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Kaizen Practitioner Masterclass for Quality Management and Continuous Improvement.

teacher avatar The Guruskool

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (2h 56m)
    • 1. What is Kaizen- Introduction

    • 2. VA Vs NVA

    • 3. Understanding the 8 Wastes

    • 4. Ground Rules of Kaizen

    • 5. Selecting a Kaizen Project

    • 6. Implementation of Kaizen

    • 7. Tools and Templates

    • 8. Understanding Visual Factory and SIPOC

    • 9. Understanding Flowchart- Bonus Lecture from 7 Quality Tools.

    • 10. Flowchart using Excel- Bonus Lecture from 7 Quality Tools.

    • 11. Understanding Checksheet- Bonus Lecture from 7 Quality Tools.

    • 12. Understanding Cause and Effect Diagram- Bonus Lecture from 7 Quality Tools.

    • 13. Cause and Effect Using Excel- Bonus Lecture from 7 Quality Tools.

    • 14. Understanding Pareto- Bonus Lecture from 7 Quality Tools.

    • 15. Pareto Uisng Excel- Bonus Lecture from 7 Quality Tools.

    • 16. Examples of Kaizen

    • 17. Benefits of Kaizen

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About This Class

What Is Kaizen in Quality Management?

Kaizen is an approach to creating continuous improvement based on the idea that small, ongoing positive changes can reap major improvements. . Regardless of the methodology, in an organizational setting, the successful use of Kaizen rests on gaining support for the approach across the organization, and from the CEO down.

Introduced to the West by Masaaki Imai in his book Kaizen: The Key to Japan’s Competitive Success in 1986. Today kaizen is recognized worldwide as an important pillar of an organization’s long-term competitive strategy. Kaizen is continuous improvement that is based on certain guiding principles:

  • Good processes bring good results

  • Go see for yourself to grasp the current situation

  • Speak with data, manage by facts

  • Take action to contain and correct root causes of problems

  • Work as a team

  • Kaizen is everybody‚Äôs business

  • And much more!

Taking this course will equip you to successfully deploy Kaizen methodology and drive Business Performances. It will Introduce you to the structured approach to Identify and eliminate wastes in Business to achieve overall Improvement.


  • A lots of Enthusiasm to learn.
  • An attitude for Continuous Improvement.
  • Basic Understanding of Quality at Workplace

What you'll learn

  • Structured Approach to Identify and Eliminate Waste in Business for Overall Improvement.
  • Allign People and Processes to achieve Company goals and Objectives.
  • Utilize the Principles of Kaizen to continuously Improve Business Processes.

Meet Your Teacher

The Guruskool is a group of passionate teachers who are dedicated to Quality Online Education in different domains.We know that learning is easier when you have an excellent teacher. That's why most of our educators have achieved an advanced degree in their field. Our faculty are passionate about the subjects they teach and bring this enthusiasm into their Online Courses. 

The Major Focus of Guruskool Teachers is to embrace the pursuit of excellence both inside and outside the classroom. We encourage critical thinking and emphasize the learning process over rote memorization.  


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1. What is Kaizen- Introduction: Hey, welcome to our course lecture on Kaiser. So let us first understand what did he mean by guys? Guys in is a couple of Japanese that together translated as a good cheese are a change for good or a change, but better but guys in has come to mean computers improvement through its association with the lean methodology. Now it is believed that kaizen had its origin in the post World War Two Japanese quality service On these circles, a group of workers focused on preventing Defects. Act Toyota Amber developed partly in response to American management for activity. Coincidence? Who visited the country? Especially W. Edwards Deming, who argue that political pool should be put more directly in the hands off line workers. So, in other words, Keisel means small, incremental changes that bring about a very victims guys. It is more about focusing off all week changes for a long term success. Andi focuses mostly on the elimination off the aid. We will definitely learn about these eight waste in the coming lectures, but as I know there is, understand that every forces had some or the other kind of movies on the object people. Surprising is to eliminate the waste on Make the Process More rovers and one Not guises, was bought through the vest and popularized by Masaaki Imai. Why is book Guys is that you? To Japan's competitive success in the year 1986 and according Masaaki Imai, Kaizen is a means of continuous improvement in personal life, home life, social life, on working life for a workplace. Managers and workers working together can make a lot of small improvements with a very low capital on investments on these small changes are these small improvements Gradually uto very big goals. What is usually used by Toyota Motors? The pasta continued improvement within its storied operation system. Kaizen is now used all around the boy, but many companies on has been adapted to suit their particular needs and custom. However, we need to understand that Guy's in is not improvements in complex Cross functional our system. I think problems that projects are 60 miles required. It is more off about bringing out more Jay's. It's like a quick fix solution that you like to a problem that has in terms of a proper project or in Six Sigma, you basically go down to the course of the problem I didn't defined by people solutions. Then you evaluate with pollution sorts than you, and then you start experimenting with their solutions to identify. It is the best solution. However, in terms of guys in it is a quick picks. You see a problem, you identify a solution and you go ahead and implement. Achieve. It is not something like a long term project which takes approximately six months to a year to compute on the results. Then start doing graduate enough guys in process. Usually the changes are implemented rapidly and you start seeing the results immediate. It is not a long term product that games are expected after several months. It is something that you do very quickly. You identify your solution, you implement it and you start getting there is us. So now let us understand. Why do we implement guys it in first, please, or one of the goals off guys is First of all, it helps in elimination off the gate beasts. As we progress through our next few lectures, we will understand that a different beast there are always present within a bosses, and there is always a school off improvement over there. An organization that drives the culture off continues in movement. You will identify that people are always looking over all authorities to eliminate waste within the process. On make the process is more robust and more product. It is a team, but based Jane, all the employees not rising is something that is driven as a culture within an organization for the organization's. But I was working in every person was given a target off implementing at least 3 to 5 prizes throughout the year. Now imagine an organization with approximately 1000 employees and every employee bringing about a small change within the organization. Let's say he implements 3 to 5 small improvement projects within the organization. With the strength of 1000 employees. You will see approximately 3000 to 5000 improvements within the organization, which is equal in tow, accomplishing off very big project communicate ideas up and down company hideout and everyone is invited to Seiko and exploit new of ordinance. Now, as we discussed, it is a kind of a culture that is driven within the Vienna off the organization on when you drive this kind of a contingency. Ruben Culture within the organization. You will identify that people are always looking for opportunities to make things better at the workplace to make things faster. To make things official on the goal off kaizen is to ensure that you communicate these ideas up and down across the company hierarchy so that everyone feels being a part of this improvement, and everybody wants to contribute to get dressed differently and leadership in a initiative . Now, as we discussed, guided is something that is driven from the top. Then the leadership is involved in driving the culture off continues improvement on business excellence. Everybody in the organization feeds motivated to give the usher or the improvement off the organization privatizing problems as we move ahead on the progress across electors, you will understand this process in an organization you will always fight, that my people of opportunities are my people, areas where an improvement can be done and kaizen clearly gives us a direction in terms off . What are the long term goods and short term goods and short term good or something that ties in with focus? More off that has, in terms of long term boats are projects are problems which require significant amount of manpower on desert. They will be taken off as a project, maybe like a beauty. Siara six Sigma. But kaizen will focus Bordeaux in terms of short term projects, something that could be done really quick on the changes on the results for Bertie immediate the culture that perfection is perpetually cheese. So as I discussed with you, instead of doing 10 big projects within an organization, it's everybody within the organization is involved in doing a small improvement on it is probably a part of your KBS are always given to every employee as a target. Then you will see that these small changes will bring about a change improvement on profitability, which is a cooling doing 10 or 15 very large party. So now how does one identify the opportunities for doing that? Tyson project are picking up ties in a Fortunati? At this book, one can take up a project that can increase productivity or output, reducing inventing, especially in a production environment. Anything that can reuse the inventor or something that could be done to achieve the same product with the same quality with minimum bacterian or minimum import or label is definitely welcome as guys in a fortune do you cycle times. Second time basically means the time that is taken to complete a body. Beautiful. If there is any way you can go ahead and eliminate the non value added activities within a particular forces and thereby increasing efficiency off the forces that that is again, a guy's an aborted reduce space Works is on office. Leah can be one more opportunity for implementing dices from on time delivery. This is especially when you're dealing with clients or customers. If you delay the deliveries on you, do not fulfill the promises that you make your customers. It means a very bad taste in the mold of your customers. So improving on time delivery will definitely increase the profitability on the reputation of the company with the Hebrew quality of products and forces. Improve housekeeping fivers on visual management. So anything that leaves the environment lead Hi, Jenny and save for the world holds to behold, there really is a kaizen aborted, reducing downtime. So if there are down times that happening within a production unit, but even in a service industry, any small improvement that you can go ahead and given who we use the down time off the processes can be. A guy's and a fortune reduce transport time. I'm distance if the employees are reaching at workplace name due to some reasons or due to some transport issues. Now that is a guys an opportunity, because when employees are reporting live work, it is a loss off productive time and there were uses. Operational efficiencies is so any kind of was born improvement that would be done to in group four times. On distance can be a guys an opportunity or a short term improvement but a long tongue gate standardizing the processes on keeping the variation. This probably there using the operating costs off. Completing a particular process for creating a product is also kaizen aborted. So kaizen as a business strategy would mean it is an improvement because it's more what happened. What utilize this minimum resources on when we're talking about resources, it means manpower as the less money. So what exactly is a guy's an implementation strategy? Kaizen is not limited when you are taking up a bill complex problem or something that requires a cross functional team to find a solution on implement guy's an implementation strategy is very simple. You'll discover a problem at your workplace. You brainstorm the solutions, identify between one is the best solution and then go ahead and do a Japanese women. Once the implementation is done, you started. What everything. Success, If that is success, whenever otherwise, you take up another kaizen to go ahead and find a solution to that. In other words, I'm using this groaning Go. This is This was something that was very popular within my organization. Now go stand for Grassroots Opportunities Act book, which means that even a small, modest improvement that you can do at your workplace on that impacts the life, productivity and efficiency. All the organization is a welcome change on get this culture of continuous improvement. This top level visit, an organization right from the CEO of the workers. You will see that every single individual within organization looking for opportunities for improvement on these small, gradual improvements and bring about a large change within the organization. So that is a brief introduction about kaizen. I hope you enjoy this lecture on 2. VA Vs NVA: So in our last lecture, we got introduced to the concept off guys in We are Mr Dark Eisen is nothing but smaller rumors that leads to bigger games within an organization on something that is done at a but masterpiece as number two projects are a 60 million issue. So now, before we pretty further, let us understand the concept off value analysis. Andi. When we talk about value analysis, it also brings us to the concept off. ValueAct was this non value add activity. No value analysis involves assessing each bosses step through the eyes of the customer on determining whether the step is off value, added activity or alone value every activity. So let us understand these two concepts, indeed it. So if you have to understand value adding activity there, any activity that transforms shoots border our information to meet the customers. So that is a definition off value added Now, value added activity is always better. My drama customers, So to be considered as a value reading activity, the step must meet all of the three of the following radius. The step must transform the item works confusion, entre Bruce, some kind of change. Then the step is done right the first time, which means that there is no really work in voice or on any step for with the customer. Yes, and he would be willing to pay for that particular stairs then that kind of activity this called as a value added. And how would you define value for your customers, any king, any greater but transformation within your service, All your product for which the customer is ready to shell out money from this pocket is something that I would call as a valuable from the customers. So now let us understand. Known value added those activities that take time, resources or space but do not add to the value of the product itself. So these kind of activities are orders, no evaluating active. In other words, it is an activity didn't opposes for which the customer is not willing to pay any additional money from his phone. You're probably just performing that step to improve the quality of your party. Maybe from a compliance perspective. Or maybe it is a necessity off the business are off the pretty bloody process, but from a customer perspective, it doesn't really makes any significant difference on whether the existence or non existence off this particular process will not make any difference to the life of the customer. He will not be any money out of this pocket for performing this allegiance. So non value added activities would typically include reveal some kind of inspection moving an object from one place to another are moving a particular commodity from one place to another. It also involves week off resources from one place to another. So, in other words, it is nothing but of these and waste usually for in one of the categories that we would don't in our next few. Like so if we have to summarize the versus envy. ValueAct. Any activities that I perform for which the customer is willing to pay for is a value added activity. Then there is a concept off value and evening a key now activities that support the value. So what do I mean by this? Not these activities are considered no value are from a customer perspective, but can be satisfying regulatory compliance or other business requirements. But these are also borders known, value added but necessary business value added or a non value added but I require So in other words, any activity which is unimportant from a customer perspective but is off significant importance from this This perspective is called as a value. Anything. Let us understand what is race? Any activity that do not want you to the value. Add maybe moving objects from one place to another movie. The sources from one place to another working on defects, evil, maybe Something like might be processing is Obama. Please. And people learned act in more beauty in the lecture that goes the eat meat. So now let us understand the concept off ValueAct was his non ValueAct from a example boost . So let us say my customer needs stapler, please. So now let us understand the steps involved in this entire falls. So I will have to pick up the papers. I would have to walk up to the stapler. Then I would step of the papers. I want back with the best, and then I will put down the papers. So, in order to perform this activity off providing the customer with Stepford beaches on performing five different Now let's say picking up paper 61 seconds and I do not go any distance. For now, I'm walking to the step on. Let's say the step along is placed at a distance off 20 feet on, I think, a box of a group by second schoolbook. Then I step on the pages. Andi, I walked back to my desk, which is again on a date five seconds, because I will be covering the same amount of distance and then finally, every put down the papers on the desk. Now, within this particular process, let us try to understand what other value are and what are the non valueact steps. So the Putin time for computing this entire process is 14 seconds, because if I calculate one plus five plus two plus five plus one, it's 40 in seconds and I'm governing your distance all for you. Now. What are the steps for with the customer is willing to be? While that someone is willing to pay me for picking up the paper, he will pay me for stepping the pages and then even probably pay me for putting down the papers are probably ending over the people's. So if I look at the value at the time in this entire process, it's hardly 46 How? Because this particular process takes one second. This process takes a few seconds on this particular process. Takes another, wants it for the value. At the time it will be 46 and therefore defined. Calculating the open value at the time was indeed it is only coming to 28. Why? Because four out of 14 give me 28%. So in other words, when I mean to say is in this entire forces 72% off the processes are known value, and this is actually a reality in the real world holes. And that's why we say that if he starts looking or put opportunities for for forming the thighs and product, and if you start observing processes around us, we will find a lot of opportunities to make. The process is more appreciate on more products, but cutting down on maybe the world cutting down on moving off objects from one place to another, reducing the site in time, reducing transport. Billy's on many more. Now let us look at this same process once we have eliminated non value added. So I'm looking at the same example where Dustin we need to stay for pages point. And now that is. Look at the processes that have been born with become the paper steeple. The paper I put down the people I'm thinking one second, two seconds and once it. So what I've done away your is have moved a step blur and kept it on the desk where the people's need to be stiff. So in other words, what I've done is I have reused the entire distance that have to be going from one desk to another, which waas approximately a distance off 20 feet, have reduced that distance and I've made it zero. So by doing this simple change in the entire set off processes, I have reduced the time stream of computing this entire activity from or being seconds your forces and therefore you will also that my known value added time has become practically zero, and therefore, the entire set off activities involved in this process have now become value added activity and therefore now the value added time percentage for my process is on report. No, this is a very hypothetical example now, getting your non valueact time practically zero is not going to be possible in each and every scenario. But you can always bring a certain percentage of improvement within the organization processes, and you will observe that even by this light percentage improvement within the processes, you can save a lot of money for your organization. Or probably you can reduce the number of resources needed for a particular activity are times you can just make the activity so efficient that it just moves the moral off your organization. So that's about value. Add on non value add activities. In our next lecture, we will get introduced to the concept off based on. Then we will understand the A different title based involved in a process. I hope you enjoy this lecture on I will see you in the next one. 3. Understanding the 8 Wastes: Hey, welcome back. So let's understand. What do we mean by this? So when people think of waste in manufacturing, usually only think about all of the staff material that gets thrown away or, if you're lucky, the psych. They often forget about all of the other actions that waste our time, our resources on our money. So if someone who has ever had contact with being manufacturing thoughts about ways you will, although that they're often talking about Buddha or it different wastes. But they often forget the other ways defined within the Toyota production system, which are Mori on Mullah. So let us understand these three films collectively. So these do you don't open used together in the Kurta production system. I don't thought therefore, as the three m's that collectively described baseball practice is to be eliminated. So by muta, we mean any activity that consumes resources without creating value to the capital. On whatever you learn in this particular chapter, other eight different types off mood does end up process. But let us also get introduced to the concept off Buddha on as translation states, Buddha is any kind of unevenness or in regularity in a process. While often used mainly for material flow, it is also probably many other cases outside off material. Bourey is over under his neighbor illness and things that are so difficult naturally, the main focus yet is on people. However, it can also apply to materials, machines and organizations. So when Japanese companies talk about race, they usually talk about three different EMS Buddha movie on Buddha Well, most people who have had contact with the manufacturing have been made aware of the A twist on the Buddha. They often have not been introduced to more and more, I thought. Yet these ways are often far more important to tackle than Buddha and often are underlying causes off the Buddha that you observed with your pulse. While Buddha is a non value adding action within your process, bullies to or boarding or to be unreasonable while Buddha is unevenness, the notice understand that a different types of these Buddha on by definition based is any activity that do not ordered you to the value on that is something that we learn in our previously So what are these different types off based, These different types of ways can be undisturbed by using this acronym, Downtime, that these times for defense for war production. W. For reading and for non utilized darling, he stands for transportation. I put in Benji and for motion and evil Extra processes. So let us understand these wastes one by one. Defense defects are usually due to inspection on rework off defective materia image. Now, some causes off defects Are the processing capabilities Well, if he can't draws uncontrolled invent, three levels were process documentation. Mr. Undisturbed customer needs design changes on world machine gave ability for defects, cost money this time on resources, and then they create legal reinspection, custom of frustration and potential losses. I even used to employ frustration at this, satisfied, not the examples off the effects are detained, re enters the letting go and drink data, and you make errors that probably will have to re enter the data all over again. Providing wrong product or so this to a customer would mean that the customer would probably have to return the product and you might have to bet are exchanged. The border for the customer missing or incorrect information in an application or a form would be you would have to refill that entire application form all over again. Providing incorrect information to the customer or to anybody within the organization would mean that the person would probably have to come back to the same place all over again. Get the right information. All production is making more than is required by the customer making earlier than is required by the customers. Are probably making a product that the customer doesn't really want, not producing more products or services that the customer needs. Their warns would result in tow unnecessary in 20 which is unsold, and any unsold inventory is a loss for an organization. The issue with or production is that you're spending resources on world that doesn't really matter and not doing work. That is a higher value. The sources off heterogeneous typically Andrea standards and specifications and has the reason that clarity on customer requirements, opera and standard work I didn't important started used for mitigating this. For Hopis, this is a major flaw that offers annoyed with most manufacturers. This waste can tired significant working capital and resources that can be used for other business operations. Some of the equals is off. Production are producing to a pool because misuse off information long set up plans unclear customer needs on engineering changes. Now an example of overproduction is making extra copies repetitive unfruitful meetings on producing unnecessary report that probably no one be waiting. No waiting based is the ideal time that is created waiting for materia equipment order except now, about 90% of the time that is required to produce a product or a service. This is abating. Handle increases. Wait time decisions increase with time. What are they all necessary? Not some. He causes off the wait A are unbalanced offload, unexplained downtime or probably an unplanned downtime. Excessive set up bangs, words supplier deliveries, work process quality are probably producing when you two are not examples off. Waiting is waiting for the raw material from which would mean that your production is stopped dependency on others to complete their house, which means, by the time reported in compute the person be visiting. Deal is in receiving approvals or information for action. This is one of the major causes of Billy's in government organizations because you need a brewers at various levels until and unless an approval is received at a particular level, that documentation or the process will not move to the next day, which would create unnecessary, really known You realize salad, But this is something that you also called as an employee or people with Andi. It is nothing but underutilized people. Skits, parents on knowledge. But this is a waste of not using people's mental created on physical Italy and causes off this kind of a base is majorly the syndrome, probably which is not invent area. Lack off team will lack of adequate training or communication skills. Miss Alliance Process close on many books now a difficult example Open on you realize statin is a staff which is hired to do a process X, and it's spending the time on the legal process are probably not placing the right people for the right job, which probably again results into other forms off. Make reading, overproduction and defects. Transport issue. Transportation of products, equipment, materials are people without adding, is that transformed? Please not. This would be from a machining shop for the wedding shop, from a production facility in China to the assembly line in America. This is a waste incurred by transporting parts and materials around the line on causes off transpiration waste. Our work lined Leo, Miss Alliance Process flows large bat sizes on producing Europol's examples offer. Transport based. It is my people. You entro movements off documents within an organisation. So the document goes the nest in the boot back. Best be and then come back to this it and then give going back to best beat and takes moving to Andrew or certain off fluids. Or because there is some kind of an interdependency with the forces moving items of the little comfort on this is probably because off work, frankly, L As I mentioned, Invention inventory is one of the most critical off the age, based on mood. Others the best occurs when there is a soft light excess off the real customer demand. But this waste must really product on because is off excessive elementary, our fortune boppers. Unreliable suppliers excessive few times producing to a forecast incentive systems or misunderstood customer needs or long set of times on many bowl. Now examples off on inventory vestiges finance during more products than you use, which would mean that the vomiting we'll be just unnecessarily lying within your organization or with boredom. without being utilized at the right time, willing and storing the same document by people locations. So it's like within an organisation, the same set up information stored in 10 different computers Now that might at times held fast in the bosses. But if you got it from a perspective of invention, the same information is replicated on multiple locations, which is obviously excessive supplies. So as we mentioned, the new produce more than the customer demand are probably. You're getting more supplies from your supplier than what is required for the production off your brother. Then probably that would again leave. When will previous walk? While So let's say you have lack of resources and your work is this piling day after another without you going ahead and fulfilling the orders on your customer, the minds on time, Then that is again, a type of motion moving off people that does not add value. Your part of the service and the clear health and safety's the motion based is nothing but any movement off people on machines that doesn't really add value to the product or the service. Andi, Visually, the causes off motion vested are William unplanned downtime unorganized workplace inadequate process controls. I'm probably what mattered to be used even in the modern infrastructure. Now let's look at some examples off emotion, basically booking to a copious. So let them within an organisation. Good. Probably using a Xerox machine or appropriate on it is located at a location that the person literally has to travel five minutes to reach that particular place. Whether copier, all the machines, please. Then that is a vestige off portion. Bending down to access equipment and supplies is again unnecessary. Bush reaching toe Answer your phone so probably you have a guest on your phone is probably situated anything away from your desk on every time. The whole grains. You probably have to cover a distance or 20 feet to go ahead and pick up that phone that that is again a motion lifting heavy boxes on carrying your laptop from one place to another. Another bomb off portion with extra processing are non value. Added of these are non value added activities within the apostles. On what causes these processing vestige are were process controls were documentation. Mr. I'm disturbed custom. When use we're process communication excessive, you kinds redundant approvals on probably just producing to the focus, producing ah, higher quality product or service than what is required by the custom. So what exactly what are you doing over you? You're just going ahead and trying to improve the quality off order Recent customer is not defining. You might probably improve the quality of the product, but the customer is unbelieving to go ahead and pay you in a decent money for that. Then that is a kind of these because you will be spending resources, time and money. You prove the quality of the border. But customer is not gonna be anything in addition and that is a extract losses in basted, which we also call as a non value added processes. Invested examples represented quality chase. Now you might improve your bosses yourself this for your father by we definitely quality checks. But is that just I'm really gonna pay you for that? He is definitely normal being constantly devising documentation, this constantly revising documentation. This involved a lot off resource wasted or are people get involved in it. But at the end of the day, from a customer perspective makes any requiring too many signatures and approval of these kind off or processing step create delays in delivering the orders to the customers on time , which means again lead to customer dissatisfaction. Spending time in sending an email. But a one million called this past along now. This would be a kind of a compliance issue, wherein it is probably very important to send that email to the customer. But if you look at it from a bounces perspective, one minute poll, I can definitely surprise the bumpers. I give you the same all over and again. You could look at it from a customer perspective. Customer is not gonna bill you for any extra. For that. You put in writing down leave. So that is about the eight different races now that he will successful kaizen project. This will eliminate these in ways the eight degrees are known. One added activities on. But eliminating this interests will increase your value added abilities, which will ultimately increase the profitability on the moral off. The employees on off the organization has a cool overrun about that. If you can manage these it with it, really improve your unimportant intial and substantially improve the cash flow off the organization. I hope you enjoy this lecture on I will see you in the next month 4. Ground Rules of Kaizen: Hey, welcome back. Now that we understood the concept off Guys is and then gradually got introduced to the concept off the priests, let us understand the ground rules for performing a kaizen project, so kaizen ground rules can be your best friend. Many times, especially in help situations have been, you give your mind open on focus on solutions and not on the problem benefits stuff on fixed ideas that don't work or can be improved. Just revised the kaizen rules on re focus your mind on more positive by breeze. Let us understand the ground rules. Try to make all improvements within the event area, which means that you have this hope the entire project who up and find boundary ensured that you're always within this off your particular project and you're focusing on one particular problem and try to solve that problem at a given point. Ensure your attention is not diverted on. Another problem that arises when you try to solve our blame on suppliers. So kaizen is not about playing the blame game. It is something that is just do it formula. You see, a problem just attacked the problem with the solution on just see what the results come out . Don't accept excuses. Just say no to We've always done it that way on the status que keep an open mind change. Whenever you try to bring the change within an organization, you're mighty some great local resistance. I'm one of the typical resistance that you'd see No traditions. People always done it that way. Or probably you might uran answer like I have tried it on. Nothing will ensure that you don't accept this as an excuse. Keep an open mind to change. I just go with your gut feeling and try to figure out what the glucose off the problem is and then just attack the problem on resolve it and solve it on. Get the solution in these. Think of how it can be done. Not quite warm. As I mentioned earlier, you might face the existence, or you might see people criticizing you for trying to implement a particular cheese. For once you are deter mined that your solution is gonna work. You have a just focused on the solution on the materiality that you are going to implement to get your solution up and running. Don't make excuses just make the improvement. Ask why five times until you get to the root cause of the problem. Now, if any off you has ever done a Six Sigma or a league or PDC a project, you might be quite familiar with this one set off five. It is difficult He used to get the course off the problem. Very. You ask the question. Why my paper? Times I'm feeling unless you get to the cause of the problem and then you just look at the root cause you ensure that you get the maximum outward for the effort, you go ahead and liver five. Why isn't it a little bit prerogative technique used to explore the cause and effect relationship on the line? A particular problem. The primary goal of the technique district reminder. Because offer defect our problem by repeating the question. Why each answer? Dan forms the basis of your next question. But one has to understand that not all problems have a single who cause If one wishes to uncover my people, root causes the matter must be repeated are still a different sequence off question. Each time, let us look at a typical example of five that will give us a better understanding. So let's take an example where the blade off the student has. So I asked the question, Why did your grades, which I get an answer? I didn't do the exams. Property. Then I asked, Why didn't you do the exams? Probably. And I get it on said I couldn't answer most of the questions. My next question is why couldn't you answer most of the questions? Which I get an answer? The questions When our favor here, why I went into questions from you. I had not prepared belly now. And why didn't you prepare? Because I was playing on missed on the time. Now, if I look at this particular problem, I understand that it is the lack of preparation that, like to the war, and this might be a conclusion that can be drawn from your own words is, and in this case, the advice or the course of action is to get up there and be more preferred to face the exams. Next, let us look at another classic example off five fighting the Let's look at a typical example where someone more support speeding by the traffic police And then the question Siris both this week. Why was he caught speeding? Because he was getting late for work. And why was he getting laid forward? Because he got a bleak. Why did he get a believe? Because the alarm clock didn't work on Dwight in the alarm clock work because the batteries were flat. And why did the batteries go flat? Because I support you. Replace that and that draws me to a Contra venture that getting along clock that plugs into the means or even replace the batteries at second levels before they now. So in other words, the five I met her provides go hard and fast rules about what lines off questions to explore, how long to continue the search for every step. And therefore, even when the Methodists closely followed, the outcome will still depend upon the knowledge on the assistance off the people in Born in the US. So now that we have on Mr Five I technique let us both some more ground rules off the team solution is usually the best solution. So when you brainstorm a particular problem and let's say you have a team that is collectively working on solving that particular problem. Then team solution that comes out after the brainstorming session is usually considered to beat up their solution. Don't over analyse understand the process. Then just do it at see if it works. So, as I mentioned earlier, Geisen is not a typical long term project or something like a six Sigma project. It isn't. Just do it kind of a project wearing you identify a problem. You identify a solution you just implemented and then you see if it works. If it doesn't, then you probably bring storm again. Find an alternative solution on, then one second, just do it and see if that works. Don't see perfection the first time. Do something now, but when it was an improvement is better than nothing. So even if you target maybe a 10% improvement after doing a particular project and probably you don't reach 10%. But then, even if you manage to achieve a certain percentage of improvement, it is still a name boob, and that gives you enough confidence to do the kaizen one more time because that will increase your success rate when you're doing it again. Probably last time you just go to 5% success on this time because you've understood the process much more better. There is a possibility that your improvement, my greed, even 10% percent 20% are even probably more than that. Pastor group is better than slow and elegant, or maybe never so. As I said earlier, it's important that you see a solution. You see a problem, you just attack it. Try to see if it works. Try to get some results. The few goal. Learn from your mistakes on Go ahead on defeat, the entire process with another place. In the worst case, the original process can always be store. It is very important that you made an attempt for improvement. Even if the project fails, it doesn't matter. In the worst condition, your life just remain the same without the need. But I would still recommend you go ahead and give it an attempt. Try out the kaizen because that would give you a lot of learning a lot of experience. Probably you will be able to understand, of course, of the problem and maybe use another methodology or taking next time to tackle the problem in a much systematically every person has avoids, and that is no such thing as a dumb pushed. So when you're doing a brainstorming session and sure that that is active participation from every single person on it is the responsibility of the project leader to ensure that convicts everybody in his team speak. And one has to respect the opinions off each and every member within the key. And even if somebody asked the question which other people within that you might find some , it has to be approached in a very professional manner on equal importance. Should be given to see keep a positive attitude. And at one HR 30 when you're doing the guys and you're doing it for the betterment of the organization. For the people around you are probably for your own betterment, so just ensure that you get stressed out when you're doing your guys in project. Just maintain a positive attitude. I just have one million doing guys. The possibilities off improvement are unlimited, the more and more you mature in the future of quality, you will understand that even the best processes in the world always have a scope of improvement. And if you keep that, I can uber driver culture continues improvement but in your mind, on within your organization. And that is something that will give you your organization, your bean on your people ahead. In this competitive these most importantly, everybody within an organisation should respect. Everybody is on everybody else's. So that is about the ground rules off guys in In our next lecture, we will understand how we see like guys an opportunity within an organization. I hope you enjoyed this lecture habits you in the next one. 5. Selecting a Kaizen Project: Hey, welcome back. So now that we have understood the ground rules off guys in, let us go ahead on understand the process off selecting Geisen project as to how do you identify these grassroots off or charities at work to go ahead and implement of guys in project. Now, one needs to understand that the purples off guys and goes beyond simple for activity improvement. When done correctly, the process humanizes the workplace, eliminates overly hard work on, teaches people how to spot and eliminate waste in business processes. So let us understand the project selection. Criterias off guys. Now guys in project selection rate the following factors in terms off their importance in selecting the good guys and project or this plus, so use the following skill whenever we are selecting a project. So a stands for absolutely critical E stands for especially important, I stands for important over or unity and you for unimportant. And if you off the acronym E i o u r the five letters off the wall will CDs. So if federal you have maybe marketable options in front off you and you want to go ahead and select one of the projects on a priority level, then this is the scale that probably you can use. And definitely a project which is absolutely critical is the one that you will be giving priority to, as compared to the one which is unimportant and probably the one that can be dealing maybe for the next. So now let us look at the project selection criterias. So process problems can be very defined on this solving. So what it means is one needs to have a very clear understanding off. What exactly is the problem on? Probably you also have a solution at hand, which can be implemented immediately. Projects can be completed on time now, as we have already discussed Diamond again. The kaizen are short term projects there, not long term projects like BBC A or Six Sigma projects and therefore time is a very critical factor when deciding isan important process orders. Welcome change on want to be actively important. So there has to be minimum resistance because it didn't resistance, then a lot of time is wasted in getting approvals are getting people on the same page and ensuring that there is very minimum resistance before we go ahead and start with limiting the you and your team are empowered to make changes on. For that you need approval from the Leadership Data Information Unit can be ready, York, because time is a very critical factor when you're developing ties is so if you look at long term projects are large skin products. A lot of time in these projects is vested in collection off pita. Whenever you're implementing kaizen, one has to insure that data and information needed for the entire project can be really ugly. Process improvements are measuring, so what it means is you should be able to quantify change that you have brought about by implementing that ties it. Management sees no need to change as important. So before you implement guys in, because very important that the management sees ValueAct in the efforts that you're gonna put on there is US support from the leadership team Before you start implementing, the problem requires a solution that affects many people and not a single person. So it has to be a project which affects the life off a lot of people. It should not be a very small scale project that only brings about a difference in the life of one or two employees within an organization. Innovation is not required, which means that you probably do not have to develop new technology or probably have to design a new process. And also you do not have to go ahead and pumping a lot of money on resources for getting a guys in project. It is, just do it kind off a project, which means there is no time wasted on doing who cost analysis or data collection or a lot of brainstorming. It is a project wherein you see an opportunity. You probably know the solution on. You only have to go ahead and deploy the genius. So if I have to look at the areas off the room in that will be affected by implementing a prison strategy organizing project, then guys in activity stolen improvement in a number of areas, including quality, than by telling off products. So this is work environment practice, and her office is a guys in a Fortunati cost. Using expenses and manpower are use off a certain material. Energy and resources can also be a guy's an aborted delivery, like cutting down on delivery time movement, off goods and resources on reducing non value added activities in your day to day processes . Is the guys in a 40 management improving procedures training, moral administration, landing low information systems, Documentation on reporting are other areas where kaizen opportunities can be seen. Safety. The grazing has artist situations. Unsafe working conditions, chances off resource depletion on damage to the environment are again a lot of guys any movement quarter. So whenever you're implementing, the guys in there are set off rule questions that you can probably ask and that will give you a better idea in terms off the importance off the activities that you're taking it on on, whether you should go ahead with the guys and I know it will also give you a clarity in terms of whether you have the required support on resources. We've live in the projects. What is the problem that we're going? So so one needs to be very clear in terms of this over the problem. One needs to know what exactly is he targeting in Seoul as a guys in a fortunate? Is this the right time for the even this ensure that it is the right time off implementing guys in because probably the resources might be preoccupied. You might not have maybe sufficient support at that point of time. So you need to do a little bit of background check. You understand, if this is actually the right time, where you will be able to implement the guys in port it smoothly and successfully. Is that department prepared? So one needs to also look at the preparedness of the people on the department as a food. Yeah, You also have to take into consideration, but that you have the required support from our managers. Senior management under leadership does the department have the right members again? You need to understand and identify if you have the required manpower under challenge to go ahead and implement the project. If no, then probably you will have to seek help from maybe some other department or maybe some other leader shifting to ensure that you have all the required and sources. Then you start implementing the product. Plus please is the department team committed for the entire event again, Kaizen is a time bald activity. So at times you might need our team which is dedicated to the task, maybe for a short time because when the team members are not dedicated and commitment to the activity, then at times your project might get Billy and the ultimate purpose off doing the product might not be made is three event and post event support. Also believe it is again, what we will have to Pakistan can even proceed right of it. So you will probably have to see if you have all the resources data. You know the solution. You know, the strategy of going ahead and implementing that change on what is the time period that you're looking out for. So you should be event prepared before you go ahead and start proceeding, because if it all, there is any dealing at the beginning stage of the project. As I said, the ultimate purpose off doing the project might not be made. So one needs to understand that guys in generates small improvement. As a result, off coordinated continues, afford by all invoice guys in events bring together a group of process owners and managers to map out an existing process on identify improvements that are within the scope of the parts. So these are the questions on things that You have to keep in mind when you're selecting a bison opportunity. I broke this to ensure that you have 100% support. You have all the resources and you're well prepared before you go ahead and start implementing that. Jesus. I hope you enjoy this lecture on this in the next. 6. Implementation of Kaizen: Hey, welcome back. So now that you have understood, how do you select a kinds and project? Or how do you identify opportunity at work that you can implement Kaizen. So now let us understand the implementation off linger actually kites. So the gender uprising. Everyone in board must begin thinking about your work in a new in other words, everybody within the bean to think about what is the present condition off the process? What would be the desired state on then? How do you reach that particular speech on? Once you start thinking in this direction, that is where you can actually start implementing. Actually, guys. So let us understand that implementation meant for the body on the stages involved in implementing the price. So first you have to discover the problem. Then you start brainstorming solutions. Can you apply rapid implementations? Start morning waiting for success and you standardize the solutions and then you learn for the future. So now they're just understand the steps one by one. So when you say that you're discovering the problem, what they're actually doing is you're identifying an opportunity around you at your workplace or maybe in your personal life. you can go ahead and implement a T who make things better, so the first step that you can do over your is brainstorm to identify problem area using the A e i. O U's is that we studied in the previous leg, then nearly identified business processes on areas to focus improvements on the bottle legs . Hypos are long, good already exists. Perform current spirit process analysis through value stream mapping, time and motion studies, video measurements, interviews with employees, collect process data. I'm standing, observed the boxes. So basically what you're doing over here is you're looking at the current state off the process on that come from various forms off data collection that you would do in the initial stages. There are a lot of ways in which the data collection can be done, which are probably apart off the leading methodologies. But whenever you're implementing, kaizen injured at the daytime is very. They have a little so that you do not have to do a lot off cumbersome data collection activity on that intern does not delay off. Identify value added on, not value added but necessary on base, which is a complete non value one of the best means of doing that is maybe to value street map it or designing up Lord, brainstorming the solutions so define ideal help. You just ate mat for the Cabinet process. So now that you know what is the current state, just think that if you better this particular process, how would this process look in future? And once you start thinking in that particular direction, you start looking or for solutions to get it from the ashes through the movie stick. Justify improvements, benefits in safety, quality, customer and financial. So I understand which particular aspect off the business will this change in find solutions and take Constance is on the best on the quickest on one with the minimum or no English. So kaizen is something that has to be done quickly that beast resources on with minimum investment. The probably when you do brainstorming you might be taken senses as to which is the best solution that can be limited, you guessed. Then start up like rapid of human stations, involved employees and four homes, guys and activities or events. Apply the problem solving and analysis on start defining and prioritizing those solutions, or from actions to get from current state the futures. So once you have the floor map as to these 12345 steps are something that you need to perform to move from the current situation to the future situation. Just go ahead and start implementing those changes in a stepwise matter. Execute on follow on agreed action. So you ensure that we have a timeline to follow and you also have set milestones on keep monitoring the changes on the implementation against these milestones on these timelines, go in charge of your on target Monitor for sex is so analysts the past versus current state performance based on the vita on, Then you will have to in the employees document and standardized the process based upon improvements made and then reflect and learn from the process is what we did right and what we did wrong and what can be done in the future. So, in other words, what you do is you standardize the new process on. Then you start looking or what you are fortunate the standardized, the process, the best ways document the process, ensure that you have training activity for your employees, ensure that that well educated about the new process. And they're well versed with what, exactly at the new changes that happy implemented. And then what you also need to do is you would have to keep monitoring the new process on then, As I said, every process, even the best processes in the world, always have a scope of improvement, keep looking or for new opportunities off. So with that, we covered the implementation strategy off kaizen in an X election, we will get introduced to some of the tools and templates that we use for rising. So I hope you enjoy this lecture. I didn't see you the next. 7. Tools and Templates: So now that we understand how you identify guys in a poor committees at work and also we have born to the implementation strategy off kaizen that is, understand some other tools and templates that one can use four guys, including wife s no fibers is a foundation off all improvements. And it is a key component off establishing off video work, please. Ah five s program focuses on having visual order, organization, cleanliness and standardization. The results that you can expect from a five s program are improved profitability efficiency . So this and see So I designed this time by this pulse. So basically five, this is a work this organization standard We just focused on efficiency, effectiveness and see the first s stands for sword, which means removing all unnecessary items from the workplace. The second s stands for its treated are second order, which means creating a specific location for every object within the organization. The third is stands for shine, which means keeping the book area. The food is stand for standardise, which means standardize the best practices within your book, please. On Fifth s stands for assistant, which means never slipped back into the old methodologies ensure that you sustained the teaches that you. So now let's look at a classic example of five s. So this is But this is a best where everything is slacker, not imagine if you have to find out the particular fight in this particular location. This is definitely gonna be a cumbersome over on about that. It looks very shabby on Does not being a very professional look to your organization. Let's think that a customer walks into your organization on looks at the desk in such a messy situation. What is the impression that he would carry of all the organization? But once you implement, fight s where you are sorting everything in place, you're setting things in order. You're insuring that your workplace is me. You're ensuring that your processes are standardized. And then over in about that, you ensure that the methodology is refute for Laura pros organization, and you're never slipping back to the world of maternal abuse that gives a computer new look to your organization. Your organization looks much more organized. People feel more motivated and encourage work in this kind of an environment. And worrying about that also will drop us from a satisfied Gable or Buddha Bow game of orcs are increasingly popular management technique, wherein you actually visit the place. Whether what is that? But visiting the place where the work is done, leaders get valuable inside. People blow off value through the organization, and they often uncovered opportunities for improvement on, learn New ways, support employees. So how does one for calm Kimba spend 12 words in the area. Identifying the peace so you're actually present where the work is actually done. On to your observation. You try to identify the non value added activities within a process. And then you try to find out ways and means to implement new changes so as to make your processes more efficient on Drover's. But I don't every based you see for 30 minutes. So you're on the field. You're looking at the process on independent paper. You're floating down the lawn. Value added activity. Water based activities within the post prioritize and identify that about three days. Once you have identified all the non value added activities within a forces prioritize and find out, which are the ones that are most critical on that needs to be tackled at the earliest stage . Start proposing solutions. Probably You can even have a brainstorming session with people who are actually present on the floor on their itself. There is a possibility that you might come up with a lot of solutions that probably you can give a part to later on. And then you can identify the most critical solutions on start influencing, discussed with team, all opportunities while in the area for the end up losses. Now, for this particular activity, Emma, you probably need to carry a check. She now, in this particular lecture, we're just seeing an order. You off all the different would Zack TEM place one can use for implementing a guys an opportunity. But as a bonus, I have also archive some lectures from my force for seven quality Whose on? If you have to understand Kimba more accurately, I would recommend that you go to the lecture about check Shoot where you understand that there is actually a form that you can actually carry through the work station where the work is actually performed on. Through your observations, you can identify the opportunities there. You can start implementing changes and start making posters is more efficient. So do not forget to check out the lecture on Chek Shoot because that will give you much more better understanding. We have already learned the value added on non value added analysis in our second lecture, so I would not go much into the depth profit, but just to summarize it. Anything for which the customer is willing to pay is evaluated activity, and anything for which the customer is not willing to bear will be unknown. Value added. There are some activities which are important from this perspective, but from a customer perspective, they hold nobody on these kind of activities before, thus essential known value added visual factory. The Visual Factory displayed how information on get up lose within an organisation. Video factory basically uses visual method to display and convey our material flows within an organization very is located and how the work is accomplished. Visual factory foods include and onboard signs and jobs. To understand a visual factory better, I have designed a specific lecture on visual factory to get a better understanding of visual factory. Do ensure that after this particular lecture, you go ahead on a report to the lecture on visual factory because that will give you are much more your understanding in terms of all visual factories cycle, which is a short for parts supplier input process, are put on customers. The site book is another mapping tool used for analysing guys and events in terms of suppliers, input process output and customers the cross from Children. And this is helping diagnosing problems. This can be used for improving what eliminating zero value activities on optimizing the process cycle. Time can also acted the efficiency of the process. And in addition, it helped him defining the relationship between the virus components off the forced. Once again, there is a separate lecture or Saipa mapping to on. I would recommend that you report that election get much more understanding off Seiple on how exactly this implement flow jugs. No charge is a peculiar representation showing all of the steps in the process. LoJack is used in designing and documenting complex programs, and it helps to visualize what is going on and what will be processed. And people will better understand cause and effect diagram, which is also part of the Chicago work Onda. At times it is also report the baseball because it looks like a child's drawing off fish. Carrot Appreciable diagram is also Korda's. A Cause and effect diagram on it is a visualization toe or categorizing potential causes off problem in order to identify, though once again, there is a separate dedicated picture for this. Do ensure that you go through the lecture and get a better understanding of the cause and effect. Pareto Chart name Dr Will read Operation is a type of charge that contains both parts online, where individual values are represented in descending orders by bar and humility. Local is represented by life operator. Charts are basically based on the principle of it when you which states that 80% of the effects are caused by 20% of the problems and therefore, in this list related importance off the forces off the phone. Once again, there is a dedicated lecture for this particular tool and its implementation using my consult except as a target process report. Not this is very is very simple because it is used to practice progress on a daily basis and then analyze it with respect to the park. So basically what it has is a current scape on a target. Steve Andi on a day on the basis you are tracking, whether you're moving in the right direction or not. Also, it tells you in keeping a track off the milestones and deadlines that you said four conclusion of the various stages off your at the end of every one day. A Target Progress report records help close the province of the workers. In the back is a somebody off the kindof foods and templates that one can use for a limitation off Tyson. In the next few lecture series, I have explained all the schools in much more detail. I have also added some bonus lectures from my court. Seven quality tools because these are the same tools that I use for even a six Sigma project. Felicia protect maybe advertising or being so. Learning these tools will not only give you a better understanding of the students, but will also give you a lot of confidence when you're actually implementing real life guys in projects on the actual food. I would recommend him to go through all these individual lectures on the stool who have a better understanding off that I hope you enjoyed this lecture on. I see 8. Understanding Visual Factory and SIPOC: Hey, welcome back. So when we were starting about the tools and templates, we came across a concept of visual factory. So we just got introduced, whatever you in fact, is. But in this particular lecture, we will try to understand more in detail on we will try to understand what exactly is the significance of Visual Factory in a lead or a Tyson Environment. Visual Factory describes how information on data flows within an organization. It uses visual methods to display and Sunday how material flows. There. It is located on how the work is accomplished. Visual people's include Andan holds signs on jobs. So in other words, visual Factory is a term to describe how data on information this converted in a lean manufacturing environment and in the lean manufacturing environment, time and resources dedicated to convince information all the necessary. They're considered as a form off base by using visual methods to convey information such as signs, jogs and and owns. Information is easily accessible to those who need it on there. By the time and resources dedicated to convey the information is avoided. So bite me need visual factory in persons imagining means nothing unless that it is measured is communicated. So let's say within an organization, if you're majoring a particular habia nothing. A production line you want to understand what is your production? But are everybody involved in the process must be of it off the production that is happening for her? All the process officials your cooperation efficiency off the process in which they work so that whenever the efficient to draw certain measures can be taken to improve the efficiency the area. Another reason to have a baby factory is because my people steak orders act on the information that is this. So who are the stakeholders who probably would need a visual factory on a day to Davies's nine workers Management nine Maintenance team Quality control, Dean Quality Assurance Scheme, Industrial and Processing Engineering thing. You might need visual factory for expediting a particular pulses just in case you see some kind of a drop in the operational efficiency, and then there are many more. Let us look at some of the visual factory tools. One of the most common vision factory toe is on dawn. Holes now on board a personal system notify management, maintenance or other workers off the quality or some kind of process problem within a problem. Not the centerpiece is a device incorporating signal lights to indicate which particular world station has a problem or which particular book station is lowering the efficiency off the entire. The alert can be activated manually by a vocal using a four or a partner, or maybe activated automatically by the production movement itself and CD displease you can have and city displaced are various locations within an organisation on diesel city displays can be used to choke a peer, secures your production efficiency. Your Paul Williams, your current service level, your average handling time based upon these visually management on the line. Workers can manage the efficiency off the bosses who ordered it. So what can you measure using individual actors? From a people's perspective, we can measure off put labour hours. We can make her direct label for unit indirectly able per unit. Your export hours are always put. Unit what it cost per unit from a process perspective. Visual factory can be used to measure set up time on time delivery, Value added issue. Reject three developed course first class quality cycle time, but areas that on many more. So now let us look at some of the benefits off. Visual fact. It reduces materials crap to the time dynamical monitoring on colors only the morning warning. Alert off variants in critical processes because it sends out a signal for any big radiation that is observed within a process. And civilian corrective actions can be taken instead of innovative your production permission for managers and workers. So it gives a real time information about your parents. So this Neville, your process efficiencies. Operational efficiencies on any dips in the efficiencies can be addressed. The team building on moral. So when you can see something visually, you know how efficiently processes are working or politician you are. So it kind of gives visibility. Intel's off, the running efficiencies off the forces and therefore healthy moral. We got a line change over because you can observe all this time operability. Your what is taking you can actually go ahead and build processes that will ensure that there are quick changeovers on that with a y know beast. It is really time, and it brought us displaying off line and employ for action movies. It reduces over ages through messages on alarms triggered by Florida data block information except on it also gets safety, others. So all in all, efficient, timely communication allows organizations to function. Idea pull potential introduces Eto's increases. Employee morale increases machine up. Time increases. Machines run Dre on decreases the work in process. So visual factories allowed companies to communicate and provide world class performance on insure that there is an environment off. We also work introduced through the concept tops iPod When people understanding the cooled off kaizen on, we studied that Seiple is another mapping food for analyzing guys. Anyone in terms off suppliers processes output and custom. This cross functional analysis helped in diagnosing what no problem, which can be used for improving work procedures, eliminating zero value activities and optimizing the process cycle. In addition, it also helps in defining the relationship between the five components off the process. So Saipa Bagram is basically a tool which is used by team, so identify all the 11 elements up a process improvement project even before the work begins. It helps define a complex logic that may, nor be Bell spoke on. It is typically employed at the measure fees off a 16 month long. But when you're doing up guys in, it is something that you will probably have to look at in the initial piece off the product itself. Even before you start implementing guys, it is somewhat similar and related to the process. Mapping on it helps in understanding what this in school on, what is outscore for a process. But other than that, it also provides a lot of pollution. Be so basically, a Saipa cool becomes very handy and very used. Very does not. Here who supplies that input to the process is what's The medications are placed on the inputs. Who are the true customers off the process? What are the requirements off the custom? The lettuce? Understand this terminal or lose boring beat. So supplier other people function organizations we'll supply the process with in and supplier should be able to enter the need for specifications off your input. Some of the guiding questions to help you better mind if you're working with the right supply. Tous. Can this a plan? Roy I Secrets of life and needed. Does the quality of supplies meat requires input? Are the prices these evil? Does the company have a backup supplier in case off before influence the materials, equipment, information, people, money or other conditions that are required to form a particular process. This court has until now imports are the raw materials used in the process, and the main components appear out on Whenever you're considering imports, you have to keep in mind that the raw material should be in good condition. It your baby's neighborly price, an attribute of 11 when needed, process at the actual activities that are taking place within the boundary or the school off the process. Or, in other words, it is something that can work your input into an hour. Other tangible products are intangible services that are created by the process and passed on to the customers so, in other words, are put up in parts of the process. These are also the products that you will pass on to your customers, and your output should always miller the company's boards on positioning in the market. Some of the qualities that output should have is the output should be up a good quality. It should be affordable. It should be asked that go on, make up your customers and it should be easily accessible. Aborted customer is referred to the person, persons or organisation that finally used the outward off your process on. One has to understand that the class tomorrow determines the requirement for what would define the successful off. Seven. You measure the quality off a service. You measure it from the perspective off the customer, and not only from the perspective off your business standards. Customers may be internal or external to your organization. However, in either case, the generally user output as an input to one or more of their own processes. And therefore it is very important that you to focus on the quality of your output because that is what the customers will measure on based upon which he is going to evaluate you. Your order. Annual organizes most important understand specifically what it takes to make the customer . So let us understand how Seiple is actually implement. So what we do initially is well defined. The process that we need to review be bounded. So we defined where the process starts and where the bosses and and thereby these walk the entire crosses and ensure that the process remain. The Linda, specifying bodies identify the process. Owners identify the process. Outputs identify forces. Customers identify the customer's requirements for each output. That this is where we understand from a customer perspective, asking what is it that he's expecting out of that particular border? Identify process inputs identify the suppliers would provide the input, brainstorm the process so as to make it highly efficient. Organized process steps in sequence so that we understand exactly the floor of the process . Number the steps because this will help us to identify if there are any discrepancies within the process, just in case any rises while it in the process of the walk off the actual losses. So this is the best way to go ahead and validate a process. Run the process. Be at the workstation, observed the import off the output and just go ahead and do some kind of random checking or sampley to see that the quality off your outward meets the standards that the customer is actually looking old. Finally, your customers feedback or your projected customers need to be addressed by off and in case of any misalignment, go back to your process and you might need to modify your boss is all over again. One also needs to understand that Cyprus is something that is not necessarily limited only with new processes. It is not really unusual to employ Seiple on established processes, and there is a low turnout on sales on our food are in the expense ratio against the income is very high. So that is about the job Factory and Seipel. The next lecture are some bonus lectures for my course. Seven foods off quality, which will help you understand the guys includes in a much more better fashion on that will give you the confidence off, using them more efficiently than you're actually implement. Guys, I hope you enjoy this lecture on embassy. 9. Understanding Flowchart- Bonus Lecture from 7 Quality Tools.: Hey, welcome back. So let's start with upwards Quality group, which is look. So what exactly is approaching LoJack is a Victoria Re presentation showing all of the sex off Prost's. So, in other words, off Orchard is a diagram that showed us step by step through off operations. You get a solution off the artifical correct sequence off the loss. A flow chart is used in designing on documenting complex programs. It helps visualize what is going on on what will be bosses, and people will better understand that causes. So what do I mean by that? So let's a new employee joins your company. Andi. He needs to understand a particular courses in which he needs to work. So rather than explaining that person the steps in war in the entire process, it is very easy to draw a diagram and let the forces bulls who the dragon understand the bosses and then asked if that I need a living questions so healthy, better understanding or all the sub clauses involved with a huge called next. What are the elements off? How do you design? So I'm designing the LoJack. Use certain Victorian elements on every liver, other signature. Some of this understand that one book, so if it all within your process that is opposes there, then that is a resident by a next time. Then comes the nor direction line. So a floor direction line or adul re pregnant, in which direction your courses moves. So let's say, for an example, you produce a particle a part of, and then you have to sell it through a work station, which is located in another part. Then, in that case, the flow direction. By be sure how that particular product off the sub border is moving within the part that is that uses Adel's. Then comes a diver. We deserve decision balls. There are times in your process, but in the decision is either yes or no. So let's see if it all there is a you let which produces bottle. And during the backing stage off the bus, it has to go through the veil over quality. So if it passes the quality, check that it is fact, Ask your experience, the 40 check. Then you reject that articulable. That is the guy you bigger decision on. And that is that you these dying this particular diagram you would be. We're going by really? That finds that is believed your forces. The process has to be because maybe has to receive some input from some other self forces. And that is the kind of process that particular time within your process is all yourself poses. You know, all feeds and evidence. Sometimes when we're growing up, LoJack flow chart runs a multiple peas. So if you need to connect something on a big one Oh, Assad crosses on page do. That is the time we can use this off it. Reckless input and output within your closes, especially in the manufacturing unit you give us our daily input on you did. I would certainly how these inputs and outputs are sure using this parallelogram order. Wrong. Then we have this particular diagram which represents a document. So within your process, if there is some kind of documentation inboard, it is a presented by this. And these are organised singles for start stop. The stock is basically even. Your boxes start and stop is that it supports and comes here. But these are the elements off Bujar. There are many more, but these other most commonly used let us understand. First of all, what other steps in border. So basically, you're drawing upload job, you post developer general process. Okay, so you just generalize and you make an overview off how the process waas on moves, then step through the process by delivering those who perform it as they do the work. And in these cases, the best people getting that artist subject Michael Export because they know exactly how into nd opposes our guest support. So then you can go ahead on point your flu based upon the inputs that you receive from the subject matter. Experts order any other experts within that particular department who can give you the information around the processes on this sub processes. Did the mind bitch steps add value to the bosses and which don't No one will mean by that. So if you're off of any human process and in the world of quality, you will see that little value. What do you mean by long? Underworld bosses. Any courses for which your customer is not willing to pay you any additional money are any step which does not transform your this considered to be a non value. I sup, bro. So basically what happens is you good and immunities. Non evaluative processes, though it is not possible on the time, because someone by direct offices are the choir after the business. But there are many a times there is a possibility off. People really normally wear it step and thereby improving the efficiency off forces. And that is where your child with your identity, then reviewed the horses. Not with employees. They need a genius, and I just went through the process. Pulitzer. Once you designed the pulses, let's go back to the export. Once again, let's go back to the scene once again. Show them the entire crew, Jack and then me any last minute modifications. So there are possibilities that you might have. This helps something very critical within your flow. I'm at that last minute. You can go ahead and he goes. And now let's move and understand a small forces that we have used a poacher and then we have identified over known value right step and make better bosses. So let us look at this example Now my customer needs scraper, please. It's a very simple forces. Added intervals, quite steps pick up the paper, walk to the secret step of the people. Walk with this and then, But every step within this floor takes a certain amount of time, so that's a picking up. The paper takes one second on the distance. Travelled is deal. Walk with the safe. So let's take. The step is kept every 20 feet away from you, actually, so the time taken to travel? No, the step is 25 seconds is the time for giving that distance. Then you staple the paper be shakes loose seconds that you walk with the best. Again. Again. It takes five seconds on. You have to travel the same business again because you and then you put down the paper, which leaves another once. So the older dying that is a bad bosses. Steak is 14 seconds on the distance you travel. Doing this time is, but then what is the value? Our time In this entire process, the value at time is worthy. Why? Because the customer is not interested, how long you have to travel to pick up the state of and staple the fees. He's only interested in getting the biggest paper on these stairs, said one picking up the paper. Did you stay there on the paper and then putting down the people? These are the only value. Our steps within the process. Walking through the stapler and then coming back to the test is not what the customer is willing to be. Okay, so the value I did fine. What I thought is this sport circuits 50 white force against, but 14 seconds. The value added time is only 28%. And if you're observed in the real world in the piece off quality, you will see that most of the well, much, much below their efficiency. Because of that, I Okay, so there isn't a traveling now that doesn't get updated that someone needs stay. Burbage is I reviewed. The by state is to be seen. How did I do that? He got the people stable the vehicle and without I'm taking one second in seconds. People the people. And once I do Doctor Corbyn distance, you don't be total time or something. Which means the entire duration off my father is a value. How did I manage to achieve it? We move the stapler on, kept it on the desk. But that people get so approach as basic any help You. I don't normally extents with your process. They help you understand the processes and then dig them. But let us understand the benefits off schematic, drawing off the bosses major. But basically you can see all the supposes is rewarded within a forces on how they move within your bosses. Step by step, identify processes. Remember opportunities just like we saw in the previous example. When you draw up motor, you would identify sort of step, which are unnecessarily added within your book. Then you can maybe brain stone on. Then take whether you can actually eliminate some of the bottles, make your processes more efficient, chose to begin efforts and other non value I did. It will also show you, if certain, some processes are refuted within your and bad forces. Andi. In fact, there is no need to do because at the end of the day, it is not your brother and not is it adding any value those So the boat charters actually has I need to put at the same site. Have you eliminate any non value added steps within your target specific step in the bosses you really have your entire floor, Jack and then Vince, either Entire Fortis on the sub forces involved, you can easily point out on certain critical processes are certain critical sub process nous. And then, rather than putting, your effort will be improving the entire process. You can just concentrate on one or two sub notices because very critical on probably just walking on these one or two sir processes will bring about a considerable improvement in your entire. It helps in creating as a slow What do I mean by that, as his map is how your process is working, cutting. Want to observe your process? Once you've identified the duplicated on the non value added step, you can go ahead on design up to the man. That is a future stigma, and a futuristic map is designed to a slew. Increase the efficiency off your losses. So basically, what a judge does this give you over your office and to understand all the sub processes involved? Have you identified any non value added step with your bosses? Helps you identify and then eliminate. He's known value added processes, and then finally l do. In designing the few German off your so that's about the post quality all of the seven. Now let us move ahead. And I'm just how we can design approach are using Microsoft Excel. 10. Flowchart using Excel- Bonus Lecture from 7 Quality Tools.: Hey, welcome back. So in this particular lecture, even understand how we design approach are using Microsoft. So for that, once again we will open heart on into the sort shoot. If you go to the index, you will also that I have waited two pages. So let's click on the 1st 1 It is not know Jackson. What is it you want? More toxic Busy with also that I have to live in a nice laundry lists off all the different elements that can be used in a flow chart on the most commonly used ones are highlighted this so you can go ahead and read more about them on use it in your project as a venue and then I have also provided an example over. So I have taken a small scenario you, but in let's anyone over move. But the movie ticket s if you dollars. So, of course, you would be able to go for the movie if you have a few dollars more. But then let's say if you don't have your few dollars, then you have another option off going for the service because the service ticket is only really on. If you do not even have $25 with you. Then you have no other option. But you, Steve, I pulled. So this is a very simple example of a heart attack I have picked up. But lettuce learn how to draw up LoJack together because that will give us a better inside your design. More complex. So what I've done is I have copied this and our scenario on a like existing. And now it does start and Gun struck up who talked together. So Microsoft Exit provide us a wonderful collection off flow chart elements in that ships option under the insert that Okay, so if you click on insert that you go through this option tears and we call this Adam, it is pointing downwards. You see that there is a collection off Majak elements under this section called on You can make use all these elements or designing your clothes using my So let us start inserting the coach are using these elements. So as for our scenario, let us start the books. Okay, so I believe the Dominator stuff the horses. Listen, then my next step is to call the money there. I counting the money is a loss. So what do we use for the losses? User rec time. And that is what we're gonna use a lot. So let us go to insert for the ships and like this. Highlight that if you get even a highlight, that kind of it does. What are you using for Jang Bogo Select? And I would say down that's once again allowing this. Okay. And now even connect the boxes that after starting my next step is counting the money. So how do I know that I will do, Sir Bush years selector Adul. You know why I'm using an arrow? Because I don't see it over here. But if you remember, believe it A lecture on flow chart. We showed that adults is something that you use us connectors. Okay, so this is actually connecting my boxes to get So now let us with. So, after counting the money, I need to make good decisions. But I'm going for a movie or ongoing. But how will I decided that it would all depend upon that one off money that so for that I've been once again people are concerned Move shares at this time. I've been selective decision. Why? I'm going to select a decision box because the decision of going for a movie or the surface depends upon the amount of money that Okay, So what is the condition for going? Is money greater than or equal? Who? Once again? Let's say yes. Okay. I have the money. I can do so then becomes if my answer is yes. Okay. And I use that I think this bosses and then I haven't said if my money is greater than find more Yes, Go. What happens after going for the movie? The bosses ends over and I didn't stop. And I will connect this boss, my Lego that we're waiting, Sir. At this time I select this one envelope? No, But what happens if my money is not more than creepy? I have less money again. I need to make another visit. What is that again? Can I be going for us of this? Or maybe stable? Put that. I need to confirm better have my board on. Let's say yes. The money is more than than what waiting? Uh yeah. Okay. When you put this in my arm, this decision boxes Yes. And when am I going? Photo circus. My money is that used one more. I'm going because I do not have money. And now what happens after I go? But this is of course, make stops. So I've been once again select on elbow adult. I think this Dr Now the question is I don't have the money even with Edward way those people. So I got that process. I see. I use that. And when do I stay home? And I don't have the money. And then once again, this forces again One. Yes, this one. So as you can see, I started my bosses. Then I found a month. This is a process like that. This is a decision Goal. I first find out if I have more than $50. If yes, I go by the movie on the process. If I don't have more than $50 I see if I have at least $25 If yes Then I bought by the focus and then the boxes stops if I don't even have $25 that ice people. But this was a very simple example of how you construct off future. Using the element is Mike missile exit that well, there knowledge. You will be able to design more complex future. But I would still recommend that Bolivia design before with energy I'm impossible have the subject matter experts off the videos processes sitting together so that you'd normally cellphone any critical sub processes or political steps with you. So I hope you enjoy this lecture on using Microsoft's I didn't see you in the next picture . 11. Understanding Checksheet- Bonus Lecture from 7 Quality Tools.: it was about. So let us look at the second room. All quality with his junkie. So what exactly Either, Jake, Jack shit is something that looked like this. What you see on your screen, Okay, you go into the details of it, but lost. That's understand what is? But Jack, she lets you what a form you can use to collect and then later on the lazy. But it's difficult created at the location. But the do you guys you did suggests at the end of production life, What do I mean by that? So that they have a production line, manufactures a certain that's it bubbles on. And there is a quality check bosses that happens at the end of the or action tonight on the quality Jack Shoot has several checkpoints. So that said, there are 10 factors that needs to be checked before you off. Who better a particular ball is? Okay, we'll be back and ship. All right. It is not so Let's say you have Bill objection with 10 points and let's say you're but pains on any one of them. You can then take a decision off, busy rejecting the for okay that was of any cool example. We'll move it on. Well, I understand that the very purpose of a check this is to this down. The important checkpoints are you living for and people are getting are marking the status on the occurance, which helps in understanding the progress, defects vipers and even causes off. So, what do I mean by that? The legs move it. Let's look at what is that? That she that So what you see on yesterday is a example off. Objection on This is a live in new resource file. Uh, and this has been designed using my exit. So then taking it This is a technique for ABC Corporation. Andi, there is an inspector with the name of Mr And He has a boo at inspection off the production floor. The friend this on the security, other areas. So what does he do on the production floor? He checks if that I need those rules. Is there a dart in sensor? Is that some kind of a gap? Defected et of the machine eighties. I've got any loose box you can cause maybe 50 has are at the horrendous he needs to J Do you see, this is the furniture in good condition, the temperature, which probably would mean what is the temperature of the room? Or maybe the easy off the settings open machine that customers are walking on. They probably used a group in machine on comes So Mrs Smith also has to come from at the security desk. He needs to check the security alarm under fire it sushi and from wonder, decided Yes, this is. And every day when he boss up the barges law people, this with secret. If you desk. How many defects have me off, though? So let's say this is day one on that says you must be a Monday. So he bought it through school on the fortune there. Waas Gordon Sensor about the machinery's. There was have defect missionaries. New spots were hanging off on two occasions. Then he walked up to the front desk and you fall. The cleanliness was not top Itamar on five data points. Furniture was not in good condition, off six locations. 16 this is and Richard was not optimum. One of the rooms, Google Machine, maybe had seven people. Oh, he might have, although that although maybe 15 machine seven was not working security alarms. Maybe he tried the allowance where G times and over with big stain allow did not give the right fire extinguishers. Maybe there are 55 thing we should reputed are different locations and out of it, five not up to the month. So he makes these but patients within this on. Then he does it as a really job. What happens is at the end of the week, one calculates how many possible defects but off. So Belinda Organization in the at the front desk have that cigarette, we can go further analysis on this, and then maybe we can identify which are the most critical things, that one open support and then walk upon the so basically what it takes. You would do this. It is a kind of project, Alice, which may be an inspector, are any person like an auditor or somebody who has to do a daily inspection off some of the things that in an organization, getting this treatment even go ahead on, go to the laundry list off the checklist and then even know down the defects are not working instances that he identifies within the okay, that is about no that is, Understand what other benefits? Because the Jackie has been collecting bigger in a systematic and organized manner. That's what we saw in the Excel example. It had to get there by the source of the so in our example at the end of the week because Dick the entire list off all the defense ever observed with the baby. And then maybe we can run operator analysis identifies the most. We can be that facilitate classification off, you know, stratification. So basically, in our office we have a couple, we have a date, a poor apprentice, and then we have read of what it is, so that would be certain political elements that you do Certain things because they can have Security Junction are certain things that we could begin summed up. So it will help you actually classifying your depicts and then going ahead and based upon the classification, focus on fuel. The results are analysed for Virginia development off the sea in sports and other. So based upon the findings, you can go ahead on try to reduce these defects, come up with certain solutions so that these defects do not local and thereby create a kind of an environment. Very the processes that on stage. So what you're doing is you're maintaining the text, you and your ensuring that the defect rate is going down or a year ago. So that's about the second quality to check. She I hope you enjoy this lecture on. I will see you in the next. 12. Understanding Cause and Effect Diagram- Bonus Lecture from 7 Quality Tools.: Hey, welcome back. Now let us move. Works a very important topic India already would. On that is because anything diagram which is one of the seven quality Now this particular tool can be used in any type of projects, but that it is a D back project of UDC, a project lean project, because cause and effect diagram helps us in identifying potential causes and then helps us getting down to the group. So let us understand. First of all, what is that cause and effect? So apocalyptic diagram looks something like this. We will go more into the details of it as we progress through the course. So she covered, I grab. It is also called a fish bowl dagger, and it is called so because it looks like a child drawing over fish, it is also called Is that cause and effect? Diarrhea, because it is a visualization would park at a crazy potential causes of the problems in order to identify. So what, it does it. It helps us identify potential cause not once have identified the potential causes. Gradually, we can move on towards the root causes. Okay, so it helps us in identifying prevention causes off Rob and the major poppers off this diagram is to act as a first step in problem solving by creating a list off rotation cause So if you are so it is talking constantly about potential cause. So it may I mean not leader. I am export because Dick Rabia, fourth in Judas goals. And then, as I said, you rent out of the group cause and then work upon. So basically, this is how, uh, she covered I am on a fish bone diagram lose. So if you look at this, it is the head of the Chris. This is called as the K. P. O. V. Or the main problem. Very calling KP over is because the performers he process are full of very able. I'm something that you see in the blue. It is also part of the primary causes. Sometimes we even call it a baby. Ivy villages Key process in Port Ovadia When you're drawing Ishikawa diagram most of the time you will off The people use either a six Emma cardiology a 60 methodology or a forest . Now what is this? Six m 64. So basically what happens is the primary causes off of main problems are usually categorised. Do six n Because maybe man machine I heard about the nature arterial measurement on mind power. This could be the primary causes are the primary causes. Could be people process all the C plan programs brothers. And then there is another methodology that people categorize the primary causes and do forest this around the supply it systems and skills on. It is not military that used all of them. You can use anyone off them on. Let's say, if I'm using the 67 methodology, it is also our finery that I use all those six I can maybe just categorize and say that. Okay, My family causes fall only in group, forgetting that machines met her measurement and man Paul. So, depending upon the type of situation on the kind of project that I'm working about, I can select my primary causes, although he's so let's move ahead and let's understand what are the steps involved in creating a cause and effect. So, first of all, you're drawing a or the effect diagram. It's very important that you agree on a topic. So what is the topic that you're trying to draw the this won't die for that would specific , problematic outcome with the far right edge off the diagram on draw a box around the X to conduct ahead of the fish. So the head of the fish will basically be the main problems for which you are trying to identify them for danger causes draw a line extending from the left off the pressure. Do they like it off the diagram? This represents this pile of the fish. Now start writing down the potential causes of the problem and then start grouping them based on a blunder. Common relationship. So what we saw in the earlier off light the six and methodology the 60 methodology or afford a speculative. You can use any methodology that suits named the major teams off each group. Okay, so again, you can go ahead on give the name for every primary cause, not brought line extending from the spy. What Eesti right category name At the outermost end off the life it is once again the same thing, like drawing a line. And then I don't defined the potential causes on dead going ahead on naming them as a primary cause. Throw one branch to the main fish bowl, but its appeal or supposes that this is something that we will see in the next exam. Continue the seven step to drill down into as much detail as required, and you're you're defining more bones on the relationship. So after the primary cause is, the next step that you need to do is identify the secondary causes. Then the perjury causes and then finally reach the root cause of the problem. If all this sounds a little confusing right now, do not worry. In the next life, when we see the example, things will become much more here. And then Indian reviewed the diagram for completeness and clarity and then mortified a boarding. So what? Reviewing purpose again, you need D, and it is always advisable that whenever you're going on a fish bone diagram, you have a boss spontaneity because even while you're drawing the fish bone diagram, there is a lot of brain stopping that will be born on. If you have a cross functional team, it is very easy because you get input from all the different spheres of the organization and all the people who are involved in that particular courses. So you're Ishikawa diagram. Other process off. Drawing your Ishikawa diagram becomes very easy, Okay? And it becomes very easy to identify them main root causes rather than just running around in all the possible direction. You can't just focus upon a particular primary call, then down to the second, because come down with the root causes and then start working about an actual plan quality , for it's advisable that you work with a cross functional. Now that is, look at it. Example over cause and effect, Tiger. So this is the head off the fishbone diagram on what is the problem that I'm facing? It is customer dissatisfaction on glory payment, which means my customers are not happy with my products on their leaving my company on boy were another competitive. So I start doing it analysis as to why this is happening. So if you're robbed up, this is that's fine off the wish. And then I create branches. A party okay on Then I categorize my primary causes and do procedures, technology policies, communication management and people. Then what? I do this under policies. I identify that there's other secondary causes. So let's say there is an external policy, and then there isn't internal points. So these to the sub branches off my primary cause bees will for my secondary brunch. Okay, so he's been for my secondary cause now the sub branches off the secondary, cause these are called as my shitty causes. Okay, so policy becomes my primary cause at internal, which is a sub branch off the primary. Cause becomes my second because and then that sub branch off the second any course, which is maybe low Bora. Okay, So what is exactly happening is there is a policy in the company on it is an internal policy on because off this particular internal policy, there is a no moral between my employees, which is maybe affecting the finding product or the quality of my Final Four. And that is the reason my customers are happy with the kind of part of their time refusing . There could be another reason for that. Maybe once you start brainstorming, you may identify that because of the low moral people are not coming to work because of which may be of productivity is getting in. You get productivity is getting impacted. That is a possibility that you're not able to leave your customers. Demands on things are getting dealing, and that is what is creating this. So if you use this methodology on, start moving right from the head of the fish so the primary causes, then the second, because tend to the tertiary causes and then to link down doing the brainstorming and identify the root causes you will be able to solve 95% of the problems that you feel is in the were low quality in your particular process, in particular brought up by OK, so use this methodology with that grass functionality. Try to get as many imports as possible on, then build a strong Ishikawa diagram and try to reach the root cause of the Let us understand the benefits off the Ishikawa tiger. The first of all, you break the problem down into bite sized pieces. Yes, because rather than looking at the problem as a whole, will you start and break down your problem into smaller pieces. You will be able to focus better, and then you will be able to do a better dissection off your problem to reach the actual waas off your did you call it fosters teamwork upwards because it's a brainstorming exercise. Whether it is at the beginning, off blowing, they should cover diagram or maybe were. The end of the process is, yes, pasta Steamboat. Because people come together, the share ideas and based upon these ideas, get into the process off creating the fish board and then in the end, once again review it and then try to use the who causes and the solutions for your common understanding off factors causing the block. Yes, because once you're identified, the who cause and the entirety agrees that yes, this is the because that is causing the majority of the problem. Then you need to reach a woman consensus. Okay, a permanent understanding. And then the entirety works together. Insolvent that for normal Very. Find a picture. Yes, because when you look at a fish bone diagram, you look at all the primary causes off the issue that your piece So it is a kind of road map that tells you okay, how your process is moving. What are the potential causes within Europe? Are you getting your process that is creating a problem? So basically because a roadmap and followed brainstorming relationship. What we said earlier brainstorming happens at the beginning, off the designing forces. It happens at the end of the designing process. So it encourages rainstorm me on sharing off ideas. So this is how cause and effect diagram works in the next exercise did learn how to create a cause and effect I got using Microsoft Excel. 13. Cause and Effect Using Excel- Bonus Lecture from 7 Quality Tools.: Hey, welcome back. Now that this understand? How do we draw a god in effect Diagram using Microsoft's exit so you can open that it's or she on. And you can click on this option because it once you click on it, you will find that I have provided you with ready made template, and you can always go ahead and edit anything within this template. So maybe you can change equipment, maybe book on at the same time, you can add any contact that you want for the secondary causes as the less you can always go ahead and I more content So you can just control copy and then these And then keep on updating your cause and effect, Dider. But I'm gonna show you a very convenient way off doing it on for that we use a tool. Walesa sick mama. So if you off my screen, you will see that you I have Ah, that is Sig moment. Nothing. My medic is a new images of a living on the Internet, so we can just go do in the next go to Google and I my magic, no. And then select this option sick. My magic you use X Elvis, another system. Once we click on that, this pain will open. Okay? And all you We have this option down low each so we can look on this on one tweet. Click on that bird download Bosses will stop once you have downloaded this too. You can This double click on the icon and the software. Install Yosses once it is in store automatically within accent. You will see this additional tab, which is sick, just in case you don't see it over there. In that case, what you can do is once Sigma Magic is installed on your computer, would you fight click on options? Then we got Allen's and under added human people excel. Adan's gonna go. I'm all year. You will see this option Stigma Magic I This will check mark on it. Okay, so in my computer, since it is already in folk, you can see the Czech model of it just gives your system. It is not installed. You can just go ahead and put up check Month click on OK on this button will appear so once the sick mama Dick tab is available in your accent, it's very easy to brother cause any big guy. So all you have to do is go on sick. Magmatic, go to this option, Roger. And under project, you will see this option, which is cause and effect. Let's double. Once a double click on it, you will see that a ready made them play will appear on yours. Three. Okay. And it has already added certain primary bosses like person met with men environment measurement. But Gideon and they're already so just in case you do not born equipment, you can just go ahead on look on, updating book on inside off person, I need okay. And as you can see, the shooters a beauty. Now, just in case I want to add some more. Second record is this. Then we go on of day inputs, and then people this option click here to open cause and effect diagram. We got this. And once you click on this, you will see that many of our open. So now, since I want to add additional secondary calls, I will click on this Adam. And as you can see, that adult has. And now I want to add another potential secondary cause every double click on it and you can see a secondary potential. God has appeared. You can also add a likely calls nightly causes something that you're not sure. You just feel that it could be one of the positive causes, and then you can also add some uncontrollable goes. Uncontrollable causes are generally because it can be on your country. You can't do much about it within the losses. So based upon the boom storming session, you can then go ahead on off your cause and effect diving. So every time we want to update the inputs, you can click on a big inputs. I MI required changes that you want to make. If you want to add a public statement, that's a customer, the good side infection. Click on OK and you will see that your problem statement has also so you can make use off the stool on Create your cause and effect based upon your boat. Lucy's on off the Mafia. Well, stormy. I hope you like this lecture and I will see you in the next 14. Understanding Pareto- Bonus Lecture from 7 Quality Tools.: Hey, welcome back Now let it start off by understanding the sixth. No, no one. Indeed it is. No, Let it go. Charge is also part of the productive distribution right now that is basically off working , Father Andi. Values are plotted in decreasing order off lending frequency. Oh, never not. What a charge are extremely useful for analyzing board problem needs attention post because that dollar bods on the charge the T present the presidency really district which variables are the greatest humility under given system. So in other words, whatever other causes we arranged there, you know, graphical form at the bar on the tallest Barbara is on the left and then it moves on in the descending order and Pareto chart also what's on the principle dive? 80% of your designs are produced because 20% of the reason. It is also applicable in the real world that it is believed that any percent of the bed off the water is the 20% of the population. So let us understand what is a pretty good job on it applies in the world of quality of you constructed on what are the benefits of so a predator Jarred moved somewhat makes this. We will understand that on, but also don't so First, let's understand the definition off. So Pareto Chart named after Bill Federal political is a type of charge that contains both bars on buying up. As you can see, that is a body that off and that there is a line bro. But individual values applauded in descending order by bus as humility. Important is represented by the line. But it charts are based on political principle or 80 debut with states that roughly 80% of the effects our boss back when people some of the problems, and it also helps us to understand the related important causes. So if there are too many reasons for a particular problem forces, then we just the ones we talked critical. Once we we need to put this all on rather than putting a apart in all the directions. If you focus on the on these right here, it will bring about that considerable Jane on and that efficiency off. So let us look at this example, So this is a chart wherein I have collected data for my customer. Disservice, Andi. There are several readers for my testimony. Be satisfied So I have biggane. So Sanford and I have written down the placement. See, for every reason off the sun. So not giving the resolution. Quarter good 1 41 customers dissatisfied The wait time. The Nicola, maybe my customer care. We have weighed in. And that party would still come under than to pass the most viewed this communication barrier 28. My stop was more for Big 16. Call back was north. I'm so you promised to call back to the customer. And you didn't know about the customer on time that wanted 80 people being dissatisfied. My product quality or a tactic? Father, What did you get it? Well, people being the satisfied And then there were billions. So between the probably I send them along it wants for judge them and director Mom and that by people being dissatisfied. Or maybe for the nation. What company? So what I have done over you is I have been one. Had it taken a cumulative frequency. So what have I done? A well no resolution Quarter goods to 1 41 but no resolution. Last weight or maybe 240 Did I get this morning and party. I just added one party, but I 100 I got If I have to look at the humility frequency off no resolution, waste time. I'm communication bodies. I would have to add these leave albums and that will What did you do? 100 and 71 If I just go ahead and think that percentage of this is that humility that I also that measurably oh, might decide this Bush is because of the no resolution on big Sporting with 75% of my customers not be happy. So if I go ahead and lock up, buddy Given, Although that reporter really gives me an indication that almost eight people said about my problems are because of no resolution, I'm we. So if I walk on these two elements together, I can solve majority. Oh, my. Because if you go back and look at this motor, you should every 75% off my customers are decided. So if I other than to see and putting all the seven practices you really part by defeats these two, um, if I try to give my customers resolution here and they use the wait time, but maybe employing more stuff are maybe putting an idea system in place. Or maybe you're designing some kind of trouble shooting mechanism that the customers can dancer Morgan to a website and, uh, big help of artificial intelligence and solve the problem with the old rather than waiting on you so there can be multiple solutions that I can never look and only fight Bunker these movies is 75% of my problems will be sold, and that is the principle. Oh, buddy, your focus on your when people saying off the reasons which wanted me to 80% of your problems rather than putting your effort on everything. So, yeah, if you off the no resolution and wait time, other white a few reasons which I said people isn't going on. If I put all my effort into moving Bs to 80% off, my problems will be speaking. So that is in principle. But it it asks you to go ahead and put this under white, didn't you? These is for your people, causes no benefits up. Buddy distinguishes between white and very important causes out of them. So if you look at this example there were seven different causes. But being people personally for school because they wanted to borders 75% of problems. It does. You what? Work One up close. If I look at my diagram, I really know that I mean, people this on the resolution forced on then the wait time. What is the point on if I start working on the billing, error and bad feeling and it is hard to record the building to like us the most being dissatisfied 75% of my problem lies in the personal reason. So my entire effort to be on liberalising for two reasons off the satisfaction he had to put little causes that whenever biggest impact. So if I saw the 1st 2 problems 75% off my customers disease bacon girl. So it clearly do what you need. People piss on course on what is it that will give you the maximum output with the minimum . So that is about but it'll charge in the next lecture. Even understand how exactly? Go ahead and design about it. Coach are using Michael's off 15. Pareto Uisng Excel- Bonus Lecture from 7 Quality Tools.: Hey, welcome back. So now let us quickly learn how to draw up a regular job using Microsoft. So for that, once again we will go back bloodiest or few. Andi under Index, which likened is option, but it on. As you can see, I have taken the example that we discussed in the lecture. I have customers who are the satisfied with my product on myself. This and I went ahead and took a sample of about 322 customers. And Austin the reason for the of this size on my reasons for dissatisfaction Well, in these seven categories and these weather frequencies border see on based upon this particular information I created a what? A good shot that gave me a clear indication that if I really want to prove myself is or the quality off my product, then resolution on big time are the two factors that any work. So now let us understand. How did we do that? Using Microsoft's exit. So what I've done is I have this GOP this Lord data onto another blank excess. Okay, So first of all, what we do is even just sama the frequency. So I have going ahead and using the formula equation some open bracket like their age. And then So I have taken over on 322 customers as my sad. Now let me calculate accumulated treatment. What do I mean by humility? Frequency. So how many customers like this sided spy doesn't know that? 140. But then I want to know how many customers are dissatisfied because off no resolution on great time. So for that I will go ahead on and use the bomb. Kikwit. This value less. The number of customers were dissatisfied. You love me. Okay, So order The number of customers dissatisfied with the Beastie Reasons is 240. How did I get that? I just addict under 1 41 102. I can just drag this. Okay, so I know that, OK, overall, if you look at the end off this series, my finding come is something 322. Which means if I'm looking at all the seven factors or are there are 322 customers. What? This science. Now I need to get rid of humiliated person. How will I do that? The humility percentage for Noda's solution is 1 41 Be right by my overall down. And Angela, please this because my denominator is gonna remain common for all the 17. So I'm wondering this f that pleases my, you know, the end of and then drag this. You will know that the last roll we'll have 100. Which means my calculation is it's allow that our data almost ready. Let us move ahead. And the ADA What a good job. So for that, what I would do is I would just select this entire data and then I will goto dessert, click on insert column or by ground and click on More Column. Once it got more college jobs on the left hand side, you would see this option. This is It's over. Let's sleep on it. And under his program called All Jives, you would see this option just let's on that option. And then So as you can see the political charges now created now, how do we you can This so, as we say, doesn't potato. 80% off. Improvements can be bought about if you put your airport one. When peoples in the world. So what? I need to look in this particular so Oh, you're this lying re presents my cumulative frequents. Okay. Whereas these bar drops three present the individual free quiz. What I need to do now is let's go ahead and look at this. 80% life, okay? And what we will do is even goto insert What are you here on your life? And I will draw a horizontal line starting from a deep listen. Okay? And moving off cross. And then you rightly call this cumulative frequency lying. You will observe that two points. Ok, so this one and this one. Okay, so this is for no resolution on this is part of it. These two lines fall below a deeper, okay, there is the other points. I evolved 80. So what potato is trying to tell me is if I focus on these two points, if I walk on my resolution with and if I work on my great time, I can drastically you through my faults. So rather than focusing on something as small as believe or maybe a defective border, I should be focusing more on improving the resolution order. Wait Time I should be implementing methodologies and solution so that I give better resolution. And then my customers should not be waiting to receive their products or received up service. I need to work on these to elevate. Okay, so this is how you read up on it. Now, what I do is I just give this Jack and I spiked it, okay? And then I would select this job and you with the nice born. Well, with this we have created. And this is how you go ahead and get a pretty good job using Microsoft's Excel. I hope you enjoy this lecture and I will see you in the next one. 16. Examples of Kaizen: Hey, welcome back. So so far, we have understood that ties in isn't opposed to creating continuous improvement based on ideas that has fall on ongoing positive changes that can be major improvements so difficult . It is based on cooperation and commitment and stands in contrast to approaches that use radical changes. Our top down edits to achieve transformation. Caisson is one of the cool, lean manufacturing, and it was developed in the manufacturing sector. Lower defects, eliminate, raise both sport activity and great workers on developed accountability and promote innovation. So let us look at some quick examples off guys in implementations. They're spoiled. Changes have made a big impact. So that does. Look, at example one. Now we have a problem situation over you that people and cracked fire slid on the desk a bit, been using them and thereby annoying the user on this. Maybe even that every nominee. Now, this was a problem I know which we found. Very simple Servizi. What we didn't know you was we put put, be on the bottom of the people on the track back to prevent sliding on what was the output ? The keyboard on the track fire? No, longer slid under this on it would be still reposition. I need it. So if you look at this particular situation over your we found a very simple solution to the problem. But this particular problem, it wouldn't have addressed the time. It could have created a lot of annoyance or the people user on at times that even leads to dissatisfaction among their boy. But if you look at this solution, we just implemented a very simple solution out here on we start a very major problem. Let us look at an example to now. The problem over year was moving infections. Material to proper storage area is hard on the back. Wishing the card well bending is a strain. Environmental service stuff is tired at the end of this year. So we had a situation where the stuff had to push the car, and that would create a lot of strain on the back that would make the employees style. And you can understand that when an employee is tired, can definitely normal, approve this 100 person prevention and can even lead to a kind of dissatisfaction. But what is the change that we implement little well, economically correct card is something that we develop. All the materials was scrapped under the help off the maintenance department. An employee board. Mike was able to have a handed. I did this. What was the effect? The staff is less tired at the end of the ship because he can stand upright while pushing the car. So now it is not bringing that additional stress or pressure on the back, and therefore the employee feeds less tired at the end of the shoot. Now you can observe over you. Somebody just applied a small logic. And what about a small change in the wake of guards was designed on that created so much of a difference in the life of the employees over. So this is another classic example of guys is that a small change has brought about a very big back. Now let us We got a very simple example off guys and you know you to be like. Now let's look at a big one. If this is the way I would give my water, imagine the amount off time that it would take me to find a particular dress or a particular thing within my world but just a small change. Very nice Implemented five s. What I did was I just started the thing in my water and ensure that everything was maintained in a beautiful manner on a systematic manner. And I also ensured that my wardrobe is not clutter and it is made a plea. Now imagine if at all, I have to find the same dress. Probably that seems inside this particular wardrobe, it is definitely gonna dig me last time and imagine if I have to rush for a party. It can be so annoying to find something in this particular wardrobe rather than finding it in this one. So looking at these examples, we can understand that chitin is based on the belief that everything can be improved and nothing is a state issue. It also rests on the respect for people principle guys and involves identifying issues and opportunities, creating solutions on ruling them out and then cycling through the process again and again to ensure that there is an environment off continues improvement that runs within the Vienna off the organizes. As we come towards the end off this electricity's let us look at some of the guys in picked for successful guys and implement these better. Your business is with continuous improvement. Ensure that you drive the culture of continuous improvement in the Deanna off your organization. When every person peace body ready to find out these grassroots off opportunities and big deficiency in the existing processes will be successful, you can't make an improvement that just forget about it has to be an ongoing process. You can't just make one improvement in a year and then just forget about a successful organisation always has to make gradual improvement. What a beautiful effectively in businesses used icing on driving top down, which means it starts from the leadership mean right up to the grassroots. Live in guys, and everyone looks for aborted Eastern through processes on a daily basis. 100 small, gradual improvements are much better than one big. Many companies today are only looking for the big minutes when it comes to improvements. Well, big ones are always nice. They really aren't going to be able to help very on a company that identify a small areas of improvement and implements and frequently is going to make much more progress over a period of time than the one that ignores the small things and only focuses on the big recognize success in short, that when it changes me, that results in improvement within a facility or organization which is always recognized. This recognition could be something as simple as a thank you from the department manager or a lot as a corporate recognition with a bonus or other rewards. Never give up. Whenever thinking about kaizen continuous improvement, you need to recognize that the continuous part off the strategy is extremely important. This is a striping, pediatric be implemented as soon as possible and then continue indefinitely into the future . As soon as one improvement is made, it is time to start looking at what the next improvement of 40 people. It is also important to remember that there will be failures along the way. Some ideas will be tried and found to be not productive. And when this happens, make sure you and your team don't get discouraged or give up. Instead, start the process of finding and implementing improvements over and over again on you soon achieve the results that you were hoping for, so I hope you enjoy this lecture on I will see you in the next one 17. Benefits of Kaizen: Hey, welcome back. So now, after understanding on learning some examples of guys in implementation, it brings us to the last topic off the seas, which is benefits of cases. So let's quickly summarize what are the benefits that we derive by implementing guises within an organisation? First, it eliminates who didn't go. So we are disturbed that guy's introduces with areas such as inventory waiting times, transportation, world motion, employee skills or production excess quality and in all the processes and every time off basis eliminated. You're either doing a cost optimization. All your generating, more revenue for the organization. So in a way, it helps in cutting down on excessive force on improves profitability. Off door service to customers will be off the highest quality the West Coast on shortest time. Possible major changes quickly on minimal loss off. Now it is not unusual for a ties and driven organization. Have 25 40 suggestions for employees for your on then have around nine people sent off. Those suggestions implement no, even though they are just more improvement that are done or a period of time. But we need to understand that kaizen focuses on identifying problems. I guess source, solving them at their source and changing the standard to ensure that the problem always days Soul can work with ease and comfort by using delay on Mr Bush. Kaizen involves every employee in making change in most cases, more incremental changes. But you can observe that employees working in the guys in this company generally find what would be easy, fun and more enjoyable and even always, although that there is the higher employee morale and job satisfaction with very low turnover on on very low inflation rates, you think what you do and you contribute ideas and that is the gist off Guys is in one of my lectures and the CDs. I mentioned that in my organization, we used to use the acronym Grow between grassroots off opportunities at work on these opportunities were available for each and every employee on any employee would take that initiative or bringing about that small change that would affect the life of so many people was given a lot of motivation and support from the leadership. We work as a P in kaizen problems are opportunity school on all the people who are involved , directly or indirectly in a kaizen project. They feel great. They feel a sense of achievement on appreciation because they have bean involved on inform in every state when the improvement was happening. All in all, fighting creates an environment of continuous improvement on drives. People wanted him to Bailey improvements, making organizations successful in a longer so if I have to summarize it, guys and provides immediate results. Instead of focusing on large capital intensive improvement, Kaizen focuses on creative investment that continually saw large number of small from you don't need large capital on very large projects for major changes to implement Kaiser kaizen not only improve the capital project processes, but the real power of kaizen is an ongoing process off continually making small improvements that improved processes on the used with. It provides a system where improvements are communicated to each and every employee and each and every employee builds being apart off that particular cheese. It not only empowers and employers, but also the employees on enriches. The work experience on brings out the best in every person within an organized. So I hope you enjoy this lecture cities that brings us to the end off electricity's. I hope it was a great learning experience for you. Keep learning and stateless. Thank you