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Journey into Illustrator: Working with the Pentool

teacher avatar Kristy Brown, Graphic Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Overview of the Pen Tool

    • 4. Beginning of Tracing

    • 5. Tracing with Pen Tool II

    • 6. Tracing with Pen Tool III

    • 7. Brainstorming

    • 8. Sketch Phase

    • 9. Creating your Design

    • 10. Conclusion

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About This Class

Have you tried using the pen tool in illustrator, but still get frustrated with it? Do you try to avoid it because you can't get it to work or create the shapes you want it to? Everyone has been there. It takes practice to master the pen tool and Kristy Brown will show you in this course the steps she used to master the pen tool. As for everyone, it was frustrating for her at the beginning, but after taking design classes and tracing different shapes with the pen tool, she finally can say she has control of the pen tool instead of it having control of her. In this course, Kristy Brown will show you what she learned in her design classes to help you master the pen tool. During the course, you will use a practice sheet that will have shapes for you to practice tracing with the pen tool. After practicing, you will have the opportunity to apply your new skills by creating a silhouette or something of your interest to design with the pen tool.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kristy Brown

Graphic Designer


Hello! My name is Kristy. I am a Graphic Designer for entrepreneurs and help young designers learn new design skills. I have 5+ years of experience working with photoshop, illustrator, and InDesign.

I first found my passion for design at 14 years old. In high school, I took a few design classes and won three design contests. If you want to learn what started my design passion, it all began with where I started designing layouts, profile pages, and other web pages for other Neopet users. I started getting requests daily from users who wanted me to design for them. I was only using Photoshop at the time, but it became a passion of mine and always stuck with me. I still remember the day when my dad bought me photoshop cs4 for my birthday!

I graduated col... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Welcome to my design training. Wanna one mastering the pinto? I'll be using illustrator to show you guys how to master the pentacle. My name is Christy and I'm a graphic designer. I found my passion for design of 14 years old. I first opened up photo shop and immediately fell in love with it. And can I'm still doing graphic design to this day? I want three design contest in high school and took a few design classes in college and recently gone associate of arts transfer degree with the 3.7 g p. A. I plan on continuing doing freelance graphic design and hopefully start a graphic design business online. And I'm also thinking about going to a university to get my bachelors and graphic design. When you take this class, you'll find a practice sheet that I created for you all to download. So that way, you guys can use it to learn how to use the pinhole by tracing with the pin toll, using the shapes that I have on my practice sheet. When I was taking design classes in college, my destructor at us do tracing shapes, and it was a really good help for myself learning. And it was the reason why I could now say that I master the pentacle. And that's why I'm doing this class for you all today. So that way you guys can say Tracy and shapes because it was a real help for me. And I want to be a real help for everybody else. So click enroll today. So that way I can teach you guys how to master the Pinto. 2. Class Project: After practicing with the practice sheet, you will then get to use your new skills to create your own silly of your choice. During the process, you can post to skill share the images you researched and share your final decision on what you will create. Share any sketches you may have done or screenshots of your process. Illustrator. You complete your new design. Please share it to your projects. Everyone could see that you master the mental. I'm also here to help you through the process will answer any questions you might have. 3. Overview of the Pen Tool: Hello and welcome to the first lesson. We'll be showing you an overview of the Pinto. Of course, You're welcome to skip this lesson. If you already know the features of the Pinto. If not, you can stay here with me because, as you know, you're going basics before you master. Over here you have the mains pin tool, and then you have the anchor pin toll, and then you have the doi anchor point tool and then you have the convert acre point tool. These little symbols here are the little shortcuts for the keyboards to make them a lot easier to get to. You know, the P the plus the negative, and then the ship plus see your to do p just quickly. You don't have to click command or anything like that. And now have you watch me on Illustrator. So you have an idea of exactly what they do now I have a simple little black, smiley thing I'm already drawn out for you to see. It was clear with the pencil, of course. And then when you access the pin tool, you could just quick and hold and you get this little box up and so that way you don't have to do that every time you want one of the little features. You click this right here, and it will make it a lot easier to get to. The pin. Tool course allows you to create little symbols. One. Now the ad anchor point tool. What's you add anchor points as what it says. You're loud to move it by clicking on the direct selection tool Here, your click it moving around. You decide you don't want that, Then that's when the daily anger point toll comes in handy. You just click it. I think it's rid of it. There's that changed. It'll be it and weaken juice in this little bit will go back to its normal No simple at the big game. The convert your point tool allows you to change the points we just got this year, I'm back to convert, told you can just let's see. Must do this one. You're gonna gives you a nice, sharp tool. SharePoint No, we decided that you don't want the sharp point. Then you conclude here and I'll take you right back to where you were. Where that have that nice little smooth like round point. Of course, you can change this stroke. Other than that, these air the main features of the pen tool, and I'll have you go to the next lesson so you can learn and use the practice sheet that I created for this class. 4. Beginning of Tracing: Welcome back this lesson you'll learn, beginning of tracing with mental. If you haven't already, now is the time to download the pinto practice sheet and open it into illustrators. I already have my open. So let's go to instated to get started. When you open up the pen tal practice she you'll notice that I have here set stroke to four point and you can do that by clicking up here the up arrow and changed to four point. You can click on the Penn Toll and before we do anything else, you'll want to click layers over here on the right side. And you want to open our click on create new layer and then just lock this first layer right here, and you can rename it if you like. I'm gonna leave mine just the way it is, and then we can get started if you want to. You can click command Plus and you consume it and we will start on doing the easier symbols right now, which will be on these three on the top here. And as I have low key here on the left side, where it shows that of the symbols that are like this. You just click. And if they're turquoise like these ones, here are these ones here. Then you would click and drag. Now let's get started. So you doing? Click quick, and as you can see, I changed the colors. You can choose any color you want. It usually starts with black and white, but I wanted to change my colors. That's how you would do square. See, Ulster were here. You may click there, and then now you would want to click here. And then Jack, do you wear The turquoise square is like they're just click and drag. And now, before you do anything else before you click here, you'll want to click in this middle dot Here, Just click on that and then you'll be able to go here and click, because if you don't, you'll get it turned out really messy. And we don't want that night and click here. Click and drag the middle. Oops, E. Here we go. No stubborn thing. Just click here clicking drag team. I had the fiddle with it. Like they're busting is to look for that little convert. Assemble there The bottom. No click over here, clicking name. Look here until you see the little circle. I don't know if you see it. It's like around the why was that great little rectangle and click and why you have that symbol. Well, now here's a little more tricky one, but not too hard. Now for these ones. You'll want to click in the center here. You want to click and drag way up to the turquoise box, then click and drag again over here. Go that way. Now it doesn't have to align exactly to what I have just a songs. You get this shape we want here. Now, you don't need a click anywhere over here. We'll just want to click over here. Yeah, and drag the turquoise drug one last time. Touch Indirect. Now you have a symbol that in Walla you have your 1st 3 easier symbols. Um, now, you you may go to the next lesson and I will show you the next four symbols that you will learn, and they're a little more advanced, But we'll get through it and you learn how to do it and you'll master your skills 5. Tracing with Pen Tool II: Welcome back in this lesson, you learn the next Nord band symbols. Have a sheet we haven't already. Go ahead and open this She on Illustrator in Let's go, Lance of New skills, part symbol Before you began, just make sure the stroke is four point in that over Neuer's where one is locked and you have layer to clicked and then my cook on Pinto You haven't already. And just click on the center right here. Actually, you want to click and try it down. And before you, um, let go of it, click option on the Mac book Pro Kilic option all and then just could drag it over to the great on with your Cory square. Let go. You know you want to click and drag more Lloyd to the White Square, or at least until it looks decent. And don't let go again and click on option. Well, team, go over here. Okay? Now you want to put hear, clicking drag to the white square. You you have a beautiful part. It's not so bad once you get the hang of it, you know, work on the key. No, for the key, you will start right here might be better if we line up the square. So that way turns up nicely done. You just click into rag this way and now before you doing before you click over here. You want to click here until you see the convert symbol. Well, the parental symbol. Just cook it and quick. Here, Make sure it's lineups. Nice names, right in summary. Straight Like you might have a little struggle getting the Land Street thought we can do it now we're back it the clicking drag We will just click it it Me? Yeah, you have It Looks a little off You can always fix it to, but that I think that looks pretty good there. Okay, so now that we've got the heart and the key, I'm all nice and finish. You can change the colors if you like to learn with it. Um, change it to brown. Oh, Brown or something like that. Quickly let it run it better in just fiddle with the colors. And until the next video, Uh, you're all finished, and, um, you go ahead to and go right to the next video so we can get started on the rocket in this cool little car over here. Thank you for taking this lesson. See you in the next video. 6. Tracing with Pen Tool III: welcome back for this lesson. We'll be finishing up the practice sheet. If you have any questions about the pin told, please feel free to ask me in the community section of the crust. In the meantime, I'm very excited about the last two symbols on the practice sheet. So let's head on to l share and get going. Okay, So just make sure that the stroke is set to four point and that you are still on layer two and layer one is locked. Look, and we will start with the car cursed, aching fall from this one. Torrents of turquoise one and then for up here. You want to just click here and automatically go around the looks like that. Exactly the same thing. You don't click the middle part. Just click over here, you know, do the nicer loop. Pretty cool. Just go here. Click. Like, make that a little bit straighter. Sorry, little girl year. Oh, Julia. Trickery square. Okay, I will want to do, um, click here and to see the convert symbol. The key here. What to do that. Okay, so now you have the car. It's all fish. And so or work on the rocket. The very last one. We'll start right here phoned. You get lined up pretty nicely. Days lets you control well here. You don't want to click this cause you want that nice little loop right there. So you will just click up here. You only get that nice little what should just food. There we go. Okay. So again, you want that Nice loop so well here. Oh, where's we give the lie Slough, Do you? Yeah, no more bad. He wants that. I slope there. So again, don't do what I just did And click. But center. You want to just go over here to you given night. That's okay, But you kind of miss the great thing there. As long as you have the loop. It looks pretty good. Now, here, you want to you center, and it's like you're Do you see that little circle? It's all finished that you go. You hear that? Well, back to the pentacle. And we can work on the last little lines in that little circle Were here enough for the circle. We will just change the shape to the lips. 12 first shift. No creo little circle. There you have it on my straw. You have a nice car 7. Brainstorming: Welcome back. Now that we're finished with the practice sheet, we can start brainstorming on our So I'm going to use Pinterest to search for images with you are welcome to use any search engine you like. Let's hit on over, please. Now I feel like doing my still away on a deer. So I'm typing dear. See what comes up. You would just search. Do you find something that you think with the cool? Do you start drawing this one here? I want to save this one. Create a new board. Oh, dear. Thanks. I could put in all my inspiration and board See what else there is? This one looks pretty cool. Oh, dear. Good. We'll save this one. This one looks pretty cool if you like and my actually draw that one. Okay, so I think for now I'm pretty good, like the ones that I grabbed. So now I'm going to get started on the sketchy face. But you all could start putting the even jeans you find to your project and then I'll see you in the next lesson called sketching phase 8. Sketch Phase: well, go to the lesson. Will will be sketching our ideas with so wet I'm going to sketch on paper. But you can also do it on the computer if you prefer. I already got most of my sketchy finished just doing some last finishing touches. Now, for scanning the sketch onto the computer, I use an app called scannable. I've tried many different acts, but this one seems to work the best for me. It also gives you the option to save it to your Carol or to ever know. I just put it on my camera. And then I used air dropped to send it to my computer. But if you don't have air drop, I recommend saving it to one drive or dropbox, whichever one you have. Now we're ready to trace our new drawing on Illustrator. Just remember to post your new sketches on 23 class project 9. Creating your Design: Welcome to the lesson where you can watch me design my chosen dear silhouette with the pin tool. I'm gonna go ahead and get started with Illustrator now. I already have my drawings upward on. Illustrator in ready to go. Were you just remembered to make sure that layer one is locked in? You have layer to check. You can set the stroke. Anything you would like for now we do the feel no feel and just leave stroke. Okay? We'll zoom in me, and I think I'll do this one. Look, not we're finished. We'll see exactly how it turned out. We'll change the field court, change it to a turquoise color stroke. If we like, we can change it a little bit. Fix things. Here were these points we can change it to around. So, you know, real change that to around though. No. Okay. We'll see how that looks sumed out. Okay, so to me, how that dear looks pretty good. It looks like we're all finished. And when you guys were all finished, just don't forget to post your finished designs to your class projects. I can't wait to see everyone's work. Do you ask me questions if you have any trouble with the pencil? I am here to help you master the Pinto 10. Conclusion: Thank you for taking my class. Please share your progress in the class project. I'd like to know how my students are doing and provide feedback to all of you. Keep a look out for my next class is in the near future Designed training. Wanna one doesn't stop here. It is my new Siri's so I can share my scales to everyone. If you have any ideas for my next video, please share to the community.