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Jupyter lab, jupyter notebook, google colab for absolute beginners road to machine learning part 2

teacher avatar Michal Hucko, Python | Docker | Kubernetes

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (1h 14m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Virtual environment

    • 3. Jupyter lab

    • 4. Jupyter notebook

    • 5. Jupyter markdown

    • 6. Jupyter lab example

    • 7. Google colab

    • 8. Project

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About This Class

In this course we will learn absolute basics of python's jupyter lab and notebook. One of the most powerful tools for the real python data-scientist. The course covers basics of virtual environment  in python as well as the whole instructions on how to install the jupyter on the mac (with text instructions for windows). You can find all the examples on my github.

Jupyter is the ideal tool for absolute machine learning beginners as it provides simple developing environment with intuitive interface. Data scientists all around the world use this software daily. Join the club by learning basics in this short course.

The agenda of this course is: 

  1. Python virtual environment basics 
  2. Jupyter lab
  3. Jupyter notebook
  4. Jupyter markdown
  5. Jupyter lab example
  6. Google colab
  7. Project

After this course we will create series of courses where we will dive into essentials of machine learning libraries like the pandas, numpy, matplotlib and scikit-learn. Stay tuned and checkout my profile.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Michal Hucko

Python | Docker | Kubernetes


Hello world!! My name is Michal Hucko and I am passionate python developer. I am former university teacher. I was doing my Phd degree in computer science, however because of unfortunate situation I decided to currently postpone the study. Thats why I want to teach computer science online. Hope I can help you to understand the modern world of machine learning and distributed computing.

Besides programming I like to spent time with my wife, my brother and my friends. I am passionate fitness guy and sometimes I play computer games.

About my engineering career

For past 5 years I am working as a machine learning dev ops developer. I am working mostly with docker, kubernetes and python. Currently I am working for one of the biggest computer company in the wor... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello, guys. My name is Michael Holtz. Go and welcome to the new fighter course for absolute beginners. In the scores, we will cover a software which is called the Jupiter Notebook or Jupiter Lap, which is dedicated for data scientists. And a lot of that the scientists are using this software or all around the world. During this course, we will use the biting language. So if you are a total beginner with the fightin and you want to learn the biter, this is exactly the course for you. If you are missing some fighting basics, I highly recommend checking my skill share profile where you can see my other previous courses where I'm covering some piping basics. During these course, we will learn basic differences between Jupiter lap and fight the notebook. I will show you how to install of your toe environment in the fightin how to install libraries, individual environment, and I will explain you. How is Jupiter used for the that the science. During this course, you will also have a small assignment small project at the end where you will be able to analyze your CSB file in the notebook. If you will have any problems during solving your project or understanding the material which are hovering in these videos. Feel free to leave a comment in the discussion or you can contact me also. Okay, guys, My name is Michael. Let's go. And working as a matching learning develops engineer in the company. For a couple of years, I have been doing a machine learning research and you confined couple of Mali research publications on the Internet. Thank you very much for watching this video. I hope I will see you guys in the first video off this tutorial. 2. Virtual environment: Hey, guys, Michael would go here and milk internal video off our Jupiter tutorial in this video, we're going to start to talk about fightin mutual environments. Now, why and what our wittle environments. So little environment is functionality off beytin to create a separate environment for you to develop. Now, what are the use cases for these fertile environments? So imagine you have your coat, which is using a lot of different third party libraries, and you have many projects and each of your projects is using different third party libraries sometimes is even possible that one of your project is using one version of the library, and another project is using another version of library and everything you need to run locally in your computer in your machine. Now, how will you accomplish this? In the previous videos, I showed you how you can install the third party library using Peep Beytin package manager , which allows you to specify the version which you want but having multiple projects. And just one running environment in Beytin ends up with you reinstalling the library for each of your project when you are working and to make your life easier bite and gives you the opportunity to create a virtual environment. Now virtual environment has its own libraries and is using the same fighting interpreter off your computer. Now the best thing to X toe toe understand? The little on my mint is with examples, so let's dive right back into the terminal. So we are now in the terminal. And as you can see, I'm using sip urine, which beytin which fighting? Three. I'm using the normal beytin standard fighting interpreter from the biting. And I'm using the Homebrew Spuyten three if you don't know how to install the fight and just check out the previous core. So why don't for beginners? For absolute beginners, Part one wrote to Machin learning where X very explained how to install this pipe in three . Okay, so right now I'm using Python three and now I'm in the folder which is called Jupiter, which will be specifically dedicated for this course. You can find all the examples from this course at the get happy link in the description below. So how you can create a veto environment so before, in order to create a virtual environment, you need to install the model and then creative environment. But now the pipe country has a built in functionality which allows you to create the little environment straightforward, which is one command show Well on before we move on. So we will talk about this Jupiter folder as my my project. So this my working directory, every time you will create a new project three of the new folder and create a virtual environment in this folder it's a good practice and also a standard east to create the folder named that You Never show. Let's create the folder em Katie here, that and love feel free to use finder and created manually or different. You know, final Explorer for the windows. So just we need to create the folder. So now I have the folder I miss spelled M k there. So if you look into the finder into the Jupiter, there is that and there are a couple of other files we travel explain later, but that is important now. Is it empty? So now I'm going to creative it'll environment with python three m van never and the name off on location in the name of the beautiful environment will be that endeavor uh, beck slash and ju biter. Now, what is this? M m? I loves you too. Ran a script, a pipe and script or python model directly from the command line. So in this case, we're running script ven ever directly from the command line. So we don't need to run fight on three than import and and stuff like this. Blah, blah, blah. Yes. So Venable is a building function which creates a fertile environment in the desired location, which is specified as the argument. So this is the argument off the function. Okay, So when I pressed Enter, it will just take a couple of seconds or a couple of minutes to create a beautiful environment. So it was pretty fast, right? And now, if you look back into the finder and if you look into the environment, the Jupiter environment of it'll environment has been created for you and everything inside there is related to this Vettel environment. We can check it out from the terminal. So let's go to the end and let's go to the Jupiter and here less. Let's list this list it So as you can see, there are a couple a couple of things. There are some scripts in the bean and other files. So in order to activate this vehicle environment, go outside off it. I will show you how toe, uh, activate it from the Jupiter folder. So from the root folder now, I decide in the Jupiter. And now, if you want to activate the visual environments, we want to go get inside and use the libraries of virtual environment. You need to run source. Uh, I am Jupiter being activate. Yeah, I will. Lingle. So the command for windows up here, which is ready, which basically is doing the same thing. But they're using difference in text for the windows. But basically the same things is happening in the windows s in the back. So now if you see your terminal in case off meco is or your command prompt in case off the windows is showing you that you are using Jupiter beautiful environment right now. Okay. Yes. So if you again around the same python three which se which by 13 You can see that this time the beytin is in the user, Mika who could commence courses to Pitre, that engine fighter being beytin right, So you can see the interpreter changed before it was just here, Lou. User local being tightened. So the homebrew Spuyten. And now it's the view toe environments biting now everything. What you'll inside install inside here will stay inside his vehicle environment. I will show you. So let's see. So now I will list the libraries which are individual environment people policed. And as you can see, there are just the building libraries which came with the pip. So just the people and set up rules and all the building libraries. Right? So So right now we need to install something. And because this course is about the Jupiter, we gonna installed Jupiter lap. Okay, so how to install it to patrol up. So Jupiter Lap is a library, right? And where we want to install library or Ahmadu or packages? Sometimes I will use the term Or do you sometimes package library? But basically, I'm referring to the same thing and the right way to call it in fighting this model. Okay, so let's install a bite and model with the people so people install and the name of the milieu is Jupiter Lap. No, there is a very nice website, Jupiter that orc, which can provide you some information about what is Jupiter? What is this project? And basically Jupiter provides a couple off tools for you to which are best suited for that . A scientist. So for the guys who are working with data big production models with machine learning yes, with stuff like this, I'm working with the daily I highly recommend. If you are going to be working with some machine learning stuff, install the Jupiter. It's very, very simple and very easy to use, says you can see there is a Jupiter lap, which I prepare. Then there is something which is called Your fighter notebook. And then there are a couple of other tools. For example, Jupiter Hap, which is a containerized version for organizing multiple Jupiter's in the server. So, for example, each of your colleague can have its own proprietary Yes, and right now it can be a little confusing, and you may maybe don't understand each connection, but just give you the time. Go through the course and you will understand better likely. So we want to install Jupiter lap. So if you go and go toe installed your fighter lap there, you will see there are a couple of ways how to install it. So, as I mentioned in the previous videos there a couple off fightin package management tools and is just one of them. Another alternative is Kanda. I don't recommend using condoms. Feel free to use it. If you want in these course and threw off my rest of my courses, I will use only the people. So right now I want to install the people Jupiter lap with. The comment is you can see people in stealth fighter love you can copy Paste it from here are basically just right in there. I will copy, paste it and and press enter, and now you will see that fighting will tell you that it's it's loading. Couple of dependencies. Yes, so it's downloading the dependencies. In my case, I have already installed the Jupiter lap in another of your toil environment and now the fighting so smart that he knows that in this computer there is another it'll environment with all these packages. So I don't need to download all these packages. Yes, so it's just referring. Think to the existing library in some of the people environments. And now it is just linking all the necessary dependencies. So right now you saw I just want people in style. Jupiter lap. Right. But if you look now to be policed, you will see that there are a lot off other packages, right? So and now you're Look, man, me hell. What are all these pictures? I'm confused. I don't like the names. What did I just Well, it sounds crazy, right? You don't need to worry. The thing you need to worry about right now is that you install the Jupiter lap and because your vital up it's a big project. Yes, it's a big thing. Big library, big model. It has some so bad use which needs to be installed in your computer. If you are doing it on your own, it maybe take some time to download all the stuff. Depends on your network. Yes, and on your computer. But it should be under often Azaria's. It will be installed and you can see all the other things here. But if you go there, there is something which is called Jupiter Lap and you can see that we are using the version to that one. That five Pretty easy now. Why? We are using your total environment. So as you can see, I'm still individual environment. And let's leave the vehicle environment. In order to leave a little environment, you need to write that the activate command there. Activate Now I'm outside. Know Joe bide their next to my command drunk, right. The same commanders for the windows. So when I'm outside and I will go toe peep three in this case list not is the difference there are No, no, no. The models which I installed previously. Individual in moment. Yes. So this is the global fight. Why? Because when I ran the which biter user slash being slash fighting right, which by country use this lift means. So this is the global biting with only the spec cheese. I didn't disturb these packages. I only install the packages to the little on my own. And this pretty safe. If you mess something up, you can just simple deal individual environment. And that's a good topic. How do you deleted little environment? So as I mentioned, there is a folder end of an inside. There is the Jupiter built environment in older to delete the better environment. You just click on it and press delete nothing else. So in space, in case off make owes its command backspace in case off. I mean, those achieved it. Yes. If you delete absolutely the victory on my land from your machine and you don't need to worry. Everything will do. My stop, individual. A moment will banish will disappear. Yes. Okay, so let's go back to Did you buy the little environment, which I created or oh, are Yeah. So I'm back? Yes, you can see the biter is there now in orderto ran a Jupiter for your very first time You don't think you need to do is to put Jew biter love in your command line. This will take some time, about few seconds and it will create a Jupiter lap server which will serve to your Web browser. Now, as you can see, the Jupiter lap, it's a simple, straightforward e t show its alternative. Let's say two results to the ago, but not the same thing. Okay, Yes. Which is running in your Web browser, right In the next video, we'll look over some basics off the Jupiter lap The only thing which I want to mention in this video more is that we created a beautiful environment outside off the global, fightin with all necessary motives which are needed for the Jupiter lap. Right? And now those of you who are, you know, curious enough can ask me a question. Well, Mikel, But what if I'm using bizarre studio gold? And there in the beytin extension, I'm specifying the interpreter Abused? How can I specify the little environment interpreter and this is a very good question. So let's go to the results to the occult, as you can see in the Jupiter folder, right? And there is the end and there are almost other stuff. So let's say you create a hello world, think right, and you want to use the packages on. Do you want to have these alto completes off off the visual studio code based on the libraries which are installed in your pipe? And yes, so the visual studio code knows what interpreter you are using, and it's giving you these outgoings based on the libraries which are installed in your given environment now because we created the digital environment, the libraries are different than in the global. Yes. So in order for you for your visual studio code to use the veto environments interpreter instead of the global interpreted by the interpreter is to create these. That V s coat folder is This is a folder and inside create a settings that Jason file Yes, and only thing which you need to specify in the settings that Jason is. This is this fightin fightin part and here provide a path, toe the digital environment and because it is raila to you toe afford reveal, you decide. You just need to specify it like this. That and the jupiter slash fighting slash b slash fighting right after finishing these dictionary here in the Jason Ran control, command be or control be in case off windows, these less sign and reload window. Now, this will apply the changes you did. And when you go to a hello world or to any fight on file, yes, because the fight on file is using the's mutual environment. You go down here and click. As you can see, it's automatically using the Jupiter beautiful environment van instance for view, total environment. And if you click here, you can change it back to the standard by 10 interpreter or to your beautiful environment. So as you can see, even these lost to decode is supporting this virtual environment. And please trying to get used to it. Yes, when you will be working on projects with load off dependencies with a lot of models is good to have is good practice to use the little environment. Okay, guys, this was a video where we show where I showed you some basics off little environment. It could be quite complex. I understand. Just give you the time to absorb the information. And I hope I see you guys in the next video. Thank you very much. 3. Jupyter lab: Hello, guys. Welcome to another video off our job Eternal book tutorial. And in this video to we're gonna talk about Supatra lap more deeply now, in the previous video, I talk about beautiful environment, so let's start into terminal and activate the little environment. So as you remember, the commendable source and the part toe script called Activate Within your Vittel Environment Directory in being subdirectory Okay, surroundings command. And after running these, you can see in the terminal you will have the name off your veto on environment in round brackets before the host name of your machine in the Windows machine is it is pretty similar In the previous video, I talk about the command which you need to run in order toe activated, little environment, because that's a little bit different in the windows. Okay, so now we are in the little on environment and let's around. The Jupiter Lab began s in the previous video. So if you're on the Jupiter lap, as you can see in your terminal, some bunch off text will be out. Put it to your screen, and as you can see that it's saying that you are going to run it on the local host. 888 That nine. In my case, maybe New York is. It's 88888 So just check these output and here you can see that it's saying that to access the notebook opened the file in a browser or copy and paste one off these you else and one . Both of them are referring to a same host. So your host your machine because you, Pitre lap, is some kind of off a Jupiter server running in your machine. And it allows you to communicate with the server to your bro. Sir, at the Given host now. Yeah, I can see this can be quite confusing. Like, what is the host? And what are these numbers and stuff like this? The only thing you need to know after running the Jupiter lap, you need to go to the location which is provided in the terminal. Okay, so if I go toe and even more in many cases, the Jupiter lab will be open for yourself after running the Jupiter Lab command in your terminal. So now we are in the Jupiter lap, and as you can see, I have created couple off notebooks. Example. Notebooks for this tutorial. Now what is a notebook? Let's create our first notebook. If you want to create a notebook, you need to choose a colonel colonel in the Jupiter lap is language, which is goingto be ran the notebook in. So in these cases, we going around fightin. But you Pitre lap, you can think of a Jupiter lap as an idea e. So something like a visual studio cold running in your browser. Yes, it can be quite different compared to the results to decode. It could be much faster because it's not using so much Ram in many cases. But if you're using some, you know, browser, some specific browser, it will consume much more memory. So so be aware of this fact and tried to choose maybe different roster. Try to play with it. Okay, so it's an I d and the i d. We can easily create these notebooks and notebooks are some kind of a special files for the Jupiter lap, and in this case we're going to create the fight on Jupiter lap notebook. So, as you can see, I'm provided to Buyten's here. One is the Python three and the other one is the pipe and three. That's seven. That's 7 64 bit. Why do I have two of them? It's because when you around the Jupiter lap Command within a directory, and as you can see, I was running it in the Jupiter directory. So the directory of this course, and previously I created that and file the Jew part Jupiter Lab knows that there is that and file and India's that and file is the Vittel environment. So out of the box it is provided you choose, Colonel, either the built in so the building pipe and three and start with the homebrew or the fight . And three, which is running individual environment. Because we are using the visual environment, We're going to use the little environment. Yes, and side hover over these button. You can see that there is in the brackets. Jupiter vetiver. Okay, so please choose this if you accidentally choose the other Russian. Don't worry. You can click here and change the colonel every time you want, right? So So select it and then you can play with the Colonel. You can run the fightin in these notebook. So now on the left. You can see the amp it lit. Why be I b y and be so that's the suffix off the do fight off the notebook. I buy the notebook eyes being created and it's called Untitled. So if you want to rename it, just click here, right or here, right, and choose the rename option and let's call it my first notebook. Yeah, okay, so to be consistent, you can also go with the camera with the snake case. This time I'm using the camera case notebook, and here on the right side, I have my running Jupiter notebook and these Jupiter notebook is a very powerful thing. I can run the biting cold inside there, and now some of you may say yes, but you can run the code also from measles to the occult. So why do we need the Jupiter lap? So Jupiter Lap provides you immediate results by running in place biting cold. So, for example, let's write bring hello world. For those of you who are not family with bite on, I highly recommend my previous course when I was talking about the basics. So if you don't know anything about biting or how to create a bite and cold. What is the same tax and stuff like this? I recommend you to watch the course. It's a very in depth for absolute beginners so you can find it in my profile. So let's say hello world. And if you want, run the code. You can you press this button, it will run the code and as you can see, it was immediately immediately printed. Hello, World on or you came round the comma The key shortcut shift, Enter or control Enter in Windows Command, enter in a complementary in the make. A difference between chief and comma control is that control? We will stay at the given cell. This is called a cell and shift enter will automatically go to the next cell. This can be very handy if you need to run couple of sales one after another. You are just pressing the shift entering this case. Okay, So as you can see, I have immediate results. I don't need to highlight anything crackly again. Brandon the interpreter No immediate results. Also, it's handy if you are having some valuables and you want to know the value off the valuable . So You don't need to ride print every time. You just you just press put the valuable at the end. Now in the Jupiter notebook in the cell, every variable or every return value often object on the last line or the last return variable will be returned. So these was quite complicated. Yes. Michael, What are you talking here about? I'm new into Jupiter notebook. I don't understand simple case. So imagine you have two variables. You have variable X, which is set to five, and you have valuable. Why? Which is said to three now, when you ran these, nothing will be returned because none of the commands in the cell have a written value. Right? So if you want to written X, you provide excess the last variable. Because variables have returned variable return value off their value. Right? So X is the rate on. But if you want to return, why, why is the return value? Yes. Now you need to understand that no books are keeping the context and the state inside. So So all these variables are stored in the memory. So beware off this fact. If you create a lot of variables with big data inside there, you can just kill your memory. And this happens many times in these cases, the Jupiter notebook will stop working, and it will lack. And in this case, it's very handy to use thes buttons at the top. So ran in these button. These square will interrupt the colonel. And what does it mean? It will basically shut down every running process? Yes. So these guy will shut down any process. For example, you are in the middle of the endless infinite loop and you are waiting for some. Or you are waiting for some output off a neural network which can take a lot of memory and a lot of time. And you don't have time. You need to go outside your or your friends or to the restaurant. Yes. You just need to shut down it. You present square, everything is okay. You can then come back and then run the cell again, right? You don't run the whole coat. That's that's the biggest advantage off the Jupiter notebook. Then there is these powerful battle which is called Restart the Colonel. Now, when you restart the cardinal, all the state will be lost. So when I click on it, I'm asked. Do you want to restart the current cardinal? All variables will be lost and I go every start. And now if I run the why you can see name why is not defined And these number suddenly stopped toe increment. And that's the reason The reason for this is that the context off the previous round time was lost. So yeah, I ran previously These definitions off the variables, but it's lost. So now I need to define the variables again by running the cell. Now there will be number two and then I can output the why, yes. So, so powerful. The context and the state preserves inside the Jupiter. What does it mean? So the order doesn't matter. The only thing which matters is the execution. So if I now go and create a cell at the top because you can see I transfer the sale toe the top by by holding it. And when I bring the why here I will get why even if it if it is at the top, so beware the fact that in the Jupiter notebooks the order of the Commons doesn't matter just the execution right. Okay, so these were the most important things in the Jupiter notebook in the Jupiter lap notebook . Now, why? What you can also do issue can, for example, create another, uh, another notebook. So let's create another notebook. And then it is this something what I like You can split screen. Yes, So you can have a one notebook on the left side, Another notebook on the right side. Then you can hide these file browser by clicking on the step and you have more space. It's it's very dynamic. Yet some of you may say you can do it. Also in visual studio off course you can do. But this is much faster and it saves your memory many times. And this is a great advantage. No. Uh, the next thing I want to show you is that in the which is main distinction between the U biter lap and the Jupiter notebook, we travel. Covering. Next video is that in the Jupiter lap, you can preview CIA's REFIles. Now what is the CIA's we file? You can think about CSB file as a supplier which stores a lot off information at Excel Table, for example. Yes, the Excel tables are XLs files or or some different suffixes there but sees the files are are are quite common in data science and in big, definite engineering. And they can hold a big data, and it's quite common to use them for machine learning and stuff like this. So the Jupiter lap provides you the possibility to preview thes thes files. So I have created here a folder data. Now just I want to recap everything would you see here is basically happening in your file system. If you go to the finder and you go to the Jupiter folder, which is the folder from which I ran the Jupiter Lap Command from Terminal. So so here at the at the top? Yeah. Is it? Is it the Dubai Per folder? You can see that there are also the I fight and notebooks. So the first notebook and the untitled notebook, which I created a couple of minutes ago So everything is happening here. So I have created here a data folder and I put their the Irish Sea is we file, which is an Irish data set and ideas. That s it. It's good known that I said for You know that the science, beginners or machine learning beginners and I will show you in the next videos how you can work with these Irish data set in the Jupiter lap. So feel free to go to the Internet and try to find the ideas that, or would ever see is we want put it to the same directory, where you around to bite her lap. And then if you go to the Jupiter Lapin. Then this time I goto data. You can see that here is the ABC is we under seven hours ago, and if I double click on it, I can immediately preview. You can see it was instant. I don't need to wait to open the Excel. It was instant, so so I can see instant that there are five columns when he said, Darling said Dewit better linked and better of it and some species at the end, so so immediate results. I can split screen, for example, And then I can work with the file in a thesis notebook, right? Fairly simple. No. So this was just the brief introduction into Jupiter notebooks. Feel free to run some pipe and cold inside they're trying to save it. Close it. If you want to close the Jupiter notebook, it isn't just like you close the window over here. Now you need to also close it here. So in order to close and quit the Jupiter lap, you go to the terminal. Click inside Terminal and press control. See? And now you will be asked. Do you really want to shut down these notebooks server And you say yes or process? Yeah, I was too slow. So yes. Press enter to colonel shutdown. Everything is saved. If I go back to the finder, you can see. Still, there is the my first notebook and an title notebook, which I created for you. So pretty simple. Yes. This was the introduction into Jupiter lab notebooks. In the next video, we're gonna talk about the Jupiter notebook, which is something a little different, but the same basically. So thank you very much for watching this video and help old school. And I will see you in the next video. Thank you. 4. Jupyter notebook: Hey, guys, Michael would come here and welcome to another video off Jupiter tutorial. And in this video, we're gonna talk about Jupiter notebook. In the previous video, we talk about your fighter lap, and now we couldn't talk about notebook. Now, Jupiter notebook is very similar to Jupiter Lap. Basically, the main difference is that the Jupiter notebook is just the running environment to round different languages. Like fightin or Scalia are. And stuff like this and and Jupiter Lap is it's a whole editor. Yes. So there are old any degree, these of Editori, you cannot their extensions. You can work with the tops. You can split screen stuff like this. So Jupiter notebook is something smaller. But basically, everything with this Enbridge fighter notebook is also in the Jupiter lap. Right? Okay, so let's go to the terminal. So, as you can see, I'm running digital environment. You fighter in this case, and And if you follow the long and you install the Jupiter lab in the first video, we divert on van environment set up. If you go toe people east, you will see all these packages being installed. And there is a Jupiter a lap installed. Now, these means if you have the Jupiter lap installed in your computer also the Jupiter. No books, no books will be installed. Notebooks are installed under the model name notebooks. So if you go down there, there is no book module with version 60 That reso. We are running C zero the three here. If you are from the future, you are maybe running something better. So he'll freak tested first and and then maybe you can write into discussion. What is the situation in your h? Okay, so how to run the Jupiter notebook and you know, to run the Jupiter notebook? You just write down Jupiter notebook. Now it will take some time, but as you can see, it will open the notebook for you. And as you can see, the Jupiter notebook after being loaded looks just like the file Brosa from the Jupiter lap . And basically it is in the first place, just a file browser. So there are no taps whenever you want to open one of these notebooks. So let's open the old one from the previous You will be open in the new card and you will be prompted with the notebook on the full screen. Basically the same buttons are on top, as in case of a fighter lap. So So basic. Basically the same thing. Yes, you can. Also, uh, you can also stop the sale. Restart the whole kernel, right? You can ran it. And you can You can do all the same stuff as you are doing with the Jupiter lap and aside. Mention that Jupiter was dedicated for all the variety of languages. And some of people are running our years or our language. All that the scientists some There are some that the scientists who preferred are instead of the beytin. Yeah, the weird one, but just joking on the fightin guy. So So feel free to run the colonel with our Maybe, if you are, are fan. Or also Ruby can be around there. Or scallop scallop. Okay, let's go back to the file browser and you can see when you are running something, there is these green notebooks symbol. I come and and you can see also the file size. So basically, it gives you the same detailed view in the branding tub. You will see all the running notebooks and the clusters. They're if you're only good class through, you will see there Barlow notebooks running. But in this case, we're not. So if you go to the date and there is the iris es we and if you run, if you click on Garcia's, there is this See SV view preview, which I don't really like. So that's the reason why I prefer the super her lap in the first place. Whenever I need to check the data, the Jupiter lab gives me the opportunity to check the data. But the notebook is quite limited here. So So, Well, some of the features on the Internet are are recommending Jupiter notebook for the novice that a scientist, I highly recommend you buy the lab to everyone. Yeah, I think we should forget about the Jupiter notebook and concentrate mostly on the Jupiter lap. But I wanted to show you that this is also a way how you can develop your that the science projects and stuff like this year. So if you are here back in the brochure and you go to the files now in the data, so click in the root directory, you can create the new beytin again. In this case, that's the That's the result for creating a new notebook. You can eat the to spite in three or five and three. That's seven. That's seven. Just there is something interesting. You can also create X Files. So, for example, you can create the text file at their biting cold and rename it to a that by So it allows you to create also the Biden files. But you can open the terminal. So if you open the terminal and you can open the terminal also in the Jupiter Lab. But I didn't do it because I wanted to show you in this video because previous video just walk. So, as you can see now, I'm in the terminal and now this can be quite quite confusing. Sometimes when you are in this terminal, just make sure to check which beytin you are running. So if you go when right which bite and you can see that you're rounding the home brew Bytom and be where we are running the environment of the little environment. So if you come and press L as you can see that you re site in the same directory from where you the Jupiter Nobu. Questrom. So now you can also source the a fighter butto on environment the same way as we did in the previous videos. And now I'm I'm using. Now, when I ran the which biting Yeah, I'm repeating it because repeating is good for you. As you can see, I'm running the pattern from the visual environment, okay? And from from these terminal, you can install the packages, so model story so you don't need to always out top to the terminal and check out and install package and restart notebook. You can do it directly from here, and it's much easier to be honest and much simpler. Find guys, this was a Jupiter notebook. It was quite fresh, quite quite fast. So I hope you got something from this. In the next video, we're gonna talk about Jupiter Markdown, which is one of the coolest features down there in the Jupiter. And that's also the reason why these that the scientists are like me are using these kind of software so state doing for the next video. My name is Michael School. I hold with seeing the next video. Thank you. 5. Jupyter markdown: Hello, guys. Make a good score here. And welcome to another video to our true Pitre Territorio In these video, we're gonna talk about your partner mark down. I will show you examples into Jupiter a lot, but feel free to test these examples in your Jupiter notebook application as well. Ok, jump right. Begging to the terminal. As you can see, I'm running to Jupiter Lab currently. So here is the command, which I run a couple of seconds ago. And then I'm going to my Google from at the top toe the host local host on to the port. 8889 Bexley Schlapp. So, as you can see on the left side, I have my file grocer and I'm going to open the file. Cold marked down examples. Hey, I misspelled the name. So I open. I'm opening the mark. No examples. And here, if the notebook open here, As you can see, there are a couple of texts examples in this notebook. If you want to follow along these exercises, just go to our good lap page link in the description below and download the notebook from the get s O. What is the markdown So as I mentioned, notebooks in the Jupiter consists of cells, and these cells can have various types. So so, before we move on to these example, let's jump right back toe Example Book show open. Let's say this one. Choose the right colonel. And as you can see, when you collect here in the cell, you can choose from three different kinds of cells, one on default. One is the code, which means that you want to put the coat inside the cell. Now, based on the interpreter, the Jupiter will decide how to highlight it. So in this case, we're using Buyten's. So it will be highlighted as a fightin Yes. So you will write the cold and stuff like these. There is also, and suggestions so called suggestion, sir, if you press tab while writing, it will work the same us in the results to the cold. So So this is the first thing that's the coat sell now, but there are a couple of different two different alternatives. Iraq is just the rusting where you can write your text notes and stuff like this. So this. So let's write it like this is the bro sale And if you pressed rudimentary and nothing change, it is just text. And then there is a markdown self. So if I choose the markdown self, I can write something which is called Text in the Markdown language. Now those of you who are from area familiar with the read me files into, give me get in the kit and read me off the kit repository. You know the markdown language. Using these, you can write a couple of different interesting things. So you can, for example, created a heading or you can create the dishes. Don't forget to choose always to Margo and many other different stuff. So if we go to the markdown example notebook, you can see I put here a couple of examples so you can style your text for the heading, the major heading and different stuff. If you want to know how I wrote, it's just double click to the sale, and you can see the same tax off the mark down. Used for the different form in a different format of the text, you can put their number bullets and you can put their the image. You can also put equations, and these things are very, very powerful. Now, why is it so crucial for notebooks? And why is it so important to have the feasibility and the possibility in the in the Jupiter? Well, many times Jupiter is used by the scientists and they are using it for on different mathematical computations or predictions with the Marshall Learning. And these machine learning models are many times very complex and hard to understand. And if you will go just through the coat off, for example, neural network system or or ah, classifier or different classifier system, you will get lost in the coat and many times having the ability to, you know, put in place description is very powerful. Toe the code leaders now, yes, you can use the basic bite and files and put the comments there, which is still possible here. So, for example, if I have a cell with the with the goats, like, uh, the function hello, which is sprinting. Hello? Yeah, no, I defined a function of God can run it function. Hello? Yeah, you can still put the comments inside there the same way as it was in the standard beytin file like these years. Moldy line comment. But as you can see, this is not so so specific. Like you can get lost with these commands and and imagine you want to define a mathematical equation. And and, you know, these equation can be very strange. For example, this one which is the sum on then the square that the root of two and then comparing to something, Yes. So So you need the ability to express the mathematical equation in the mathematical form. And this is where the Jupiter no book with its markdowns, come to stop the play and gives you the opportunity to combine the markdown power off the styling text and the biting cold. Now and when you will create this file and you will come by in the cold sales with these markdown cells, it will give, uh, your coat the power to easily expressed by itself. So So the readers will not get lost, and and the cold will be much more readable. Now, the Jupiter lab and you fight no do provides you the opportunity. So if you don't forget, ran it. Of course. So if you want now, now you have the notebook and you want to send it to your friends. Write or send it to your let's say, teacher, because many times you are also working with no books in the school of the university is for you want to do, for example, your bachelor thesis and you want toe report in the way How you go, have you program some some machine learning algorithm? So now we want to send it to somebody now because, for example, the other side may not have the capital have been stalled. The easy way to send something is just to export these notebook into different formats. So if you go to the file and the export notebook, as you can see that you can save it as as many different things, like a C doc or HTML file, which you can easily put to your webpage or latics file. For those of you who know don't know what these Latics ITT's just another way how you can write a pdf file. Then you can export it direct to the media, file to the market on file the rest structure, text, executable script or even reveal Js slides. So I saw a Power Point presentation, kind of like right So So this gives us opportunity to easily, you know, send the results, get fast, results up, bring the results and send toe the others. Okay, guys, this was just the brief introduction off the mark down. Feel free to check out the page, which is linked here. So if you click on this page, you will be redirected. Did you Piper Notebook equation examples. And there you can see how many different examples can you specifying the Mark Mellman and how to do it? I hope this help you, and I hope you will use it. I was using these many times at the university with my assignments. And my name is Michael Scott. Thank you very much for watching this video. I hope I will see you in the next one. 6. Jupyter lab example: Hello, guys. Makeup would come here and welcome to another video off our Jupiter territorio in this video, I'm gonna show you an example off usage off the Jupiter notebook. So in this video, I'm gonna go to a step by step, process off a simple that data analysis. Now, during this video, I will use capital of national Learning models so which are used in the data scientist community. I will use pandas and Matt Ridley. Now, these tutorial is not tutorial to the pandas or to the public. So I will cover these topics in the future videos. So just feel free to just copy, paste the commands or go through the commands and try to just understand how these things work. Blunders can be very, you know, hard to understand because it's very complex. Also the map public. So just just let you know. The pandas is the library which allows you to work with the big date, our or with some kind of data sources in in the fightin. So it transforms the data into objects which are called that frame. Now, one way of working with the daytime in the fighting is toe transformed them into objects like lists and dictionaries. But Banda's creates data frames, and these objects are very easy to comprehend. Very easy to manipulate you can create. You can work with them in many different ways. They have a lot of building functions which help you to transform the data and work with the daytime that Census Data scientist way I will cover this topic later. So just feel free to go with me through this example. Okay, Before we move on, let's jump right into the terminal. I'm on my mega X terminal. Feel free to reproduce all these steps in the windows terminal. The way how it works is exactly the same. So you are in the fertile environment now. I'm individual environment called Jupiter. As you can see, when I put the which biting here I get the part to my little environment fightin. So as you can see, everything is okay Now, in order to work with the bundles, you need to install the pandas. Yes, the abundance is the name of library. So in order to install it is you just write the common people install find us, and after running these, you will see that the bundles has independence is like the bite and they do till numb by bites and six. And as you can see, because I installed the pandas on another beautiful environment the way how the people environment, Tacitus juicy links it from the different Vittel environment. In your case, you I think you maybe don't install the pandas previously, it will take some time about the minute or two. Just wait until the successes at the end and everything is OK. Now you're listening to install the mat Pulip, which is a library dedicated for graphs. So the charts, if you want to put a chart from your data which is a quite common use case scenario in the debt ascents way into that the science world you need, you need the bite on my lips library model. Well, I'm a big fan of a sea border, which is a different library, which I will covering the next video. I highly recommend watching all my videos in the future. So So if you are into the charts, just follow along my tutorials, and I will cover the staples. So but let's talk about not only be in order to install about public. You need to write command deep in stealth mud, blood slip president again. Some dependencies will be searched for a link to your built environment and everything will be ready to work. You can double check it with people east. And as you can see, I will have here the matter. Blood lip. So the mat public currently amusing diversion Treat that the two and also the band us A pandas version will be one that Oh, that five. Okay, now I have the dependencies installed. I can run. Did you buy the lap? So you buy there, love. As mentioned in the previous video, you can do this process also from the Jupiter lab by creating a terminal window and run. The comments from the terminal window showed the way how to do it is just click here, open the terminal again, activate from hit the vehicle environment. Because now you are no individual environment that you can install the dependencies. Right? Okay, so this was a simple way how to do it. Now let's create an you know book. I have prepared the example for you, but we can go step by step through this so I have a new notebook. Let's call it Ari. Name simple analysis. Yeah, you can use also this night case. I prefer the camel casing, the in case of Jupiter notebooks. So first things first important, Amanda's import abandoned us as BT. Yeah, This is a quite common shortcut for pandas You can see from anywhere. Now you can import much blood boldly. You can see the out, the alto feel or the typing or the hints which you're used to from the visual studio code are working here the same way. Just you need to press the top so that I need to import assume audio from Apple Italy, which is called the pie plot. So on now I pressed up and I gonna write by plot Yes, SPL t you will see the syntax everywhere. People are using banned us with the shortcut of PD and by blood spl t everywhere. So now before we more lets the one thing we need to set up is the Benito enable in Jupiter notebook toe toe make an in line charts in the notebook. So we want to bring immediately the chart the way how it works in normal pattern is it will create this view for you where it will draw the draw the chart. But in the Jupiter notebook, we want to make in line charts. So I will just double check the common for this because I always forgetting this. Yeah, it's it's a matter of Lee been lying. So if I go back to simple analysis in order to enable in line matte lip, you need to running like these. So the person side, much blood, lip and then in line in line. Okay, now you will see and shortly why I'm doing that. But first things first showing this example, I will analyze the Irish that I said, which is, you know, the old school that I set for all the beginning bite in the machine learning engineers also for our engineer selling dimension learning. So feel free to use different that is setting this example. You'll be a very simple example just to show you the father of the Jupiter notebook. So first things we need to create that suffering from the CIA's we Yes. So if you go to find us, you can see there is a constructor for the data frame and these where you can create an empty. That offering This is a symbol or a sign for the empty debt offering. The Jupiter notebook has the ability to bring the data frame in the table version you will see shortly. So because we need to import data from the data folder here from the file Iraq's years, we we need to create that offering from that series began. In order to do that, we don't create a variable called the F, and we will assign their value off off the CSB and Pandas provides your function, which is called the read CSP, which will read that the sea is we and put the output off this function into the the F variable. So if you go here and press stop, you can see the research etc. As well. You can also imported from Excel from html from Jason from everything. Okay, this is no the tutorial toe bond us just showing you the basic stuff, Seretse SV And here you specify the path to your data source and the path is relative to the place where the Dubai Colonel bogey sites. So we need to go to the data and then if you press stop, there is the Irish speak percent. Now we have the data frame and now comes the biggest advantage. Or did you let them know? When you go like the f? You can see that the doctor frame was output that you can see. We have 150 rose, five columns. You can see the head and tail off the data frame if you want to see the head or the difference. Abused for rose. Five rows. You go for the head. If you want to see the tail, you go for Dale. Amazing stuff. Very simple. Very easy. You can see the advantage of your paternal book in the fightin. This is there is no way you can bring it in tow. Interactive shell, right. You will have these strange lines which will be confusing and and you will get lost. So now what next? What you can do? I want to show you the power off. Matt. Bold leap. Yes. I want to show you how you can create a chart out off your data. So you have these data and you want toe blot, for example, the distribution or values self interests So, for example, you could that would bring the in the brain with the building function off the data frame. Now things can be confusing. I I put here the plt, but I will not use it because when I have the data frame, there is a function which is called a plot. And when I call a plot function upon my data frame, you can see that it will create these line chart off the values from my death a frame. So as you can see, there are first some low values at the beginning. Yes, these have to seek the These are the well septal length. So Sepp telling started around six. It's our here. And then it rises for the different things. Yes, so you can create Doesn't matter the data right now you can see just you can create the same line charts. And because I put here these model in line, the chart is in line in the notebook. It's directly there. This is a P injury. You can click upon it with the shift and save the image. Yes, and send it to anyone. So this is the power off the Jupiter notebook now you can create the history graham off something. For example, we want to access the values on Lee off the septal length right, which has something to do with leaves. I guess so if I goto the f septal linked and when I called the settling because this is a column off the debtor frame, I get Onley the values off. This is called a panda Siri's. Yes. If you don't know anything about bundles, check out our next video. So panda series And now I want toe get output history, Graham. So the distribution off the values for the septal length and the easiest way is just the food got here and Cole a function called East. And if I ran these, you can see this is the history, Graham. Right? So you can see the values are all around six. Now, you want to have more bars in the history, Graham, you just go and adhere the valuable beans and at, for example, 50 beans. We want the pistol Graham 50 beans, and this is much more detailed history, Graham, for the values off the septal length is you guessed C don't now. Don't think about the functions that you don't know what they are doing. The only important thing is that you can see the power off Jupiter notebook. Now, you have these Jupiter Nobu created. Yes, for example, you have an assignment on your university. Just rather hissed a grams off the values in the Irish data set. Right. So you now can create and you sell will be the bone here, Change it to mark down and out here. Some very nice name. Uh, assignment one and other description there. Strip Shin. Yes. And you can add the description after each cell. Yes. So And then you can export the pdf sending to sell on. Everything is ready. Everything is perfect now. So this was very some basic example of using the pandas. And my probably in the in the fighter notebook is you can see the power off the Jupiter notebook. This is big, and I just showed a small piece off the big iceberg which is waiting for you to learn. Andi, you can You can then use the whole potential notebook in your projects. Our in your company? If you are working with the big data, Jupiter notebook is good for working with data with data sources like CS REFILES Excel files. It's much faster, and it has much more functionality than the Basic Excel functions. So I highly recommend using these instead of the Excel. And then, and it's also very cool, like it's getting popular. Do vital up is brand new features about the year old, so feel free to learn it. I hope I help you a little bit, and my name is Michael School and I will see you in the next video. 7. Google colab: Hello, guys. My name is Michael would go and welcome back toward you by two tutorial in this video, we're gonna talk about Google. Call up now In the previous video, I showed you example in the Jupiter lap how you can simply analyse some basic data. We were working with the example off Iris, that asset in the CIA's before month. Now we created the very nice and simple first Jupiter notebook for this purpose. I showed you how you can build an in line bloods charge inside your notebook. And now in these video, we're going to talk about Google. Now, what is the Google call up? You remember that Google was creating these services which resembled some of the Microsoft products like work. So you had these Google dogs shared across the Internet online, Or you can run the let's, say, work inside the clout also the excel and the power point. So Google decided to do something like this for the notebooks. So there is a service called Google Collapse, which allows you to create a notebook online, shared it across your friends across your colleagues and have it in the cloud. Also, the whole ran time off the process and off the coat will be happening inside Google's cloud for free. Now what's the catch? Yes, So the Google Club has some limited resources available for all the users, which means that if there are more people using the Google up there is unless resources for you. So at the creation off the notebook, you will be assigned. Some resource is. But these number of resources will change during the time based on the number of users running Google collateral books. And now, for those of you who are new to the terminology when I'm talking about the resource is I'm talking about the RAM which assigns you. The Google and thes space would just assign you from the also the CPU now. Whoa, That was a lot of information, Michelle. I'm completely lost. I don't know. What were you talking about? I'm just here for the notebooks. So let's jump into the Google collapse. So if you are in the Google, go and search for Google. Call up like these services in new, but it's like I think secretly health on the secret page. So not a lot of people know about it, so I'm still not sure if it will be available in the next years, but feel free to check it out and let me know in the discussion. If you are, for example, from the future, I don't know. 2021 2022. And the column is not available. So we know that this video is out of date. So if you go to the Google collapse side, it's here. These will introduce you to a interface where you can create your notebooks. Now, these interface is very simple. Every no book would you will create will be stored in your Google drive. Yes, and will be available for you in the future. But we weren't the fact that they created something which is called her cycle period. So after a time, I don't know how much it is Weeks, months, The notebook with the data will be deleted out off there. Yeah, yeah, the meta datable persist, but the data which you will store inside the disc's off Google will be deleted. And they're doing this because off there are a lot off outdated notebooks which are just spending in the Google cloud. And they are keeping the space, so they want to free the space and give the resource is to other people who are needing them. Now you can create directly a new notebook here by clicking on the new notebook. You can, for example, choose one of the examples. Google has a lot off interesting examples about the neural networks. So if you want to use the tens of float now for for your projects, feel free to refer to one of these examples. There are also examples in care us you can download them from. Get up. You can upload something. Yes. For those of you who don't know anything about the neural networks or tens of floor stuff like this nobody we can cover it in the future tutorials. Right now, the only thing you need to know you can create a new notebook in the Qalat Gurukul up here I will. In these video, I will show you how we can create the same example as I was showing you in the previous video in the Google call up in the cloud. So I don't need to use my resources off my local computer. Right. So in orderto upload the your Jupiter notebook into the Google up. Go to the upload side, upload tap, Choose a file, navigate to the fire location where you want to go. I'm in the Jupiter And here is the simple analysis which I created in the previous video press open. And this will upload the notebook inside the Google up. And now you can see this is the interface off Google up. The whole interface resembles the interface off the Jupiter notebook. But they added here the East file grocers. And it's now much more Jupiter Lap like, Yes, So we will stay with these interface. And as you can see, there is my notebook being uploaded. And there is There are the cells again. Yes, you can see that this is a markdown sale. You can copy cell cat cell. This is ah, simple. Buyten's cell with old there is the same cold from the previous example. So you're important us import Natalie, Natalie Inland reading the data set tailing that that I said blood. Think that that was it. And stuff like this. So if you go like here, you will see that the execution It's exactly the same on left side. You have your fire, Brosa. And for each project they have here something which is called a sample data. And if you open the same poll data, there are these basic data. Now you can open these data and work with them in your notebook, so you can just, you know, read CSB from these location. They all the CIA's. We had this easy to see. What this inside police play with it. For example, California housing tests and train is the data set dedicated for regulation problem. So these data cities used for predicting the housing price based on the house prices in California. Now, the missed train test data set is a classification problem, which is dedicated for guessing the number based on the image number. So there are the image numbers provided to the computer and computer should save what number it is. We will cover these basic tutorial us in the future videos. So feel free and stay tuned for that. And if you are now lost in the things which I said, don't worry, we'll cover it Now we need to create we need to somehow get the Irish Sea. Is we inside our call up? So In order to do that, you can upload the file here with this button. So a blow to session storage. And if you choose here, the data opened this Irish data set. And they are just saying you that the uploaded files get deleted when thes runtime is recycled. So there's the random cycle. And after a series after psycho period, the recycling mechanism will be triggered and all the data will be deleted. Okay, so just beware respect. Whatever you are in, whatever you're uploading inside the Google cool up. Police always have a backup plan. Put it to the kid lap to the get help. Yes. So stay back up. If you don't know something about get up. Don't worry. We'll cover in the next videos. So right now, the Iris es V is at the root folder off my project. So we need to change these loading to this. And now we need to run it again. Don't forget that the cells inside the notebook must be executed in the order. So in order to use that frame, I first need to execute it. And because there was no number here, it was an executed yet so she would enter. It can take some time. Not now. It was important. You can read now. You can get the tail. You can see the same mechanism s in the Jupiter. Lap is applied in the super. And in the Google Cola you can plot it. What would living like? The same thing is here again. You can save the image. Pretty simple. You can. Then I'll put the pistol Graham, if you want. Also. Now, there is also one very powerful feature off the Dubai trickle up, which I would like to show you. So, for example, you have a very lame computer. Yes. Slow CPU, small memory, no graphics card. Now you can go to the Google call up, and you can choose a hardware, which is which is used in your call up notebook. If you go to the to the, uh, edit no buts notebook settings and there you can choose the runtime type. Okay, there is a fight entry, blah, blah, blah. But the important thing is the hardware accelerator. And here you can choose from three things, either none. In the non case, no graphics card will be used. Then there is a GPU option. If you click on the GPO option, a dedicated GP will be assigned to your Google call up. Now this is tricky. The GP will be assigned Onley if very Sam gp available in the Google collapse space. So if there are a lot of user using the GPU, you will not be assigned that job You If there is a dedicated GP for you, you will be assigned me the jeep. You But you need to write the code with the GP in the GPU manner. So if you don't know how to read the GPU called probably. Please don't use this option because you will just use the resource is which can be assigned to somebody else. Maybe for me, yes, now. And there is also the third option which is called the Deep You and the GPO stands for Tenzer processing units. So the GPU stand for graphical processing units. So these are the graphical cards which we school providing to you with their service and deep you is tens approach processing unit. The tens are processing You did is dedicated for very special machine learning task connected with the library tens of four which are dedicated for the neural networks. So if you don't know how to your stand the flow please don't Don't choose the tens of processing Yuning. Maybe there are other guys who will need it so and again. There is the same procedure. So if there are available tens of protection processing units, they will be given to you. And if others are using them than you are blocking somebody else. Okay, so these was the hardware accelerator part from the coal up? Uh, basically, that's that's That's the most important part off the collapse. So you can easily access get the access to the GP if you don't have one now amusing collapse when I'm running a machine learning algorithm which takes some time, for example, to train or to do something? Yes. So So the machine learning algorithms need some time like processing time, and it can take hours long hours. And I don't want to. You know, Randy, don't nice my computer when I have it. And when I don't have access to any better computer, I just run leaving the coal up call up loves you too. Ran it in for 12 hours at maximum at 12 hours, it will be recycled end, and then you're processing will be shut down. And from a technical point of view, when you choose the GPU, the Google will provide to you on video RK 80 s or G four s or P for S and P 100 s. So if your family are with these graphics cards so you know what I'm talking about? If not feel free to go, Toledo are Don't even bother about it. Yes, so it's just a technical detail. So as you can see Google eyes giving you the opportunity to share your notebooks having getting the collapse, you can just copy paste the euro off UL address from the share link here, toe your friends or to your colleagues, and you can together, then work on the project. Okay, so that was the call up call up. Thank you very much for watching the video. My name is Michael Holtz Girl, and I hope I will see you in the next one 8. Project: Hello, guys. My name is Michael Who? Tsco and welcome Colonel Video off our true tighter tutorial. Thank you very much for watching gold The previous videos from the theoretical and practical part. And this video is old about your project. So in the East project, I encourage you to try the Jupiter lap on yourself. Please feel free to Google some very interesting data set for you in this year's before month. There are dozens of doctor sits out there, feel free to use some of your data says if you have one just low Didn't your fighter lap? Don't forget about the mutual environment, Please. Then ran a just the simple read See as we function from the pandas and then plot the data set if you want, you can also head and top your data set the same way as I did in the previous videos. Feel free to try it in the Google call up. You can then record your project and uploaded to the skill share. Or you can also take some pictures and ability to the skill share. Feel free to write me if you will have any problems. Basically, I showed you the whole process in the previous videos. So if you have some trouble with reading the CSB or plotting the CSB, feel free to check it out. In my video, I highly encourage you to work with the virtual environment, as I did in the previous videos. In the first video, I showed you guys how to easily install the metal environment with your python three. But feel free to do the project in your own way. You can also try to go some very interesting by bike, um, pandas functions which can help you analyse better your data set. But if you don't feel like doing it, feel free to skip it. We will do it in the next videos s a bottles. You can try variety off charts which are provided with the part function in the pandas. You can find the documentation online and the patterns documentation website. You can see there and feel free to send me the photos and very interesting in the results which you will achieve with this few videos. I hope you enjoy the tutorial. And I hope I see you guys in the next tutorial of these bite on courses. Thank you very much.