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Jumpstart your Creativity: 6 Art Prompts

teacher avatar Laura Lencioni, artist + surface pattern designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Your Project

    • 3. Jar of Prompts

    • 4. Using Coffee or Tea

    • 5. Modified Image

    • 6. Making Marks

    • 7. Trying different Color Schemes

    • 8. Make a handmade Pattern

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About This Class



Have you ever had one of those days in which you just feel stuck and you don’t know what to do, or you feel pressured by something and inspiration and your art practice seems to slip away from you? I have.

If you felt like this once or more don’t worry, it is completely normal. Every creative person goes through these moments. It’s a common issue that links all of the creative fields together.

From my experience, to try and overcome the block, some ways are more effective than others. In this class I’m going to share my favorite art prompts. This is a class for every one and every level.

Supplies. Feel free to use what you already have!


  • Take out the pressure and make art letting the jars decide for you
  • Working on the same image over and over again to discover new approaches and refine your style
  • Work enjoying the process
  • How to make a handmade pattern and more…


  • Intro. What this class is about
  • Project. Choose one of these prompts and try it out.
  • Jar of Prompts. Create art letting the jars decide for you or create your personal Jar of prompts!
  • Using Coffee or Tea. Incorporate coffee/tea in your artwork.
  • Modified Image. Work and experiment on an image to discover new approaches.
  • Making Marks. Repeat a mark over the whole of a page.
  • Trying different Color Schemes. Paint first and enchant it with line drawing once the paint is dry.
  • Make a handmade Pattern + Thank you. This tecnique produce fluid and expressive results.

If you have any question don’t hesitate and let me know in the discussion section!

Let's be friends!

You can find me on Instagram @lauralencionidesign and on my website :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Laura Lencioni

artist + surface pattern designer


Hey there!

I'm Laura, an artist and surface pattern designer that loves drawing, cats, nature and quirky inspiring stories.

I love to mix traditional and digital art to create illustrations and patterns.  :)


As a little girl I loved to draw and to imagine stories. I enrolled in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara after my high school on social science. I've learnt to draw through a lot of practice and heartache (I wasn't any good at it at the beginning).

I fell in love with pattern design as I was finishing the academy. I've dug into it and into learning more since :)

Art can make you grow as a person and make you happy, I for once am always happy when I do something creative!!

I'm so happy to get t... See full profile

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1. Intro: Hi, I'm Laura and I am a teacher here in skills. Have you have a had one of those days in which, if a stock and you just don't know what to do, or you feel pressured by something on inspiration and our practice just seems to slip away , I have. If you felt like these ones or more toe worry, it is completely normal. Every creative person goes through these moments. Ideas seems to run dry, and inspiration becomes locking. It's a common issue that links all the creative fields together. From my experience to try and overcome the block. Some ways are more effective than others. When I was younger, I feared this moments off crises. By growing up, I discovered that art always comes back and this crisis are moments off growth, so don't fear it. Embrace it. It will pass. Use this moments to experiment or to relax and rich age. When I get started, I do different things. Sometimes I reserve hours or days toe enjoyable, not stress activities such as reading, working, listen to music or being to watching your TV show. Other times I go to see an exhibition. I go and pick up flowers or buy flowers. Causal of flour. All the times I focus my attention on other aspect off my art practice, such as learning something new, organizing this studio and so on. Other times I do an art activity that is thought toe overcome. The artist block, and that usually involves specific rules are simply doing something we love without purpose . In this class, I'm going to share my favorite art problems. This is a class for everyone on every level, so let's dive into it. 2. Your Project: your project. Choose one of the act prompts seen in the class and try it out. Remember, you're just trying to loosen up. Don't worry about their cells. What is important here? It's the process. That is what will benefit you. Share with us in the project section named The Prompt that you choose give the work a title and share. If you brought us, I can't wait to meet you up and I'm sure will be fun. Let's be inspired together. 3. Jar of Prompts : This is one of my favorite prompts idea. I learned this from Daniel Kreiss. If you have facing which you don't know what to do, you could try these and let the child decide for you. Take a jar or more and prepares types off paper in three different colors. One color sense for the subject. Warm for the art material to use one for the color minor white for color. Brown food subject and great for the material for them. And put the stripes in the jar a big or you can choose to use free jazz and put the color in H after you pick your categories. Do what the job decides for you without thinking too much. This is just for practice, and that is enough. The jobs take off pressure off, choosing what to do and at the same time how giving your time structure and in creating combinations off call of subject material or task in time, for example, that's not necessarily you will the Thinker. - You can also do your own personal version off the jar of prompts. I for once made the jar off the working artist in which have put the thing to do on the time to dedicate to the task, creating that reading a male's checking social media sample for you to drink company, learn your things, experiment and so on on for the times. I've put one hour, 20 minutes a full day, as long as it takes more. I did also similar one jar of dreams with a dream task on the time to dedicate to the task . My favorite jar is the jar of dreams. What about yours? 4. Using Coffee or Tea: another interesting, prompt I've discovered as to stain your so face with coffee or tea. If you have a blank page off paper, you could try this technically accidental spill the shade of coffee and how it gets absorbed by the Perper. It's a fascinating on. It can prove aid for a really good background to your work, and also you could follow the shade of the coffee that could aspire you to create some shapes more than others. For me. I tried with coffee. I'm going to do a cat on, but it will be a dreamy atmosphere that's a bit similar toe watercolor in the sense that it is transparent and you can work with more levels so you can actually spill the coffee or tea on, Then work after with some other materials. Or you could prepare it of coffee or tea in a jar and work with your brush during the first surface, ongoing in levels and darker shades. Every time these exercise, I decided toe work. We're just doing a background colored with surface with the coffee on. Then I went on toe work with pence. Don't worry if their first try iss, an experimental one and not what you were looking for. It takes an amount of experimentation, for you could find the best way to draw out coffee Scholar on how to call her with coffee. You can also look out on the Internet as many artists that really use coffee as a medium off work. But the main thing here is just to make your hands loose on, and when you don't know what to do, is just a way to experiment. You could do a background with coffee, just like I did are you could also try to do frames in coffee or flower. This technique, you can adjust it and use it, I'm sure, would be fun and also inspiring. 5. Modified Image: This is a nice exercise because you have a limited time toe work, so you have to be fast on. At the same time, you don't worry too much about the results because you have more images to work with. Working fast can really help in making your boulder, and in focusing, you just have to focus to make the work. It also had to in being more synthetic. Since you have a little amount of time for this exercise, choose imprint an image that you like 20 many copies off the same image. I choose a still from the forties Pride and Prejudice movie Because I love the movie, you could choose the father off the artist you like or a foot of yours. This is just for practice. You have to prepare 10 or more. I have nine in H off these two pages. This exercise can take you up to 15 10 15 minutes. It's just for practice on to listen up and you're probably develop some ideas while you work, so that's good. That's so much an image can give you intense off observation. On observation is an important aspect of being an artist. When you paint or draw from an image are an object. You observe it and you learn more about it. You learn more because your eyes are focused on you. Look more closely. It doesn't have to be perfect. I'm going to do this 2nd 1 for this one. I'm going to use Pink. I'm using Wash under the chair, too. Let's be a bit bolt and use a yellow. I think I like it. We should all be a bit bold, but pro working at the same image several times is that you feel freer to experiment and to mess things up. Okay, now to the next one, I want to do blue dots on address. This is a black and white movie that's also a cholera version of the movie. Then maybe we cooled. Also colored the ribbons. Yeah, for the next one, I want to make the back. I want to make the background a solid black tone, or maybe just a black frame around them. Next one, I'll try to do the eyes in black, but I think, yeah, I think it's not turning out Well, why don't I insurance just a few lines? I think that will be better to define it more and add contrast. Just giving it a bit of movement. Madding a few strokes to add even more movement. I finished the last three and meet you up. Uh, with a like in this first page is the white in the first image, the pink with the yellow and the 2nd 1 I don't like the black frame, the one with black her is awful for me. The same ridiculous. The last one is my favorite with the pink on with the intensity off yellow. Let's work on the next nine images. Something happened. Happened with my printer. Anyway, let's do the 1st 1 with a solid, drab background at ah, the bit of yellow right from the tube just to experiment on. Make it more material that's not a clean background, but just to have the idea off the color behind them. It's not bad, but I'm not sure about it. I like their the material aspect of yet, um that these these are warm colors so they can trust while with the black, but not sure where this could go. It's not that, anyway, for second. Well, let's to flowers. I love flowers, so I should try Flowers, the brash because it's too big. Let's try with one of my favorite pence. I'll drawn this for a bit. I'm going to finish on. I'll meet you up after Now that they are finished. I can see that in the second page. I like the 1st 1 because I like the contrast with this. Marcello, I could like to do a background in this collar. I don't like the 2nd 1 Little I started thinking of doing flowers, but it came out wrong. Then I like the lines. Don't on the dress off the third image, the four dips. Interesting. I don't like this one with the light bloom that look ridiculous. The 61 is nice with that veil of color that, it seems our experiments for the next ones. This page, my favorites, the last one on the first real aberrations and the last I like how the light cues are in pink, white and blue create a delicate result with transparency and movement in it. While off the first image, I like the boldness and intensity of the colors on the first page. My favorites are the 2nd 1 with its pop contrast on the last one. I love it because it's it has this bright yellow we would few touches off solid pink that bands the soft background done with a very light and transparent pink. So that's it. It was a fun exercise at just focus on the image on unhand ing From with it, I hope you had fun, too. 6. Making Marks: a simple technique is to study different mark making techniques. You couldn't do a simple one like a public line, like I did in this video, and fill your page with that. It's just to loosen up your hand and also to use collar. So choose and mark type of mark and repeat it over the wall off a page. I chose the color that you like. It doesn't matter, really, so I'm choosing this group that I like and tried it on old this page. You could also try a Morrell by design, like a circle or a square, but it's just the act that it's important, So a simple line like this one will be right. 7. Trying different Color Schemes: I did a light throwing over strawberry and I want to illustrate these in four ways, using monochromatic, complementary, acrobatic and analogous color schemes so each one would be different. I'll start with the monochromatic one. I want to use my pants for this one. Win a work in a quick way. There's a bit better for me because I found two think too much sometimes. But this way, Adam, I think I like this is just for practice. It is also to see how different it can be on object that you observe off that you remember by man movie this case. I remember the subject. I don't have the real object here with me to see how it changes when you apply different quarters Games. This is opened five topic multi Lina pigment ink and I'm using the 200 PM But this is not a watercolor paper because I don't think and when to use what color I think I use copy multi liner, a copy marker. So this is Stan. Now I'm going to do the next one and green a red that are complementary colors and I'm using copycat markers. The result is nice on the red takes out the green. Next one is a chromatic colors on a I'm going to use. I could use just a gray, but I'm going to use to types of gray. Just make a little bit off contrast. But with gray still an AK dramatic effect, I'm adding a few lines just to are the bit of contrast. I will do these to the other examples to later. Now to the next one. Is is using analogous collars, and it will be a pink and a red one. Another colors is colored. Similar bite owns. As you can see, I'm using the white of the page. I'm still using topic markers. Now I want to Experimental is a bit more on the Marketing Inc to the 1st 1 disease. Ah, violet pink. And, uh, I'm using now on the 2nd 1 Um, brush pun with a flexible tip to add like, uh, a more dark affect to it. I'm acting lying's to the 3rd 1 with the same plan I used before and for the last one. I'm using a topic Muti liner. We have a similar tune to the markers. I used 100. So this is done. Waas. Nice 8. Make a handmade Pattern: I'm going to show you how to do one of my favorite things that is to create Parton's Andi. In this video, we're going to create a handmade pattern, a partner A's resign in which one or more elements repeat themselves and feel a so face in a more or less structured way. I'm going to do an all over pattern here, Andi. I took a piece of paper on start to draw in the center of it flowers. That's because I love flowers. You can try with the element that you prefer on drawing flowers and lives. In this one. It will be an all over. That means that it goes in every direction. So for now I'm going to feel the page with the drawing mostly in the center of the page, trying to keep a kind of violence. Now I'm going toe full the page and cut it in half, and I'm going to match the base. Now it's up on the what was up X down again . I'm going to sleep the the pages, and I'm going to draw and the center again so that the designs start in. Ah is stuck in a page about also goes in the other one. I'm going to do the same thing on the other side. Now I'm going to use a unit pain fine liner to draw over my pencil drawing. This is to define better the drawing. And also it is also because I want to scan it after working here and work on it. Ah, on my laptop. I love to see the contrast, um, between the black line on the white of the paper when I do these types off. Parton's usually a pattern has elements are different value. Like, um, I'm doing flowers on more intricate elements at simple ones like leaves. I left it to dry for time minutes and then I, uh, raised old pensees science, and now it can see that my pattern repeats in every side. That's amazing on the love it. I love to work like this. Yeah, fits perfectly working with the black line. It's better because if you use a black line on a white paper like I did here, when you go and scan the work in your SCANA, it will scan better because it's a big contrast. So this is a way in which I in create buttons. I actually do it in many ways, but I find the handmade one. It's really nice. This is a way which I do Parton's. I actually tend to draw the elements by hand and then scan and work on them in illustrator . But all the times I also used for the shop paint a watercolor piece and then scan it and working, eating for the shop. Really, But the design is it's a type off artwork that is a really inspiring, and you can do so many things with that can see buttons like everywhere natural and your daily life can really be a big inspiration for this type of work. It's really something that always relaxed me on re change me, and if you are really good with illustrator or we for the shop, you could create a potter directly on your laptop. This is a result after I will work it with it in Illustrator, I think I like it. This is the last video, so thank you for watching the class. I hope you enjoy it. It was fun for me. If you have any question, Doll hesitated like Neil. Thank you guys, and it's useful