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Kawaii Art - Drawing Bears - For Very Beginners

teacher avatar Patrizia Diana, Pro Weirdo

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Divide Simple Shapes in Sections

    • 3. Head + Body

    • 4. Arm + Legs

    • 5. Face Details

    • 6. Trace The Sketch

    • 7. Front & Back

    • 8. Draw Bears Standing on One Side

    • 9. Elements of The Bear

    • 10. Different Elements Combination = Different Attitude

    • 11. Your turn! A Simple Project

    • 12. Outro

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About This Class

What's the easiest way to draw bears? I came back at pencil at paper to show you my tips and secret about drawing bears!

This class is made for Very Beginners but of course everyone of every level is welcome here!

In this class we're going to see: 

  1. how to create a bear from simple shapes;
  2. we can combine different elements to obtain different poses and attitudes of our cute bear;
  3. tips and secrets to draw faster and easier ;D

If you have any question, I'm always here for you! I hope you enjoy the class and remember to follow me to stay updated on next classes! <3

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Patrizia Diana

Pro Weirdo


Hello everyone!

I’m Patrizia and I’m an illustrator and a bullet journalist! 

I was going through an awful moment in my life and I’ve found shelter in the creative process. 

In three years I’ve became a stickers designer and I’m now working hard to extend my field to design. I love animals and kawaii art so everything I draw has the purpose to provoke cuteness overloads 🤪

I’ve always loved to teach and my purpose here is to entertain you and teach you what I’ve learned in the easiest way possible!

You can follow me on Instagram to be part of my loveliest community ;)



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1. Intro: Hello, I am Fabrizio. I am an illustrator and caraway, this and last year, I've made a class about Guowei are the basic shapes and expressions. And you really loved it. So I've thought about making a few videos about specific animals. And this class will be about bears. Everyone loves verse unless they are scared of them. So I've thought it was a good idea or a thought about making a class about bears because they are super easy to draw. And mostly because I know that many of my followers are very beginners. So I left away the iPod for awhile and we will go back at the paper and a pencil to know how to draw buyers in the easiest way possible. In this class we're going to see the very basics. And so how to draw bears starting from super simple shapes. Then we're going to see the different elements in bears and how to combine them to create different poses. And then I will give you a very simple project so that you will be able to practice a little bit. As you may have already understood, this glass is for very beginners, but of course, everyone is welcome here, and I'm ready to start. So let's go. 2. Divide Simple Shapes in Sections: For this class, I was wondering, how can I draw bears in the easiest way possible? And then I realized I'm a cowboy artist, so I already use the easiest method. What are usually happens in my head while I'm drawing animals? And the answer was, I divide simple shapes in sections. And now I show you what I mean. I think about the head. And another bond is the body. I always start from this. So today we're doing the same. We are starting thinking about two sections. We have the head and the body. I also divide my head in two parts again. And I do this thing. Okay? So that my anymore as this huge cheeks. Okay. But I understand that this is so easy for me because when I do this every day, so now I show you in a more accurate way so that you can repeat the process. And I, I've chosen these media because maybe some of you know that my favorite media is digital. But I've chosen this media because I wanted you to feel safe and that all of you can do this. Okay? I need to divide in section. So I need to think about a head and a body. And if you are super very beginner, you can start with a rectangle. Now you see why. We need to go back at the start and we divide this rectangle. I won't say the middle, but a little bit like this is the middle. I guess, because I'm in a weird perspective so that I can record this video, but I think is the middle. And we need to go a little bit like here, okay? And we divide this part, okay? We don't need to be super perfect. Once we have these two sections, I want to, to draw two over one year or made up huge rectangle and one here. Okay? I'm not so satisfied with this part, but it's totally fine. We have these two ovals. Ok? And now we can arrays a little bit the rectangle, we don't need it anymore. And we have C-sections. 3. Head + Body: Now, all we need to do is to, I guess it's better. Start with this. We can divide again the head. And again this is the center. So I think we can start from the center, or if it's better for you, we can start from here and go dividing in the middle this section, okay? Now that we have our head divided in two parts, we need to start here. I always start here. And of course you can adjust the lines. So here I see it's a little bit squared so you can make it rounded if you have the same perception. And here we shall have this curve. Okay? Forget it. Because we need to go a little bit more inside the curve. I showed you with another color. Maybe it's easier. This is our overall our hand. Okay. It's really made like terribly, but don't I don't care because I'm just I just wanted to memorize this part. And instead of following this line, we just go a little bit more inside and go again tracing the line. Okay? Now we do the same on the other side. This perspective is terrible, so I have no idea of what I'm doing. Let me show you, okay, it's acceptable. And now that we have my head, we have two options. Okay. It's more about your tastes. I don't like super big bellies. But this time since I am teaching you something new, I'll try to follow the lines. So I just have to trace the line a little bit more and try to make it more. At this point, we're talking about bears. So we have two feet and two arms. What's the best way to draw feet and arms? 4. Arm + Legs: In my very humble opinion, is that we need to divide again the section like this. And first, I draw arms here that ends on the line. Something like this. And this, okay? Now about the feed, we can do it in several ways. And one of these is maybe do it like follow the line. You can go on this way and create an arc like this. And you do the same on the other side. Try and make it like this, okay? This is probably the simplest way. And at this point, I usually go like this. And other arc. Another arc here. We need to. Of course, if you need it, you can trace line in the middle of the body you drew before. And to something like this. So you have like a reference, okay? So we go like this. And this is one type of legs, but usually is my favorite, is the one I use the most. But usually I draw them like sitting or sleeping. So often they just have their feet here. Okay. But in this case we're drawing an entire bed. So what about the feet? This is to a probably would be just drawing an easy little tiny arc here. Another one here. And we add some details like this. And we have our legs. Now, we need to go on with the other parts that we left behind. And what about our arms? Now, I see that in this case, they are a little bit small, but no problem. I just do something like this. I go just under the line. Always remember that every time your drawing, you need to do more steps because you can always adjust proportions. Proportions are basically everything in drawing if you care about it. Of course, it's not a rule, but for me it's really important keeping the right proportions. So we need the rules to break them. Okay? So I do the same here. Untill, I find the best way to draw my arms and I go erasing the previous line. So it's not too much confusing. Okay. I like it more. I add some details. Is just a little line because the bear is not doesn't have the hand like this, but like this. So we see only one of these little lines like this one's okay. I also usually draw a ladle belly button here in the middle because I don't know, it's skewed. And now we add the ears and the eyes, et cetera. I left it as the last bar because I need to make selfie more accurate. 5. Face Details: We draw the line. If you didn't draw it already dry now, from the top of the head to the belly. So our head will be divided in four sections. Okay? Now, the easiest way to draw the bare head is to start with the nose. That is always on the center. So we draw something like this. Then we go draw the eyes. And of course, we can draw them in so many ways. I will show you my favorite. And I draw them by starting in the line, this one with the lowest part of the eyes. So doing something like this. Okay? So the lowest part of the eye and draw the oval. And the same we do here. Hopefully. Okay. I will see if it's terrible because I really can't see it. No. Okay. It's not terrible. And now we finish by drawing. Here's a little one here. Possibly keep the same distance between this year and this year. So should be here. Of course, I didn't use a ruler, but if he needed use it, it's just something that I never uses. So I never think about it, but it will be very useful. And so if you needed use a ruler, no worries. And now last starch, the mouth, you just have to draw a little arc that is not orange zone tau, but it goes a little bit like this. And we draw the same year. And we add a little part here, uh, you and another arc. And we have our bear. Of course, last but not least, the cheeks. Always consider this middle line. It's really important. And we start the lowest part of the cheek, like the eyes. Here, like this. Okay. So the lowest part of the cheeks, the cheek, and trace and over. Okay. Now, with the burn ongoing to adjusted a little bit. 6. Trace The Sketch: I always start from this part, even when I'm using the pen, okay, So I usually try to add some details like to get my animals more personalized. Okay. And I add things like this that are like the four, okay? And I will try to adjust the mistake while using the pen. And I'm creating a new one. Yes. Yes, because I I'm standing tall right now to draw this. So if a mass, but don't worry, I'm going to fix it. I really think it's important that you see that I do mistakes too, because people always forget. Forget about the fact that we all do mistakes, okay? And most of all, we need to realize that once you get to the intermediate LEA level, you forget about you drew when you are a beginner. That's why I'm trying to today show you everything to show you that the final result is not a process, okay? So we all make mistakes. Don't lose hope, don't lose faith. Okay. And then I go back, I see that this cheek is a little bit bigger. So I'm going to adjust this as symmetry. Not much, but it's better than before. Now, it's your choice. Some people draw also this part, like me. Some people just don't draw it. I will add it, but of course you can draw it. Like you. And I do something like this just to give it a little Fourier effect. Okay? Soft. You need, really needs to look soft. So let's go on with the belly. And the belly will be and little bit peculiar because we need to stop here. I don't like to draw all the oval. Okay. I like to do something like I stop here. Then I draw something here. Who is the Fourier effect? And then the other side. Okay, I can tell that drawing, standing tall is terrible. Now, the arms. I'm making a big mess, but don't worry. I'm still in the eye. Do mistakes. Philosophy. The years. As you can see, you can simplify by doing a unique line here. Or you can just draw the arc, It's totally fine. You may just draw something like this. Okay? I like the arc like this. Our belly, bottom and the nose, the mouth. Of course, if you want to change expressions, I have another lesson about Hawaii expressions. Or you can just Google it. Okay. And our cheeks, I don't like to outline the cheeks. Usually here. I can do this, okay? When you want to draw the four, do something like this. Okay? This is in the left side. So when you're drawing in the left side, it needs to always go from up to down. And then When you're drawing on the left side of your animals, you go always true to the right. And when you're drawing on the right side of your animal, you go always from up to down, like this, but to the left. Okay? So every time you want to add some for the tail, you just have to pick, pick, pick, pick. Okay? This way, It's important because if you draw the opposite side, It's a bit weird. Like for example, if you do something like this, It's okay, but it's weird, okay? So it's always like this following because it gave, it, it gives you more dimension. Okay. Oh, I forgot this part. 1212. And we have the basic bare kids. And now we need to see what happens when the bear is standing on a side of his body. 7. Front & Back: This is my bare without the pencil lines, I raise everything. And now I want to show you what happens when we want to draw our bear in another pose. Let's start from the face because it's the easiest part. And probably the one if you draw the most because we are not hallways drawing the bodies, there is a little secret to draw this kind of animal. In other position. I'm talking about bunnies, dogs, cats, bears, and everything that is soft and squishy. And the secret is that I want to show you in the easiest way possible. For example, you are a very beginner and you just want to draw a bear very fast. Okay? So we have this pair like this. Okay? And this is frontal, like the one we've just seen together wall, if we are watching the bear from his back. The secret is, is exactly the same. Because if you just think about your shape like this, that is the same. It's also the back. The only difference is that you don't have the eyes and whatever. And same for the body because front and back are exactly the same. Because when you draw the body, for example, let's do something super easy so that I can go fast because I know that can be boring. Who knows if his frontal or back the difference. It's all about that frontal. It's like ice. Belly bottom for example, feet, okay. But 0 and frontal maybe also this three characteristics. But if you look it on his back is just without hear the tails. So there will be just completely normal, for example, is becoming a panda. We're going to have append today like this. And the only difference may be the tail and you have the back. This is the secret. 8. Draw Bears Standing on One Side: In case we are watching our bare from his side, maybe is left side or right side. It's a bit different. And the reason Alice and others secret. The secret is that we have to draw our face and do like before. So cut in the middle. And instead of doing this thing on both side, you just have to do in one. Because as you can see, this is the sign of the pair. So we will have, my suggestion is to imagine two ovals that after you draw this part, that is fundamental, you need to do as it needs to be, the first step. This part, you need to do this thing and imaging and over here, okay. Why? Because this is giving you the line of the side. And here where the old ball and the middle cut. You start an ANOVA and you have your eye. The nose should be like on the upper part of the oval. Like this. Basically it looks like the, these neighbors like this, okay? And we have our bear on its side. Arrays, the OAuth, two per symbol. Okay? About the body. You have many options. Again. Usually I draw them sitting, but I I don't know why I really like to draw animals. Seating is not easier or harder, is just something that I'm realizing right now. But every time I do this, I go from this point. It's almost in the end of his head. And I draw an arc. Maybe even like this. It just needs to be a little bit more cool v here than here. But it's pretty easy. It's all about practice as usual. And so we have, our bag is too big. Like this. We have our Berlin. And we follow our line again like before. We draw the feet like this. We follow the line. And again, we do this. This is the easiest way to draw animals. Hawaii, of course. I usually don't do this if in fact, he looks a bit weird. So let's do a curve here and one here. And the arms like this. And we have from his side. And again, we adjust it a little bit. Because I'm not happy within poor boy. You are details, of course you can do it less lateral. Indeed. I never draw them like I did like that, but I understand. Some may need did I usually do something like this where you can still see the other eye so it's less on its side like this. And I usually, I want to show you another way to make it. I usually make it smaller. In this case, it's impossible but do something like this. Okay. 9. Elements of The Bear: Now I want to show you the elements of our bears so that you will be able to reorganize them and make your Bears unique and just by changing the combination. So let's see super-fast. What are the common elements of the bear? So we have seen together how to draw the head and the body. And then we have the hands and the feet. So thens are pretty easy because they are just like something like this, okay? And they have just two little arcs. Of course you can change them a lot. Because if you just erase these two arcs and you draw just one of them, you already have a different position, okay? It's not like this, but like this. Okay? There, hence may be also alone. For example, you are drawing your bare and just the hands, for example, like this. And you just want to draw the hand. We know that the hand are like semi sphere with two arcs. So I will just add two of these. And you will have the bear. And last but not least, we have the hand this way. And I like to draw a little chart like this. But you may also draw an oval. And this is of course valid for so many animals like cats, dogs, et cetera. You choose the style you like the most. And then we have the legs. So the length, as we have seen together, they're just they just need to be drawn following the badly. But once you made practice, you can change it a little bit. But because for example, you may just want to draw them shorter and maybe rounded. This way. It's totally fine. It's all about finding the style you like the most. And what about feet? Feet, maybe draw this way or just adding a little heart here. You have more dimension this way. And it's, it's done, it's super easy. And then in case you've seen you've seen them on one side. They just need to be this way like a J or like an L plus an arc. Okay? So always think that the left one, it's like a J. J with an arc. And the right fit will always be an L and an OK. Ok. In case you're seeing the bear from the back is the same. In case you want to draw them, reverse, it's totally okay. Because you may be drawn like this, okay. Like one in front of another. Okay. It's it's totally on you and it's all about the moment. And what you want to do in that specific moment. Also, as you can see, they already expressed a lot about their personality, personality of your character. In this case, by already imagine what's on the head. Before drawing the head. I really hope I've been clear as you can see, we just have a few elements. It's all about combining them in different ways and create a character that has more personality than just drawing the typical structure like the one I've shown you in my digital art class. Okay. 10. Different Elements Combination = Different Attitude: Now I've prepared for you this little bear. It's only the head and the body. Because I want to show you that using just the arms and legs, you can change everything about your bare. For example, I usually draw my animals sitting. So it's pretty easy to draw them sitting because you already have these two section, as we said before. And you just have to add two over here. And eventually, not draw this part. And go straight here like this. And then you can draw your feet the way you like the most. I like to draw little hearts like this. And like this. I usually draw the arms this way. So is really chilling. Like this. Okay, this is just one way to draw our bear. Let's try something else. Now for example, I want maybe to look a little shy. So maybe I can draw the legs like I, I've shown you. And the feeds to be on the inside. This. And this is another way to draw it. Then maybe I want to make it more extra white, for example. And so I draw it. We are more of them. Attitude to just standing tall this way. And maybe he's saying hello. Of course you can do the ova. But I like the most. The heart's right, this. Is saying alone. Or again, we can also draw the legs in different ways. But as you can see, I always do this. This is a way, is a simple way to draw legs. And maybe he is thinking about something like this. And as you can see, of course, you can be really creative and original. And you can really try so many different positions. Just changing the legs and the arms. Of course in this case we have only one expression, but trust me, if you change the expression you really need. You really will have tones of variants. Let's do it. Super-happy in case I want to. Okay? I really invite you to experiment and try the more you can. Of course, you can also just use one section. For example, if you want to draw your, like, he's sleeping, you just set to draw the head this way. Like this. And maybe you see only his body this way. His legs like this. As you can see, it's all about working with the elements. You already have an NO. So the feet, hands cut them from the basic shape and then reorganize them. And it's it's really easier to do it then telling it, saying it. Okay. So you really have so many possibilities. 11. Your turn! A Simple Project : As I always say, practice is the key. And for today, I've thought about a very simple project. I just wanted to draw tree bears, possibly, grizzly bear, polar bear, and panda bear. You can use the pose you like the most. So between the ones we've seen together, you choose one for each of them. You may be, you can do the three of them all in the same position. Or maybe you can make them all different. Or maybe you want to draw a tree Pandas, it's totally fine. Just have fun. If you'd like. Posted in the project gallery because I love, love, love, love senior projects and giving you feedbacks. For example, I made this for you. So maybe you can use it as a guideline. But I promise you that if you follow my steps, you will be able to do whatever you want. 12. Outro: Thank you so much for watching and listening and learning with me. I'm so, so proud of you. If you arrive here as usual, you can find me on social media. Just know that now I'm not using definite Boudreau anymore. You can find me on cute, but we're on Instagram on everyone because i everywhere. And of course, I'm always here for you, for questions, messages, a feedback, whatever I like to be helpful. I really hope you enjoyed this class. I'm going to make more classes about Hawaii anymore. But if you have some suggestions, I'm always open to new ideas for classes, videos, et cetera. That's all. I have a lovely day. Keep practicing and bye.