody that will help you and market you, you have to market yourself whether that's you doing it or agent doing it. You have to find someone or something that will help you get you to where you want to be. Offering free samples on YouTube. If you're an actor, you could do a YouTube channel on your music. You could do a YouTube channel on on a show that you did, and I was just watching Trevor. Noah talked to the girl who created did Drunk Cooking, and she just one day started doing a YouTube clip on it. And because of that YouTube video, she became really popular. Everybody started watching her. Everybody loved her. And the reason why she was having so much fun. Yes, I don't recommend going to getting drunken cooking. It sounds kind of dangerous to me. However, she had a blast doing it. She had a blast videotaping herself. She had so much fun and everybody just loved washing her tapes and love watching her show. And that's how she became popular. And her success came from just putting a YouTube clip up, just videotaping herself cooking. It's amazing, guys. There's so many opportunities out there. Use your resource. Is that are out there? You might. I think that you don't have any resource is there's nothing for you. There's you don't you don't know how to get started. Start being resourceful. Now, work with other people, start talking to other people. If you're an artist, do a YouTube channel. Do something. But every time you provide more value in what you're doing, people are going to take notice of you people are going to seek you out. So in the next project below, you're gonna go back to the bubble that we talked about up here and on seeing a need, a billionaire. And I want you to start really seeking. What is your passion? What is your need? What needs can you feel in that market? And then the success bubble is something that you're going to have to start thinking about . Who can you connect with? Who can you work with? Select who you work with? Because if you have something that you're passionate about, if you have something that there's a need or want out there for this product or service, these people will be coming running after you for it. They will want you that you will be highly desired, highly sought after Don't let not having the resource is or the money stop you from creating this wonderful thing that the world hasn't seen yet. Just start doing it and this bubble will come get your networking going network with people and in the next class that I will talk about is finding the board of directors. How do you find a board of directors who will work with you. How will you get there? This bubble is your key because we all have things were passionate about doing. We all have things that we love doing. So get this one in place. Identify what your passion is. See what the need is in the market and then start selecting your mastermind aligns, Start selecting your power team. Start selecting the agent or the networking chain that you're going to be working with because they're going to come after you just running after you. They want you. They need you. Always remember that your passion in life, your ability to provide value people are going to be coming and seeking after you so good and head on over to the project and love to see everything that you guys were doing. If you have any questions, concerns, please, Please let me know. Thanks, guys. 5. Project For Key To Your Success: Hi and welcome. My name is Carrie Curry. I'm here from Smart Decisions Cafe and just introduce a little bit about myself. I'm an educator, entrepreneur and business business investor. And the class today is all about the key to your success. And how do you find that key and unlock your success? Because we all have this amazing potential within us. We just need to know what are the steps to get there. So this class will be going over the three things that you need to get in place to get started and be successful. So go and cook on the royal box below and let's get started.