Keep Track of Revenue and Expenses with Spreadsheets

Lisa Rusczyk ❤️, Teacher, Author, Crafter, Blogger, & Ed. D.

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5 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Welcome to Class by Lisa Rusczyk Ed. D.

    • 2. Class Success Tips

    • 3. How to Use the Software

    • 4. How I use the Software

    • 5. Thank you for Taking This Course


About This Class

In this class you will learn to use a free spreadsheet software to calculate the revenue of your small business.  I will show you how to calculate by income from my blog, online teaching, and self publishing information.

When you are finished this class you will learn how to add, subtract, and format your spreadsheet so you an better understand the profit you are making.  Making money online can change quickly.  This class will help you format data to help you make better decisions for your online businesses.