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teacher avatar Nora Connolly, Illustrator + Pattern Designer + Artist + Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Hello and Supplies needed

    • 2. Make your Outlines first.

    • 3. Fun! Watercolor painting!

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About This Class

In this straightforward class you will draw and paint cute chicks! One with a crown one with a bow tie and some hearts and stars in the backdrop with these characters.  Learn the basics so you can tackle the hard stuff later on!  Down below you can find a copy of the original design we created in the class lesson :-)


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nora Connolly

Illustrator + Pattern Designer + Artist + Teacher


About Me:    Hello, and welcome, I'm Nora. I'm an Illustrator, Surface Pattern Designer + Artist. I studied at Columbia University and obtained a Masters. My thesis was on "MURAL ART: FAD OR ART?"  I decided after a number of years of work as a French Translator to go to FIT - Fashion Institute of Technology to learn digital design.  I also speak French fluently and have lived in Paris, France.  I am native New Yorker and still live in NYC presently with my husband and two kitties!   I have written and illustrated three Children's books so far.  I love art and what I do!  This is the best feeling in the world and would like to share that creativity with everyone.

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1. Hello and Supplies needed: Hi everyone in this paint along. We're going to make this beautiful drawing with two chicks saying hello through each other with a crown and one with a bowtie, some hearts, some stars. And we're gonna make this in watercolors and with a sharpie, pens and a pencil. So get everything out and we'll go over the supplies and how to make our outlines and go over a watercolor paints. So some other things you will need are mixed media paper or watercolor paper. It absorbs these paints rather well. And the size you could use is nine by 12, or smaller, or even bigger if you on the paper. The sheet of paper will look like this that we're going to use. Now this paper's a little thicker and it absorbs water and paints rather well. And the next thing we're going to use is a sharpie pen, which is a marker, a type of marker that is permanent. And the paint's won't run the ink on this paper. A pencil pretty well sharpens some paints. This is a 16 paint set, but you don't have to use 16 paints. You can use the smaller one which is eight. A paintbrush, some warm water, and paper towel to blot your your pink brush on in case you have too much water on the paintbrush. 2. Make your Outlines first.: So let's get started. We have our pencil in our hands and we're gonna start by drawing one check and then the other check that's facing the first check. So I'm going to draw the first one. And I'm going to draw the head, then the body, and the tail. Then I stop. Then I'm going to finish the face and add a beak. At this point. The beak is going to turn up a little bit. And it's going to have two parts to the beak. And then it's going to close. Then I'm going to add the neck and then the chest. And here is where I stop to add the wink. And then I'm going to close the chest cavity up here. And there we have the figure of a chick. And for one, I am going to place it here. And then the other eye is going to be right next to it, like this. And inside it, we're going to put the little eyeballs. And it's going to have an expression. And it's just gonna be kind of looking at down at the other one that we're going to make smaller here. And we're gonna put in some nostrils. And this little guy's going to have some feet. And they're going to be small, rather small. And their webbed feet, so they only have three little, little star-shaped tos. And then another one, another set right next to it, like this. And there you go. So that's the first check. Now this little guy is going to be facing another one and he's going to be smaller. But the concept is the same. We draw the head and then the body, and then the tail. And then we draw the, the rest of the body. And his wings are going to be inside of his body because he's smaller. Then we're going to draw his beak. And he's going to be looking up at the other guy. And we're going to draw his eyes in. And he's going to be looking this way. At the other check see his eyes are facing this way and his outer facing down. And then we're gonna do the little eyebrows and the chest. And there you have the second shape chick. He's going to have little smaller fee because more short and squat. And he's going to have more of those fetus. Well, and there you go. He's looking up. We're going to make him look up a little more and a little better way. And we're going to fill these in now with our Sharpie. And before we continue, we're going to lay out the rest of the paper. And we're going to put a little crown on this guy's head because he is facing the other chick. And he has a crown so you can embellish it any which way you want. Mind's going to have a circle and a diamond shape on it. But you can embellish your paper any which way you choose. I'm gonna put a star maybe over here, and maybe another star and a heart. So my heart's going to go here. You can place it anywhere you choose on your paper. And another star. And these are five-point is stars and the hearts are easier to draw. I'm sure you've drawn them before. Now we're going to lay our pencils side. And we're going to start using our Sharpie marker. When I come back in the next part of this lesson, I am back. So for the next part of this lesson, we're going to go over our outlines that we drew in pencil with our Sharpie permanent marker. So I'll start with a star. And it's just very easy. You just go over your lines and you start by maybe the easiest things first. And then you go into your more complex objects and shapes, such as the chicks. I'm going to also do the hat, the crown that I started off with on this check. The smaller one of the two. And if you want, we can add another embellishment on the other check. And we can make out of our Sharpie a bowtie. We're going to have him have a bowtie. And we're gonna go on. And now we're going to fill out the rest of the elements here in our shapes. And we're gonna go over the beak first. We're gonna give him two little nostrils. I'm going to do the outlines first because I find it's simpler to draw the outlines first and then go over the face and feet and things of that nature. Now you don't have to get it perfectly, exactly over the lines because you can always go over it with your sharpie and fine tune it a little bit. Now we go over the eyebrows, the eyes, and the eyeballs. And I'm chose to make them black. So now we're going to continue. We're gonna do the wing here. And the little feet, feet, which we go over. And then we're going to continue and do the other little guy here. And we're not, we don't always go through our lines by crossing over them. As you can see, they just connect. But there's no like line through the wing for instance. And here we're gonna go over the head. As I did before in you don't have to do it all in one fell swoop. You can do it slowly and make that your lines connect. So now we've done the body, then we're gonna do the beak here. The nostrils, the eyes, your eyeballs, the eyes. And I said we would do. And then we're gonna do the eye lids here. Well, they're more like eyebrows. And finally the little feet that we have here. And his leg. And then this will guys little feet. And it's like now we've outlined everything here. And we can add more hearts or more stars as you like. And but the thing is is that if you add more stars and hearts, you also have to paint them in. So we're going to add just one more heart right here to connect the two images, showing that they have interest in each other and they like each other. So now we're gonna move on to actually painting. 3. Fun! Watercolor painting!: So now for the painting part of this episode of our video, we're going to take our paintbrush and put it in the water. And we're going to add some paint into our paints that we think we're going to use. I know I'm gonna use the yellow and maybe some of the blue here and some of the purple. So you add the water to activate your paints and you let them sit for a little while. And then your paints will have taken, absorbed the water a little bit. And you'll be, it'll be easier to work with the paints and spread them onto the paper. Now that we've letter paints sit with the paint, the water inside of the paints. They become activated and we can spread them on the paper more easily. And we're gonna take our paintbrush and take some water, excess water off the corners of the tray here. And I know I'm going to use the yellow for one of these chicks and these characters here. And I'm going to spread the paint onto the paper. And make sure that I don't go past the lines of the interior of this character. And that way I have the yellow spread out throughout his body, for instance, like so. And he will be a yellow chick. Now, that's the color little chicks are before they become hens or chickens. And so I want him to be that color. Now the other character here that we have going on with a bow tie, I think I'm gonna make him maybe a light blue or an orange. So since I want him to have a nice tone, I'm going to use this lighter orange and spread it on the paper and makes sure that he has some paint on him. That's okay. I went over the bow tie a little bit with part of the yellow. I didn't mean to do that, but that's okay. It's not going to influence our painting whatsoever. It just, I'm gonna use a little maybe darker orange as well to show that he is very different than the other character. And the image is darker, little bit darker. So the reason why I made these characters different colors is because I want them to show as different unique items and not the same character. Maybe one's a boy, ones that girl. And it depends how you want to portray your image. Now, to clean my brush, I put it in the water and I make the paintbrush swirl a little bit. Now the next color I'm going to use is going to be the red. And that will be for my heart over here. And maybe my other Hart is going to need a little bit of red as well. So I'm going to take some other red and put it here. And the only items we have left are the beaks and the bow tie, the stars and the crown. So I know I want the bow tie to be maybe a green. Cause he's got a little bowtie that's a different color than his body color. And I made it green. Now, the crown, I think I'm going to use yellow as well because that's usually the color of a crown. And because it's a golden color. And then for the little ornaments, the triangle, I'm going to use some purple. And for the little circles as well. Now, it's okay if the paint drips a little bit. If you don't want it to drip, you can take some of your little a paper towel here and you can blot some of that excess here with your paper towel and it'll take off whatever was spreading too far off of where you didn't want it to go. Now if you want to do that over, you just take a lot less paint on your paintbrush and go there and go over the little dot that it was supposed to carry those colours in it. And for the geeks, we can use the, another orangey color. And if you want to make it deeper tone, you can go over it with your paintbrush. Let it dry a little bit, and then go over it and to deepen the color. Another time with that color, with the same color, for instance, this is orange. So for this as orange, you add the orange paint, you let it sit and then you let it dry, and then you add another TO coach of it. And when you add this other code to the paint that you already laid down, it'll look deeper. Now for the stars, we only have two stars. We can make them maybe this beautiful color here. And it's also a kind of a purpley color. But that's okay. Oh, look great. And we're going to put some blue for the other one. It's a very bright blue. You don't like this blue, then you can use a different the lighter blue that we have here. Or you can use whatever sheets that you want to make your background turnout like. I'm going to use some green for the bottom here to make sure that they're standing on something. And this chick is going to be also on some green. And we need to paint in their feet as well. So for the feed, so we're gonna use a little bit of yellow or orange. Whatever you feel is the featured look like for my painting, I'm going to use some yellow. And I'm gonna go over the low fee and the little toes and legs. And then for the background, I'm going to use some blue. And I'm not gonna go over to too much, just enough for us to know that there is some background. And that's gonna go around some of the images that we have here, such as the heart. You can embellish it a little bit as you choose. And this is watercolors. These are watercolor paints, so they flow very well. And you don't have to go very deeply into the drawing if you don't want to or if you're more of someone that wants to get every little angle that you see, little bits of white on the paper, then you can go through them rather well and make sure there's no white leftover on the paper. Now I'm going to speed this up a little bit. And by that I mean, I'm going to paint in the background and just do that right now. And since there isn't something there, and there you have it. The cutest little drawing with two chicks saying hello to each other. And with some stars and hearts and even a crown and a bowtie. And they're saying hello to each other. And this was a lot of fun to make altogether.