Jump Start a Daily Art Practice | Anne Butera | Skillshare
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10 Videos (1h 4m)
    • Introduction

    • Structuring Your Daily Art Practice

    • Day 1: Leaf

    • Day 2: Yellow

    • Day 3: White on Black

    • Day 4: Fruit

    • Day 5: Butterfly

    • Day 6: Seed

    • Day 7: Kitchen

    • On Your Own

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About This Class

Making art on a daily basis is invaluable for exercising your creativity and for learning new skills and honing the ones you already have.

You can jump start a daily art practice by challenging yourself to create art every day for a specific number of days.

In this class I walk you through designing a structure for your own daily art practice and I provide you with a list of 31 prompts to get the ideas flowing and take you through your challenge. Each prompt can be used for a single day's inspiration or to inspire many days of creating. I hope that they will also inspire you to create your own prompts as well.

During seven lessons I share examples of how I create art from the prompts I provide, using one prompt each day for a week-long challenge. Each day I share my process of deciding on a subject inspired by the prompt and creating a piece from that inspiration. I demonstrate pages created with watercolor, gouache, pen (both black pen and white gel pen) and collage.


Perfection is not the goal for this class and shouldn't be the goal for your daily art practice. It's not about spending hours on a piece. It's about developing a doable habit of creativity. It's about adding art to your everyday. It's about overcoming fears and stumbling blocks. And it's about trying new things and freeing your creativity.

By the end of the class I hope that you will be encouraged, inspired and organized to begin your own daily art practice.





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Anne Butera

watercolor artist, pattern designer

For a long time I denied my identity as an artist, but in 2010 I decided to reclaim it.

Regaining my creativity didn't quite work out as I had planned. In truth, on my first attempt at leaping for my dreams I fell flat on my face. That experience, though painful, has put me on what I call a Mission of Beauty and Joy.


Today I work as a watercolor artist.

I strive to create something each day and am passionate about encouraging you to embrace your crea...

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