Juggling in an easy and fun way - Jonglieren schnell gelernt | Julia Schmitz | Skillshare

Juggling in an easy and fun way - Jonglieren schnell gelernt

Julia Schmitz, Juggling not struggling

Juggling in an easy and fun way - Jonglieren schnell gelernt

Julia Schmitz, Juggling not struggling

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32 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Intro to a funny lifeskill - Willkommen zu deinem Jonglage-Kurs!

    • 2. Your position - Richtig stehen

    • 3. 1 Ball: Basic pattern - Grundform

    • 4. 1 Ball: Focus somewhere else - Blick lösen

    • 5. 1 Ball: Figure 8 - liegende Acht

    • 6. 1 Ball: under the arm - unter dem Arm

    • 7. 1 Ball: around other bodyparts - um andere Körperteile herum

    • 8. 1 Ball: Your 1st show - deine 1. Mini-Show

    • 9. 1 Ball: Contact-Juggling - Kontaktjonglage

    • 10. 1 Ball: Balance on your hand - Balance auf der Hand

    • 11. 1 Ball: Cominations - Kombinationen

    • 12. 1 Ball: Pre-exercice: the Mill - Vorübung: der Wischer

    • 13. 1 Ball: the Mill - der Wischer

    • 14. 1 Ball: Transitions - Übergänge

    • 15. 1 Ball: Bonus

    • 16. 2 Balls: Intro

    • 17. 2 Balls: Basic pattern - Grundform

    • 18. 2 Balls: Timing

    • 19. 2 Balls: Check your pattern - Alles richtig gemacht?

    • 20. 2 Balls: Combinations - Kombinationen

    • 21. 2 Balls: almost 3 - fast 3

    • 22. 2 Balls: at the same time - gleichzeitig

    • 23. 2 Balls: up und down - gegengleich

    • 24. 2 Balls: Crazy Combinations - Verrückte Kombinationen

    • 25. 2 Balls: Lifekinetik 1

    • 26. 2 Balls:Lifekinetik 2

    • 27. 2 Balls: Two balls in one hand - 2 in einer Hand

    • 28. 2 Balls:Columns - Säulen

    • 29. 2 Balls:: 2 in 1 combinations - 2 in einer Hand - Kombinationen

    • 30. YEAHHHHHHHH! 3 Balls - 3 Bälle

    • 31. 3 Balls: Bonus 1

    • 32. 3 Balls: Bonus 2

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About This Class

This is a juggling class in german. Do you want to improve your german language? Learn German while learning Juggling or vice versa:)

It is the beginner class from 1 - 3 balls with a strong focus of creativity with 1-2 balls. You learn lots of tricks to play around with 1 and 2 balls and then the last step to three is easy!

And then everything is possible:)


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Julia Schmitz

Juggling not struggling


Hello, I'm Julia.

I am a passionate juggler and globetrotter. I have taught people around the world this amazing skill. the best reward is the glance in their eyes and the smile in their faces to make the impossible possible in les then an hour! I love it when the people can't get enough and just forget everything around them when they are completely soaked in their playfullness:)

That is why the German version is here to teach you while playing around with ball my mother tongue.

The more advanced version with the tennis balls and the can is in English in the Premium Classes.

See you there.




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1. Intro to a funny lifeskill - Willkommen zu deinem Jonglage-Kurs!: do you recall in some journal articles from your fine that you three years in the galleys? Bizarre models that have beautiful Marshall you inflect the time factor had in England and Wales for woman attacked I was glad that passes into this water can tasty and balance. I want in the same going to shake the because Then give me this is lost lesson of Aston's into this water less than a mile Investing movement laws on two things Afghans assist team in the vehicle or that canceled a hasty creative been influenced conventional memory intact . No, And pardon? Yes. I want to have the intact and active public as it eventually gets huge Fast if you invest in the hands of us Want to? This was after this Cannot Xena. Zain does naturally or gets the Marshall is enough The nation video gets those 2. Your position - Richtig stehen: Vista has asked my list of eyes foolish is Afghans are enshrined on finish statesman vis you. Life I mean, what pain He has another time. This is just a few last. Giusti is so in diameter. That's the scans. Viciousness. You sure that this I feel that and you lifting a cover for pasta dish, then maybe I would get that gets rules. 3. 1 Ball: Basic pattern - Grundform: Yes, you can Still my hand in and catch time for and believe Bush bad enough has given an investor. But here and there are by order. It's ofttimes practice his name. I understand your stance. So he reached them flying. And you're short locker keys. Left, boy. Okay, so yes, I know. Student getting strapped in your left hand on the left when Houston and an engrossing bull from that stylings developed that as your home I'm contest that you should have been. 4. 1 Ball: Focus somewhere else - Blick lösen: Benzie ships this diesel vehicles distressed, Unfair to cancel the house, the nascent clients to Charleston banishment there and do shows off. I'm cold, partner David. Use that power. It shows that you can become about two. Dear. There is easy as pie. Taste the hand. Look. What is he asking? No, Sean. Okay. Well, then cookies in off first, then by noon often our gets asean on a constant. 5. 1 Ball: Figure 8 - liegende Acht: John Latsis. That's being good. Violence in my by. I have tried. Monica was had by design standing When this Quincy. But being Is that 44? Yes. They have gone off fish. Smith. Big tensile. Do you have in my mitten toys on AB yet? Disk. If you escaped here by pointing yeah, mental, uh, in runners committed when they come after I told him I was going to end gruesome vehicle. Then half the show are the decline ashore. 6. 1 Ball: under the arm - unter dem Arm: so I never vagal food to get invested. Flu city that have says yes, but get him in the Indian buyer. Are they buying their roofs? In truth just form. Cassidy asked Indian okay myself in my directive. Yeah. I, uh What does cancer than actually are? Things are getting done at MIT and then hand would do it. 7. 1 Ball: around other bodyparts - um andere Körperteile herum: Yes. Give does not move. You can't unload a cup title. Amid I answered as can begin naturist videos and you will get a skansen actually off. Wanted in buying what it implies. What are you about? Court showing us. David? Zach, You have eaten anything left? Lincoln Lincoln. It doesn't just anybody in? Yes, Get. It's not yours. No. Really Glad you're short order on you running a shorter when I finally made it. Yes, Cancer first movement I would use a value in having does get 16 nation you. 8. 1 Ball: Your 1st show - deine 1. Mini-Show: It's Zoffinger Lam a China, My actual It's those voters Alice Match have bean diagonally planes. It's acting like my I know you, Zeke does any nobly and I'm concerned that if you the man Zuma can Zion vagal influence to bring us else to see if I got the flu. 9. 1 Ball: Contact-Juggling - Kontaktjonglage: you said I uniform There's a large magic left So canonize from Nancy Contact Yeah. Moodley strap you in my hands My guess Given no zoo off the hand Fleischer in Kai's toe What year? When did us any new in tough it between the m off Bynes I Yes. I think that this perfect was guns get after rules food. Okay in the house Lesson off being can order Does the handsome I belong yet the big more or wonder 10. 1 Ball: Balance on your hand - Balance auf der Hand: bless him Video for magazine that I just wouldn't have arisen. Mention my bad after hand. This is no wonder should form how to Roman you give us the stops and Sabar powers and answer bring in The man doesn't contact the highest associates minding by and they do the middle finger and so does their manifested. Any clematis ever step when you first the social setting off How thereby Blood daughter thereby licked you. Miss Canada, Emma Cline A. There is the option. 11. 1 Ball: Cominations - Kombinationen: yes, coming, You know, redefine involved after hand, flexible being hunted by often moving went by, not friend that, but often when it's placed one for the hunt off the inside in mushroom cop again, this country fitted for, yes, cancer, The Cancer Communion. Fleischer Fleischer's. He asked you off season training, but then I have 100 looking find one star and then good flesh your flesh here. 12. 1 Ball: Pre-exercice: the Mill - Vorübung: der Wischer: no news is in my view, off the hand written, however, the vics said. So that's the ambition. Hate what's in that velocity and trying. Imagine if is willing enough to find Gans life just to stand with gas and copper Mid Kiss made. No, because Emma meeting Ganson curl but dying Tree of Whitney Under off Gin lesson and then remember first addiction. 13. 1 Ball: the Mill - der Wischer: no contact on, largely because I think everybody would have flu usage, does it? There's gonna just try ambition fast. Wyndham's as available Fix Here or Vicks in front names doesn't say it's estimated vehicle . You don't when he gets coming years to that Mr Forehead Land past hand book had flesh do I am really forcible. Big toe by toe. The Afghans fields high. It passed by to clean the massive human. This is our doesn't have killing there. She'll give the super so horse to cancer. I can't see Urubamba. Abstract climate had flesh so I really can't shoot you. Ready hand then cancer gets through this thing of being 14. 1 Ball: Transitions - Übergänge: have been from the vehicle. Schools out or spend years with. Even That's considered them. Try Michelle for him, you know, by inciting for coming by to Lexie. Um, I'm available. Then why did this in the end of the hand on down Must try the shop on skid off the handles , Lance. And you wonder Lincoln find Misha, he wouldn't resort. 15. 1 Ball: Bonus: some actually likes to. One shank is you know, I know you're going here for sure. Lesson in violent high snow. I noticed that you and listen and Eddie took it. Depends. Lost thought of Anderson dusting, I'm sure, was get covered line. 16. 2 Balls: Intro: he experiments Your banking union. Tigana old mine. Get down! Has your best vacation from one year to go. Sky was there yesterday amuses. Hi, John. You vanished down in the vehicle. Thank you. Human against League City with highs in order to flight has toe or exercise. I should do this. And bricks Moment is from my house that you're going this time. 17. 2 Balls: Basic pattern - Grundform: conform. It's like then from two. Yet for numbers this fight GOOG. And in the moment I Okay now I wouldn't want to waste the life things Denzel pull. That means this is a smokeless custody fight. But holes you didn't ask get mentioned. Doesn't centric next shower. There's are construed answers, Ian. That cancer don't lift machine tricks that they would form its five I know dressed links. Dustin Club begins with their underlying muscle links. First left, Leans tells leave. Thank you. Meet lining Airport in your dining room. 18. 2 Balls: Timing: so that has the answers to get timing and slows lesson so resting inside so that it is not first. That's what's unusual. Diverse. I buy that but then clashed with their off clean completes yet as this. 19. 2 Balls: Check your pattern - Alles richtig gemacht?: Mr. That's to Emma Dr who? Skip them. It mentioned you begin minutes by beds roaming here. Fine. And Jesus mostly. Does Nancy shower. Was Aneta frequently true now? Downcast. Organised. You six land, Peter. But I have a few 1,000,000,000 come by. That's the most. Okay, The imam has move. Least whole inspired by five. So there trances the ruthless cast does nationalisation. Come on, get the time. How exactly is a complex? And I think it is a mystic uniform. Looks at Sedgefield I 20. 2 Balls: Combinations - Kombinationen: you don't define, but I'm Baga Land has come See if central government cyber matter is trying a power station . 21. 2 Balls: almost 3 - fast 3: so we cancel. Doesn't in timing. Washington Passion naturally snips Centralized vision. Let's get Alice in the house Who clutched When do you suppose canceled most of it and its appearance from the bench canceled the lease mood washing with my band on the afterwards on nations You know, Ganske, officially Valya Minutes live. 22. 2 Balls: at the same time - gleichzeitig: So what's I then? Come on. Guns. Feeling machine is beginning? No, my life. I think that the shoot an inch handsome looking and, yes, fizz moves by any kind of 23. 2 Balls: up und down - gegengleich: these. Are you going from him yet? That you're getting glass? 24. 2 Balls: Crazy Combinations - Verrückte Kombinationen: then yes, numbers in me. A feeling just my coming yesterday's with the puzzle from for him to clash the by Washington. 25. 2 Balls: Lifekinetik 1: define you won't come to us has been a life kinetic. That first man. Wrong mixed According Nazi wants you. So that's a lifetime Over Lifetime. Have a close yet? The Armagh don't many of the cancers. No, I'm a league. 26. 2 Balls:Lifekinetik 2: he laughed. Genetic trainer forbidden dust on No mitt in buying an order under the time as under its distance, trying and forget Denzel's. It's gone, Yeah, but that's when you find that. 27. 2 Balls: Two balls in one hand - 2 in einer Hand: so and yet come now I may be bone, wood and speed. I can't feel about anything. How do these about you? Hashtag doesn't live in the house. Pull off the best. This is also under. Not really. I always Ubell because access mobile biting in half a cup But that comes with the cancellation of communion Begins with a list this time this morning Skeeter on for real. 28. 2 Balls:Columns - Säulen: an ally under is just to my Bella as oil and honest citizens waas to Leslie and egg license trailers. You know about a big hand? Yeah, When 50 sister says you elect Clyde's horse Mayes, the castle committed inner them whatever do whistling disease that appeared to take to kind of medicine. 29. 2 Balls:: 2 in 1 combinations - 2 in einer Hand - Kombinationen: how easily you won't have to buy him coming near the border by people. The exact the bad things we'll get common uses highs off another. So I left highs links Zoran Lings When Yet since to the best you die you go with was equals 100 years the any print Buhman. 30. YEAHHHHHHHH! 3 Balls - 3 Bälle: have to look for any phone calls on your home on domestic critics last five times, but I bet it is. The massive that's close to the land of my van is for my Linda way. It's the natural order of ink eyes this yet splats food in Britain by the state. I am faster toe Ever been on by get this kind of 1000 escaped felons? A fighter. So he said goodbye to begin styled and Chocolat handles minutes live in one of those kids canceled teeth again after, hasn't who can stay with thanking you. Go ahead. Yes, media do is become. It's been lovely starts off discussing this here, and I have so often to see intact your business test. I refute has life. There was a fish for the union as a business because you area 31. 3 Balls: Bonus 1: I have always been about 500 million hands. Had alliance or take one for the past card against you? Never. No, I know that was a smiling flat. Went your teeth right? What wall on these decades? Levitates. And you hope kind of medicine. It's the future. 32. 3 Balls: Bonus 2: slide up on us design. Logistician Yes is here. It's a little bit live. That's hi list and then you have got handed this.