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Keep Track of Revenue and Expenses with Spreadsheets

teacher avatar Lisa Rusczyk ❤️, Teacher, Author, Crafter, Blogger, & Ed. D.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Welcome to Class by Lisa Rusczyk Ed. D.

    • 2. Class Success Tips

    • 3. How to Use the Software

    • 4. How I use the Software

    • 5. Thank you for Taking This Course

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About This Class

In this class you will learn to use a free spreadsheet software to calculate the revenue of your small business.  I will show you how to calculate by income from my blog, online teaching, and self publishing information.

When you are finished this class you will learn how to add, subtract, and format your spreadsheet so you an better understand the profit you are making.  Making money online can change quickly.  This class will help you format data to help you make better decisions for your online businesses.   

Meet Your Teacher

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Lisa Rusczyk ❤️

Teacher, Author, Crafter, Blogger, & Ed. D.


I have self-published 300 books, have over 50 classes, and have many of my social media post gone viral. While I earned a doctorate in Educational Leadership, I love to teach online only on Skillshare while I am a Stay at Home Mom. I enjoy creating, reading to kids, and hanging out at my local coffee shop to play Settlers of Cantan with friends.  

Skillshare premium is needed to view most of my courses.  With Skillshare premium you can get unlimited access to all of my courses. Click to view all of my classes and to join as a premium member.  Lisa Rusczyk on Skillshare

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1. Welcome to Class by Lisa Rusczyk Ed. D.: Hi, everyone. This is Lisa Marie's check. And today we're going to be learning how to use spreadsheets to keep track of income and expenses. I actually taught introduction to computers and I a college atmosphere before, So I'm gonna show you quickly how you can use this, um, to keep track of your income and expenses. I have a Children's book author. I write many different books. Charlie Kavaler goes Amusement park Good night. Turn off the lights. Different things like this. And I use different people to help me and different eso. I have different expenses, and I also have a blawg and make other revenue. I teach classes on skill share. So if you possibly teach classes, want to create online books. When I hire people, this may be the classroom you to keep track of your expenses. All right, so let's get started and lets it roll now 2. Class Success Tips: Hi, students. Thank you for enrolling in this class. I want to show you a way that it will help you succeed and learn from this class. And it is to keep notes in Project section. So please go over to your project and then click there and start. Um, click on your project. And this is where you can start adding information for your project so you can put in a title. This could be the title of the class or your name. Then start putting information into the project workspace. Now, this could be anything from images. But also you can enter text too. And this will be really helpful for other students to see what they learn in this class. It will help others do and see this class. And it will give me feedback to know what Teoh bring to you next to for students. So, um, please click on the your project section and I leave me your feedback. Thank you. 3. How to Use the Software: okay, The first thing we're going to use is a free spreadsheet software and the software that we're going to use it is called Google Ducks, and you can get there by going Teoh google dot com slash docks. And, um, this You'll need a Google account. So if you have Gmail or something like that, you'll be fine. Otherwise, we want to create an account. All right, so let's go to Google docks here now. There's different things that you can do, and I will probably create trainings on the other things. But the thing that we're going to choose if you click over here is a sheet, because that's where we want to start storing our information. All right, you can choose one of this, Richie, so they already have set up. But we're going to choose a blank one because we're just gonna create our own and we're going to start on, and this is basically what a spreadsheet looks like. You can give it a title of here, so I'd like to give it the year we'll say 2016 of here or ikan dio. I just have uhm 50 are you can really put anything. Let's just say income and expenses for the name of your company and nine stare publishing. All right, so this is your spreadsheet here. You could also have different sheets. So, for example, I will rename This one currently is named Sheet once I will name it 2016. And just so you ready for next year, you can make a plus sign which will create a new sheet below. And we will rename this 1 2017 Because sometimes, for example, I just paid for my go daddy. That's where I keep my websites. And I like to say that a certain amount of it is for each month. So since I paid this month, I don't want the whole expense to be this once. I wanted to be every month in the future, so that will go into 2017. Okay, let's go to 2016 again and at the top. I like to put in the months you start typing January, February and so forth. And if you highlight those, you can click and drag over June, July, August, September. Can you refer Marie up now? That did not work. All right, sorry, brother Mark Roger usually works. Totally goes. Maybe if I just wrote January and highlighted that and go over, let's see January, February March ever made you delay us October November December 1st All right, and then this cut eso There's rows and columns and the rows are these. If you go down, that's why the roads are across and the columns air up and down. So column I think of like a column on a house and the rooms are across. All right, so we have all the columns set up. And if you want to, you can press this one and you could bowl the whole thing. I could press control, be told it all right. And then on the right side, we're going to start writing our income and expenses. So let's start ready in cup. And I have three different sections that we're gonna talk about. So the first thing is my blogging income, and you're going to write places that you get income from your blog's. So I do from Amazon instant tickets. I could just write a aches about that is I have a class on that. Now I get income from ABS uh, from Amazon. Um, aims on his ads so you might get a income from Google ads. But I currently don't. I also have different posts that I could get ads for that I wrote for. So I had a group on post this time. And if you want to add one in the future, you can right click on it or click on it, then right click and then insert one above or below. So that's how you can do that in the future. All right, so let's just say that is my all my income. No. All right, now there's expenses. So what expenses do you have? Your blogged eso go, Daddy? Hosting is one of mine. That is where I keep mine. I know other places are less expensive, but that's why I keep it now. And also, um, the current sites, I have a different places, so I have different sites. So not only do I posting that I have to pay for the sites. So then you get total expenses, okay? And finally, total revenue. All right. So let's make this look a little prettier, because these are a little bigger than the column. I'm going to move over to this arrow and click and drag it a little bit. All right? I'll bold these two control be highlighted in control. Be alright. And I'd like to make it look pretty. So I'll go like this. Highlight the whole thing. And over here you can change the field color. So we'll make this a blue and will make this later blew the actual things. Here. Highlight that section and make that later. Blue taken. See? So here is that income expenses of revenue. All right, let's start filling in some things. So I'll just fill. In January, for example, I made $77 on Amazon Associates, 77 55. When I think I made a certain amount, I don't bullet, but when I got paid for it, so I I fold the number. So that's how I know that I've been paid for a certain off. All right, so then you could put in ads. Just say I'm just gonna put in some numbers here. Groupon Post, let's say made $50. So that's total income up. Let me make this a different color. Blue too. So it stands out a little so my total income. How do you figure out your total income? Yes, you can just add them up and put them in there. But I'm going to show you how to add up. Um, that column, remember, Columns like a column on How something? No. All right. So you're gonna press equals you're typing equals. Then you're going Teoh, I'll show you the two ways to do it. You can. You use some so equals the sum of and then you have to choose the area. So this is the sum of B three to B five C. This is column B and on row three. So B three to D five close parentheses. And that is how you confined, um, the total income. And what is nice is let's just say we have other numbers in here. You can click and drag this over so you don't have to keep entering in the same thing again . If you want to make it look pretty, you can put in dollar signs up here is the format of currency. Looks nice. So you're getting the idea. Alright. So next his expenses Oh, that one has to be directly to and the go, Daddy. Hosting I currently have. It is, you know, nine a month. But what I How did I figure that out? Ism? It is 194 18 a year, and then I divide that by 12. So that is $16. Oh, I'm sorry. That number was for two years. I bought it two years. So 24 That's 24 months. All right. And we'll make this look pretty too well, high like that and make it look like dollars, All right. And the site is costing me a dollar 26. And how did I find out that number it. It's $15. 17 cents, divided by 12 art. Make that look pretty with the dollar sign format s currency. All right, So total expenses another way. I'll show you how to get the total is if you equal the sum. And if you just click and drag the two of things that you want to include and then close parentheses, it will do it. So you don't have to figure out what's be three year, you know, So click and drag. That'll work too. So that's my total expenses. And you find the revenue by taking the income and subtracting the expenses. All right, so that is basically, um how I keep track of my income expenses using a spreadsheet. 4. How I use the Software: Okay, class. Now, I'm gonna share with you my actual in comfort my books so far. And I just wanted to show you because right now, I'm I looked at my finances, and I'm not actually making that much money at it this year, as in past years, using Kindle direct publishing on Lee, you before you could make a certain amount by when people also borrowed a book. But now it's a lot less so I'm actually making a lot less this year. But I'll just show you how I keep track of these expenses because you may also be getting all these emails and not sure what to do either. All right, so here you can see um and you see, I haven't filled in January yet, And June, July, August So that's one of the reasons that the expenses look a little different. You know, I've been filled out this whole year, and what I do is I pay people to make books or help me do books. And that is why sometimes it until the end of the year. I'm not exactly sure how much I made because of that. All right, so for kindle direct publishing. You get paid for each individual country. So New Zealand kindle direct UK. How? Um sorry, Canada, Italy so forth. So I put those on the, um, the column over here also, Sometimes my friends buy books or I sell them on create space. So this is where I have all my income over here for months, and I sum up the totals of the months over here. And then there's expenses. So I have a lot of different expenses and explain them to you. And maybe they'll help be helpful in deciding how much you should spend or make, um, self publishing books. So here's book covers Kindle book kids, book descriptions. I made a bunch of kids books. Um, I tried to do some things on fiber and now cost six sellers. That's what $6 over there. I bought some, um, photos for coloring books that actually didn't do very well, because at the time I thought I could not only put coloring books in paperback format, but I could also I have some coloring books of me here, but I thought I could create them on Kindle, and then they changed their policy. So ah, lot of policies change, and that's why it might just be better toe attempt to sell them on your own blogged. But the thing is that Amazon advertises them so well for you that it's where I create most my income Sugar stock for kids images pay 50. Thanks to know writers. Um, a logo from freelancer. Um, I have a Children's book that's coming out. Charlie. The Cavalier goes to the zoo, Um, create space proof. So sometimes I prove my books, so I have to pay that for them to be proved, Charlie the Cavalier in Spanish. I got it translated, Um, create a creates Facebook order stickers I got made for to put with my books on the covers of payment of Someone to different people. And finally, 10 cents of each book goes to charity. So I have to figure out how many books have been sold and then times sent sense to see how much goes to charity. And then you get my total expenses and total profit. So that is, um, does something to think about when you're self publishing books. It's, uh that is how I keep track of how I self published books 5. Thank you for Taking This Course: Alright, everyone, thank you for taking this class. And I hope you learn some things about I'm self publishing books. What goes into it as also as spreadsheets? Hopefully, it was a quick lesson that you can learn how to add and, um, and find your expenses to see how much revenue you're actually making. Um, either if it's selling books or, um, creating on my classes or having a block. So hopefully this will help. And please, um, comment or review this class. I'd love to see your comments, and hopefully I will create new classes that you will like. All right, Have a great day. Thank you. Bye.