Keep Food Safe! Food Safety Basics | Eric Arrouzé | Skillshare

Keep Food Safe! Food Safety Basics

Eric Arrouzé, Learn to cook with a French chef!

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7 Videos (12m)
    • Introduction to Food Safety

    • It's in Your Hands

    • About Cross Contamination

    • What is the Danger Zone?

    • Set up your Cutting Board Safely

    • Chill it! Refrigerate Promptly

    • Cook to Proper Temperature


About This Class

Anyone who desires to learn how to cook should be aware of the following basic handling food safety guidelines.

When dealing with food, common sense principles apply. Food safety must be thoroughly respected at all times to avoid food-borne illnesses and should be taken very seriously.

The next lessons will give you a good understanding and will help you and those you cook for avoid food poisoning.





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Eric Arrouzé

Learn to cook with a French chef!

Hello, I'm Chef Eric,

Inspired by the hours spent in my grandmother's kitchen in France, I was ten years old when I decided to become a Chef. Traveling Europe, I quickly climbed the kitchen hierarchy & became Executive Chef at 23. I managed a team of 14 & delivered high-quality food to wealthy and famous customers. I am passionate about unleashing the inner chef within people so that they can explore new cuisine.

My mandate is to bring fine Cuisine to worldwide foodies. Connect...

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