Joy of CompuMusic-Beginners course to make Music by Coding-Part 1 | Chidambara Kalamanji | Skillshare

Joy of CompuMusic-Beginners course to make Music by Coding-Part 1

Chidambara Kalamanji, Empower Musicians with Technology

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10 Videos (1h 11m)
    • What is this course? & Coded Music Demonstration

    • Is this course for you?

    • Course Structure, Pedagogy

    • Getting started-Your first Melody by Coding

    • Some more Melody Pattern Generation

    • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by Coding

    • Loops-Effective way to Create Repetitive Music

    • Arrays-Right approach to Store Song

    • Two Dimensional Array-Smart way-Rhyme ABCDEFG

    • Wrap up Part 1 & Assignment


About This Class

No need to use real musical instruments; no need to be expert in music; Just a normal LAPTOP computer is enough to make music and to exhibit your musical talent. Write program and generate music.

The course –Joy of CompuMusic aims at empowering amateur or professional musicians through Audio Programming Technology using a powerful, time tested Audio Programming Language called ChucK.

Computers are  extensively used in the music industry. This is one of the ways of making music.

Does it surprise you?

Please visit and listen to the music created by coding:

 Whether you are an amateur or professional musician, whether you know computer programming or not, this course is for you. What is required is the passion for trying out new avenue to innovate.

 A long course is planned to cover the following 4 aspects of music generation by coding, step by step 

Part 1 : Melody generation basics

Part 2 : Rhythm generation

Part 3 : Melody generation advanced

Part 4 : Melody+Rhythm

This class is the Part 1 focusing only on melody generation by coding. Make a humble start by writing code to generate the popular Rhyme –ABCDEFG.  

Once you are exposed this ‘fun technology’ , you may pursue further to build your professional career in Music technology or use as an innovative hobby.





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Chidambara Kalamanji

Empower Musicians with Technology

Hello, I'm Chidambara Kalamanji, an ICT Engineer, CompuMusic Technologist and a Music Composer, having an industry and academic experience of 3 decades. Why I am here? To disseminate my gained knowledge and skills, over these 3 decades to  the needy students. I am planning to start 2 courses

1) The JOY of Music Generation using Audio Programming Language, (in simple words , music generation by coding.)

2) The JOY of Teaching/Learning Computer Networks-  Computer N...

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