Nora Connolly, Illustrator + Pattern Designer + Artist + Teacher


Nora Connolly, Illustrator + Pattern Designer + Artist + Teacher

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3 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Hello + Supplies you need

    • 2. Make your outlines first

    • 3. Paint in watercolors!

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About This Class

In this class you will learn to paint an image of a cat !  This is a fun way to learn a process to make an outline and then paint it out in watercolors.


Meet Your Teacher

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Nora Connolly

Illustrator + Pattern Designer + Artist + Teacher


About Me:    Hello, and welcome, I'm Nora. I'm an Illustrator, Surface Pattern Designer + Artist. I studied at Columbia University and obtained a Masters. My thesis was on "MURAL ART: FAD OR ART?"  I decided after a number of years of work as a French Translator to go to FIT - Fashion Institute of Technology to learn digital design.  I also speak French fluently and have lived in Paris, France.  I am native New Yorker and still live in NYC presently with my husband and two kitties!   I have written and illustrated three Children's books so far.  I love art and what I do!  This is the best feeling in the world and would like to share that creativity with everyone.

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1. Hello + Supplies you need: Hi everybody. We're going to draw this really, really cute cat first. And then we're going to use watercolor paints here and paint this adorable cat. Now the first thing I want you to do is get all your supplies. And what we'll need are some watercolor paints. This is a very basic set because you can see there are some, just a few colors, about eight. You could use a bigger set with more cosy if you'd like. Or just this type of Crayola paint satisfying one or two brushes, about medium in size. You should bring some water, some warm water, some paper towel or a towel. Just a chelate type, both. Towel. You're going to need watercolor paper, a Sharpie, and a pencil. And the reason why we need a sharpie marker is because it's a permanent marker. 2. Make your outlines first: So everyone, we're gonna start out by drawing the head on this cat first. And we're going to use our pencil first to outline the, the head of the cat. We're going to start with the ears and we're gonna make them a little bit sharp on either side. And we're going to leave a little room here. And we're gonna draw the top of the head. And we're gonna make this cat Have a very angular look. So his head is actually going to pop out in a little triangle type look. And the next thing we're gonna do is draw the face. So for the face we need to very big eyes. That's one. And then another one on the other side. That's two. And cats have slits for their, the inside of their pupils. So we're gonna draw some type of slit on the inside. And there you go. The cat has some eyes. We're going to fill in the ears just because we want to make sure the cat's ears are facing us. And then we're going to draw the eyelashes to the eyes. I put three. You can put three on the left and three on the right. And then we're gonna make a little nose. But I kinda want it to be a big nose because then kill even cuter than he did without, with a smaller knows. Then with a smaller knows, I'm gonna draw the ellipse. And then for the inside of the nose. And we're gonna draw a line that curls at the end like this. And then I'm gonna draw some whiskers. And I'm just going to draw two lines on either side. And there you have the face. Now for the body, it's a little bit tricky, but I'm sure you'll get the hang of this. We're gonna go make one Paul. It's kind of a circular long Paul. And it goes up and then it goes back down. And that's one Paul. And then the other part and it connects to the head. See it's an unusual shape, but it's one shape. And if you don't get it on the first try, that's fine. I can understand that. Then for the hindquarters of the cat and it's tail, we're gonna make a loop that connects for the tail. And it's also one piece that you draw off in one piece and it connects. With one line. If you could draw it in pieces, that's fine too. But it doesn't like the line doesn't cut through here. It just connects through the tail. And then for the other side, we're going to draw the other piece of the cat, just another line that connects. So there we have this little cat. And over here, the cat is saying something and he's giving out some love to you guys. So we're gonna put it in a bubble. The heart, because the cat has something to say and you have something sweet to say, and that's the heart. So now that we've drawn with our pencil the outlines for our cat, we're gonna move on to using the marker, the Sharpie marker. So we're going to set aside our pencil. So for the outline of the cat, we made it in pencil and we're gonna go over it now in Sharpie to define the cat really well and show through from the watercolors that we're going to use afterwards. And the idea is similar. We're going to start and go over the ears. To outlining is not that hard. You just go over the ears. And then we're going to go over the top of the crown of the head over here and do the other ear. And then we're just going to follow our lines that we've set as guides with our pencil and go over them with the Sharpie marker. That's the head. Now we're going to do the inside of the head, which is the face. And for the phase we're going to start out with the whiskers. Or if you'd like to start out with the nodes, that's fine as well. So now we continue and we're going to do the right eye. We're just gonna go over the lines of the right eye. And we're gonna do this inner slit of the eye. And we're going to move on to the left eye and go over those lines with the marker. And we're going to do the inner set as well. Let's not forget to do the eyelashes on the right as well as on the left. And then we're gonna move on to the nose. The nose, we just draw the outline, the exterior triangle shape. And we do the interior, which are the nostrils. Then we do the lips. And there we have the face. Now if you feel like you need to perfect this a little bit, you can always add a little bit of darkness to the edges of the eyes to make the cat look a little more mysterious. And we're gonna move on to the body now. So we go through the legs first, the pause, and then we do the other side of the leg. And for the pause, we can add some little clause if you like, or if not, you can just leave it the way it is. And we move on to the hindquarters And the tail. And it's okay if you don't get your lines perfect the first time. You can go over them a little bit. Then we do the rest of the tail and the back quarters of the cat. And then we do the other side of the cat. And then we add a line to the middle because we wanna make sure that it's connected. And then once we've done in connected all the parts of the cat here, as you can see, it's quite finished. Unless you want to add something else. Then we move on to the little blurb, Comments bubble. They call it in comics. And we'll add a little heart on the inside. But you can fill it with anything you'd like. You can put a little star or something else. You can write something if you want to. But here I've decided that I wanted to add a heart because this cat is full of love. So now we're done with using our sharpie marker and we're going to set this aside as well. And we're going to move on to using our paints or watercolor paints over here. Now you have an option. If you don't want to use watercolors today, you can use markers are colored pencils. But in this lesson today we're going to use watercolors. 3. Paint in watercolors!: So here we are. We're going to move on to the section of adding the watercolor paints to, or paper of this cute little cat who's staring at us with a little love bubble, little heart in a bubble. And we're going to first start off by adding some water to our paints. And the colors I'm going to use. I know I'm gonna make my cat blue. You can make your cat and other colleagues can make him brown or purple, or any color really green, some yellows. It depends what you want your cat to look like. And I'm not going to use the black Really, So I'm going to leave that without water. So once you let the water sit a little bit in your paints, then you can use them. And you can use them to paint your painting. But it's good to let them sit just a little bit. So we're going to wait. Now we're going to use our paints now that they're ready. And we're going to start out with the body. And we're going to take some paint and add it to our paper with this beautiful blue. It's very bright and it makes a very nice color on the paper. And we're going to add water and paint and fill in the lines, the interior of the lines that we've created. Now we're going to do the interior of the body. And we've added some water and with, added some paints. And we're gonna do the interior lines and create here the body of the cat by adding paints and water on the inside. And wherever you see that there's some water and or rather some paint lacking, you just add some more paint to it so that it looks completely uniform. I mean, it doesn't have to be perfect. But if you have the idea to make it perfect in your mind, then just make sure that you close off the gaps of white with blue or the color that you've chosen to add for your cat. Now we're going to do the tail here. And you try and push the paint in the way that you want it to go so that it follows your paintbrush and the water from the that holds the ping and will be easier to manipulate. It'll be easier to give a direction to it. So if you see that your paints are drying up just to add a little more water to the paint with your, with your brush. And that'll create something very nice. It'll be easier to use the paint on the paper. Now we're doing the last poll here. And that's for the body. Now for the interior of the cat, we're gonna continue using our water onto the ping. If you feel there's too much paint or water on your brush, you can dab it on the body, the paper towel, and then add a little bit more. And let's be careful here because there's a lot of lines and we don't want to get too much paint from the paintbrush onto the paper and then have it go into places we don't want it to go. So we're going to put some paint on the ears. And we're going to carefully draw and paint into the lines of the CAT face that we've created here. So we're gonna go around this time, not on the insides of friends. For example, the nose, we don't want that to be blue. And the eyes, we don't want them to be blue, we want them to be, you know, white on the interior. So we're not gonna do those. We're just going to go around them easily and nicely and small strokes with your paintbrush. And there you have one side. Now we're gonna do the other side. You can always use the tip of your paintbrush. If you want to put just that little bit amount of paint onto the paper. Just like this. And go around the I C here we need a little bit more water. And then now that we have the paint on the paint brush like this, we apply it to the paper while not going into the nose or into the eyes. Are just gonna go around the nose because we're gonna make it a different color. I feel that maybe a pink nose would be really nice to add some contrast to make it look different than the blue, so that the blue pops out with one color and the nose will pop out with another color. We're gonna do the ear, the other ear. And that's the paints on the cat. And we're going to let it dry just a little bit. And then we're gonna move on to doing the inside of the eyes, the nose, and the comment bubble comes next. Now that I've soaked my brush in the water and it's cleaner. I'm gonna soak it again. You can always change the water to make sure that it's very clean. And I'm going to use some yellow. Hopefully it'll come out very yellow effect. Makes sure to clean it here. And I'm going to use the yellow to make the Inside of the comment bubble, a nice yellow. So the inside of the comment bubble, I'm going to use the yellow paints. And with the comment bubble, we're going to continue and add the yellow on the inside. But not do the heart. The heart will save. Four after we do the yellow. And the harm that I make Fred. The inside of the heart is going to add, we're gonna add some red paint and make it nice. And deep in tone. Make it nice and deep in red. Now for the nose of this cat, this cute little cat, I'm going to add some orange and make him look like it's a different color than the red above. So for the eyes, we're going to move on and make them green. And then we're gonna do the background. You have choices. You can either leave it in white or you can pay your background, which is what I'm going to do. I'm going to use some Bounty paper towel and put it on the background of the watercolor paper in order to make sure the edges don't overflow onto my desk and to my work area. And I'm gonna put a lot of water. And I'm going to paint this part in orange and make it look really, really nice and have a very nice background. And make sure it's a nice contrast to the blow and all the other colors that we have already laid onto the paper. And there you have it. A beautiful blue CAT. Blue CAT with Latinas heart made by you and me.