Keep your gear clean: how to remove dust from DSLR sensor and lenses | Luca Foscili | Skillshare

Keep your gear clean: how to remove dust from DSLR sensor and lenses

Luca Foscili, Portrait photographer & retoucher

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4 Videos (27m)
    • Intro

    • Explanation of the tools I use

    • Cleaning the lenses

    • Cleaning the reflex


About This Class

If you owned a DSLR camera from some time now, maybe you'd start to notice weird spots on your photos that shouldn't be there:


They should be visible, mostly, when you shoot with high f/ numbers (such as f/16 - f/22), but they could be annoying even at bigger apertures.

There is a good chance that the spots you notice are caused by dust deposited on the sensor of your camera!

It's quite a normal thing, don't worry!

Every time you switch a lens with another one, or when you shoot with a zoom lens, there is a chance that dust will move and find its way to the sensor chamber and deposit itself on the sensor.

In this class I'll show you how I clean my equipment after a long journey outdoor:


You will notice a difference in the sky color, but that's because of course it took some time to clean my gear, the sun shifted position ;)

If you look closely you will also notice a few new spots, that's because when blowing with the pump they moved.

You can repeat the procedure I showed you as many times as you need, until you're completely satisfied!

As always, if you have any question let me know in the comments! :)





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Luca Foscili

Portrait photographer & retoucher

I'm Luca Foscili, an award winning photographer and retoucher specializing in portraits.

I'm from Italy and I started my professional photography career in early 2017.

By watching my classes you're going to learn my post production method.

You can also download utilities for Lightroom and Photoshop, more info below.

Lightroom (here you can download all my LR presets) Dodge and burn Portrait workflow v3.0 (here you can download my PS actions)

If you have questions o...

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