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Journal More Effectively For Self Love And Self-Growth

teacher avatar Chantelle Fashion, freelance marketer and designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. How to Get Started Writing a Journal

    • 2. How Journaling Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

    • 3. Journaling effectively

    • 4. Journaling to Help Combat Loneliness

    • 5. Journaling to Help with Stress

    • 6. Class Project Journal With Me

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About This Class

Want to learn how to how to journal for beginners?

Have you ever wondered how do you start a bullet journal for beginners or how to journal more effectively for negative thoughts?

Keeping any kind of journal will assist with enhancing any life issues and expressing your thoughts and feelings. If you choose to start a journal about your feelings it can enhance your mood, that's why keeping a gratitude journal is amazing! A daily journal for anxiety increases your sense of well-being. As you write out your thoughts, you'll begin seeing problems from a new attitude simply due to the fact you are using journaling as a self-growth tool. This is going to make you experience greater success when dealing with negative thoughts.

The hassle with anxiety is that it used to be designed to assist us to get away from immediate danger. It triggers the "fight or flight" response. If every time you have that anxious feeling you can practice writing in your journal how you are feeling and why then you will begin to feel better.

This course can truly assist you to make your journaling work and how to hold one effectively. You will learn how to, do it each day to create a habit. This is for you and solely your self-care practice.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Chantelle Fashion

freelance marketer and designer


Hello, I'm Chantelle. A freelance social media marketer, designer and fashion blogger/ vlogger. London based designer graduated from University for the creative arts with a degree in BA (Hons) Fashion. Inspired by travel, sewing, textile art, London fashion week and Fashion trends. I decided to make my skills not only my business but my personal brand. I share my passion here on Skillshare! 

Art and Design

I have an extensive background in different forms of art and design. I have a BA (Hons) Fashion degree. 

I also have a history in video and online presence, specifically youtube. My passion for youtube has helped me become a master in understanding lighting, video editing, and confidence with a presence on camer... See full profile

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1. How to Get Started Writing a Journal: Hello, my name is Sean tail, the course creator. Getting started with a journal isn't something that you need to think about too hog? Yes, there's also different types of journals and lots of different ways to do a gentle that may or may not be effective for your goals. But simply put it, you can get started today with just a pen and paper. In this course, I'll be teaching you all about journaling and for a class project at the end will be genuine together and you'll get to see my process when it comes to generally. So dust of your pen and paper, Get ready to general, all you need is pen and paper. You don't even need a special general. Some of the purists being using pen and paper is the best way to stop gently because you can take to, anyway with you and you don't need any soul of technology. So one way you can start your general is first thing in the morning. Remember not to procrastinate when sought and your general just get it over and done with and if you'd get it done in the morning, it can be the first thing to set you up for a very positive and ambitious thing. When you journal in the morning, it can just be five or 10 minutes. You don't need to make a longevity in the session. It can be a part of your morning routine. A novel way to do it is at night before you go to bat. This flex a specially well for the gratitude journals, the reason is, is because you can go to bed thinking about all the things that you're grateful full Instead of the things that you're worried about. I remember I tried to write in your journal every single day is a good idea to say up as a ritual or a habit so that you get into the practice. Or generally every single day. Generally every single day is going to be more effective than doing it. Whenever you feel like it. It's going to be more therapeutic and you'll get the most benefits this way. An always on start simple, don't worry about the style or the type of book that you need to get. Just thought by putting pen to paper. And this is one of the most important things to uncovering in this course. So let's start generally right now. Begin with today and write about your day. How was your day today? Start writing you'll general, while you're working your way through this course, is the easiest thing to start with today. Some things to ask yourself when you're writing your daily general, what significant thing happened to you today? How do you feel about it? What would you do differently? And what would you do the same? These are just some questions to ask yourself. Get your brain thinking of different ideas of how you can stop. A few general, I remember there's lots of different types of channels. There's not only one way to do generally. It can be fun expression of how you feel inside. There's different types of journaling like bullet journals, mission journals, or maybe even a project's journal for your next project. I remember you launch angle is private. Keep it private. You don't have to share it with everyone, or you can choose to share with everyone if you want to, unless you want to share it with a counselor or the coach or human is share a few pages at the end of this course is completely up to you. But you can always keep your product and you can feel free to express yourself because you know that is private. Keeping agenda will help you deal with the things that have happened to you as well as the things that haven't happened to you yet. The reason for this is because when you write something down, it helps you to reflect on what you did right and what you did wrong. It helps you to improve your decision-making for the future, which is really important life skill. But the main thing to remember is just to get started with gendering today. In what if a way that works for you? And then these schools, I'll be sharing with you all the different ways that you can start channeling. So if you're ready to start, you'll gentlemen journey, then follow along with me. 2. How Journaling Can Help You Achieve Your Goals: Generally can help you to achieve your goals because it forces you to start thinking about your goals. It makes you considered the how and the why and really consider the different ways that you can approach problems and you can really delve deeper into any situation in your journal. It really helps you to plan and to get over something that might have happened to you. You should generally your goals. Because when you gentle your goals, it forces you to document your goals so that they are just not up in here inside your head, there actually on paper when he start writing down your goals in your journal, it really helps you to focus on that and start journaling around your goal and think of the different steps of how you can achieve those goals. Psychologically, you want to start taking the steps towards your goal, enables you to examine threats and opportunities of your goal when you're journaling about your goal. So in this way, you'll be able to explore your opportunities and avoid your roadblocks. By journaling, you can get all your thoughts out on the paper. It makes you develop a success based goals when you see it written down each time you intentionally set goals, defined steps to achieve those goals and perform them. You are saying up for being able to improve your skill. Writing down your goals provide a little bit of accountability, even if no one else is reading your journal with a private channel, you can become accountable to yourself if you develop a habit of looking at your general each day and you put something in your journal each day, it will help you to become more accountable and hacking a journal for your goals really provide a permanent record of things that you've done in your life, whether it's personal or work, is a really nice thing to have it on record because it can serve as a memory. When you look back in your old journals, you'll journal could even be really inspiring. You might even be able to take the information from your agenda and actually share it with the world. I know I spend your journal is private, but you could even edit some of that inspirational work and turn it into a course or even a book generally, is an excellent way to wet towards achieving your goals. It will even make all your goals better because the process of writing in your journal will cause you to see your goals in a more logical way. 3. Journaling effectively: Let's talk about how to make generally more effective. Any type of general you keep can be beneficial. It doesn't matter if it's just to document your life or work through your problems. You can use journaling to do everything from document in your vacation to overcoming anxiety, generally can help you with all of those different things. But there's certain techniques that you need for each different type of journal, find the right medium for you. Many people claim that pen and paper is the easiest because it's so simple. So maybe start off affair with your first journal. You have to do what works for you. So try out these different techniques and see which one works best for you. As I've said before, journaling and really needs to be a daily habit. Gentlemen needs to go on for a really long time, is a long-term strategy to improve your life. It's not something that you do overnight and get immediate results. And for this reason, I recommend ritualizing your practice. Whether it be a morning routine, a evening routine, or a night-time routine, Anything could help you to stop making generally a part of your daily life. It's a really great idea to set up a comfy space in your home for gambling. For me, I like to lay in my bed while I journal. It makes me feel so relaxed than happy. The place you choose needs to be a place that makes you feel relaxed and non stressed. Maybe that's your kitchen, your living room, your bedroom, or even outside, wherever it may be. Make sure you choose somewhere where you feel most safe, relax, and non-stress. Some people like to heat their general at their bedside. Studies in easy access for them too gentle, quickly before they go to bed. I like to do this also because it's a really great way for me to remember to do my journaling everyday. Useful journal to work through your life and work through goals. Remember, don't just write in your journal about your day. Only. Also write about what you want to improve in your life. A journal is a way to use it as self-care and self-improvement, whether it's just your fourths that are driving you or your emotions. Make sure your journal through all of those different things so that you can react better in your daily life considering using more than just right into document in your journal, you can also use, you can use pitches, coloring, pencils, and all different types of really creative materials. I'm going to show you later on how I like to use my journal and I like to make it really nice and visual. And I like to coloring and draw little bit, so I'll show you how I do that later on. But remember you don't just only have to write. It can be any way you want it to be used for creative freedom is also a great idea to read and reflect on your journal is a nice thing to go back maybe one year or six months and see how far you've actually come. It's been always really exciting for me, are really interesting to go back and read my old journals and see how much I've changed and how much I've actually achieved and how much I need to actually go further to be able to, to achieve the goals that I thought I would have already achieved by now, I remember to keep your journals secure, somewhere hidden when someone else find it because you don't want to feel nervous or afraid to write in your journal because you're afraid someone will find it. You want to keep it secure so that no one starts to read your private business. If you know why you want to journal, it will be easier for you to figure out what type of journal and you want to keep. Whether that be a visual journal or something that you want to create, a goal journal or a gratitude journal. They so many different types and different ways, but it all depends on your goals. Sometimes you just want to document your life. Other times you just want to look through some kind of stressful events that's going on in your life. The point of the general really does depend on your goals. 4. Journaling to Help Combat Loneliness: I use journaling to help me combat loneliness. When I moved away, I felt really lonely. I decided to move all the way to the countryside to be closer to the sea and to be close to the beach because I want to take more hey, naturalized felt them. What could be provided for me in the city. But unfortunately, I didn't have any friends or know anyone in the area that I decided to move to. So I use journaling to help me with my loneliness. It really doesn't matter what your issue is. You can use journaling to help you overcome it. And I'll explain how I absolutely loved gratitude journaling because it helps me to feel more grateful for the things that I have right now and not always thinking about what I could have in the future. You could also keep, you could also keep a bullet journal to help you overcome the loneliness that you're feeling right now by setting goals, like how to meet new friends. Maybe you're going to join some new clubs, some new online forms to find some friends and make social connections. And that could be a part of your bullet. Journal. Goals don't have to be early monetary related. The possibilities are endless. We've generally, you can just freely express your thoughts and feelings about the loneliness that you're feeling. You should write about each part of the feeling and when you first noticed it. In that way, you can identify the core reason or what triggered the feeling of loneliness. When you do that, you can develop a plan to solve the problem. Like I said, I'm moved away, really far away from the city that I grew up in. I was tired of city life. And when I moved here is lonely, but I didn't know why. By generally, I could figure out the problem. And I made a plan in my journal to make new friends. And that really helped me to overcome loneliness through journaling. Writing is a time honored way of expressing your thoughts and feelings in a safe way. Remember you never have to let anyone read The unless you want to. Like I said, you can share it as a book or you can share it with your counselor or your therapist. Or it can be just for you. One journaling practice that I would like you to try out is writing in the form of a letter. Maybe someone did something that you didn't like or you want to stay sorry to someone and apologize to them. You don't actually have to send the letter, but just writing out a letter of how friend, who you are for someone or how you feel about someone, or how sorry you off to them. It can help you overcome that feeling. You can even start writing letters to yourself. I used to do lead to myself when I'm dealing with body confidence issues, I felt really sorry about myself. And the way that I use to deal with that is to write to myself until I saw how beautiful I felt, how great my body is. And that really helped me with my body issues. And the way I feel about the way my body looked. They helped me grow my confidence by writing letters to myself. So in that way, you can deal with any issue through generally, sometimes you don't even know what you're feeling. It can be hard to even understand or expressing to ourself when you focus on rye and your feelings down on paper, it can help you understand those feelings from a different way that you haven't even considered when you read it back. Something quite strange that you might think wouldn't relate to January. But you can actually build stronger social connections for javelin. Let me explain how. Because when you read through what you've written, you cannot discover new ways, overcome the problems that you're facing, and maybe get out of toxic relationships and develop new healthy social connections with people that will support you in the way that you need. Looking back at things that you've written over time. You can see and reflect back on things that you wouldn't have seen during the time, but now you can identify them. That's because when you have a journal to look back on, you can actually see the big picture of everything that's happening today. You might feel extremely lonely, but then the next phase you feel a little bit less lonely. The king for your journal, you'll be able to see that progress. Whereas if he wasn't journaling, you wouldn't notice that you're getting better if you're more of an organized person, that maybe the bullet journal will be more helpful for you because you'll be able to write down your thoughts and feelings in a more organized way when your fault so all jumbled up, you might not see the reason logic keeping organized, but it does really make a difference. In fact, frightening old down can help you see, make you feel lonely because you will with a partner who doesn't value you. Once you start writing in your journal regularly, it will become a habit and something amazing will happen. Your observation skills will become sharper and you'll have an easier way to come up with more descriptive and expressive words in your journal. And you will also have more breakthroughs of clarity. The funny thing is, is when you start writing in a Joe, even if it's not a gratitude journal per se. Even if you're writing when you're upset by angry, when you come back and read it back, you'll be in a calm state. And then you'll become really positive and happy and grateful for the positive things that are happening in your life. Because you can read back to the point in your life when he wasn't so happy. So if you want to combat loneliness, consider writing about and exploring the reason why you feel lonely, really deep, deep. No one ever needs to feel lonely, even if they're alone. If you know how to look for your thoughts and feelings for journaling, you'll never feel lonely again. 5. Journaling to Help with Stress: Stress affects almost everyone at some point in their lives. For some people is more of a problem with the genetics. For others, it's due to the situation. Whatever the reason you're stressed is really great that you actually realizing that you'll stress because there's no reason why you should be burnt out or struggle or have a breakdown here of some self-care tips to help you manage your stress. And these are ticks the IV use in my most stressful parts of my life to help me deal with the stressful things. So when you're stressed, you only need to write for five to 15 minutes. You don't know, make it into a huge task because you're already stressed. It needs to be something small and simple that you can do. And remember generally is a long-term thing. It's not a short-term one and done thing. It needs to be done over a period of time. It takes a lot of writing to figure out why you're dealing with stress. I want you to write about your worries, goes straight to the problem and write about your worries. Describe every single detail of your worries. The more descriptive, the better. Go back to the first time he felt this way about the topic. When I use this journaling technique, it really helped me to manage my stress. It helps me pinpoint the reason while I was feeling stressed, I was feeling a great overwhelming pressure because I'm getting older and approach infinity soon. I felt the pressure of having to get married, having children soon, buying a house, and doing all those things that you should have achieved by Petty. And from generally, I realized that I was taking on these ideas by looking at social media and also looking at my peers around me and those who are my triggers. When I saw my friends getting married, I would who really stressed? So that's a way that I pinpointed the fruit generally. So think about using journaling in that way, Ryan up precisely what's happening right now. And ways stand on your issue with dealing with the stress. If it's generalized stressed, try and make a list of all the different things that are causing the stress. If you're looking at your general, one of the main things that can happen is the strengths of the unknown, the stress of the future, which is why I was worrying about and I realized in my journal thinking about the worst thing that could happen. But instead of thinking about the worst thing that could happen, tried journaling about the best tastes. And aria, obviously, you need to be realistic for you to be able to believe the situation include potential steps and tactics that you can take that could possibly lead to the best-case scenario. Remember, journaling is about planning as well. This will help you to feel more at ease about that stress because you can see the best-case scenario and how you can get there. Assume rioting, remember to be realistic and above all, honest. Instead of imagining the best-case or the worst-case scenarios, running about what's happening to you right now, what's currently happening? That way you can narrow down and identify the stress inducing situation. A great way to overcome stress is to Augie with yourself. This might sound like a weird one, but I use this all the time. So to solve way, first of all, you need to write a letter to yourself about what's currently happening. Then often that letter, then you need to write another letter back to yourself on answering your question, your story, or problem. Eventually you want to create these letters back in full to yourself, arguing. Until you create some sort of positive situation, you'll be surprised that writing can achieve so much. So if you go into generally with a little stressful feelings with the right mindset, you can turn it around. You can achieve a law. Remember, the most important thing is that you're honest with yourself because you are the only person who's breathing your diary in this way, you can take actions to overcome that stress. So let's do the class project together. You're going to gentle along with B. Let's start writing. 6. Class Project Journal With Me: Time to agenda with me. So this book is a book that I like to use to gentlemen. It's one that I actually created and it's available on Amazon if you're interested. And this book has some coloring pages. It also has prompted journaling prompts. So there's many different coloring pages that you can fill out. So there's journaling prompts. There's lots of different coloring pages that you can do. And I like to do this because it helps me to relax, coloring pages or so relaxing for me. That's the reason why I like having this style of journal. And on each page there are little prompts so that I can feel inspired and I don't need to think about the prompts that will force you don't need to get a journal like this. But just to give you some ideas, There's lots of different types of journals that you can use. Of course, you can just use a pen and paper or you can use your iPad if you prefer. I know a lot of people who like to bullet journal on their iPad. I like to use this style of journal. I have many different types of journal. I have an affirmation journal, a gratitude journal. And this one is more of like a slow living, relaxing saw journal to make you think about different ways that you can live slowly and relax and be more in tune with yourself. So that's the reason why I created this one. And yeah, and I designed and very intricate pages so that it'll be very easy for me to feel relaxed while I'm coloring the mmm. So in your journal you can do little doodles about what ever you feel like creating. And think of different prompts. So the prompt for today, what I'd like you to follow along with me is what's your favorite way to enjoy nature? And I think this is really great prompt because it gives you lots of really interesting ways and interesting ideas that you can slow down and enjoy nature. And it also helps you to think about the relaxing times that you've spent in nature. And for me, my most favorite times have been in nature. With this, you can do some doodles square of different bits of artwork about the different places that you've seen once you've been on your nature walks, baby, you've got a beautiful woods near, near where you live. Maybe you live by the beach. Maybe you live in the city, but there's a beautiful park that you like to visit. Just think about what type of places are your favorite places to enjoy nature. And I'm going to start writing your mind about how I like to enjoy. I really enjoy spending time at the beach, which is why I decided to move closer to the beach. When I'm at the beach, I feel so relaxed and grateful seeing how the waves move puts me in school of a meditative state and relaxes me. And over the years, prioritizing myself care has greatly benefited me. I love dip my toes into the sea and feeling the fresh sea breeze. So I now have the nicest handwriting. Maybe some of you have been a handwriting, the mean. But the most important part is getting your thoughts onto paper. And what I like about something like this type of prompt is that helps you to put your mind into a really positive place. Thinking about something that you really enjoy. I really love looking back at my general and reading through list. When I write in a really descriptive way like this, I can imagine it in my head and I can picture it and bring my spell and bring myself back to the positive place. And my mind can really go into that positive place and feel more relaxed. And that's what I truly love. And sometimes when I'm just, I just don't have much to say for my gentlemen. I like to do a bill to drop drawing or even the coloring in. So it's great to have a page where you have space to draw and express your feelings. And coloring in can also be very relaxing. And bringing into sort of a meditation or so of peaceful mindfulness. For, of course, if you don't enjoy drawing or if you don't enjoy coloring in, you can swap this out with a, another activity. As I said, it's your journal is your choice. You can use watercolors, you can use paints. Just use ordinary pen and paper, like I said, for our scores, is totally up to you what you choose. And the act of drawing or coloring in or doing any sort of creative part in your journal can make you feel really relaxed. And that's why it's my favorite part of journaling. Just mixing the two mediums together of writing and also through authoring. And what's nice about coloring in, is that when you color in, you really don't have to think about a or be too precious about it. I'm going over the lines, I'm just doing it. However I feel like doing it because It's just meant to be a way for me to be mindful. It's not really meant for me to make it perfect or to make it be this beautiful piece of art is just meant for me to be in the moment and be in the now. And that's what I really, really love about this power of journaling practice. This practice being in the now, and practice, thinking about what you're doing right now. So you can make your journal as long or short as you want. It literally, it can be just like this. A paragraph that can be the entire page. It can be pages and pages. It's really up to you if you want to take a picture and share it with the class, that's up to you. I don't mind. You can keep it personal if you want to. I can understand that journals are very private. But if you don't mind, please snap a picture. I'd love to see what's in your journal and see what creativity you come up with. Thank you for watching, and don't forget to hit the Follow button for more courses and more creative ways to express yourself.