Journey Through The Chakras | Sarah Robinson | Skillshare
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12 Videos (59m)
    • Introduction to Chakras

    • Journey Through Prana

    • The Root Chakra

    • The Sacral Chakra

    • The Solar Plexus Chakra

    • The Heart Chakra

    • The Throat Chakra

    • The Third Eye Chakra

    • The Crown Chakra

    • Meditation

    • Chakras and the Physical Body

    • Summary


About This Class

Let's take a journey through the body, using the ancient system of chakras. Learning how to maximise energy flow through the body for abundant energy, wellness and balance.

During this enlightening course you will learn:

·       Introduction to what nadi, prana, and chakras are

·       An outline of each of the 7 major chakras

·       How the chakras can affect you and your wellbeing

·       How yoga can affect the chakras

·       How to apply your yoga practice to benefit the chakras

·       Designing your yoga practice with the chakras in mind

·       How to further your chakra study and other techniques for energizing the chakras

Embrace the rainbow of the chakras!

What are the requirements?

  • Some familiarity with yoga will be useful but not essential

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Identify the 7 major chakras of the body, and how they affect us
  • Identify what chakras are involved in emotional and physical issues
  • Utilize Yoga to energize and revive Chakras for increased wellbeing
  • Learn about how Prana or life-force moves around the body
  • The links between the Chakras and Yoga

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone who is interested in learning more about the chakras: no previous knowledge needed!





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Sarah Robinson

Yoga Teacher, MSc in Psychology & Neuroscience

Hi! I'm Sarah, certified Yoga Instructor, Retreat Producer, Business Owner, Author and Digital Marketing Director.

I hold BSc and MSc degrees in Psychology, and spent a year researching behavioural neuroscience at Harvard University: I love to bring these expertise to the mat and explore the mind body connection with my Yoga students. The classes I teach focus on love and acceptance of who we are RIGHT NOW, embracing joy by living in the present moment. 

In my 26 ...

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