Journey into Indesign: Working with Worksheets | Kristy Brown | Skillshare

Journey into Indesign: Working with Worksheets

Kristy Brown, Graphic Designer

Journey into Indesign: Working with Worksheets

Kristy Brown, Graphic Designer

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10 Lessons (1h 9m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Finding Inspiration

    • 3. Choosing your Colors

    • 4. Setting up Document

    • 5. Adding Title and Boxes

    • 6. Adding the Type

    • 7. Using the Tables

    • 8. Saving the Document

    • 9. Making it an Interactive PDF

    • 10. The Finale and Class Project

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About This Class

Do you want to learn Indesign? Create Worksheets? Interactive PDFs?

Worksheets like checklists, planners, workbooks, and even eBooks, are a great addition to have for your courses, blog posts, and business. They're especially great as an opt-in for your mailing list!

Join Kristy Brown on a journey to learn how to create worksheets using her favorite platform, Indesign.

What You'll Learn...

  • How to use Indesign
  • How to create awesome worksheets you can use as an opt-in or to sell on Etsy.
  • How to make your worksheet an interactive PDF.

What You'll Need...

  • Indesign!! 

If you do not have it, you can download the free trial version of Indesign...Here

Hope to have you in the class!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kristy Brown

Graphic Designer


Hello! My name is Kristy. I am a Graphic Designer for entrepreneurs and help young designers learn new design skills. I have 5+ years of experience working with photoshop, illustrator, and InDesign.

I first found my passion for design at 14 years old. In high school, I took a few design classes and won three design contests. If you want to learn what started my design passion, it all began with where I started designing layouts, profile pages, and other web pages for other Neopet users. I started getting requests daily from users who wanted me to design for them. I was only using Photoshop at the time, but it became a passion of mine and always stuck with me. I still remember the day when my dad bought me photoshop cs4 for my birthday!

I graduated col... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, guys. My name is Christy, and I'm a graphic designer specializing in branding, print and digital design. In this class, we will be creating worksheets with in design if you haven't heard of in design or know much about it. It is the designs industry standard program and my favorite program for creating worksheets . Plus, you have the option of creating interactive pdf's as well. When it comes to work, she's, there are endless possibilities of what you can create. Lots of bloggers on Princess are using them as opt ins to help get people to sign up for their mailing lists. And you can create checklists, planners or books and even e books. What you'll be learning is how to set up your document finding inspiration and your colors you'll be working with the rectangular told the text hole and also tables to create a to do . It's and you know will be also be. Get into those interactive pdf's and I'll be showing you how to create those as well within design. And I look forward to seeing you guys in this cost and can't wait to say you're learning in design and creating those also worksheets that we will be creating in this class 2. Finding Inspiration: Theo. Guys, I just want to thank you guys for joining this class and wanting to learn how to create worksheets with in design. And the first thing we're gonna be learning is how to find inspiration. So I will just get down to it and open up my browser and we will start off with going to my favorite website That I like going for searching is Pinterest dot com and we will just search about and see weaken surged. Blawg put blogged Post planner and just see what comes up. Anything sparks interest to us or to me. And if you think of any or if you like something, you can easily just click on save and we can actually go down and create a new board. And when you create a secret board to dis Mark yes, and I'll just type in How about was typing worksheets create it will be in our worksheets, And then we can also surge, um, about planner worksheets and just keep looking for something that inspires you to create a worksheet of your own. Like this one is pretty cool. And you just keep doing that until you feel like you're inspired enough to create your own . And if Pinterest doesn't help us much, you can also go to exceed dot com and also searched pretty much the same thing planner, worksheets. And then just look for something that inspires you. You see, how about we surge that same one bog Post planner and see if anything looks inspiring? Sometimes I will go through about three or four pages before I feel like I found, um, inspiration to create something so it could take a while. It could take really short time, just a pins on what really comes up in the searches. And if you like anything that pops up. But for this tutorial, I'll just go ahead and just click on something so I can show you that you can also save in your inspirations to Pinterest from here. You know ideas. Click the Pinterest save button over there, and then you can easily say that to your worksheets as long as you are logged in to your Pinterest. But other than that, that's how I find my inspiration. Before I start creating something, I usually just go to Pinterest dot com. And so, until we get to our next tutorial, that is it for this one, and I'll see you in the next one 3. Choosing your Colors: Hi, guys. Welcome to lessen too. And for this lesson, we're going to be learning how to choose your colors. And if you haven't had any of your brand colors chosen or if you're needing ideas on what colors to choose, this is a good lesson for you to watch. And I have about three websites I like to go to, and the 1st 1 I'm going to go to is colors dot co. It is colors and skill share, and you'll want to sign up or log in, and I am already logged in, so I will go ahead. It's just click on Generate now just wait for it to load, and then you have the nice little color schemes that you can choose and all you for this one. All you have to do is click thes space bar, and you just clean. Keep clicking on it until you find colors that you like. And you just keep doing that until you find something that you fine inspirational for your brand or for the piece that you are going to create. And, you know, I'm just going to show you how to save the color in case you only like one color that is on here, and you can just click and walk, usually have to click it, or at least until it glows, and then you click space bar. You can see that the black one stays and we'll go ahead and walk that one. And you just do that until you find some colors that you like as a core scheme men. And when you are finished, you can save or export, and you could actually export as a PdF, which it will. You just hold on one second okay, and it will show you the hex codes and everything, and you can easily download it for future reference. And so that is the Colors dot Co. Website. The other option that you can go to is actually color dot adobe dot com and this one you can choose different color rules. Monta Chromatic There's Triad Compliment Terry, and my favorite one to use is actually triad. Just cause there's more a variety of colors that you can choose from and your color scheme and then you just for this one, you'll just click and drag until you find some colors that you like. And then if you Let's say you what? Want something a little lighter than this? You can just click the yellow in drag down. You can even right here or you can actually use dragged down from here is well And then until you keep doing that until you find a color scheme And when you're done, you can actually click, save and just choose a name. And then just actually, I'm not gonna publish this or maybe a will, and you can click, save, and then it load. And a great thing about this website is that you can actually download the A S C. File. Let me just click that posted download. And it's not doing it is trying that for this again. There we go. I knew I had it download somewhere the other. I was gonna find a way to do it. Anyway, As you downloaded you can it will be a dot S e file, which you can easily open up to illustrator or in design. And it will be part of your color schemes to use, which is pretty cool for this website. And I really like that. It lets you do that. And then the other website I like to go to is, of course, Pinterest, and I'll just choose color schemes. And then I just searched colors that I find amusing that I could use for a project for the future. Or for now, the colors that I'm gonna be using is, of course, my brand colors. But I'm just showing this in case you guys don't know what colors to use for your work. She and you would like some help on choosing your colors. I was going to save this to my color pellets board. You could easily create a new boards if you don't have that and just save it to like a color schemes board or color palettes board in the way it will work. And that is it for this lesson, and I will see you in less than three 4. Setting up Document: Theo. Guys, welcome to Lessen Three, where I'm gonna be showing you how to set up your document and in design. And so the first thing is, I'm going to open up in design and the first things first, we're going to go to file New and open up a new document, and then we will just want to unchecked facing pages. Make sure it's in that portrait orientation and just go ahead and click. OK, You know, we'll just wait for it to begin. Okay? So we're all set with our document new document, and I will now show you how to add our colors to the document. That way, it is so much easier to choose our colors, a word designing our document and the first thing you'll want to click and sure click and delete these colors. We don't want those colors that we want our colors there and I will go back to the colors that I downloaded. And this one here is actually from the Skill Share colors website I showed you in the last lesson. And all I want to do is make a screenshot of this and control command shift four and then Oh, shop like this and I'll just click and drag these colors just like that. Wait until it does a little capture sound, and then I should be able to just command the as in violin and paste those colors already. So we have our colors here, and what we want to do is go to the eyedropper told Click our first color, Go to swatches, and you should be able to its go down here instead already, and you'll do that for each one. You actually click the eyedropper tool again. Click and drag over to this watches tool. You can actually click I on the keyboard, and it'll go right back to I drive her tool. Go ahead and click and drag it again. Right on. I just keep doing that until we are finished with all the colors. Do that again. It is not wanting to do it. There we go, could don't I? One last time. We will do that again, and we are finished with the colors and the swatches. And then now we will quick and shift key. Go here and we want to safe swatches. Name it about color schemes to and then I'll just say it desktop for this tutorial and then just click save and then you'll be easily our next time you create project, you have it on your desktop and I will always be ready to down or ready to put into in design or illustrator. And then you can easily just get rid of that. And then if you went to Adobe Colors, you will have Dollard a S C file, which I have right here is one that I downloaded from window Be colors and you can pretty much do that kind of same thing is just it's a lot quicker. All you have to use go to swatches. I could hear, like bloats, watches, Then go to your desktop or wherever you saved it might even be in your downloads, Fuller. And then just click my brand colors open and then the colors will be easily there. And I was gonna go ahead, delete that, cause I do not need to of the same colors. Okay, so we are finished setting up the document. It is all completed for you and I will see you in our next lesson. 5. Adding Title and Boxes: Theo. Hi, guys. Welcome to lessen for where I'm gonna show you how to add the title in the boxes. And the first thing I would do is show you how to do the title. And we will start off by adding a little box on the top here. And I'll se was still, like about like this and we will make it turquoise don't want to stroke. Okay, so now we will get a go ahead with the title. And one thing, Um, it's first that you want to know is that when you're clean, your title or your boxes, um, you'll want them inside the border right here. And so that way it is. None of your text is cut off or whatever if it ever gets printed, And so I will go ahead in creating box for our title. Just add some text in there and we'll call it Blawg Post, and I am going to use one of my favorite fonts, and it's gonna be playlist that c. I must say that is pretty good. And I'm going to change the color, and then I'm gonna go ahead and create the word planner for the bottom put all capitals, and we're gonna use the botto for this one, and I want to use start off with regular and see how that goes. And I'm gonna change the size. And we're also gonna do some tracking as well, just to make sure everything looks really good. You know, I'm actually going to good of you go screen mode and click preview. That way it gets rid of the well, all the lines. And I actually don't want stroke on that some then. Okay, so I'll leave it at that for now. I might change it. I don't know, but for now, it looks pretty good. And, um, if you are trying to figure out what fonts that you would like to use for your title or even for your border text or whatever that we'll be getting into, um, you can go to my Pinterest page and I will actually open up the browser and show you just one second. Okay, so now go to my If you go to my profile, which will be Christy Brown design, and you can go to my boards and head to the typography board of mine and it pretty much shows all the fonts and typefaces that I you have used or at least I have downloaded on my Mac. Um, it also shows ones that I find, um, very interesting and you conduced go through it in download fonts. Summer free somewhere paid. You just depends on your preference. But you can go to this board and download some fonts that you would like to use in your project. And you can also go to font squirrel dot com. Just wait one second and pots girl dot com has a lot of 100% free for commercial use. Fonds and I go here pretty much whenever I need a new font for a project to download. I Just when I'm looking at fonts, I make sure that all of these are highlighted just to make sure that it is commercial free on every single platform. Because ones like this, they're not commercially free on all the platforms. And it is always best to make sure to have funds that are available for anything that you would want to create for a client or whatever you need to for your business. But yeah, those are the websites that you can go to If you are needing help with finding the fun and for the boxes, I would usually go to its. You know, its changed the screen mode back to normal. Get rid of that. And if you don't have character on the side, actually, you can go to window good type and tables and just click on character, and then you'll get this box that come up. But you can also change your type up here is well, but we will go ahead and create the boxes, and I'm going to cook on the rectangular frame tool. Mm. Then just keep doing things like this. You couldn't either do exactly what I'm doing or created to where the work shape that you want created. But this is usually how I do my boxes, how I started off with, and you'll just keep doing this. Well, I'm actually gonna make this a little more space. You actually know what we're gonna need a room for that notes down below. So because I want room for my Webby website, your URL that's gonna be down here because it's not. I can't have it past the pink line. So we're just gonna be moving and then you can also topping paste. It was my notes and then So that way you can see it in the preview mode. I am actually just going to how are fill them up with the turquoise. That way you can see how it is or how it looks right now. And we do have some room. But yeah, you'll just must keep messing with these until you're Do you think all your boxes look pretty good and we'll leave it like that we're now in. You won't really and wouldn't bring that because I want more room in this box and then for the last part with their boxes, we will just copy that with the command, see? And then you want to go to edit and paste in place, and then you can just drag it because this will be our header. And you can change this but none there and change it to a stroke. And we will change the color to our one of our brand colors and change the tent. And then you just keep doing that for all of them. Now do it one last time before we end this lesson and then changed to the stroke. And I need it for Got what tent I used for that one. OK, because you want everything to be consistent. Okay, So, like I said, you just keep doing that. And until you're all down to your boxes and then you'll be ready for the next lesson. But I hope you enjoy this lesson and you learn something new on how to create little boxes . This is one of my foot ways of doing it. There's other ways you can do it as well. And this is just the way that I like to dio and I will see you in the next lesson. 6. Adding the Type: Theo. Hi guys. Welcome to less and five or I will be showing you how to add the type. And as you can see, this is how my work she looks like so far. And we will just get down into adding the type right now, you know, actually zoom in a little bit and first thing you want your type tool and just click and drag a little box so we can type and we will be typing, etc. Post title is what will be typing here. I want my caps lock on. We will just go to character. Switch this to my chosen font, which is Roboto. They will have a 12 point and do the tracking for 1 20 and we will pull this up so we could center this a little bit better. Okay, so now move that over Eso Now it's copy and paste And what I did for copy and paste is command See, And then for pasting. I did command V Then we'll be typing. Make sure that was centered in. We will be typing main points for this one and I want this one centered. So put it right there. Copy paste and then we'll be typing pictures for this one. Pull that down. So we know for sure it's centered, and then we'll just be doing copy paste again. Well, just place it there for now. And for this one, we will be typing keywords. And if that happens, you just drag it until it shows the whole word. We'll do that. And then for this one, the last one, we will be putting notes in ideas again. Make that longer to fit it. We want this centered pretty good. There we go. Okay, so the headers are completed, and for this I would like to have, um, bus three lines here to do what I wanted to do for this planner. So I'm going to click on the line tool, and I'm gonna do shift on the key on the keypad. So that way, our lines are nice and straight. I just do that all the way across, and then I'm gonna want this to be a dashed line. Well, first, I'm gonna do my colors, no solid or no feel. And we're just gonna go to dashed foreign four. That should be it. Okay, so we have our dash line. And when do copy, paste and say it's do about that and paste again, you know? Let me see when we look at this. See, I think it's looks pretty good. It's I need to change our will. And then now I the type for this part. Then we'll start off with date to publish. You know, just drop box with the type tool. Didn't add the words date to publish. No, for this one, I don't want it all caps, and we're gonna change it to her bottom, just like the other ones except the tracking. I don't want that much for that. So man will just add this just to make sure it's the color I want to use. Don't want Black, my brand color. Okay, so do that. And then for the other part, I want category, and I'm actually going to do it on the other side of here and do another line that is down . We'll see. We'll do about right here. Shift key. Makes sure it's sent heard. And then I'm just going to click the eyedropper tool. Good on that. And OK, so now I'm gonna go copy Paste. Drag that down man I wanted. Name this categories and this one I forgot to add home. Okay, so we have our dinked publish, and we have our categories now. So I will go ahead and add related posts and called action. We'll just do that again. So this one will be related posts. They never paste again, and this one is going to be called to action. You see it? Make sure. Okay, it's lined up pretty good. You're the ones. Okay, so this one I am going to add thesis. Oh, Shil Media, which will be instagram Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter in YouTube. So first, I will go ahead and help you pays that, and we will add the instagram and drag that down. We don't want that. And then I'm gonna go ahead and and see this copy paste, and we'll try it with that. We can always change it later, and we'll go ahead and copy paste again and ruble named this one Facebook. You see, we control during that down because I am just gonna be having that. Have each one have a check box so we can check Mark when we publish our block posts on each social media. Well, come on. There we go. I do. Okay. We'll leave it at that. And then I'm gonna go ahead and create a box for each one. So I want to click the rectangular tool, and we will go ahead and make this a only solid and create the stroke with you. See, this could be a little bit bigger, okay? And you know, actually, maybe gonna do it bigger. Okay, So copy paste used. Just keep doing that until it is all filled, You will do you to. Okay, so we have the first part all filled out, and we will actually do some boxes for the main point as well. Before we get to our next lesson. You just do this three times for each side. That should be pretty good. And then we'll go ahead and click option Ault so that we can easily copy this over and do that again on my go ahead and shift key. All these dragged down until it's in the center. Then I want to go ahead and click all the option again and copy all these and then she key all these. Yeah, that should work pretty good. You can always just pull actually, so we can have more room to write on this side. And when I go ahead and move these over just that way, we have room to write for both sides. Of course. Let's see. And I think I will go ahead and add those boxes over on the for the pictures, and that will be the last one. So I'm gonna go ahead and copy these three old option. Bring that down and I will do one more. Okay, man. And I want to make sure this looks pretty centered with the box. Okay, Looks pretty centered. All right, so we got remained points in our pictures and everything else that is completed. And so we have completed this lesson, and I hope you enjoyed learning how to do the type and and the boxes and create the, um, hashed lines or dotted lines. And you are ready for the next lesson, and I will see you there. 7. Using the Tables: Hi, guys. Welcome to us in six, where I'm gonna be showing you how to use tables, and all you have to do is make sure that you have a box all set up, which we have right here. And if you've been wondering throughout this course why I haven't created Header yet for this box is because I'm gonna be doing it with the tables and to keep in mind when you're using tables, you will need to click the type tool and click on the box. Because if you don't, you will. The tape, the insert tables will be cleared, cleared out, and you won't be able to clicked on it. So like I said, all you gotta do is click on the type tool click on this and now the tables will be shown, and I'm I go ahead and zoom in first. And now I'm gonna go ahead and click on insert tables and already have it all set up. But you'll want to have one header and you'll click to for the columns and we'll probably need 10 rows and then to call moms just because this is our to do list that I will be creating, So go ahead and click, OK? And it starts up like this, and I'm gonna go ahead and start with the header. And I want this line to be cleared out. Some of when your current your table. You always want the type tool clicked on when you're doing editing with the table. So you go ahead and highlight that and I'm gonna go ahead and click out all these blue lines and click on this middle line right here, and I'm gonna want this to be none. I don't want any of it. And I'm gonna go ahead and do the feline as our turquoise color or whatever branch Hillary that you would like to have. And then I want the stroke to awesomely turquoise of as well. And then we will go ahead and let's see. Let's go ahead and bring this down. And I want to highlight all of this right click and distribute rose evenly. That way. Everything is even, though. And let's see, I'm gonna go ahead in bring this over because this is where our boxes will go. That should be good. And they never bring this back over here. Okay, so Now, when I make these lines, let's see all turquoise, which let's see, Make that turquoise. Let's see. Okay. And I also want put that out. I also want this turquoise as well. Okay? And not sure. Let's see. Just do this in highlight all the stroke around and make that turquoise. Okay, so we have the border, and I'm gonna actually we can learn from that. That way we don't have that extra border behind it. And I didn't see Make sure this is even out, so okay. And then the top part is, Well, you were able to, but it looks pretty even so. Okay, So I will go ahead and start adding Lee text to our to do list. You didn't, actually, I'm gonna bring this header down first come back type tool. That way, the header is the same as the other headers. And now we'll need to Conley's again. Just Ruthie's evenly that waits all evened out again. And okay, so now we can do the text. Yeah. See, Copy and paste that and center this That way it could be centered. Do this. Okay. And then let's see. That doesn't look. Sent it to me. So I'm gonna go ahead and move it over. Okay? So we will go ahead and add our first to do list, which will be the outline. And we can go ahead and add the word outline in would go ahead and click that Use the eyedropper tool. Yeah, relied. And there we go. That way we're able, Teoh have more control of where this text goes, and we'll go ahead and copy Paste. It will go heading, type and draft. Been format slash Layout that capital and T I'm gonna go ahead auction, and we'll type schedule for this one. Capital s schedule. An old option in type and publish. Okay, So I'm gonna go ahead and leave the last three blank just so we have extra areas to add new to do lists. And I'm gonna fixed that draft because that thing has been bothering me, and it needs to be down more. Okay, so now we're gonna go ahead and grab this box thing, Copy paste, and we're gonna add this little box. So that way we could check as we finish our to do's. See you here really centered. Okay. Let's say from way it looks, I think I can bring this up more. Okay, So go ahead and click the old option keyboard and drag it down about there and doing it until we're all completed with the boxes or check marks, whatever you want to call them. And okay, so we have our to do list, and we are ready for our next lesson. And I really hope you enjoying this lesson and creating the to do list. And I hope it helps you with future planners that you create in the future, and I will see you in the next lesson. 8. Saving the Document: Thanks, guys. Welcome to lessen Seven. Where I'm gonna be showing you the final steps. Four pdf and you're gonna be saving this file as a pdf, and pretty much all you have to do is head over to file and instead going to save as well want to go to export, and then we just save it as a pdf and make sure it says print not the interactive, Not just yet. And so just click on adobe pdf print, and I'm gonna rename this and just wait on that. Okay? So we're gonna name it Blawg Bug, hosed liner, and I'm I go ahead and save. Okay? And then let's let let me just make sure everything looks OK. Okay, So just export. And then let's see. And then we will head on over to here and I'll go ahead and click on Blawg Planner and let's see is this one and I'll go ahead and quick. Look this just so you can see how it looks as a pdf version. And it's all right to go to print. And so that's it for this lesson. There wasn't much to this just saving the document. Um, I did before this lesson I did add, may go back to in design. I did add my website to the bottom, so that is what's different. But other than that, that is it for this lesson, and I will see you in the last and final lesson and showing you how to create those interactive Pdf's with this document. So head on over to that lesson and I'll see you there. 9. Making it an Interactive PDF: Hi, guys. We are going to be learning how to create interactive PDS with this block Post planner And I will just go ahead and start showing you how I do this with in design. And let's see, I think I will start from the top. And the first thing within design is you'll want to create a box where you want the person to enter their text. So I'm gonna go ahead and start from here and go all the way across. And while no, what I'm gonna do is go ahead and click buttons and forms over here. But in case you don't have that over there, you can go to window and you can go to, let's see, interactive and click on buttons and forms. And then you will get this document in, for what we're doing now is I'll go ahead and click on type and we will want a text field. And now with this one, um, you'll just uncheck multi line in case it's checked. And then it's up to you. If you want school Herbal or not, I always leave it checked just in case so I'll leave it like that and then I'll leave as printable and then the font size, I'll just leave it as 12. And so that is good for that. And then now what? You could dio isjust old option this because we're just gonna copy this over cause it's just gonna be the same thing for the categories. And I was gonna make this longer and we'll keep all the studies like Screw herbal and all that for that one and the same thing for the related posts as well. So all that one and just click and drag this one over all the way across. And the same thing for call to action called option on a Mac keyboard E That's the good. Okay, so now all my go ahead and zoom out and go ahead and do the check boxes in first. I'm just going to highlight all these Oops, I don't want to do that. I like all that. And then quick, thes. All right. Every single box, that way we can do it all at once instead of doing it individually will be a lot faster saying with these all the way down, don't want the box or the to do list. Check just the boxes. Okay, so now we're gonna buttons and forms, and I will click on check box. Okay, so they should all show that check, Mark, And Okay, so that is done for the check boxes. And then we will go ahead and don't see. We'll go ahead and create another box for these ones and go ahead and do this individually . Okay? And then I go to binds and forms again. Go to text field. We will leave that just the way it is. Font size 12. Good. And then called Option dragged down to this and then you can make sure they have it by looking for that checkered. Okay, so now that we have all these finish, we're going to head on over to the main points and in pictures, and we will just how about we will just drag these over or Alton option that way? It's already completed for us, and I'll go ahead and just with this on their like that, and we'll just keep doing that until all of these are done and we can match it up with the other side and just keep doing that. And now we go down to the pictures and that for the pictures. These ones seem to be a little bit smaller, so just dragged down. Not that we want that just drag down. Look, it's now old option again and drag down. Center it. Okay, so now that is done. We will do it with the key words here in See, this one's gonna be a little different than the other ones. So I'm just gonna do make another box. And Medio, I would say that's good. Someone got a buttons and forms do text field again, and then I for this I want the multi line check Just because we're gonna have more than just one single line we're gonna have multi like. And scroll Herbal is fine, So everything else is fine. Font size 12. Fine. And then I'm just gonna go toe old option. Copy this and bring it down to the notes. Make sure that's still there and drag this down all the way across. Okay, so now we have the notes all done in the check marks. So pretty much everything is already to be saved. And so for the saving part, what we'll do is go to file you'll go to export not to save as you'll go to export and we will go ahead. And okay, so that's why I want to save it. And I will go ahead and click Interactive, not print. Click on Adobe Pdf Interactive and then I'll just go ahead and name this interactive, okay? And then I'm gonna go ahead and click Save. All right, So everything explained. And so I'll go ahead and click. OK, let it save it. You know, it looks like it's gonna pop up, so we're just gonna wait till adobe opens up. Okay, so now that it's opened up, we can go ahead in test these just to make sure we can type so you can say right large 21st . Or you could do some categories, type in, and then the check marks. That's what they dio. And then you can type in and I'll show you how the multi line works, which is where you're able to use thes space bar. So that's what the multi line does for you. If you didn't have the multi line checked, you wouldn't be able to click the space bar. It won't let you. So do check marks. Type here, contact at the call to action and related pose categories. So everything works. And that is exactly what you do to create interactive. PdF within design. It is pretty cool, and it's always how I create my interactive Pdf's. And I hope you really enjoyed learning how to create interactive Pdf and so I will end it from here and everything is complete, so yeah. 10. The Finale and Class Project: thing. Hi, guys. So this is our last and final lesson. And I really hope you guys enjoy taking this course and hope you guys learn some new things . And I was really happy to share my expertise with you guys. And like I said, I hope you guys really enjoyed learning this block Post planner and for the class project. I really, really want you guys to use thes new skills you just learned and create your own planner. It doesn't have to be the block post planner, but I really hope you guys do some research and create your own planners. I would also be glad to answer any comments, any questions. So go ahead and send me them. And I guess I will end it with a take care and but thank you to take in the course.