Jumpstart: Making Mixed Media Art

Susan Hurwitch, SusanCreatesArt

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12 Videos (43m)
    • Class Introduction

    • Class Supplies

    • Assignment One

    • Step One Background

    • Step Two: Adding Paper

    • Step Three: Stencil

    • Step Four: Black Paint

    • Step Five Black Pen

    • Step Six: Black Splatters

    • Step Seven: White Pen

    • Assignment Two

    • Finished Art!!


About This Class

We are going to dive right in to make four 6x6 inch Mixed Media works of art! We will be working in series to help to hone your artistic skills. Using 6"x6"watercolor artist tiles provides a project that can be done in virtually any setting without needing special space to work. In this class we will go from material basics, to developing a concept and working toward producing four unique works of art that can each stand on their own or relate in series. With some basic steps and learning how to layer materials, you will be on your way to creating four complete works of mixed media art! 

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This was such an enjoyable and informative class. I learned a lot, and have been playing with Mixed media! I think I've fallen in love with this process. :-) Thank you so much to Susan for sharing your knowledge.
what a great class.... would love to see more
Tania Dalberto

Learning to get creativity

Very nice class.





Susan Hurwitch


As a small child growing up in South Florida, I was gifted with a creative eye and was always drawn to color, pattern and texture. My imagination would run wild when I got my hands on my first Crayola box of 64. In school I was that annoying kid that loved any class project that involved drawing, coloring and/or creating. If the assignment did not call for it, I would find a way to incorporate art into it. The drive to make art has followed me throughout my adult life and I was always involve...

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